5 Reasons Why Planning is Important in Travel

5 Reasons Why Planning is Important in Travel

Travel planning is essential! No matter what anyone says to me, planning your travel before you decide on your destination and purchase your tickets is essential for a stress free vacation, hence well-being.

Why is it important to plan your travels? Here is a simple, sensible, practical and a comprehensive list which I hope will become a traveller’s resource and help make travel experiences less stressful, contributing to our well-being as travellers.

Travel Planning

In this post you will find 5 Reasons Why Travel Planning is important. Before I take you through the reasons, I’d like you to know that I appreciate travel planning can be daunting sometimes, especially if it is your first time to travel. You wouldn’t know where to start and it’s easy to get overwhelmed over what is step 1, step 2 and so on. I remember my family trips when my kids were still in diapers, and what helped me then and still does, is that I always had a list, to ensure that I do not miss anything important, like their favourite toys or a little character cushions that they can’t do without. Space had to be made for these. All you Mums out there know exactly what I am talking about 😊. You can read more About Me here.

Travel Planning - Thoughts to paper
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Travel Planning – Thoughts to paper

I have planned many travels, long-haul, short-haul and within UK. I have done so in a personal capacity for my family, friends, colleagues as well as business trips. I always had a list! I like lists 😊, I guess I am just wired that way! Don’t get me wrong…I am all for the “unplanned”, off the beaten path kind of adventure too but I think you do need to have a plan to do the unplanned and off the beaten path kind of adventure. When you think about it, travelling is not as easy or simple as choosing a destination, booking your flight and off you go! Although sometimes you can if it is within the same country or when you are familiar with the destination where you do not have to research so much. However, there is more to travelling!

There is more to travelling

There is more to travelling because it is about making a trip, a trip that is stress-free, a trip without major hitches, or even if you come to face certain “hitches”, how you could cope with it. So, for me, in my plan, I have a pre-travel, travel and post-travel list of things to do. All three lists are important because they are inter-related. It has helped with many of my vacations and I am sure that it will help yours too. I know, I know…it sounds daunting and pedantic but believe me, having a list which embodies a plan is so worth it. It’s the know-how and the basic framework that will make travelling look like a piece of cake and make you feel less stressed. I am certain that you will agree with me when you have gone through reading them.

Follow the list on the blogs as I publish them, and you will discover Why. If you disagree with me, make sure to let me know in comments below and I am happy to be convinced otherwise 😊

So, to start with, in this post, I will list the reasons why I think travel planning is important. I will follow up with a Pre-travel Planning list – the “Know before you go” list with suggestions of 25 Top Tips for a Stress-free Vacation.

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The 5 reasons why travel planning is important are:

1 | Travel Planning saves time

Some may dismiss planning as too time consuming and that it is okay to plan on the go. Well, it may be okay but if you spend a little time on your to-do list, it helps you to think about priorities, allocate time for attractions and consider your budget.

Time! Time! Time! We all need more Time! Travel Planning helps you do just that!
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Time! Time! Time! We all need more Time! Travel Planning helps you do just that!

As well, it is an opportunity to have flexibility built-in for unforeseen circumstances such as weather or traffic conditions. In addition, when you are on vacation, I am sure your goal is to maximise your experiences at your travel destination instead of spending time googling places to visit or figuring out what to do. So, spending a little time to plan will maximise your time when travelling. To do so, will enhance your experiences.

2 | Travel planning helps you prioritise and maximise your experiences

Depending on your destination, you may have a lot of attractions or just a few. Whatever there may be, prioritising what you want to experience will play an important role in how many of these experiences you can have during your vacation. While you are prioritising, you may also consider attractions that are close together where you can visit in a day or half a day. Prioritising may help free-up time for a spa or a little down-time, which sometimes gets overlooked because it is not embedded into our travels.

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3 | Travel Planning stretches your pound or dollar

5 reasons why travel planning is important
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Travel Planning helps you budget and stretches your pound!

