Why the Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) Annual Membership is good for me

Why the Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) Annual Membership is good for me

Visiting any of the Historic Royal Palaces in London will undoubtedly involve purchasing an entry ticket. All the Royal Palaces offer individual or combined tickets. As you know, it is cheaper to buy combined tickets. Moreover, it is cheaper to skip the line and buy the tickets online.

As for me, I discovered that the Historic Royal Palaces offer of an Annual Membership to be beneficial.

How the Historic Royal Palaces Membership was used

I love history and anything of historical significance, so purchasing this annual membership allows me to take a walk in history as many times as I like!

I subscribed to the membership prior to my visit to Kensington Palace in May 2019 for the Exhibition on Queen Victoria which you can read here. I have since visited this iconic castle a couple of times.

I have visited the Tower of London (included in the membership a couple of time also) .

Historic Royal Palaces Annual Membership

The benefits of this annual membership is listed below. I think it is one of the best value for money annual membership there is. If you disagree with me, let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you.

Historic Royal Palaces Membership

So, here are the benefits:

Benefits of the Historic Royal Palaces Annual Membership

1 | Access to all 6 of the Royal Palaces

  • Tower of London
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Banqueting House
  • Kensington Palace
  • Kew Palace
  • Hillsborough Castle

2 | Access is all throughout the year

I can explore as many times as I like. As a lover of history, I get to escape to the past and explore history as often as my heart desires.

3 | 10% discount

I enjoy a 10% discount on my cup of coffee after exploring, or any purchases made in their cafes, restaurants and shops.

4 | ‘Inside Story’

As a Member, I receive a free subscription to members magazine, Inside Story

5 | Member Only events

There are exclusive events for Members only such as the experience of an expert’s guide with one of the iconic Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London. Members also get to witness the Ceremony of the Keys, the traditional locking up of the Tower of London. There are more events available throughout the year.

6 | 15 months membership for the price of 12

I have the benefit of 15 months membership for the price of 12 because I signed-up with a Direct debit subscription.

7 | £53.00 ONLY

All for the price of £53.00

Conclusion on the Historic Royal Palaces Membership

I consider £53 to be of excellent value to access these iconic places. To be able to visit  more than once is an added advantage. Although I do not have plans to visit Hillsborough Castle in the near future, I have already enjoyed the returns of £53.00 and more during this past summer.

In addition, I get to do my bit to preserve these historic sites for future generation. I certainly would like my kids and grandkids and grand grandkids…to enjoy these oases of history just as I do.

As a UK taxpayer, I Gift Aid to the Historic Royal Palaces so that through my contribution they can care for the palaces.

For me, being a member of the Royal Historic Palaces is a win-win.

If the Annual Membership is not for you, you may wish to purchase individual attraction tickets to suit your itinerary. You may find the suggestions recommended on this page valuable.

Is this post valuable to you in planning your visits to the royal castles in London? If so please let me know in comments below or via Contact Form, I would love to hear from you.

Happy adventures!

January 2020, Update

Check https://www.hrp.org.uk/ for more information.

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historic royal palaces annual membership
historic royal palaces annual membership

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  1. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog and I sure wish you could be here too! And yes, come with me and explore these places together. Have a wonderful week ahead, Lorrie 🙂

  2. Oh how I wish to be able to purchase this pass and tour all the wonderful palaces!! I have never been abroad and it doesn’t appear as though it is in my immediate future. One can dream…and follow your blog 😉

    Thanks Georgina. Hope the week ahead is full of blessings!

  3. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and lovely comments, Estelle. I am delighted that you will be visiting next year and I look forward to meeting up with you both. I am glad that you found the blog useful. I will be writing on these palaces as I visit them, so stay tuned 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, Jenny. The HRP Annual Membership is indeed good value for money.

  5. jennympeel says:

    This definitely seems like a good idea. I’m sure if I lived in London or spent a lot of time there I would do the same. Great value for money really!

  6. A wonderful post Georgina. I plan to visit England next year & visiting the Royal Palaces is something we would enjoy doing. We have been to the Tower Bridge & would love to return. We love visiting the historic sites & I think the membership price is very reasonable. I also appreciate the link, so I can check more details myself later. I will Pin this post for future reference.

  7. Wonderful! I am so pleased that you enjoyed my post. Look out for more on these places as I visit and write. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Christy 🙂 much appreciated.

  8. Christy La Barthe says:

    Excellent post Georgina! If I lived in London I would purchase the pass for certain as I could see visiting as often as you. I wasn’t aware of the Banqueting House or Kew Palace though so you gave me ideas for our next trip to London 😊

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