An Incredible Valpolicella Winery Visit in Verona

Valpolicella: winery tour

Valpolicella Winery with Wine Tasting Guided Visit

Valpolicella Winery with Wine Tasting

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When visiting the romantic city of Verona, be sure to include a visit to one of the high-end wine estates, Valpolicella Winery.

Valpolicella is a province on the east of Lake Garda, near Verona. It is located on the northern Italy’s Veneto region at the foothills of the Alps, and in and around the valleys of the Lessini Mountains. The region has a perfect climate for wine production. Wine-making in this region has existed since the times of the ancient Greek, and today it represents the region’s primary economy. The Valpolicella region is famous for its red wines, in particular the Amarone, one of Italy‘s top three in fine wines.

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The Red Wines of the Valpolicella Region

1 | Amarone Wines

Amarone wines are full-bodied dry, and boldly flavoured with cherry, fig, cinnamon, as well as plum. Amarone comes with a high alcohol content of between 14% and 17%, making it a perfect accompaniment with red meats or by itself.

Other red wines produced in the Valpolicella region are the three varieties of Valpolicella along with Recioto (a sweet red wine).

2 | Valpolicella

Named after the region, Valpolicella wines are made from three different grape varieties — Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinara Valpolicella giving it a light and fragrant aroma. You shall find them as:

i | Valpolicella Classico comes from the original production zone of Valpolicella.

ii | Valpolicella Superiore is aged for at least one year and has an alcohol content of 12%

iii | Valpolicella Ripasso is also a superior variety. This red wine is made with left over partially dried grape skins from the fermentation of Amarone.

Valpolicella is a basic, light and fragrant table wine and makes a great alternative to Pinot Noir. Perfect for light meals or enjoy it with poultry, salmon or seafood. It can be enjoyed by itself, too.

3 | Recioto

Recioto is a full-bodied red wine with rich flavours. Made from grapes that are harvested when they are fully ripe. They retain their natural sweetness at the end of fermentation.

Recioto is a splendid accompaniment for cheeses, chocolate cakes, short crust pastries and cookies as well as strawberries and tropical fruits.

Join this interesting guided visit and learn about the winery as well as the Valpolicella wine production at a historic Valpolicella Winery with Wine tasting.

Timeless Visit to Valpolicella Winery with Wine Tasting

VeronaWineTastingTour | Food and Wine Walking Tour | Valpolicella Winery Guided Tour

Enjoy a timeless and exclusive visit to the Valpolicella region where you shall tour the estate and meet with a professional sommelier. Admire the beautiful wine cellar and winery surroundings while you learn about the history of wine-making that is unique to the Valpolicella region. Discover what makes the wines of Valpolicella special and follow the journey of making high quality wines from the stages of grape harvest to final bottling.

This incredible Valpolicella winery visit comes with exceptional wine tasting opportunities as well. You shall be guided with in-depth information on what to look for in the various wines you taste by a professional sommelier. In particular, you shall taste premium wines such as Amarone, Valpolicella Classic and Superior.

There are two ways on how you could you enjoy timeless experiences at a Valpolicella winery, when visiting Verona.

1 | Visit to a high-end Valpolicella Winery

This exclusive Valpolicella winery visit is set for 1.5 hours. In this visit, you shall enjoy an exclusive winery tour with a knowledgeable guide, learn all there is to know about premium wine-making and taste at least 6 varieties of wine. Bread snacks provided.

Learn more about your amazing visit to a high-end Valpolicella winery and check availability

*Not suitable for wheelchair users

2 | Visit the Bertani Family Estate in Valpolicella

valpolicella winery verona

The Bertani family estate is an elegant historic wine estate going back to the 18th century. The surroundings are absolutely stunning, with romantic gardens and water features. The villa has beautiful frescoed walls along with an incredible 16th century wine cellar that houses 200-year old gigantic Amarone oak casks. All of these unique features of the Bertani estate comes with a professional sommelier who will guide you on the traditional and historic Appassimento and Ripasso techniques. Discover the various wines and the characteristics of the varieties of grapes that goes into making the unique wines in the region by the Bertani family.

Book your timeless experience at the historic Bertani Estate. Prices start at just £23.13 per person.

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Essential Information to know before you go on a Valpolicella Winery Visit

1 | This activity is not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.

2 | Book early to secure your place and at the same time have peace of mind knowing that you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund should last minute obstacles pops-up.

3 | This is a small group activity.

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