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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays | timelesstravelsteps.com
Ralph Lauren Christmas tree, New Bond Street | Christmas London 2022

Hello, my dearest Timeless Travel Steps Community,

Another year, another Christmas… the warmth, and sparkle that embodies the magic of Christmas begins to fill homes and hearts. We, at Timeless Travel Steps raise our glasses to you, our community members and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Together we celebrate our wonderful journey that Timeless Travel Steps has pursued and every member who has contributed to our success.

Looking back at 2022 briefly

happy holidays | Chanel London timelesstravelsteps.com
Chanel, New Bond Street, London | Happy Holidays, Christmas 2022

In 2022, Timeless Travel Steps has published 73 new posts and on occasions, reached 5.3k views a day. While views fluctuate daily, viewer growth in 2022, presently stands at 240% higher than 2021. For me, this is a small win and at the same time it is a milestone. There has been a lot of work behind the scene which bloggers will resonate with in particular, learning SEO’s, improving the Core Vital scores , Speed, and updating old posts with new information, amongst others. It has been quite a learning curve, and one that will continue to be fascinating in my blogging journey.

I graciously ‘Thank you’ for all of your support throughout the year. Thank you for reading the articles, for each and every share, every follow, every like and comment and especially messages, queries in my inbox. As without you, this growth is not possible.

Articles in 2022

If you have missed any of TTS posts, I append them below, so you can catch up over the holidays:

London Travel

London | timelesstravelsteps.com
‘Big Ben’ London

My visit to Colonel Saab, London;

Superbloom Tower of London;

Hampstead Pergola Serene Haven;

12 Famous Parks in London;

England Travel

Happy holidays 2022 | timelesstravelsteps.com
Cotswolds England

The perfect 5-day Isle of Wight itinerary;

A fun day out in Bodiam, East Sussex;

Best of Canterbury Cathedral, Kent;

London to Canterbury trains;

Canterbury in one day from London;

St Mary’s Battle: A charming old church;

The Battle of Hastings 1066: A synopsis;

The best of Battle Abbey, East Sussex;

Things to do in Battle East Sussex, England;

Mighty Dover Castle England in 1 day;

The Isle of Wight Bucket List: Epic 35 Things to do in IOW;

Japan Travel

Japan architecture | timelesstravelsteps.com
Japan architecture

One day in Kobe, Japan – flexible itinerary;

Easy day trips from Kyoto, Japan;

Meiji Shrine Tokyo;

Best Okonomiyaki Hiroshima style;

The rich Japanese Soft Serve ice-cream;

Hungary Travel

budapest architecture | happy holidays | timelesstravelsteps.com
Budapest architecture

Szentendre: One perfect day trip from Budapest;

30 Top things to do in Budapest;

Castle Hill Budapest: 17 best things to do;

Scotland Travel

Eilean Donan Castle Scotland | timelesstravelsteps.com
Eilean Donan Castle Scotland

Best of Portree, Scotland;

Spain Travel

Baths of Maria de Padilla Alcazar Seville Spain | happy holidays | timelesstravelsteps.com
Baths of Maria de Padilla Alcazar Seville

Seville Travel: Best Guide to the Sultry City;

The Serene Patio de los Naranjos in Seville;

An Enticing Courtyard of the Maidens at Royal Alcazars Seville;

Mystical Secret Baths of Maria de Padilla at the Royal Alcazar in Seville;

Plaza Espana: An Absurdly Wondrous Square;

10 Best River Boat Trips in Seville and Water Activities;

Triana Seville: Stay, Eat, Explore;

The Hall of Ambassadors at Royal Alcazar of Seville;

The Noble Torre del Oro Seville;

The Bohemian Seville: Top Places to Stay, Eat and Explore;

4 Very Best Tapas Tours in Seville;

The Remarkable Antiquarium Room in Old Seville;

Metropole Parasol Seville: A Gigantic Cosy Oasis;

Barrio Santa Cruz Seville: Best Guide to Where to Stay, and Things to do;

