ONE DAY IN MONTSERRAT FROM BARCELONA, SPAIN: Top Things to do, Info, Practical Tips & How to get to Montserrat

About an hour or so northwest of Barcelona, Spain, is the rocky mountain range in Catalonia, known as Montserrat. Set within this massif on the side at 750 metres above sea level is the renowned Benedictine Monastery of Santa Maria de Monserrat (simply known as Montserrat Monastery), a popular destination for both tourists and Catalonians alike. You can easily spend one day in Monserrat from Barcelona exploring this unique building in a unique setting and its natural surroundings.

However, visiting Monserrat for the first time can be a little confusing. You need to figure out what precisely there is to do and see in one day at Monserrat, the unmissable highlights and how to travel to Monserrat from Barcelona. So, if you are looking for a good resource about how to visit Montserrat from Barcelona for a day, you have found it! This is the best guide for you.

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one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
Montserrat Mountain Spain

What to expect from this article

In this article, I endeavour to answer all the above first visit questions and any other questions you may have, so you can figure out how best to have a splendid day trip to Monserrat from Barcelona.

I share all the important information you may need: Information about Montserrat, the renowned Monserrat Monastery, what to expect when you visit and whether it is worth visiting.

In addition, this one day guide to Montserrat from Barcelona has all the top things to do and see at this unique destination along with practical tips and advice for each of the activities. Also included is an easy guide to hiking in Montserrat, highlighting the best hikes and difficulty levels.

You may not want to do all of the activities, so in that sense this is a flexible guide. I offer suggestions on time needed for each activity and not a strictly timed itinerary. With this Barcelona to Montserrat guide, you can figure out what exactly it is that you want to experience at your own pace.

Hiking is not for everyone and you can decide which activity you wish to undertake, if at all and whether you prefer hiking with an experienced guide.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
views captured during our walk along St Michael’s Path, Montserrat, Spain

Finally, you will find practical information to help you plan your day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona. The information includes options on how to get to Monserrat, how much time is needed to experience Montserrat, where to eat, best places to stay and top day tours from Barcelona to Monserrat along with good to know tips to make your trip a timeless experience.

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My visit to Montserrat

During my recent visit to Barcelona for a winter getaway with my daughter, I researched extensively for the best ways to travel to Monserrat. I love train journeys, and often opt for this green option.

However, on this occasion, I undertook a guided day trip to Montserrat by coach. The guided trip was cost effective, efficient and timely. The guide was really good as she shared a lot of historical information and tips so we could maximise our experience in Montserrat.

What I appreciated more was the route which the coach took on our return journey, through tunnels and some landmarks (Santa Cecilia) which we would not have seen had we taken the train.

I share my experiences and tips in this article so you could plan ahead and keep an eye out for some of the places which we discovered during our visit.

day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
the Montserrat Monastery viewed from St Michael’s Cross Montserrat Spain

TIP: If you don’t have time to read this article in its entirety to benefit from the suggestions and experienced tips, book your date with this guided tour to Monserrat from Barcelona. Bookmark this page or save it to Pinterest to read later.

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Monserrat from Barcelona is an easy day trip to take. A great opportunity to see the Spanish countryside, indulge in the breathtaking views from the mountains, and add that little touch of adventure to your city break. The transport system is seamless and makes getting to Monserrat from Barcelona convenient.

In addition, Montserrat is deeply rooted in history and a very important destination for the Catalan and the Catholic communities. Montserrat is best known for the 11th century Abbey of Santa Maria de Montserrat and the statue of Our Lady of Montserrat, better known as the “Black Madonna.” Home to a Benedictine Monastery as well as many other smaller churches and chapels. The original abbey is said to date back to 888 A.D.

Montserrat is a unique geological landscape where you will find an impressive working monastery carved into its rocks, sitting amidst a beautiful landscape. There is none like it.


Montserrat can be visited at any time of the year. The busiest times for tourism are from April to August. You may want to miss these months if you prefer not to spend hours in the queue to see Our Lady of Montserrat. I’d suggest that you opt for an off-season visit. Sundays are the busiest day at the Monastery, so avoid this if you prefer a quieter time.

In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that due to its altitude, Montserrat has different weather conditions to Barcelona’s Mediterranean climate. Montserrat is much cooler, windier. Although snow is rare it is a possibility in the winter months. Fog is a usual occurrence.

Spring or autumn is ideal for hiking in Montserrat as it offers the best balance of good weather and comfortable temperatures.


“Montserrat” is a Catalan word that translates to “serrated mountain” or “saw mountain”, describing the multi-peaked mountain range that looks like a regular handsaw.

