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Priority Visit to Royal Alcazar, Seville

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The Royal Alcazar in Seville

The Royal Alcazar Complex and Gardens are a top visitor attraction in Andalusia and indeed Spain. As such, long queues are expected at any given time, even during the off season. In addition, the Alcazar has a visitor limitation daily and if this is met, you will not gain access regardless of how long you’ve been in the queue.

The best tip to see the Royal Alcazar palace complex and its gardens at ease is with pre-booking online a Priority Visit to Royal Alcazar, purchasing a skip-the-line ticket or joining a guided tour.

What to Expect from the Priority Visit to Royal Alcazar event

1 | Choose from a small-group or private guided experience;

2 | Find out the history of Islamic and Mudéjar architecture in the Alcázar;

3 | Stroll through the beautiful gardens and try the labyrinth maze;

4 | See where scenes from Season 5 of Game of Thrones were shot;

5 | Tour duration is 1.5 hours;

6 | Mobile ticketing;

7 | Skip the line through a separate entrance;

8 | Wheelchair accessible.

On the day of your tour:

Meeting point is at the Plaza del Triunfo, where the primary entrance to the Royal Alcazar is located. After using the Priority Visit to Real Alcazar ticket, you shall enter the palace. Tour begins at the Patio del León ( The Lion Courtyard), the prelude to Monteria Courtyard. You shall see an ancient wall of triple arch which dates to the 12th century, during the Almohad reign.

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Once within the Alcazar complex, visitors are allowed to stay within the complex until closing time, so long as visitors do not exit. Re-admission is not available.

Your knowledgeable guide will share information on how the Moorish and Christian styles were blended after the Reconquista to create a palace that was emblematic of Mudéjar architecture. You will visit examples of newer post-Reconquista architecture, such as the Casa de la Contratación, a place where sea voyages were planned and secrets kept during the time of Christopher Columbus, before heading to the Palacio del Don Rey Pedro, the core of the Royal Alcazar, a perfect example of Mudéjar architecture.

Your guide will ensure that you learn all there is to know about the palace’s rich history and its architecture.

At Pedro’s Palace, discover the Patio de las Doncellas (Patio of the Maidens) and grand Ambassadors’ Salón as featured in Game of Thrones. Both incorporate intricate carved detailing and colorful Islamic-style tiling.

The tour will then move on to the Gothic Palace with its royal tapestries and ornate tiling.

Priority Visit to Royal Alcazar complex & the Gardens

Your guide will take you to the gardens of the Royal Alcazar where the tour ends. Stroll around orange-tree-filled gardens at your own leisure after the tour. Take in the peacocks that live there, the smell of orange blossom, and the numerous tranquil water features.

The grounds of the Alcazar are extensive and absolutely beautiful. These were orchards during Moorish times providing providing fruits and herbs to the royal court. The magnificent gardens are geometrically laid out, with gentle running waters for a soothing atmosphere. As you stroll around the Royal Alcazar gardens, ensure you do not miss the following:

1 | The Mercury Pond;

2 | Grotto Gallery;

3 | The Fountain of Fame;

4 | Dance Garden;

5 | Baths of Doña Maria de Padilla;

6 | English Garden;

7 | Galley Garden;

8 | Prince’s Garden;

9 | Carlos V Pavilion and the 600 year old orange tree;

10 | Stop at the Garden Cafe and watch the lovely peacocks strut.

Enjoy the gardens to your hearts content.

Circle back to the Royal Alcazar complex grounds, if you need to.

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The Priority Visit to Royal Alcazar includes:

Priority entrance ticket;

English, French or Spanish-speaking guide (please select when booking);

Audio guide reinforcement (if needed but please also confirm when booking);

What Royal Alcazar Priority does not include:

Entrance to the Royal Chambers

Visiting the Royal Apartments at the Royal Alcazar, Seville

The priority visit to Royal Alcazar guided tour does not include the Royal Apartments. A separate ticket is required to view the fifteen rooms or so of the Royal Apartments at the Royal Alcazar. There is a very strict time-slot reservation and it is viewed via an audio guide.

When you book the Royal Apartments tour (Cuarto Real Alto) online, the time printed on the ticket is the time you need to be at the entrance door on the second floor. Late visitors will not be able to join the group or join another group.

Furnishings are mostly 19th century.

Safety measures in place:

All areas that customers touch are frequently cleaned;

You are required to bring and wear a mask.

Check availability with your preferred tour operator:

Tickets for Priority Visit to Royal Alcazar, Seville

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From: £29.37 per person (Jan. 2022): Check availability with your preferred tour operator:

Spain Travel Advice

Seville Spain 37.3891° N, 5.9845° W
Seville Spain
37.3891° N, 5.9845° W

Essential Information on the Real Alcázar of Seville :

UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Seville Cathedral, & General Archive of the Indies.

Where: Plaza del Triunfo

Nearest Metro station is Puerta de Jerez.

Phone: 954 50 23 24

Hours: Apr-Sept: 9:30 am to 7 pm | Oct-Mar: 9:30 am to 5 pm

Essential Information you need to know before your visit:

Visitor capacity

The Palace has a maximum capacity of 750 visitors. When it is full, it is full! Waiting times can be extremely long during peak times. Avoid the queues, save time and book ahead your skip-the-line tickets.

Skip-the-Line Tickets:

Seville Alcazar Priority Entrance + Guided Tour

Guided Tour of Seville Alcazar, Cathedral & Giralda

Skip the Line Ticket to the Real Alcázar of Seville

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