Top 9 Must-Take Walking Tours in Verona for Every Traveller

Verona! A city filled with tales and myths in the shadows of mighty Roman gladiators. But how do you truly get to know this Italian gem? On foot, of course! Dive into the top walking tours in Verona for an experience like no other.  

Many come to Verona in search of Shakespearean romance or Roman relics, but few recognize the layers of beauty and history hidden within its streets. If you’ve clicked on this article, you’re likely one of the astute travellers eager to truly grasp Verona’s spirit. I’m delighted you’re here because I’ve curated the ultimate list of top walking tours in Verona, ensuring you experience the heart and soul of this enchanting city. Choose from regular walking tours, food walking tours or themed walking tours for a truly unique experience.

My experience

I’ve wandered the alleys and piazzas, watched the sunset over the Adige River while sipping an aperitivo, and embraced the Veronese tradition of evening strolls. I was awestruck by the architectural wonders of Veronese churches, and every corner that tells the city’s rich history, which makes Verona a city best explored on foot. 

Having extensively explored Verona on foot, I can tell you, the magic of an evening walking tour unveil is truly an experience to have. The joys in exploring the city while eating your way through the medieval city is another experience to embrace. With several years of travel writing under my belt and a special fondness for this Italian city, I’ve curated the top 9 walking tours that every traveller, whether a history buff, a romantic, or an avid explorer, must take. 

So, lace up your most comfortable shoes, get your camera ready, and awaken your sense of adventure. By the end of this guide, I am certain you’ll be eager to book your next trip and embark on these unforgettable Verona walking tours. 

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My Selection of Top 3 Walking Tours in Verona: Regular, Food + Themed

Picture yourself strolling through the heart of a medieval city where every cobblestone and corner tells a tale of romance, history, and art. Amidst this picturesque backdrop, imagine pausing at a lively market square, framed by bustling cafes, to savour a freshly brewed cappuccino and soak in the city’s vibrant yet tranquil ambiance. Below is my selection of top 3 regular walking tours for you.

1st Pick

Verona Top Highlights Walking Tour + Arena

Verona: Top Highlights Walking Tour + Arena

Rating: 5 out of 5.

⏱️ 3 hours

✔️ Dive deep into Verona’s rich history, from Shakespeare’s inspiration to the UNESCO World Heritage landmarks.

✔️ Enjoy exclusive skip-the-line access to the ancient Roman Verona Arena, gaining insights from your knowledgeable guide.

2nd Pick

Verona Food + Amarone Wine Tour

Verona Food + Amarone Wine Tour

Rating: 5 out of 5.

⏱️ 3.5 hours

✔️ Delight in Verona’s gastronomic excellence, from its signature tortellini to the famed Valpolicella wines, all while navigating the city’s historic heart.

✔️ Venture through Verona’s hidden alleyways with a local foodie guide, uncovering culinary gems and historical treasures that remain elusive to the ordinary traveller.

3rd Pick

Verona EveningNight Walking Tour

Verona: Evening /Night Themed Walking Tour

Rating: 5 out of 5.

⏱️ 3 hours

✔️ Discover Verona’s enchanting streets, uncovering tales of artists and view iconic landmarks, under the serene moonlit sky.

✔️ Delight in unparalleled nighttime views as you cross the River Adige bridge, culminating with insider tips on the city’s premier wine bars.

Walking Tours in Verona

In the heart of Verona, amidst its serpentine streets, you’re just a hop away from everything—ancient clock towers, remnants of Roman walls, the ever-vivacious Roman amphitheater, and not to mention, those mesmerizing river views and romantic bridges that have inspired poets for centuries. 

I noticed something else too – the relaxed, almost timeless rhythm of the Italians. Their casual, unhurried demeanor was contagious, encouraging me to slow down, to truly see and feel the city.

The magic doesn’t stop there. Stay central, perhaps at the elegant Due Torri or the stylish Hotel Indigo, and you’re at the very pulse of this vast yet intimate city. With the Verona Card in hand, offering access to highlights like the Arena, Lamberti Tower, and various museums, you have a passport to a world of wonders—and it all comes with the added perk of free transportation

Now, while Verona beckons for independent exploration, there’s something profoundly enriching about delving deep into its stories with a local guide. Dive into its history, culture, and the rich flavours of Veronese cuisine by joining a top-tier walking tour. From sipping authentic Veronese wines in a cozy Osteria to experiencing the city’s magic under the moonlight, these tours offer a wholesome experience that lingers in memory.