This unusually formed massif is located about 50 km northwest of Barcelona, and sits within Parc Natural de la Muntanya de Montserrat (Montserrat National Park), a protected national park in Spain since 1987. The highest point on this jagged mountain is Sant Jeroni at 1,236 metres.

The history of Montserrat Mountain Range

The Montserrat Mountain range was formed some 45 million years ago. Back then, the area was under water, and formed part of a large delta that cascaded directly into the sea.

Following a dramatic shift in the earth’s tectonic plates about 25 million years ago, the area around Monserrat was pushed upwards, defying the gravity of the Earth, and the sea was pushed further out. The land area was exposed to air, resulting in the uncovering of sandstones, rocks and chalk.

In the ensuing years, rainwater and wind carved shapes into the rocks, hence the creation of unusual peaks, reddish in colour, defining the surreal landscape of Montserrat.

The distinctiveness of Montserrat

Monserrat is one of the most distinctive and striking mountain ranges I have ever seen. The wonder of Monserrat is indescribable and somewhat mystical.

Some see the surreal sandstone mountain range in shapes of human-like sculptures with its own characters and expressions, while some others see it as a weird roundly shaped mountains.

For me though, some of the rocks appeared to represent abstract human-like sculptures, while some were just huge rocks huddled together.

Whichever way Montserrat appears to you, you are certain to have unforgettable memories of your trip here.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
Human-like sculpture? Montserrat Mountain Spain
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
Montserrat: unique geological formation

Reputed as a highest spiritual place in Europe

This emblematic mountain range is regarded as “sacred” and is a popular spiritual centre. Many visit here as pilgrims and for religious reasons. The original abbey is said to date back to 888 A.D. and pilgrims have been visiting since the 11th century.

Every Catalan is expected to walk to Montserrat at least once in their lifetime. This Holy Mountain of Catalonia forms part of the Camino Catalan (Catalan Way), along the Santiago de Compostela, a route that takes the pilgrims from the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula all the way to Atlantic Galicia.

While pilgrims form part of the two million visitors to Montserrat annually, many others come here for the simple natural beauty of the mountains offering superb views over Catalonia, hiking opportunities and to explore Montserrat’s cultural and historic heritage.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
altar, Abbey of Our Lady Montserrat, Spain

Monserrat is a place to connect with nature

A trip to Montserrat makes for a beautiful day out for nature lovers where you can admire Montserrat’s unique geological formations, take a walk amid the mountains rich Mediterranean vegetation and engage in wildlife spotting. If you enjoy hiking, you could walk to Sant Jeroni, the highest peak in Montserrat.

Easy ways to get to Montserrat

There are easy ways to get to Monserrat and it does not involve climbing the mountain on foot, unless you want to. You can get here by car, train or a tour bus. You can be whisked to the top by a scenic cable car ride, and take a funicular higher up onto the mountain for even better views. There’s a detailed guide about how to get to Montserrat below.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
funicular stations at Montserrat viewed from the forecourt

For now, let’s take a look at what there is to do in Montserrat for a day trip from Barcelona.


Here are the top things to do in Montserrat on a day visit from Barcelona:

Montserrat Monastery

The Benedictine Monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat is one of the primary reasons why people travel to Montserrat. The monastery is home to eighty monks who follow the Rule of Saint Benedict.

It is not known exactly when the monks arrived here but it is believed that in the 9th century, four chapels were built (St. Mary’s, St Iscle’s, St. Martin’s and St. Peter’s). Of the four, only one exists today, St Iscle’s and it is located in the monastery garden.

A monastery was officially founded in the 11th century by the Abbot of Ripoli and the Bishop of Vic, Oliba, rebuilt in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The actual Monserrat Monastery and the cloisters are not open to the public.

You can visit the grounds of the monastery, take a look inside the Abbey of Montserrat (Santa Maria de Montserrat), see Our Lady of Montserrat, listen to the world famous Montserrat Boys Choir, marvel at the architecture that surrounds you and enjoy the crisp, calm and serenity of the mountain atmosphere.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
Montserrat Monastery Spain

What to look out for at the Montserrat Monastery:

A large stone-arched entrance gateway with metal clad doors. These doors are one of the few originals of the monastery. This is the main entrance to the monastery and leads to an open courtyard, offering magnificent views of Catalonia.

The open courtyard is magnificent. Spacious, and simple, along with carved arches, statues, steps, lamp-posts and trees offering captivating views of the gigantic rocks, the funicular and the valleys.