A Fun Evening of Tapas in Seville;

11 Best Quotes about Seville to Inspire a Visit;

The Majestic Seville Cathedral: A Visitor’s Guide to the largest Gothic Cathedral in the World;

The Giralda Tower in Seville: 5 Master Features across Civilisation;

The Enchanting Mercury Pond at Royal Alcazar Seville;

The Rich Gothic Palace at Royal Alcazar of Seville;

The Real Alcazar of Seville;

Guided Tour of Seville Cathedral and Giralda;

Seville Cathedral and Giralda Fast Track Entry;

Best Tips for the Alcazar and Cathedral + Giralda of Seville;

Best Tip for Priority Visit to the Royal Alcazar of Seville;

Italy Travel

Dolomites Italy  | timelesstravelsteps.com
Dolomites Italy

Argegno: The perfect off-beat charm in Como;

Lake Como towns, Italy;

Lake Como itinerary for 5 days;

From Milan Malpensa to Como by train;

Where to Stay in Milan: 5 best areas;

Best 7 places to stay in Verona;

Verona at a glance;

Food in Verona: Best 16 to Know;

Verona Wine: 11 Fine Garda wines;

31 Best Things to do in Verona;

3 Best Food Tours in Verona;

Romeo and Juliet in Fair Verona;

9 Charming Walking Tours in Verona;

Verona by Bike: 6 Fun Cycle Tours;

An Incredible Valpolicella Winery Visit in Verona;

Milan Cathedral Italy timelesstravelsteps.com
Rooftop Milan Cathedral | November 2022

TTS Travel News

Happy Holidays | Cartier London timelesstravelsteps.com
Cartier, New Bond Street, London | Happy Holidays Christmas 2022

Presently June 2022 Travel News;

Presently May 2022 Travel News;

Travel News: Presently February 2022;

Presently January 2022: Traditions and New Beginnings;

Tiffany & Co London timelesstravelsteps.com
Tiffany & Co, New Bond Street, London | Happy Holidays Christmas 2022

Quotes, Captions, Sayings & Puns for Travel Photo to Grow Instagram

65 Puns and Quotes about Budapest to love;

Edinburgh City Quotes and Captions: Awesome 18 to Grow Instagram;

93 Very Best Scotland Travel Quotes, Captions and Sayings for a Spectacular Journey;

141 Very Best Quotes about Paris;

Christmas 2022

happy holidays | Liberty London timelesstravelsteps.com
Liberty London | Happy Holidays Christmas 2022

Christmas Markets, Christmas Lights, Ice Rinks and all the festivities of the season in London are simply quite extraordinary. Take a look at some of the reels and posts on our Instagram page:

Magical lights in Carnaby Street and Regent Street, London

“Liberty’s, a luxury department store in London has an insanely magical display of this huge colourful Christmas tree which is both classic and inspiring. The store has been around since 1843”.

Christmas Lights in New Bond Street London, shopping at Christian Dior, and the shopping scene at New Bond Street.


Covent Garden London | happy holidays | timelesstravelsteps.com
Covent Garden London | Christmas Holidays 2022

2023 promises to be productive and diverse as Timeless Travel Steps continue to grow. I hope to undertake more travels, and write more, hopefully more quickly -:). I look forward to sharing with you about the places I visit on our beautiful Plane Earth. It is my sincere wish that we shall all embrace travel at a slower pace, during shoulder seasons while travelling in comfort and style.

I invite you to read my travel stories, and continue to share your thoughts. If you are not a subscriber to Timeless Travel Steps yet, I extend a personal invite to you to join our community and stay connected. Drop your email address in the box below. You can always unsubscribe at any time.

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I wish you a Very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays as the year draws to a close and All of the Very Best for 2023.

Timeless Travel Steps will return with weekly articles every Wednesday, beginning December 11, 2023.

Once again, Thank You for 2022 and here’s to 2023 & beyond.


Georgina, xoxo

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