Travel is not an open-cheque vacation, I am sure. For me and for most of us, we have a budget with a little fund set aside for emergencies. It is within this budget that we seek to maximise our experiences–accommodation, attractions, food and transport. Researching on the attractions, local delicacies, local crafts and other “must see” will help with budgeting. You can dismiss the least important attractions and visit or do some off the beaten path exploring.

Transportation from one place to another will also impact on your budget, so researching on how best to get around your destination will help. You can also research on free entry attractions. Purchasing tickets in advance and online will help with budgeting. Stretching a pound or a dollar means more experiences and planning helps you do that.

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4 | Travel Planning means essentials are not forgotten

Planning helps you to think about the necessary essentials you may need on your travel. For example, the type of clothing for the weather at the time you are travelling. Travel vaccinations, medication and any bug-sprays which you may need.

5 | Travel Planning prepares you for immigration issues and emergencies

When travelling abroad, you must comply with the immigration rules in the destination country. Planning helps you to ensure that you have the required visa and meet any other requirements necessary for entry. You need to ensure you have the phone numbers of your embassies in case of emergencies. Remember also to have phone numbers of emergency contacts at home.

In a nutshell

My conclusion in a nutshell, Get Travel Planning! How your vacation should be is important because you want it to be a positive experience, stress-free and fun. I believe Planning your Travels can help you do just that. It saves you time, stretches your money, maximises your experiences and a hassle-free vacation. I hope this post was helpful in deciding why planning should be embedded into all travels.

Wherever you are, wherever travel takes you, have good fun, Always!

Georgina xx

February 2021, Update

Photo credits to: rawpixel.com, Andreas N from Pixabay & Public Domain Pictures

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By Georgina

Travel Writer & Content Creator. Single Traveller. An Escapist.


  1. I totally in tuned with you about being open towards exploring as it goes – They are the best experiences and memories to have. Thank you so much for sharing your travel planning experiences.

  2. You are welcome! Thank you so much for sharing your insights into travel planning because it is so very important to have a good plan for when we travel.

  3. Downtime is so very important – to recharge and off with our wanderings again 🙂

  4. You are absolutely correct1 Planning is so much fun, the excitement, the thrill…beautiful. One can never be over prepared.

  5. Thank you so much. Absolutely, planning is key 🙂 and getting the best out of sightseeing days as well.

  6. That relaxing day is so SO important! It adds that little luxury to a full-on holiday! So glad you are also a list person! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  7. I am a planner for all the same reasons. Plus I do not want to regret missing a nearby landmark!

  8. Agree that travel planning is key to having a glitch-free time. Before kids, we were more of an impulsive travellers. We do plan some of the most important things, but leave the rest to experience things on the go, which we really enjoyed. However, after having kids, I started planning every bit of it. but also found that no amount of travel planning helps – ha ha. So I still do an outline of planning on things to do, where to eat etc.. but am more open towards exploring things as it goes.

  9. So true, travel planning is key to be able to make the most out of the trip. Listing out with all the parameters you mentioned become inherent while planning the trip and it usually ties in with the itinerary. I remember how for my trip to Portugal, we went into in-depth research and accordingly booked the Air bnBs/hotels post deciding on the destinations we wanted to see. And budgeting again is so imp! Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  10. Totally agree! I’m a huge planner and although somethings are great to just experience, I don’t want to ever feel like I missed out on anything 🙂

  11. I love travel planning, i find it really fun and a bit of a
    Mission to see how much I can realistically fit into my budget. I definitely have to plan in the spa and down time though or I will get itchy feet n want to move.

  12. Sarah Camp | In Search of Sarah says:

    Love this and agree with all of these points – planning is almost (ALMOST!) as fun as the actual travel and makes me more excited for where I’m going. I love researching restaurants to visit and like to have a budget in mind too. 🙂

  13. I agree that planning a trip is essential. If we prepare the travel well, we have fewer problems and stress during the holidays. This often saves our time and money, and we can focus on sightseeing. It is a great post & tips!

