Mazzanti Houses Verona

Mazzanti Houses Verona

One of the oldest in the charming city of Verona, in northern Italy, the Mazzanti Houses is a group of frescoed Renaissance houses. The building is breathtakingly beautiful, painted in both subtle and vibrant colours. They are located from via Mazzanti and all the way round to Corso Sant Anastasia, facing one of the most famous historical squares in Verona, Piazza delle Erbe.

Mazzanti House, Verona

This post lays out a little background to the Mazzanti Houses and what it is today in Piazza delle Erbe. Along with this brief overview, included are information on Albergo Mazzanti, a popular accommodation amongst visitors and tourists who want to experience the authentic Veronese style and culture.

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A little background to Mazzanti Houses Verona

Casa Mezzanti | Mazzanti Houses | Verona
Mazzanti Houses, Verona

The Mazzanti Houses date back to the middle ages, around 1300s to the Scagliari (Scala) family. The Scala family were not the lords of Verona yet at this time, but they were very influential in the economic and political life of Verona. The Scala family used the building to store wheat. The bottom of the building were used as shops. It was passed on to the Gonzaga family who then sold it to the Mazzanti family in 1527.

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Mazzanti Houses Today

Today, the Mazzanti Houses stand testament to what Verona was in the 1500s – urbs picta, a painted city. Almost all the dwellings in Verona during this period had their front walls brightly painted with frescoes so passers-by could stop to see and admire. This was common amongst the wealthy and the Veronese nobles.

Mazzanti Houses.frescoed walls.Verona

A look at the Mazzanti houses and you will instantly be intrigued by the many frescoes of mythological and allegorical scenes painted by Alberto Cavalli. For some, these images may tell a story and find them interesting while for some, these could be an eye-sore, yet others may not even give it any attention! Nevertheless, it is a colourful collection from the middle ages that blends well with the historical and delightful Piazza delle Erbe.

The ground floor is still home to shops but shops of a different kind – restaurants serving delicious mouthwatering pastas and seafood linguine (there’s lots more on the menu of course 🙂 ) with additional seating on the first floor.

Restaurants line the perimetre of Piazza delle Erbe, Verona

Georgina: The first floor rooms are small (as to be expected of medieval homes) but the tables were arranged in a way that there was just enough room to go around. My visit was off-season, in November. The restaurants were not busy and we could easily get a table without having to wait.

Piazza delle Erbe is a vibrant square and if you want to experience an authentic Veronese culture, staying in the heart of the square even for one night will be an enriching experience. You may wish to consider Albergo Mazzanti.

Albergo Mazzanti, Verona

Albergo Mazzanti is a 3-star superior hotel located in the heart of enchanting Verona. It is popular among tourists because the best of the beaten path are all within a few minutes reach. The infamous balcony of Shakespeare’s star-struck lovers is located less than one kilometre (200 yards) away. The world famous open-air amphitheatre is also less than five-minutes walk. Being close to everything means that there will probably be no need for use of public transportation to get to the attractions.

The non-smoking hotel is inviting and decorated with warm and pleasing colours. It’s refined decor goes well with the history of the square. With a buffet breakfast, friendly staff and 10% discount at Caffè Dante Bistrot, you are sure to have one of the best memories of your vacation in Verona.

Albergo Mazzanti | Verona
Albergo Mazzanti, Verona

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Have a splendid time exploring Verona 🙂

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