Past the courtyard is the main entrance to the Abbey where you will come to a little corridor with three arched entrances. The one on the far right is specifically for visiting Our Lady. Queue here only if you want to visit Our Lady of Montserrat. The other two arched entrances lead to a small square where the queues are managed for entry to the Abbey of Montserrat.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
stone-arched entrance to the Montserrat Monastery
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
left: large metal door, believed to be one of the original doors of the Montserrat Monastery; right: entrance corridor to the Monastery
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
Montserrat arches at the open forecourt

The Inner Courtyard or Atrium of Abbot Argerich at the Abbey of Montserrat

Sitting directly in front of the Abbey of Montserrat is the Inner Court, also known as the Atrium, an open-roofed courtyard. A corridor of five arches leads you to the main courtyard. Then, there are the main entrances that lead you to the Abbey.

The atrium is known as the Atrium of Abbot Argerich. On the right-hand side of the atrium, the wall depicts designs of the most important shrines and basilicas throughout Christianity. Designs on the left wall tell the brief history of the Monastery.

When here, take a look down at the floor. This gorgeous floor in black and white marble draws inspiration from the Capitolium in Rome that was designed by Michelangelo. The inscriptions in the centre are Latin, referring to baptism.

From here, you can observe the facade of the Abbey which was rebuilt in 1900. The facade is dominated by four striking elements: the twelve apostles, Jesus Christ, a circular glass window and a clock at the top.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
the archway to the atrium
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
facade of the Abbey of Montserrat, Spain
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
depiction of Jesus Christ and his twelve apostles
day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
left: the gorgeous floor at the atrium; left: arched corridor where the story of Montserrat Monastery is depicted.

TIP: You may find a long queue here to the Abbey and this can be overwhelming. The security does get them through quickly. We visited after the midday service and only waited about five minutes.

Abbey of Montserrat

The Abbey of Montserrat is an example of Gothic and Renaissance architecture with an impressive nave where the choir and high altar sits. You will immediately be drawn to the centre of the upper part where a golden temple sits, housing a silver throne where the image of Santa Maris presides over the whole nave.

Access to the Abbey of Montserrat is from the open-roofed courtyard (the Atrium of the Basilica), a bright square where the queues are managed by the Monserrat security staff.

The design of this basilica is unlike other churches. The nave connects to several side chapels, with elaborate arches. It is not a huge church, measuring at 58 metres long, 15 metres wide and 23 metres high. Small and intimate, this church sees natural light through its stained glass windows.

What to look out for at the Abbey of Montserrat:

Wooden sculptures of the prophets Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah and David which were placed here in 1896;

Collection of interesting metal lamps left here as offerings by people and Catalan organisations. Close to the altar, on the left hand side, you can see a lamp left by the Barcelona Football Club.

Every artwork, mosaics and detail is stunning. It is worth spending some time here but I don’t think it will be any more than 30 minutes.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
left: inside the Abbey of Montserrat; right: view of Our Lady of Montserrat from the Abbey floor

Our Lady of Montserrat

Our Lady of Montserrat Abbey (1)
statue of Our Lady of Montserrat

Our Lady of Montserrat or more popularly known as La Moreneta or the “Black Madonna” is a beautiful 12th century Romanesque statue. The statue is enthroned in a silver altarpiece and situated in the upper section of the basilica apse.

The statue of Our Lady of Montserrat was discovered in the hillside caves of Montserrat in the late 800s. A small chapel, Santa Cova was built where she was found. This is an important pilgrimage site. You can walk to the chapel or take the Funicular Santa Cova that stops nearby.

Our Lady of Montserrat is the Patron Saint of Catalonia and a symbol of the Catalan people. A popular destination for the Catalans and the pilgrims alike who come here to touch the sphere held by Our Lady.

How to visit Our Lady of Montserrat:

As mentioned above, the entrance to visit Our Ladyof Montserrat is located at the far right in the corridor that leads to the square before the Abbey of Montserrat.

There is always a long queue here, so join this queue only if you have the time for this. It has been noted that queues to see Our Lady can take anything from 30 minutes to an hour in the busy months.

We visited off-season, at the end of January and there was no queue as such. Visitors were kept on the move and took about 15 minutes, the most.

After seeing Our Lady of Montserrat, the path leads down some steps and towards a grotto area where you can light candles and make your wishes.

Candles are available in various sizes and prices start from  2.50. If you want to light these candles, ensure you have some Euro coins with you as the slots are not designed to accept notes.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
candles grotto at the Abbey of Montserrat

TIP: There is no charge to visit Our Lady but there are donation boxes placed at the top of the stairs.