  14. I am exactly like you. I have list upon list upon list. It is essential! I also find it the most difficult part of preparing for a trip. There are so many things that I always want to see and do that I can never decide.I also schedule in a “do nothing” day every 2nd day of the trips to either relax or explore something that I hadn’t found in my research.

  15. That’s exactly how to do it! Armed with as much information as you can but leave room for encounters and adventures to chance.

  16. I know some travellers find travel planning a chore, but for me it’s all part of the journey. It’s like an appetizer for the main meal, it whets your appetite! I love doing extensive research before any trip, so that I’m armed with information and ideas of what to do when I arrive. I definitely over-plan, because I want to do the destination justice, but once there I make sure to leave flexibility in my day to leave some encounters and adventures to chance….

  17. Absolutely! Planning is key to a successful vacation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.

  18. I agree! A little bit of planning goes a long way, best trips have had some thought put into them

  19. Absolutely!. I am a “to do list” kinda person and have one for my daily/weekly chores. It may seem insane but it really is sanity for me so nothing goes amissed and even if it does. I am in a position to handle the situation well. Thank you so much for your kind words. Appreciate it very much.

  20. Kakush Muhavi says:

    I agree with you, I don’t know how a trip will be a success without lists. You end up wasting a lot of time if you don’t plan your trip. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  21. You are so welcome. My kids often thought that I was insane too, but they see the wisdom of it in my list now, as they pack their own. However, they are yet to grasp the “stretching our dollars” bit! I am sure it will come in time 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. Much appreciated.

  22. I think I need to frame this post! I plan so much for my vacations and my family thinks I am nuts. These are all the reasons that I do it! and they have never complained about the results of maximized vacation time and stretching our dollars. Thank you for justifying my insanity.

  23. I know what you mean, Christy! We often forget sometimes because we do so much of it, yet writing down the obvious is always good and will ensure nothing is missed. Afterall, what do we have to lose! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Christy. I appreciate it.

  24. Thank you, Roz for your thoughtful comments. Absolutely! A list is SO important. I can imagine how prepared you are and you need to be when leaving your house to a sitter. All the planning, prep work is worth it.

  25. I couldn’t agree more, Georgina, good planning is essential to making a stress-free trip! I keep my travel and packing lists on the laptop and print them out each time I travel, they only need a bit of tweaking to make them fit each trip. The same for the house I am leaving for a while in the care of a house sitter! Making sure you check out whether visas are needed, tickets to shows or sights you want to see, packing to what I call ‘the weakest link ‘ (the plane with the least number of kilos allowed in the cabin and in the hold – our camera gear weighs a lot!)

  26. Christy La Barthe says:

    Absolutely agree Georgina — lists and planning are so important! So often I know these things but forget and need to be reminded — thanks for that.

  27. Lists are so important, and I totally live by them! Absolutely agree with you, Estelle that our planning becomes our itinerary also, and it is important to prioritise.

  28. I too totally agree with lists – for basically every aspect of the planning stage. And, very importantly, after going to all that effort, I make sure I take my list with me. The planning basically turns into my travel itinerary. When I do this I realise I may not have the time to do all I would like. Then, as you say Georgina, it is necessary to prioritise. Thumbs up to your travel planning tips

  29. Absolutely, this is Why Planning is so important so you don’t miss out or does not cost you an arm and a leg for an attraction which you must see. Planning is crucial if it is a destination you will not be returning to for some time, which means you prioritise on the attractions that you must see. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I appreciate it.

  30. So agree about the lists! I don’t know how people manage without one! Some things are so crucial – like passports and visas. Other things less so but it can mean you miss out on seeing something if you don’t plan ahead. Like when we went to Granada a few years ago. Didn’t research and found when we got there that we couldn’t get into The Alhambra which is the main reason for going there! Tickets sold out. So we had to buy a one-on-one tour with a private guide which was expensive but great. Lesson learnt!

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