10 Best River Boat Trips in Seville and Water Activities

river boat trips in Seville

10 Best Water Activities, Cruises & River Boat Trips in Seville

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Amidst the tolling bells of the Giralda, the vibrant vibes and the historic monuments, cruises and river boat trips in Seville on the historic Guadalquivir River offer a tranquil experience of the city.

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Seville is the capital city of Andalusia in Southern Spain with glorious blue skies and Mediterranean sunshine, attracting visitors all year round. Cruises and river boat trips in Seville are popular activities alongside visiting the historic Mudejar palace and the largest Gothic cathedral. While there are great many cruises and river boat trips in Seville on offer, we at TTS decided to pull together the best along with water activities on the historic waterway as a guide.

Let’s begin with a little overview on the world famous Guadalquivir River, before diving into the options available to you.


The Guadalquivir River is one of the longest and the only navigable river in Spain. It flows through the historic region of Andalusia, the countryside and finally emptying into the Gulf of Cadiz, in the Atlantic Ocean. This famous river has had many historic moments – from defences and conquests to exploits and explorations. The Ferdinand Magellan, first voyage to the open sea to discover Earth left from this Guadalquivir River in 1519.


Cruises and river boat trips in Seville along the Guadalquivir River are moments to relax in the tranquility of the river and to have a different perspective of the iconic landmarks and historical monuments. Along with illuminating commentary, and option to purchase refreshments, river boat trips in Seville is an opportunity to unravel the rich legacy of the city from a totally different perspective as you cruise pass the stunning architecture and buildings dotted along the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

What do you see while on river boat trips in Seville

Depending on the tour you select, a boat tour will typically involve seeing some of the following remarkable sights:

1 | Triana Bridge

Triana Bridge also known as Bridge of Isabel II | tapas tours in Seville | river boat trips in Seville
Triana Bridge Seville

Triana Bridge, otherwise known as Isabel II Bridge is an ancient bridge that connects both sides of Seville – the historic Seville to its delinquent cousin across the river, Triana.

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2 | Torre del Oro

Tower of Gold Seville
Torre del Oro Seville

Torre del Oro or the Gold Tower has its origins in the 13th century. The Gold Tower has been many things over the centuries, from a prison in the Middle Ages, Gate to the City during the Age of Discovery and presently a Naval Museum. On river boat trips in Seville, you can see it glow from the waters of Guadalquivir River, a medieval tower amidst modern life.

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3 | Real Maestranza

Typical of Spanish architecture that embraces bold and rich details along with white-washed exterior, Real Maestranza is one of the most famous bullfighting venues in Spain.

4 | Other

You may see the following sights also while on river boat trips in Seville:

i | Plaza de España 

ii | San Telmo Palace

iii | Old Tobacco Factory

iv| Isla de la Cartuja

v | Monastery of Cartuja

vi | Castle of San Jorge

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Best Water Activities, Cruises and River Boat Trips in Seville to Experience

Cruises and river boat trips in Seville can last anything from one hour to three hours. Your experiences will ultimately depend on which tour you opt for. As a guide, if you are are looking for a quick tour that details the ins and outs of the city with an illuminating live commentary, then the one-hour river cruise is the one to go for. Alternatively, if you have more time, then opt for the yacht cruise where you can move between the upper and lower deck, relax in the tranquility of the Guadalquivir River, enjoy some music along with brunch or dinner. Otherwise, you may like to opt for tours that include a boat trip along with sightseeing options.

Here are some choices for you to select from:

1 | Cruise on an exclusive yacht on the Guadalquivir River

20-metre long yacht; food tasting; 3-D glasses;

1.5 hours

From: £33.61 per person (Feb. 2022)

2 | Yacht tour on Guadalquivir River with food & drink options

Small group; Welcome drink; Optional food.

1 – 2 hours

From: £21.16 per person (Feb. 2022)

3 | Exclusive Yacht Cruise with either Lunch or Dinner

Sail through the Guadalquivir River; 6-course tasting menu + dessert; typical drinks

2 hours

From: £64.64 per person (Feb. 2022)

4 | An exclusive River Boat tour with Tapas

Exclusive tour with music and WiFi; Tapas + 1 drink; An ideal short cruise to learn the history and art, and see the monuments of Seville from a new perspective

1 hour

From: £29.62 per person (Feb. 2022)

5 | Seville 1 hour City River Cruise from Torre del Oro

Cruise under historic bridges, admire the towers of Plaza de España 

1 hour

From: £12.69 per person (Feb. 2022)

City Tours and Cruise

6 | Triana Walking Tour and Eco Cruise in Seville

Discover the fascinating Triana barrio on a walking tour and cruise in a silent eco-friendly boat

3 hours

From: £33.85 per person (Feb. 2022)

7 | Minibus tour, Aquarium and River Cruise in Seville

1-hour minibus tour; Visit the Aquarium; Cruise the River Guadalquivir

3.5 hours

From: £32.16 per person (Feb. 2022)

8 | Private Walking Tour and One hour River Cruise: Seville

Private walking tour of the historic centre, and Get to know the city’s legends and local culture.

*The city cruise is not private.

2.5 to 3 hours

From: £85.47 per person (Feb. 2022)

Water Activities on the Guadalquivir River

9 | Guadalquivir River Kayak Tour: Seville

Navigate this historic waterway with a refreshing kayaking tour. Experience Seville from a whole different perspective.

2 hours

From: £25.34 per person (Feb. 2022)

10 | Seville: Paddle Surf Tour on the Guadalquivir River

Hop on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) and cruise down the Guadalquivir River, passing the most beautiful landmarks of the city

1.5 hours

From: £24.54 per person (Feb. 2022)

Spain Travel Advice

Seville Spain 37.3891° N, 5.9845° W
Seville Spain
37.3891° N, 5.9845° W


1 | For an all-round experience of the sultry city, opt for a food walking tour

2 | Buy a combo ticket to visit the Royal Alcazar, Seville Cathedral + Giralda.

3 | Enjoy timeless experiences on the Guadalquivir River.

4 | Tapas hopping tours

5 | Flamenco & Tapas Experience in Triana

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