9 Charming Walking Tours in Verona

9 Charming and the Very Best Walking Tours in Verona that you will love

A delightful Italian city, Verona is full of charming little cobbled streets, historic piazzas, Roman monuments and lots of authentic places to eat. Entwined with folklores, the secrets of this medieval city is best explored by joining one or more of the very best walking tours in Verona.

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Timeless Travel Steps BEST TIPS:

1 | Want to learn all about the city that drips in old time romance? Discover its history at every turn – hear it first-hand from a local and you are sure to want to delve deeper.

2 | Why not go a little further with our Best Seller? Discover Verona Food and Wine while seeing all the Highlights and Landmarks of the city, in half-a-day or so led by an expert.

Discovering Verona on foot is ideal for best experiences. The biggest market place in the city is surrounded by restaurants and cafes where you could stop for a cappuccino or espresso and enjoy the tranquility amidst it vibrant setting.

The quaint and winding streets of Verona are a breath of fresh air and you could wander for hours with a few detours. Moreover, for a small medieval city, Verona is actually quite large. The city has two vibrant squares for an authentic Veronese culture experience, beautiful river views and hilltops, quintessential romantic bridges, wealth of architectural finds, clock towers, parts of Roman walls still standing and a Roman amphitheatre still in use. There is so much to see, discover and take pleasure in the unhurriedness of the medieval city that you may wish to spend more time than you may have originally planned.

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walking tours in Verona

Verona is a compact city that can be conveniently explored independently. If you are thinking of ways to get around the city, take a look at my comprehensive guide which includes a walking guide, encompassing all the highlights of the city. However, to maximise your experiences in Verona and to learn of the city’s culture, history and a taste of Veronese food, explore the city on foot by joining one of the best-selling guided walking tours in Verona.

Timeless Travel Steps Best Tips: Verona City Pass

With the Verona City Card, you will gain Priority Entry to the Verona Arena and the Lamberti Tower along with entry to museums as well as free local transportation – these and so many other benefits. Explore more and pre-purchase before travelling to Verona > Verona City Card.

Combine your city highlights walking tours with the discovery of Veronese food. Visit a Veronese Osteria, try the authentic Veronese wine or opt for discovering Verona at night. The walking tours in Verona covers a lot of information, giving an all-round experience and is one of the best city takeaways.

We have shortlisted the best walking tours in Verona for you to peruse. Book early to secure your spot with your preferred tour operator and avoid disappointment.

Guided Walking Tours in Verona that You Will Love

Verona City Walking Tour

With the City Highlights Guided Walking Tours in Verona, you shall see and experience Piazza Erbe, the Scala Family tombs, the infamous balcony of the star-crossed lovers, Via Mazzini, Verona Arena, Gran Gurdia and more …

Duration: 1 – 2hrs

From: € 25 pp (Mar. 2022)

Get Your Guide

walking tours in Verona | timelesstravelsteps.com

This small group guided tour offers you an in-depth look at Verona as you explore its highlights. The tour includes the famous piazzas, arena, Juliet’s balcony, churches, palaces, hidden gems and …

Duration: 2 hours

From: €35.00 pp (Mar. 2022)


walking tours in verona

This tour brings to life the story of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers. Hear the legend of the feuding families at the Scala tombs. Visit the Gothic and Renaissance landmarks along with great overview of the city’s history

Duration: 1hr 30min

From: €46.16 pp (Mar. 2022)


walking tours in Verona

Enjoy the quaint medieval city as you visit Castelvecchio, the magnificent medieval castle, Piazza Brà, pass by Juliet’s balcony, and finally enter the the Roman amphitheatre, the great open-air venue for concerts.

Duration: 3 hours

From: € 55 pp (Mar. 2022)

walking tours in Verona | moonlight tour | timelesstravelsteps.com

Explore the city of cobbled streets, the romantic and secret alleys in the calmer hours of the evening. Listen to the stories, and tales of the poets, a and dreamers who made the city into a charming destination it is today.

Duration: 1.5 hrs

From: €52.00 pp (Mar. 2022)

walking tours in Verona

Stroll through the city as you get to taste the Veronese culinary culture. Visit the small streets like the locals do. Visit an authentic ‘bottega’ to taste some local cheese and salami. Try Valpolicella wines, and some delicious gelato.

Duration: 3.5 hrs

From: € 75 pp (Mar. 2022)

Unique Walking Tours in Verona

walking tours in verona

Discover the hidden secrets of Verona during the age of darkness and fear. A walking tour through the ‘cruel and mysterious’ time the city of Verona endured. This tour will bring you back in time to experience the fierceness, ferocity of the past, and the bloody events that happened when nobody dared to go out when dusk fell.

Duration: 1.5 hrs

From: € 60 pp (Mar 2022)

Get Your Guide

walking tours in Verona | sunset food walking | timelesstravelsteps.com

Sample local dishes with beautiful views of Verona. Stroll through the city and view the historic landmarks while you stop at a cozy bistro, rooftop bar and picturesque terrace. The tour ends with a sunset aperitif: Walking tours in Verona

Duration: 3.5 hrs

From: €92.00 pp (Mar. 2022)


walking tours in Verona street food | timelesstravelsteps.com

Immerse in the most significant places that symbolises Verona as you stroll through the city. Eat your way through by visiting the local shops and restaurants and have a lovely time discovering Veronese street food: Walking tours in Verona

Duration: 5 hrs approx

From: €69.00 pp (Mar. 2022)


Essential Information to Know before Walking Tours in Verona

1 | Book at any time to secure your place. Have peace of mind knowing that you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund should you change your mind.

3 | This is a small group activity.

4 | Mobile ticketing is available.

5 | Please read all booking conditions for each activity prior to booking.

6 | Use comfortable and suitable shoes.

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