PRO TIP: A long queue to see Our Lady of Montserrat is often mistaken for the queue to enter the church. This is just for Our Lady. The queue for the church starts from the centre square.

Good to know when visiting the Abbey of Montserrat and Our Lady of Montserrat:

As with all places of worship, ensure you wear appropriate clothing. Your shoulders and knees should be covered when visiting both of these places.

Montserrat Boys Choir (Escolania de Montserrat)

The Montserrat Boys’ Choir is the oldest boys’ choir in Europe. Its origins date back to the 14th century.

This famous Boys’ Choir sings in the Abbey of Montserrat daily (except school holidays) at 13:00 and at 18:45. On Sundays, there is a short performance at midday. The full schedule is available here on the official website of Escolania.

For some visitors to Monserrat, listening to the Boys Choir is a highlight that they would not want to miss. Others prefer to spend their time exploring the surroundings or hiking. So, it is really up to you to decide what you prefer and balance it out with the time you have here.

TIP: If you want to experience the Boys’ Choir sing at the Abbey of Montserrat, be sure to be there for at least half an hour prior to the service commencing. You will need to be here much earlier If you want a place to sit.

You can watch a short official video of the Boys Choir performing Ave Maria here.

Museum of Montserrat

If you have some time, the Museum of Montserrat is a nice place to visit. Most of the museum’s collection has been privately donated. The museum showcases a fine collection of Catalan art, and archaeological finds of the Ancient World and Middle East along with several masterpieces by Caravaggio, Picasso, and Dali.

Regular tickets cost 8.00 and you can find more information about seasonal opening hours and discounted rates from their official website.

St Michael’s Cross: An amazing viewpoint in Montserrat

When visiting Montserrat, take some time to explore the area on foot.

St Michael’s Path to St Michael’s Cross (Creu de Sant Miguel) is one of the most scenic paths in Monserrat. It gives the best views of the Monastery and picturesque views of the valley below along with surreal views of mountains beyond, as far as the eyes can see. Truly a rewarding hike worth experiencing.

The hike is at an elevation of 762 metres (2500 ft) from the Monastery and the trek itself is just between 1 – 1.2 km, bringing you to an amazing viewpoint in Montserrat.

The trek is more uphill and takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get to St Michael’s Cross. The way back is much quicker and takes less than 20 minutes.

The hike to St Michael’s Cross is relatively easy, with a wide gravel path. You don’t really need heavy hiking gear but a pair of good walking shoes will definitely help.

The sign for the start of St Michael’s Path is not easily found but the path begins near the Sant Joan funicular, near the cafe next to the Monastery’s main entrance. Instead of turning off at Sant Joan station, continue ahead on the paved path. Once you are here, just follow the ridge of the mountain, till you reach the cross. It is a wide path, paved and easy to walk on. There are many viewing points and resting areas on the way, if you need to stop.

St Michael's Cross viewed from Montserrat Monastery Spain
St Michael’s Cross viewed from Montserrat Monastery Spain
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
along the way to St Michael’s Cross Montserrat
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
left: St Michael’s Cross viewpoint | right: St Michael’s path

Watch this IG reel for jaw-dropping views from St Michael’s Cross.

What you need to know about the Funiculars in Montserrat

It’s important to note that there are three funiculars in Monserrat: Cremallera, Santa Cova, and Sant Joan funiculars. Cremallera is the rack railway that takes you from the bottom of Montserrat mountain to Montserrat Monastery. Santa Cova funicular takes you downhill from Montserrat Monastery while the Sant Joan takes you uphill from Montserrat Monastery to the highest point of Montserrat.

day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
rack railway from Monistrol to Montserrat Monastery Spain

Ride the Santa Cova Funicular and Visit the Santa Cova de Montserrat

The Santa Cova funicular goes down the mountain and brings you to the start of a walk to Santa Cova, a holy cave. The Santa Cova is an important pilgrimage site.

Santa Cova or “The Holy Grotto” of Montserrat was where holy visions of the Virgin Mary appeared to shepherds on several occasions. Legend has it that the image of the Virgin Mary was first seen in 880 in the cave in Montserrat. Text of these holy visions were first found in the 13th century, which led to a chapel being built here.

Inside the grotto, you will see a replica of Our Lady of Montserrat, the original being placed at the Abbey of Montserrat.

Depending on how much time you have during your visit, the Holy Grotto is a good activity to do. The walk down along the winding dedicated path offers great views of the surroundings, mountains and valleys. The distance is about 2.7 km and takes a little over two hours for a return walk. Some of the walks to the Holy Grotto can be strenuous.

