4 Very Best Tapas Tours in Seville


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These top rated and the very best guided tapas tours in Seville offer one of the best ways for you to make the best use of your time in enchanting Seville.

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tapas tours in seville

A guided tour offer you the comfort of knowing that you are in the best places at the best times and places you ought to skip for a non pleasant encounter.

Knowledgeable guide make a tour enjoyable and usually are experts on the local areas that they work in. They have wide knowledge about their neighbourhood and more than happy to share stories on history, people and culture.

Seville is a unique city with over 2000 years of history. Rich in architecture, passionate about their culture and proud of their heritage. This welcoming southern city of Spain has a delightful cuisine that ought to be savoured, with tapas being the most popular. Therefore, joining guided tapas tours in Seville is one activity that a visitor should look forward to experiencing.


Here are the best tapas tours which offer great experiences:

1 | Tapas Crawl in Seville

The tapas crawl guided tour in Seville is one of our readers favourite. This tour allows you to discover the hidden side of the city through its tapas. This gastronomical experience takes you on a journey of discovery as you visit hidden bodegas and eat authentic Sevillian tapas.

tapas tours in Seville


A knowledgeable guide

Check availability and book your experience on Tapas Crawl Tour in Seville

2 | Guided tour of tapas, taverns and history of Seville

tapas tours in Seville

This small group tapas tours in Seville may be more suitable if you have a busy itinerary or on a short visit to Seville.

The tour is available in the evening which means you can do sightseeing during the day. An all encompassing tour offers an introduction Seville’s history which contributes to understanding Seville’s people and culture. It begins with visiting one of the oldest bodega in Seville serving one of the best Iberian ham and covers the very best of tapas eating.

The tour includes the following:

Visiting a 100 year old tapas bar;

Discover Spanish wines and sherries – 4 different specials;

A minimum of eight delicious tapas;

Lots on history and local tips.

The tour is scheduled for 3.5 hours. Prices start from £74.31 per person (Jan. 2022)

This top rated guided tour of tapas, taverns and history of Seville is a popular activity. You may wish to book this activity ahead of time.

3 | Flamenco and Tapas Night – Typically a half day event

flamenco dance in Seville | food tours in Seville
tapas tours in Seville

Get into the rhythm, wine and dance of the Sevillian culture for a memorable, timeless experience of the historic city. In this walking tapas tours in Seville, you will experience the passion of flamenco, delicious food and wine. The walking tour covers some of the best hidden streets of Seville and you will learn about its exquisite architecture along with the city’s 2000 years of history – Romans, Arabs, Christians and the Romani people.

Flamenco and Tapas Night experience includes:

A local walking tour;

Flamenco Show

Three tapas and three drinks

Lots of insider tips.

Duration of the Flamenco and Tapas Night experience is 4 hours and prices start from £105.62 per person.

Plan ahead, check availability and have a smashing time in Seville!

4 | Tapas and Flamenco Experience in Triana, Seville

Triana Bridge also known as Bridge of Isabel II
Triana Bridge also known as Bridge of Isabel II | tapas tours in Seville

This tour begins with a walking tour from Calle Betis, in the passionate barrio of Triana, located across the River Guadalquivir. On this tour you shall visit bars and charming old taverns that embodies the culture and spirit of Trianeros in this part of Seville. Learn about the historic Triana, the birthplace of flamenco and a place once home to pottery and the tile industries.

Tapas and Flamenco experience in Triana includes:

Professional guide who knows the ins and outs of this eloquent barrio;

4 tapas and 3 drinks;

Tickets for the flamenco show.

This is a small group tour and the duration is 3.5 hours.

Check availability and book your Tapas and Flamenco experience in Triana.

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