Ouderkerk aan de Amstel-A picturesque village on the edge of Amsterdam

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Ouderkerk aan de Amstel – a picturesque village on the edge of Amsterdam for tranquility and best views of riverside living

Take a day out of the hustle and bustle of the city of Amsterdam and head to the peaceful, picturesque village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel for a taste of the glorious Dutch countryside. A slower pace of life, herons, ducks, swans and birdsong awaits visitors at this quaint historic riverside village.

Located about nine kilometres south of the city of Amsterdam, on the bank of the Ouderkerkerplas lake, the enchanting village is connected to the Dutch capital by river Amstel. Ouderkerk aan de Amstel dates back to the twelfth century and is known for its neogothic Roman Catholic church, parish houses and the oldest Jewish cemetery in Netherlands while offering also majestic views and a slice of Dutch riverside living.

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Things to do in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel  |  Amsterdam
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Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

Aside from the tranquility, majestic views, and the wildlife, the village is popular for its windmill, De Zwaan, a Catholic church, Sint Urbanuskerk Ouderkerk, and a Jewish cemetery,  Beth Haim. In the summer months, the Ouderkerkerplas lake is a great place for swimming.

De Zwaan, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

De Zwaan, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel | Amsterdam
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De Zwaan, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel | Amsterdam

The De Zwaan in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is a historic, octagonal mill and its original construction dates back to 1638. The mill stood still for a long time and in disrepair. It underwent extensive repairs in 1950 from the substantial money donated by the De Zwaan family in Amsterdam. In return, the De Zwaan family received the mill as a weekend residence and the family name to the mill.

Sint Urbanuskerk Ouderkerk

picturesque villages to fall for around Amsterdam
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Sint Urbanuskerk Ouderkerk

The Sint Urbanus van Ouderkerk was originally built in the years 1865-1867. The building is a three-aisled brick crucifix church with the choir facing east. The church measures 39 meters in length and 25 meters in width.

Beth Haim, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

Beth Haim of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is the oldest Jewish cemetery in the Netherlands. The property was purchased by the Jewish community in 1614 and features elaborate tombstones. Among the cemetery’s most famous residents are Rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel, a colleague and collaborator of Rembrandt, and the Moroccan diplomat Samuel Pallache.

Places to eat in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

Ouderkerk offers plenty of choice of restaurants and cafes, with riverside terraces, shoulder-to-shoulder on a cobbled street.

The hip Restaurant Jamie van Heije is a popular choice with diners. It offers really good food and where every dish is different in a warm, relaxing interior.

Address: Kerkstraat 56, 1191 JE Ouderkerk a / d Amstel

Tel: ++31 20 496 58 48

Open: Fri / Sat / Sun – 12:00 to 20:00

You may also like Loetje aan de Amstel, which has many windows, giving the light and spacious atmosphere. Located right along the Amstel.

Address: Amstel side 37, 1184 TX, Amstelveen
Tel: ++31 20 472 10 90

Open: 7 days a week | 10:00 to 20:00

How to get to Ouderkerk

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is a popular destination for bike riders from Amsterdam. Visitors could easily hire a bike in town and cycle the 9 km south of the Dutch capital along the Amstel River. Head-out past the Magere Brug or ‘Skinny Bridge’ and you will reach Ouderkerk in 40 minutes, rewarded along the way with fabulous waterfront properties and windmills.

If you are not a saddle-bound explorer, you may want to hire a boat and paddle along Amstel or opt for the simple and fast option of hiring a taxi/Uber from the city to Ouderkerk – you will reach this tranquil haven in 20 minutes.

Nearby places to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel to explore

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is located close to the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest) and the village of Uithoorn, which lies further along the river.

Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam Forest)

Amsterdam Bos | near Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
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Amsterdamse Bos is a popular destination but it often goes amiss by visitors to the city. The Bos is Amsterdam’s largest park and recreational area. It is three times the size of Central Park in New York ! The forest offer lush greens and grassy meadows with plenty of space for walks, picnics and cycle paths along with a host of activities throughout the year.

Learn more about Amsterdamse Bos – a Complete Guide to 10 Things to do in this glorious forest of wonderland.


Uithoorn is a small town located a little further to Ouderkerk and is home to 60 hectares of nature reserve and diverse wildlife. It is an incredibly beautiful place for walks, picnics and simply to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

On a final note

Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is a perfect destination for a short day-trip from Amsterdam. You can cherish the tranquility of Ouderkerk by day and return in time to Amsterdam as the city comes alive upon dusk.

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Enjoy Amsterdam!


Quick facts on Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam on world map
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52° 22′ 40.6416” N and 4° 53′ 49.4520” E

City: Capital of Netherlands

Population: 1,149,000

Mayor: Femke Halsema (since 2018)

Zone: Central European Time Zone | Central European Summer Time

Elevation: -2m (-7ft) – Dam Square

Nearest Airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Train Station: Amsterdam Centraal Station

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Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
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AMSTERDAM - Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
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Ouderkerk aan de Amstel – picturesque village in Amsterdam first published at timelesstravelsteps.com

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Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
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  1. Ouderkerk is quite a little village not to be missed, I’d say.

  2. I love your blogs that bring us something beyond the obvious to places, like Amsterdam we would love to visit. Too often we can come away from a place having just visited the obvious tourist traps, which generally is not us, only to discover the best places are just a short trip away.
    I went to Amsterdam for work once but never the centre and found there was so much to discover without ever venturing to the obvious.
    Thank you for highlighting what more there is.

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