The Santa Cova funicular station is located about 20 minutes away from the Holy Grotto, so there is some walk here as well.

You can buy tickets for the Santa Cova funicular rides at the upper and lower stations.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
Santa Cova upper station in Montserrat
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
on the way to Santa Cova Montserrat Spain
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
left: view of Santa Cova; right: inside Santa Cova, the statue of Our Lady of Montserrat here is a replica

PRO TIP: If you don’t have much time, you can walk down to Santa Cova and take the funicular back up. Alternatively, take the funicular both ways.

Ride the Sant Joan Funicular and Hike Sant Jeroni

From Montserrat Monastery, you can take the Sant Joan funicular to get higher up the Montserrat mountain. You can then hike to Sant Jeroni, the highest point of the Montserrat Mountain, at 1,236m. From there, you can enjoy even more spectacular views over Catalonia, Llobregat Valley and the Pyrenees. This is definitely a worthwhile thing to do if you have an entire day in Montserrat and fit to do so.

The elevation gain is 600m and is about 10km in distance and you will reach the maximum altitude of 1,236.

Walking to Sant Jeroni is probably the most hiked route in the sacred mountain of Montserrat. The hike to Sant Jeroni starts at the Monastery, near the fountain. It is estimated to be a 4 to 5 hours return hike with stops at the viewing points. No doubt that this makes for a unique experience.

However, trekking for 4 to 5 hours may not be possible if you are here on a day trip. You could reduce the time significantly by taking the Sant Joan funicular from the Montserrat Monastery. From Sant Joan’s upper level station, it takes a little over an hour to reach the summit with various viewing points along the way.

If you really want to hike up to St Jeroni, the highest peak in Montserrat, you may want to take a professional guide with you. A professional and knowledgeable guide well versed with the terrain will guide you through navigating some challenging treks. You may want to go on this particular guided experience if this is the kind of thing you are looking to do. In addition, this hiking experience includes a visit to the Monastery, guided hike and snacks on the trail, plus a visit to a vineyard for wine tasting and tapas. There is free pick-up and drop-off from your hotel in Barcelona city as well. I’d say, this is a perfect option to do away with the hassle of public transportation and enjoy a blissful and safe hiking day in the mountains. Here, you can book your date with mountain hiking, wine tasting and tapas in Montserrat.

St Jeroni cable car track
St Jeroni cable car track viewed from the forecourt.
St Jeroni cable car Montserrat Spain
St Jeroni cable car Montserrat Spain

TIP: If you are a confident hiker and want to explore St Jeroni independently, take the Sant Joan funicular both ways to save time. You can purchase tickets at the funicular stations.

The Montserrat Arches

Mostly unnoted, the carved arches in Montserrat Monastery are a fantastic addition to things to look out for when you are here for one day from Barcelona. The Montserrat arches are located in three main areas.

As already mentioned, you will find them at the open courtyard before you enter the Monastery. The Montserrat arches feature sculptures of saints and religious figures.

Secondly, as you enter the inner court for the Abbey, you will find five lovely arches on both sides of the quadrangle inner court.

Thirdly, towards the bus parking area at the end of the road, you will notice a rest area with really nice Montserrat arches. The views from here are really nice. Besides getting a closer glimpse of the Montserrat rocks and views across, you will also see some hiking trails along the valley.

day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
Montserrat Arches at the open courtyard/forecourt before entering the Montserrat Monastery, Spain
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |
Montserrat Arches at the picnic area towards the coach area | photo by my fabulous daughter
Georgina at the Arches Montserrat
Georgina at the Montserrat arches

TIP: The Montserrat archways make a lovely backdrop for great memorable photos.

The unique Stairway to Heaven

Often attributed as one of the best things to do in Montserrat, the Stairway to Heaven is just a simple modern piece of art situated near the bus parking area. This stack of nine concrete blocks arranged in a spiral structure was “once upon a time” a popular object to climb.

Stairway to Heaven was made popular by some Instagrammers who had their photo captured standing on top of the large concrete staircase. This ensued in a floodgate of visitors whose main purpose was to capture the same impressive photos of themselves on the staircase.

However, this is no longer possible. Stairway to Heaven is now cordoned off by a sturdy wired fence, preventing visitors from accessing the artwork.

stairway to heaven Montserrat Spain
stairway to heaven concrete blocks

Shops and Souvenirs

There are about four souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes and a local farmers market. There is a lovely cafe near the iron-clad door entrance to the Monastery that sells delicious pastries and a great cup of Americano.

