Guided Tour of Seville Cathedral and Giralda

Guided Tour of Seville Cathedral and Giralda


Enjoy a skip-the-line access and a guided tour of Seville Cathedral and Giralda with this popular entry ticket.

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What to expect in this Guided Tour of Seville Cathedral and Giralda Ticket

Guided tour of Seville Cathedral and Giralda
Seville Cathedral

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 for its historical, artistic and religious interest, the Seville Cathedral along with the infamous Giralda Tower is one of the most visited monument in the Andalusian capital city in Southern Spain. Visit this iconic landmark with a knowledgeable guide who will ensure you will learn everything there is about this incredible monument.

Seville Cathedral is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world and was a mosque in the Middle Ages. Stroll around the magnificent cathedral and learn about how a 12th-century Almohad mosque was transformed into the world’s largest Gothic Cathedral over a span of 100 years. Admire the altarpiece and the domed ceiling of the Chapterhouse, as well as keep an eye out for the decorative details from its years as a mosque. There are 81 stained glass windows that will completely blow you away with its intricate designs. Admire works of art by masters such as Alejo Fernández, Pedro Roelas, Murillo, Velázquez, Zurbarán, Valdés Leal and Goya.

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Giralda Tower Seville

guided tour of seville cathedral and giralda
Seville Cathedral and Giralda

After exploring the world famous Cathedral, climb the 35 ramps of the Giralda Tower to the belfry for 360 view of the historic city.

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What does the Guided Tour of Seville Cathedral and Giralda Ticket include:

1 | Skip-the-line entry;

2 | Official guide;

3 | Entrance ticket;

4 | Giralda Tower;

Know before you go

1 | Skip-the-line;

2 | Instant confirmation;

3 | Mobile ticketing;

4 | Special health and safety measures are in place.

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Tickets for Guided Tour of Seville Cathedral and Giralda

From: £25.26 per person. Check availability with your preferred tour operator:

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