What are the Top 9 Must-Take Walking Tours in Verona for Every Traveller?

There are several companies offering walking tours in Verona. After evaluating safety measures, and reviews, these stand out as the top choices. My endorsement stems from the captivating Veronese sights and breathtaking vistas, nevertheless, all tours are great options to book.

  • Verona Top Highlights: Walking Tour Including the Arena.
  • Verona Revealed: A Small Group Walking Exploration.
  • Verona After Dark: A Moonlit Stroll.
  • Verona Food, Wine, History, Cable Car and Lunch.
  • Verona Food and Amarone Wine Tour.
  • Verona Food Tour with a Guide.
  • Verona: Evening/Night Walking Tour.
  • Tracing Romeo and Juliet: A Verona Love Story Tour.
  • Verona: Uncovering Historical Secrets and Hidden Gems on Foot.
aerial panoramic view of Verona city, Adige River, Castelvecchio or Old Castle + the famous Scaligero bridge  in Verona, Italy Timeless Travel Steps
aerial panoramic view of Verona city, Adige River, Castelvecchio or Old Castle + the famous Scaligero bridge in Verona, Italy

The Must-Take Walking Tours in Verona for Every Traveller

Eager to take this journey? Here’s my curated list of the best walking tours in Verona just for you. Book ahead and ensure your date with this Italian masterpiece. It’s not just a city; it’s an experience waiting to unfold.

Regular Walking Tours

1. Verona Top Highlights: Walking Tour Including the Arena

5⭐ | ⏱️ 3 hours | 🎫 Skip-the-line Arena Ticket

In this guided walking journey through the enchanting streets of Verona, you’ll uncover the reasons Shakespeare immortalized this city in his writings.

Delve into its UNESCO World Heritage status as you meander through historic monuments, lively squares, and charming lanes. Benefit from privileged skip-the-line access to the Verona Arena, where you’ll stand in awe of the ancient Roman amphitheater’s pink marble grandeur, all while your guide shares its riveting tales and history. This tour offers:

  • In a small group, a deep dive into Verona’s rich past, narrated by a knowledgeable guide.
  • A hassle-free experience with priority access to the iconic Verona Arena.
  • Cable car ride.

5⭐ Mauro was absolutely fabulous! Super knowledgeable, very friendly and an excellent sense of humour! We weren’t going to stay for the food experience at the end but we had such a great time that we decided too and so glad we did, it was a perfect end to our tour. Highly recommend this experience, we covered all the important sights of Verona including the funicular railway up to the castle saint pietro for the best views of the city. If you do one thing in Verona make it this tour! You will not regret it!

S, A Traveller from the UK

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_Verona walking tours + Arena
scenic view of Verona across the Adige River from the left bank

2. Verona Revealed: A Small Group Walking Exploration

Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Verona, a city where ancient wonders like churches and palaces coexist with vibrant squares and cobblestoned lanes.

This guided tour unveils the city’s treasures, from the age-old Arena di Verona to the romantic allure of Juliet’s balcony. With a small group limited to 12, expect a personalized journey. Highlights include:

  • A leisurely exploration of Verona’s UNESCO-recognized center, spotlighting its rich architecture and history.
  • Exclusive insights into renowned spots like the Verona Arena, celebrated for world-class performances, ensuring a deep connection with the city’s essence.

5 ⭐ We loved our walking tour of Verona with Priscilla. She was very knowledgeable about the history and built the story of Romeo & Juliette throughout the whole tour. There were so many interesting sight and facts that it was hard to single any one highlight. Priscilla also provided us with additional information about what to see after the tour, how to find it and recommended places to eat. Thank you so much Priscilla – it was an amazing tour made even more challenging by big crowds in Verona and being a busy weekend.