The farmers’ market, made up of not very many stalls is located a little down the road, away from the main area of shops. You will see it as you walk towards the Montserrat arches or the Stairway to Heaven attraction.

This small market sells some traditional local produce such as mountain cheese and honey which are not found in Barcelona. Tasting some of their local food makes a visit that much more special.

We tasted their locally produced Montserrat cheddar and truffle cheese. The mild and nutty truffle cheese won us over and we purchased a block to bring back with us to London .

A stop at the market stalls is highly recommended. The products are packaged with all relevant information printed to comply with Customs & Excise requirements.

TIP: Try their local fresh cottage cheese, also known as mató, brull or brolla with honey, a Catalan speciality.

one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |


Visit the ancient Santa Cecilia Monastery

Located in a peaceful natural setting with breathtaking views up to the ridges of Montserrat and down to the river valley below is Montserrat’s oldest monastery, Santa Cecilia.

Built in the 10th century, Santa Cecilia is a Romanesque monastery which underwent restoration in 1928 by the noted modernist, Puig i Cadafalch. More recently, the modern Irish artist Sean Scully was given leave to decorate the entire church with works of his art, turning the interior into an “art space.”

Santa Cecilia can be reached by car or via a hiking trail that begins near Marganell.


Ideally, an entire day.

To do all of the above listed things to do, you will need an entire day. It will be a long day, though well worth it.

A return journey from Barcelona to Montserrat by public transport will take about 3 hours. Added to this is an hour or an hour-half for the Montserrat Abbey, and to walk around the Monastery.

If you want to see a little more of the surrounding areas such as the hike to St Michael’s Cross, Holy Grotto and St Jeroni which can total 5 hours or so.

On the other hand, if your time in Barcelona is limited and you can’t spend a day in Montserrat, then perhaps you may prefer a half-day visit to Montserrat from Barcelona.

What will a half day visit to Montserrat look like

If you opt for a half-day visit, then you could easily spend some quality time at the Monastery and go on just one hike. The St Michael’s walk to St Michael’s Cross is highly recommended, most popular and certainly worth your time. It is not strenuous, and you are rewarded with remarkable views from the viewpoint at the cross. In addition, this trek can be completed in an hour or less.

For most travellers, this one hike to St Michael’s Cross is more than enough for an experience of Montserrat.

If you only have half-a-days to spare for a visit to Montserrat, you may not want to spend 3+ hours on public transport on a round trip. Therefore, if you are not keen on navigating public transport or in hiring a car to get to Montserrat from Barcelona, then the best option is to join a guided tour where transfers are included.

If you would like to save some travel time and do away with navigating the public transport, you may find this particular half-day tour favourable. With this guided tour, you have up to three hours of free time to explore by yourself. This is enough time for you to visit the Abbey, trek St Michael’s Path, visit the Holy Grotto and explore the surroundings.

Our experience

We opted for a guided tour and it was the perfect choice. We boarded the coach at Barcelona Nord. 50 minutes later we arrived at Monistrol de Montserrat, a small town at the bottom of the mountain to board Cremallera, the rack railway to get us to Montserrat Monastery. Therefore, the journey by coach from Barcelona to Montserrat was about an hour and we did not experience any inconvenience at all.


Travelling to Montserrat from Barcelona is easy and quick. There are several options: train, bus, rental car or tour.

Below are the most popular ways on how to get to Montserrat from Barcelona.

Train from Barcelona to Montserrat

From Placa d’Espanya station in Barcelona city centre, take the R5 line towards Manresa. This line gives you three options on how to get to Montserrat:

  • Disembark at Aeri de Montserrat. From here you can take the cable car to Monserrat Monastery. The train journey takes about an hour, and the cable car ride is 5 minutes. You can buy a combined ticket to ride the train and the cable car at Placa d’Espanya station or pre puchase the Aeri cable car online before you go.
one day in Montserrat from Barcelona Spain |

TIP: Taking the Aeri cable car to the Monastery is regarded as one of the most scenic options.

  • Stay on the R5 line for a further one stop and disembark at Monistrol de Montserrat. From Monistrol station, transfer to the Cremallera, the rack railway that runs to Montserrat Monastery. The journey by train is an hour and five minutes. The Cremallera takes 15 minutes to reach the Monastery.
things to do in Barcelona in winter |
rack railway from Monistrola to Montserrat Monastery which we took

*The Cremallera (Rack Railway) is one of the best scenic and pleasant journeys that we have been on.

  • Hike: If you are up for it, take the R5 Line to Monistrol de Montserrat and from here, take the hiking route from Monistrol town, winding up the mountain. This hike is estimated to take 1.5 hours along with splendid views.

