Verona at a glance | Verona City Guide | An overview of what to expect

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Verona at a glance | Verona City Guide | An overview of what to expect

Verona at a glance gives a quick overview of what to expect and what you need to know when visiting this City of Love. Although, Verona is a city popularly known for the greatest love story ever told, Romeo and Juliet, it is a city often overlooked by travellers whose sights are set on the bigger cities of Milan and Venice . However, this hidden gem in northern Italy has some extraordinary attractions packed full of archaeological, cultural and historical sites that should not be missed.

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Whilst we work hard to be accurate, and provide the best information possible, we also encourage you to please always check before heading out.

Visa – Visiting Italy

If you are a national of EU/EEA, you can travel with just an Identification card. If you are non EU/EEA, you will need an entry visa. Learn more from this page.

Alternatively, do a quick check on your travel requirements to Italy with iVisa:


The official language spoken in Verona is Italian but the majority of Veronese speak Padanian, a dialect typical of the region in northern Italy. You could purchase a little phrase book as a guide, if you prefer. However, I did not encounter any language barriers when I visited. The restaurants and bars along with the touristic places are staffed with some English speakers, so non-Italian speakers will have no problem.


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The currency in Italy is the Euro (€). 1 Pound Sterling (£) is equivalent to 1.15 Euro | 1 USD (US$) is equivalent to 0.93 Euro | Check latest currency exchange before you go.

Credit Cards and ATMs

Inform your credit card company that you are travelling abroad.
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*Inform your credit card companies that you are travelling abroad.

In Verona, there are no problems in finding ATMs /cash machines that accept foreign credit cards or bank debit cards. Most shops, restaurants, and tour operators will also take credit cards as a form of payment. You only really need cash for small purchases like bus tickets, bottles of water, coffee, gelato and small souvenirs etc.

Power Plugs

The plugs & sockets in Italy are Type F and L. The standard voltage is 230 V, and the standard frequency is 50Hz. I recommend buying a worldwide universal travel adapter which you can use in any European countries. Go to this page to have a quick browse on my essential travel kit.


WiFi is usually available at the hotels and the high-rated restaurants but there may be a need to have WiFi at all times (like me). I recommend subscribing to Unlimited Portable Pocket Wifi (my favourite and a must have) when travelling to Verona or wider Italy/Europe. Works out much cheaper than roaming charges by a mobile carrier.


While Verona is generally a safe place to be, you may want to keep a close eye on your belongings. There are always that elements of pickpockets and theft.

Getting around Verona city

ATV, Verona | public transport
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The buses in Verona are managed by ATV

While in Verona, you will not probably need to use public transportation. Everything in Verona is located centrally and easily reachable with a short walk from either Piazza Bra or Piazza delle Erbe. However, you will need public transportation if your hotel is located in the suburbs outside of Verona or if you wish to explore nearby cities and seaside resorts.

View full post on Getting Around Verona here.

Places to Stay in Verona at a glance

Verona has many beautiful places to stay for short or long-term visits with prices ranging from budget to high. Here is a suggestion for the best two places in Verona in terms of location and views it affords.

Take a look at the recommended top 7 beautiful places to stay in Verona for timeless memories before you book elsewhere!

Things to do in Verona at a glance

Thinking of what to do and ways to explore this beautiful medieval town? Consider the following highly popular tours organised by a reputable company. You have peace of mind should circumstances change – a company that offers easy cancellation and a full refund up to 24 hours before the activity due to start. Click on the images to learn more of the activity and reserve to suit your itinerary.

Navigate to Unique Experiences in the City of Verona for more ideas which you wouldn’t want to miss

Don”t just stop at Verona! Explore the Veneto region that is famous for its Valpolicella or visit the lakeside towns. Here are some great ideas for day trips.

On a final note

I hope this overview, Verona at a glance has given you a taster of what to expect when visiting Verona, Italy and is valuable to you in planning your travels to Italy. Browse through all related articles (below) so you can make an informed decision and uncover the many layers of history the enchanting city holds. Use the links embedded here to check your visa requirements, hotel booking and things to do – all links are credible and trusted sources with a good standing in the travel industry. You can be assured that your bookings are safe and secure. When you use these links, TTS earns a commission from qualifying bookings at no cost to you at all. As always, we appreciate your support.

Have a splendid time visiting Verona 🙂


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Travel resources at a Glance

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Legal entry/Tourist travel Visa

Check Visa requirements with iVisa, a leading independent company in the travel documentation industry.


I have a few choices. Search Google flights because they offer very competitive prices. You could also try Opodo for cheap airfares. For special experiences, go to On the Beach and Jet2Holidays. My all time favourite has been Qatar Airways for long-haul flights for the comfort and their first-class service. I use British Airways as well. For all other global deals >>


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Unique experiences & tours

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Travel insurance

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Travel essentials

Never travel without these! I use and fully endorse all the products on this page but especially: High powered wireless power bank, Universal travel adapter and unlimited portable pocket wifi.

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Best on Resources

Don’t fancy a DIY vacation? No worries! These guys are great at organising package holidays/vacations – take a look…

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On The Beach

More on Verona – Things to do in Verona

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Verona at a Glance
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Verona at a Glance
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Verona at a glance | Verona City Guide | An overview of what to expect first published at in 2020 and is regularly updated. Last updated Aug 5, 2021

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  1. Verona is definitely a City in Italy that should not be missed. It is a city that drips in love and all things beautiful. Hope you get to visit soon.

  2. I would love to visit Verona – as it is a city of Love. I passed through this city when I went to Milan but never knew that this is so beautiful. I find it really a hidden gem and all must visit this. Next time, I would love to visit such romantic city.

  3. There is definitely so much more to Verona than Romeo & Juliet!! Its such a beautiful city, gems in every corner waiting to be explored. Hope you will visit one day,

  4. Ahh I know the feeling…I am sure you will be able to travel soon. The balcony awaits your visit – it is quite an experience but I suspect it will be less crowded for the next few months until tourism picks up.

  5. I appreciate getting to learn more about Verona. Other than Romeo and Juliet, I wasn’t sure what all there is to do with this city but now I could see it as a place worth visiting

  6. I really should stop reading all these travel posts. I’m itching to travel but our airport is still closed for now – arghhh! Would love to see the Romeo and Juliet balcony 😀

  7. Really glad you like the “at a glance” post! You have pointed out exactly right – it’s meant to be a quick read and to encourage a return if need be. Thank you so much for recognising the details I provide in my blog – really want my posts to support and help design your travels. When travels resume and some normality returns, I hope you will visit Milan and return to share your experiences.

  8. I am a real fan of these ‘at a glance’ blogs. So often when planning a weekend or few days away there is juts so much information we either give up and try something easier or try to dash and do it all. As in Milan you have provided an excellent glance at what is for me one of the most beautiful cities around. as always the details you provide and the clarity of information make it feel like having your own personal tour guide beside you.

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