5 Reasons Why Planning is Important in Travel

Ever wondered why thorough planning is crucial for unforgettable travel memories? In a world filled with exciting destinations and endless opportunities, grasping the importance of thoughtful preparation becomes a must. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or just starting out on your adventures, the difference between a simple trip and a truly remarkable journey lies in the careful arrangement of every aspect.

Therefore,travel planning is essential! No matter what anyone says to me, planning is important in travel because it allows you to budget for your trip, think ahead about things to do, book restaurants and activities ahead of your visit so you don’t miss out and much more.

Planning for your travels often begins before you decide on your destination and purchase your tickets. So, join me as I share my perspective about why planning isn’t merely a necessity, but the key to fully enjoying and making the most of your travel dreams.

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Why is it important that you plan your travels ahead of time?

The straightforward answer is that meticulous travel planning serves as the cornerstone for a stress-free and truly rejuvenating vacation—ultimately safeguarding your overall well-being. By investing a bit more effort into preparation beforehand, you pave the way for a vacation that is blissfully unburdened by concerns or have less to worry about. Imagine channeling your worries into the planning phase, allowing you to revel in your vacation with a clear mind and unbridled excitement. In essence, the effort you put into preparing ahead of time rewards you with a carefree getaway, where each moment is yours to relish without the intrusion of unnecessary concerns.

In this post you shall find 5 reasons why planning is important in travel. Travel planning can be daunting sometimes, especially if it is your first time to travel. You would not know where to start and it is easy to get overwhelmed over what is step 1, step 2 and so on.

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I like ‘Lists’!

I remember my family trips when my kids were still in diapers, and what helped me then and still does, is that I always had a list. A list to ensure that I do not miss anything important, like their favourite toys or a little character cushions that they cannot do without. Space had to be made for these.

All you Mums out there know exactly what I am talking about 🙂 You can read more About Me here.

I have planned many travels, long-haul, short-haul and within the UK. Have done so in a personal capacity for my family, friends, colleagues as well as business trips. I always had a list! I like lists 😊, I guess I am just wired that way! Don’t get me wrong…I am all for the “unplanned”, off the beaten path kind of adventure too but I think you do need to have a plan to do the unplanned and off the beaten path kind of adventure.

When you think about it, travelling is not as easy or simple as choosing a destination, booking your flight and off you go! Although sometimes you can if it is within the same country or when you are familiar with the destination where you do not have to research so much. However, there is more to travelling!


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There is More to Travelling

There is more to travelling because it is about making a trip, a trip that is stress-free, a trip without major hitches, or even if you come to face certain “hitches”, how you could cope with it.

So, for me, in my plan, I have a pre-travel, travel and post-travel list of things to do. All three lists are important because they are inter-related. It has helped with many of my vacations and I am sure that it will help yours too. I know, I know…it sounds daunting and pedantic but believe me, having a list which embodies a plan is so worth it. It’s the know-how and the basic framework that will make travelling look like a piece of cake and make you feel less stressed. I am certain that you will agree with me when you have gone through reading them.

Therefore, in this post, I will list the reasons why I think travel planning is important. This simple list has been the core to all of my travels.

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The 5 Reasons Why Planning is Important in Travel

Embarking on a journey is more than just packing a bag and hitting the road—it’s about crafting an experience that lingers in your memory. Read on into the following insights as I share the five compelling reasons why meticulous planning plays a pivotal role in shaping extraordinary travel adventures which I uncovered during my own experiences.

1 | Travel Planning Saves Time

Some may dismiss planning as too time consuming and that it is okay to plan on the go. Well, it may be okay but if you spend a little time on your to-do list, it helps you to think about priorities, allocate time for attractions and consider your budget.

As well, it is an opportunity to have flexibility built-in for unforeseen circumstances such as weather or traffic conditions. In addition, when you are on vacation, I am sure your goal is to maximise your experiences at your travel destination instead of spending time googling places to visit or figuring out what to do. So, spending a little time to plan will maximise your time when travelling. To do so, will enhance your experiences.

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Tokyo at night

2 | Planning ahead helps you Prioritise and Maximise your Experiences

Depending on your destination, you may have a lot of attractions or just a few. Whatever there may be, prioritising what you want to experience will play an important role in how many of these experiences you can have during your vacation.

While you are prioritising, you may also consider attractions that are close together where you can visit in a day or half a day. Prioritising may help free-up time for a spa or a little down-time, which sometimes gets overlooked because it is not embedded into our travels.

READ: Complete Guide to the City of Verona which includes a day trip along with the best and off the beaten path activities, what and where to eat Veronese cuisine plus unique places to stay.

3 | Travel Planning stretches your Pound or Dollar

Travel is not an open-cheque vacation, I am sure. For me and for most of us, we have a budget with a little fund set aside for emergencies. It is within this main budget that we seek to maximise our experiences–accommodation, attractions, food and transport.

Researching on the attractions, local delicacies, local crafts and other “must see” will help with budgeting. You can dismiss the least important attractions and visit or do some off the beaten path exploring.

Transportation from one place to another will also impact on your budget, so researching on how best to get around your destination will help.

Spend some time researching free entry attractions. Purchasing tickets in advance and online will help with budgeting. Stretching a pound or a dollar means more experiences and planning helps you do that.

why planning is important in travel saves money
Planning in travel is important because it helps you budget and stretches your pound!

4 | Planning is Important in Travel so that Essentials are not Forgotten

Planning helps you to think about the necessary essentials you may need on your travel. For example, the type of clothing for the weather at the time you are travelling. Travel vaccinations, medication and any bug-sprays which you may need.

Planning a trip to Japan? you may find my helpful guide about the best time to visit Japan including the seasons and guide to clothing useful in planning your trip.

why planning is important in travel travel checklist

5 | Travel Planning Prepares you for Immigration Issues and Emergencies

When travelling abroad, you must comply with the immigration rules in the destination country. Planning helps you to ensure that you have the required visa and meet any other requirements necessary for entry.

You need to ensure you have the phone numbers of your embassies in case of emergencies. Remember also to have phone numbers of emergency contacts whom you can reach at home.

Legal entry/Tourist travel Visa

PRO TIP: Check Visa requirements with iVisa, a leading independent company and highly regarded in the travel documentation industry for its speedy processing and professionalism.

passport pages with immigration entry/exit stamps
view of Barcelona city skyline from Park Guell Barcelona, Spain
Park Guell, Barcelona

finally on why planning is important in travel

My conclusion in a nutshell — Get Travel Planning! How your vacation should be is important because you want it to be a positive experience, stress-free and fun. I believe Planning your Travels can help you do just that. It saves you time, stretches your money, maximises your experiences and you will surely enjoy a hassle-free vacation. I hope this post was helpful in deciding why planning should be embedded into all travels.

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Well, I guess that is all I have for you in this article about travel planning. You are more than welcome to browse around this little corner of mine for more inspiring travel stories.

Wherever you are, wherever travel takes you, have good fun, Always!

Georgina xx

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