TIP: If you opt to travel by train from Placa d’Espanya, you need to decide whether you are taking the Cremallera (rack railway) or the cable car.

Ensure you specify your option when purchasing your tickets at Placa Espanya. While ticket prices are the same for both options, the tickets are not interchangeable.

By Bus and Private Transportation

You can take a bus from Barcelona Estació Sants to Montserrat Monastery. The journey by bus takes 1.5 hours. This is a less popular option as most people prefer to take the train.

You can take the taxi or hire a private driver but this is the most expensive option.

I found this particular tour that includes a private transfer for an early morning visit to Montserrat Monastery before the crowds and to catch the sunrise over the iconic Montserrat mountain.

With a small group Guided Tour

Joining a guided tour to Montserrat from Barcelona is the easiest, hassle-free, cost-effective and relaxing activity option to go for.

With this option, you do not have to worry about the practicalities of how to get to Montserrat. All you have to do is to get to the meeting point, get a seat and enjoy the ride while the guide tells you all about Catalonia, and shares insider tips for Barcelona.

Some guided tours include a lunch option at a vineyard. Here you will find the most popular guided tours to Montserrat from Barcelona for a day or half-a-day. You will find a list of the best tours to Montserrat further below.

Good to know information to consider if travelling independently

The following information about all-encompassing ticket options may help you if you are travelling on your own to Montserrat Monastery from Barcelona

  • Trans Montserrat Ticket: The Trans Montserrat ticket includes round trip train tickets from Barcelona, a round trip ride on either the cable car or the Cremallera (rack railway) to the Montserrat Monastery, and Sant Joan funicular rides as well as two metro rides. Get the latest prices about the Trans Montserrat Ticket from Barcelona’s official tourism site here.
  • The ToT ticket is an all encompassing ticket that includes all of the above rides offered by Trans Monserrat Ticket and in addition includes free admission into the Montserrat Monastery Museum and one meal at the self-service restaurant.


Monserrat is a hiker’s paradise! There are several hiking trails in Monserrat that ranges from Easy to Difficult.

Here is a brief summary of some of the best hiking trails in Montserrat:

EASY: St. Michael’s Cross hike

This is an easy (2.4 km in total) hike that begins from the Monastery, along with some of the best views over Montserrat. Essential information about this trail is included in the above section about St Michael’s Cross.

MODERATE: Santa Cova de Montserrat trail

This 2.7 km in total takes a little over 2 hours to complete. Some parts are strenuous but overall graded as moderate. See Santa Cova section above for more info.

MODERATE – DIFFICULT: Santa Cecilia Trail

The Santa Cecilia trek is a 8 km loop trail that begins near Marganell. It is described as moderately challenging and takes an average 3 hours 32 minutes.

DIFFICULT: St Jeroni trail

St Jeroni hike is graded as difficult but a rewarding one to do. Once at the peak, St Jeroni offers 360° sublime views over Catalonia. Read more in the Sant Joan and St Jeroni section above.

*We did not hike to the summit. However, I researched extensively about the Sant Jeroni hike before our visit. The reviews were positive and a highly recommended hike to undertake if you are fit for it.

TIP: Hiking trails from Montserrat Monastery are generally well defined and navigating points are clearly marked. You can’t really get lost here, though some treks can be tricky. You can find here more information about hiking in Montserrat.

PRO TIP: However, taking a local guide with you to St Jeroni or the hike to Santa Cecilia is highly recommended. There are some challenging treks on these two trails. Moreover, a guide can point out to you the various species of vegetation that Montserrat is famous for and share stories about the sacred mountain along with its legends.

Hiking Montserrat with a Guide

If you prefer to explore the hiking trails of Montserrat with an experienced guide, book one of the following guided tours for your one day in Montserrat from Barcelona trip. These tours include transfers, so you don’t have to figure out public transportation.


There are plenty of choices when it comes to guided tours to Monserrat from Barcelona. Although we travelled in the low season (end of January), there was still a good selection available to explore.

I did extensive research before our trip and am happy to share the following with you to save you some time. These are carefully selected tours with hundreds of positive reviews.

1 | Half-day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona: Morning or Afternoon with pick-up. Highly recommended for a speedy, hassle-free transfer and best experience of the Montserrat Monastery. This is the best tour for those who do not want to deal with the practicalities of public transportation. 5 hours.

2 | A half-day or full-day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona with optional lunch and wine tasting: This tour offers an opportunity to spend half a day at Montserrat Monastery with an option to enjoy a tapas lunch or a multi-course lunch at a local picturesque winery. This is an excellent Montserrat from Barcelona tour for those who have the entire day and love wine. 5 hours, 7 hours or 9 hours depending on the option selected.

