75 Christmas Captions and Cozy Festive Puns for Instagram

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75 Cozy Festive Puns and Christmas Captions for Instagram

With these 75 Christmas captions and cozy festive puns, you are sure to find the best to suit your Instagram posts.

festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram
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festive puns & Christmas captions for Instagram
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Cute Christmas Captions for Instagram

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram
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1 | May you be never too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.

2 | Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

3 | Christmas magic is in the air.

4 | Tis the season to sparkle.

5| May your days be merry and bright.

6 | Merry everything and happy always.

7 | Make it a December to remember.

8 | There’s snow place like home.

9 | We’re just like a bunch of candy canes: sweet and slightly twisted.

10 | If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.

11 | All is calm, all is bright.

12 | Find me under the mistletoe.

13 | What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe.

festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram
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festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram

14 | When life gives you snow, make snow angels.

15 | Love the giver more than the gift.

16 | I’m only a morning person on December 25th.

17 | On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

18 | The world changes when it snows.

19 | It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

20 | Love at frost sight.

21 | All I want for Christmas is you!

22 | My favourite colour is Christmas lights.

23 | I got all spruced up for the holidays.

24 | The elves did it.

25 | My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others.

Puns and Funny Christmas Captions for Instagram

festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram
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festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram

26 | Dear Santa, I can explain…

27 | But first, let me take an elfie.

28 | Forget the figgy pudding, I want cookies!

29 | Red wine pairs well with a crazy family.

30 | Totally sleighed it.

31 | Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and receipts for all major purchases.

32 | It’s beginning to “cost” a lot like Christmas.

33 | I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. But if the white runs out, I’ll drink the red.

34 | Petition to celebrate Christmas year-round. Sign below!

35 | I hope the reindeer eat the naughty list.

36 | Christmas cheer? I thought you said Christmas beer…

37 | I’m on the naughty list.

38 | ‘Tis the season for stretchy pants.

39 | Current status: ready for a long winter’s nap.

festive puns and Instagram captions for Instagram
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40 | One more cookie and I swear I’ll fit in the Santa costume.

41 | Has anyone ever actually had figgy pudding?

42 | Most parents: Don’t forget to leave out milk and cookies! Me, an intellectual: Santa told Mommy he wants wine this year.

43 | ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring (except for people with kids who still believe in Santa).

44 | All I want for Christmas is you (and maybe some cookies, too).

45 | Instead of listing everyone in this photo, let’s just call it, “The Naughty List”

46 | Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle.

47 | I’ll be ho-ho-home for Christmas.

48 | Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here crying and watching Hallmark Christmas movies.

49 | Can’t wait to exchange all these presents.

50 | Elfie time.

51 | Current status: ready for a long winter’s nap.

52 | I can’t wait to exchange all these presents.

53 | Bah, humbug.

Christmas Puns for InstagramI

festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram
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festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram

54 | #Sleigh.

55 | I only have ice for you.

56 | My resting Grinch face.

57 | Your presents is requested.

58 | It was love at frost sight.

59 | Believe in your elf.

60 | The snuggle is real.

61 | But wait — there’s myrrh.

62 | It’s the most wine-derful time of the year.

63 | Yule be sorry.

64 | He came, he thawed, he conquered.

65 | Up to snow good.

66 | Birch, please.

67 | Sleigh my name, sleigh my name.

68 | Rebel without a Claus.

69 | Snow boots and ice and nothing is nice.

70 | Walking in a winter punderland.

71 | Make it rein.

72 | The forecast is un-brrr-lieveable.

73 | It’s s’more than a feeling.

74 | Say it ain’t snow!

75 | But first, let’s take an elfie.

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On a final note…

I began this list with one of my favourite caption — May you be never too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve and I sincerely wish that many of us would allow the child within to enjoy the festive season. Don’t hold yourself back – go crazy and grow your social following with these festive puns and Christmas captions for Instagram and make it a season of fun, love and laughter.

Georgina xx

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am a Christmas super fan and it is one of the best time of the year.

  2. I rarely, for fear of losing issue challenges but I reckon there can’t be anyone, at best very few who love Christmas more than me.
    From the shelves, no, book cases filled with everything about Christmas, from history, trivia, myths and legends and so much more (I have a particular love for the Icelandic Yule Lads and tradition of book reading Christmas Eve) to the cases and shelves filled with Christmas movies and the excitement when the 24/7 movie Christmas channels start, yes they have already.

    Christmas with the Kranks I have used in many a talk and message at Christmas. I love daily blogging from Christmas movies and read the original text version of a Christmas Carol each year. You get the point.

    So, to find a blog dedicated to Christmas written with such knowledge and yes fun is a real blessing. To then find links to the London Christmas lights is magical as I am planning a trip for this year because my hole town city centre looks more Scrooge than Bob Cratchett.

    Thank you for this blog, and the many others than always being so much.


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