The Best Ways to Get to Hiroshima City

The Best Ways to Get to Hiroshima City |

The Best Ways to Get to Hiroshima City

The Best Ways to Get to Hiroshima City by public transport will depend on where you are travelling from in the country. Hiroshima City  is a modern city and a popular tourist attraction. It is easily accessible by trains, the Shinkansen and by bus as well as by air. Here, you will find an easy guide when travelling from the major cities on Honshu Island — Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

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Best Ways to Get to Hiroshima City from:

1 | From Osaka to Hiroshima

1.1 | Shinkansen – Shin-Osaka Station to Hiroshima Station

                       Mizuho or Nozomi (not covered by Japan Rail Pass)

                       9,710 Yen

                       Journey Time – 1hr 25 minutes

                       With Japan Rail Pass

                        Sakura – 1 hour 32 minutes

                        Hikari – 2 hours 13 minutes

2 | Bus Transportation – Daytime and Overnight service

                          All buses depart from Osaka Station’s JR Express Bus Terminal

                          Daytime journey is about 5 hours

                          Overnight journey: 2 services:

i | Depart at 23:00 arriving Hiroshima at 06:21

ii | Depart at 23:30 arriving Hiroshima at 05:55

For up-to-date information and fares and to make bookings directly at Japan Expressway Bus Net go to their official website here.


1 | Shinkansen – Shin-Kyoto to Hiroshima

                         JR Tokaido and Sanyo lines (Not covered by Japan Railway Pass)

                        (Tokaido and Sanyo are regular, quicker and direct service)

                        Nozomi trains

                        For unreserved seats, fare is 10,570 Yen

                        Reserved seats, fare is 11,500 Yen

                        Journey time is 1 hour 35 minutes

                        With Japan Rail Pass

                   Hikari and Kodama trains but you need to transfer onto a Sakura train at                              Shin-   Osaka or Shin-Kobe, adding 10 to 15 minutes to your journey.

                    Unreserved seats: 10,570 Yen

                    Reserved seats: 11,000 Yen

                    Journey time is 2 hours

2 | Bus transportation – Kyoto to Hiroshima: Daytime and Overnight Service

                                    Provided by JR Bus and Willer Express

                                    Daytime journey is 6 hours 20 minutes

                                    Overnight journey is 8 hours 40 minutes (6,100 Yen)

For up-to-date information and fares plus to make bookings directly at Japan Expressway Bus Net go to their official website here.


1 | Shinkansen – Tokyo to Hiroshima

                       JR Tokaido and Sanyo lines (Not covered by Japan Rail Pass)


                       4 hours

                       19,000 Yen for a reserved seat

                      With Japan Railway Pass

                      Hikari and Sakura Lines

                      5 hours with transfer at Shin-Osaka station

                      Unreserved seats: 18,040 Yen

                      Reserved seats: 18,500 Yen

2 | Bus Transportation: Tokyo to Hiroshima-Overnight service

                                Journey time is 12 hours and fares are usually 11,900 Yen

                             Discounted fares are available on Willer Express and Japan Bus. You can make online bookings directly.

3 | By Air: Tokyo to Hiroshima

i | There are several flights a day between Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Hiroshima by JAL and ANA

ii | Flight duration is 90 minutes

iii | One way fare is 35,000 Yen

4 | Hiroshima Airport to Hiroshima City Centre

Hiroshima Airport is 50 minutes away from City Centre

Bus fare from Hiroshima Airport City Bus Terminal is 1,340 Yen

Japan Rail Pass

Shinkansen and Mt Fuji

Japan Rail Pass is an excellent value for money provided your stay in Japan is for 7, 14 or 21 days. I would personally recommend it for the following benefits:

  • The JR Pass offers unlimited travel around Japan on all JR Trains and bullet trains (except the Mizuho and Nozomi) for the duration of the ticket you choose to purchase.
  • You have the flexibility to choose either standard class or first class nearer to or the day of your travel;
  • The JR Pass gives you full access (with some exceptions – it does not cover express service) to public transport networks throughout the four main northern islands of Japan – Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. However, the Pass does not cover Okinawa
  • The JR Pass covers Tokyo Monorail journey between Haneda Airport and Tokyo;
  • The JR Pass covers JR-West ferry service between Miyajima and Miyajimaguchi (near Hiroshima)

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