3 | A day trip to Montserrat from Barcelona visiting the Montserrat Monastery and lunch at a farmhouse: This is an excellent small group tour to the Monastery followed by a 3-course meal at a farmhouse with stunning views. 7.5 hours.

4 | A Montserrat tour from Barcelona that includes wine and tapas trip: This tour includes a visit to the Monastery and a trip to a boutique winery where you taste a range of delicious Spanish tapas and wines. This is a very popular half-day tour with brilliant reviews. 7 hours.


While there are several restaurants and cafeterias within the vicinity of the Monastery, the food isn’t amazing for the price you pay. Instead, get a snack from the market as this gives a flavour of local Catalan food such as cheese, bread and honey. You could also bring your own picnic.

Alternatively, join a Montserrat from Barcelona tour that includes lunch. This is a great way to experience the Catalan culture outside of the Monastery vicinity. You get to taste and experience local fresh food while basking in the delightful natural surroundings. These two tours from Barcelona to Montserrat that includes lunch at a farmhouse and the tour that includes the optional lunch and wine have hundreds of amazing reviews.


Montserrat is a great fit for a few days stay if you want to explore the area and hike a few of the trails. Spacing out the trekking trails over a couple of days is a great way to appreciate the sacred mountain.

The Montserrat Mountain is also famous for its sunrise and sunset vistas. I can only imagine the sereneness and peaceful moments one can experience in having the space all to oneself without the tourist crowds. I hope to return for an overnight stay to experience the magnificent views.

There are three accommodation options:

  • Hotel Abat Cisneros: This is a 3* hotel located within steps of the Monastery. A place of rest for pilgrims since 1563, this simple accommodation is the best place to stay according to reviews. Guests comment on the incredible views and say of their incredible feeling to wander as the night falls. There is no parking at this hotel but parking is available at the nearby parking area. You can drive up to leave your luggage and park at the parking area.
  • Abat Marcet Apartments Montserrat: This is perfect for those looking to stay in Montserrat beyond a night or for those who prefer an apartment type stay. This self-catered apartment comes with an equipped kitchen and the unit itself is suitable for 1 – 4 persons.
  • Abat Oliba Hostel: A budget accommodation offering dormitory accommodations as well as private rooms for 1 -6 persons.
  • El Celler de la Guàrdia: This unique 17th farmhouse offers rustic-style rooms, a private bathroom with shower and a bath along with TV. Located in Montserrat Nature Park on the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Route, this accommodation comes with incredible mountain views. If you like to stay here, you need a car as the Monastery is situated about 25 minutes drive away.


Is Montserrat worth visiting?

Visiting Montserrat is a great way to experience the countryside, see something different and take a breather from the energetic city of Barcelona. Spending time in the serenity of nature, and the breathtaking views from monastery, a unique building carved into the rock and a basilica deeply rooted in history are all reasons that are well worth a day of your time from Barcelona.

However, if your time in Barcelona is limited, then take this morning tour with hotel pick-up from Barcelona.

How far is Montserrat from Barcelona city?

Montserrat is situated about 60 km (40 miles) northwest of Barcelona city. It takes an hour or so to get to Montserrat by road and about an hour by train also. If you are driving, add 20 minutes to your journey up the mountain route from the base. There is ample parking available near the Monastery and along the mountain route. If you take the train or the bus, you need to transfer to the cable car or the rack railway at the bottom of the mountain to take you to the Monastery. The cable car ride is 5 minutes and the rack railway takes 15 minutes. In sum, it takes about 1.5 hours to get to Montserrat from Barcelona.

Is there a dress code at Montserrat?

As far as I know and seen, there is no specific dress code for visiting Montserrat. However, for the Abbey of Our Lady, you should wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees: no short shorts; no tank tops; no mini skirts and the like. You may be asked to leave if considered not appropriately dressed.

Use comfortable shoes as a visit here involves a lot of walking. Wear layers as you can then easily climatise and take a sweater along as the temperature drops in the mountain by a few degrees.


I guess this is all I have for you today about one day in Montserrat from Barcelona. My sincere wish is that this comprehensive article is a useful resource for you to plan ahead your visit to Montserrat for timeless memories.

It’s your turn 🙂 What do you think? Is Montserrat worth visiting? Would you visit? Would love to know your thoughts. Let us know via comments or by email.

Georgina at St Michael's Cross Montserrat Spain TTS

Just I, Georgina at St Michael’s Cross

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