K_M, ‘Oct ’23

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walking tour Verona Timeless Travel Steps
a walk along the Adige River

3. Verona After Dark: A Moonlit Stroll

Wander through Verona under the serene glow of moonlight, guided by tales of poets, artists, and dreamers who’ve been captivated by the city’s charm. Starting from Piazza Erbe, let the romance of Verona’s lanes envelop you, highlighted by landmarks like the Lovers’ Well (Pozzo dell’Amore) and Castelvecchio. As the tour concludes, be ready to discover the city’s finest wine bars. Key highlights include:

  • A nocturnal stroll through Verona, enriched with stories of its artistic heritage.
  • Visits to notable landmarks, with a picturesque walk across a River Adige bridge, reveling in the city’s nighttime beauty.

5 ⭐ Our tour guide was great. She took us around the whole town on foot (or so it seemed). She pointed out so many things that most will never know. In face along one of our stops, she pointed out a special historical spot that even the person who worked at the location didn’t know about the spot. Great experience Grazie

P_G, Oct 2023

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Food Walking Tours

For me, choosing a food walking tour is getting the best of both worlds.  Not only do I get to tread the winding paths of a new city, but I also get to savour its culinary delights.

There’s something magical about walking through vibrant streets and pausing to taste a region’s authentic dishes. It’s an immersive experience that tells a city’s story through its flavours. Moreover, the value for money is unbeatable — indulging in rich cultural narratives and delicious treats simultaneously.

It’s truly the best of both worlds. A food walking tour, in my opinion, is the epitome of a holistic travel experience.

Our best Picks

4. Verona Food, Wine, History, Cable Car and Lunch

5⭐ | ⏲️ 3.5 – 4 hours.

Breakfast/ Lunch, Snacks and Drinks

Discover Verona’s culinary scene and historic gems in this intimate half-day tour tailored for small groups. Stroll through the city’s enchanting alleyways, indulging in regional delicacies from beloved eateries and wine bars, all while embracing itsthe city’s storied past.

  • Experience the warmth of a small-group setting, ensuring a personalized journey.
  • Immerse yourself in Verona’s culinary legacy as you wander its historic streets, pausing at timeless eateries and vibrant wine bars, tailored to the season’s best offerings.
  • Opt for a funicular ride, depending on the season, to capture breathtaking panoramic views of Verona.

5 ⭐ Perfect Intro to Verona: Excellent tour that was comprehensive and fun. We only spent two days in Verona and this tour was perfect. Our guide, Linda, introduced us to typical dishes and wines from Verona and showed us the highlights of Verona like the Arena, Piazza Erbe, Juliet’s Balcony and more. She took us to a hidden gem well and we did a wine tasting. We had great snacks along the way typical to the region and we ended the tour by taking the funicular to a mirador overlooking the city at sunset. Truly amazing. Linda was energetic and very knowledgeable about the food, wine and history. I highly recommend this tour.

J1313, Oct 2023

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panoramic view of Verona from the high hill

5. Verona Food and Amarone Wine Tour

5⭐ | ⏲️ 3.5 hours

Embark on a culinary journey through Verona with a local food enthusiast. Start your day with a rich espresso and mouthwatering pastries before delving into the city’s ancient lanes. Visit the small streets like the locals do. Along the way, visit an authentic ‘bottega’ to sample regional cheeses, cured meats, and freshly baked bread at quaint local shops.

Dive deeper into Italy’s wine culture, especially in Verona, the country’s wine heartland, as you relish the complex flavours of Valpolicella wines. Your exploration is crowned with a scoop of creamy gelato, and your guide will leave you with suggestions for more gastronomic delights and must-visit sites.

  • Gain insights into both Verona’s culinary landscape and Italy’s wine heritage while navigating the city’s hidden alleys.
  • Savour the region’s specialties, from artisanal cheeses to iconic Valpolicella wines, in an intimate setting.

5⭐ What a great food and city tour. Was a great tour guide , taking us around this beautiful city , while tasting great food and great wine Started with a coffee and a pastry then a mid morning snack in a local bar , then some great wines in a great little wine shop Finishing with a great local gelato If you are in / going to Verona , like good food and great wine while exploring Verona , you will enjoy this tour

K, Traveller from the UK

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_Verona Food + Amarone Wine Tour

6. Verona Food Tour with a Guide

5⭐ | ⏲️ 3 hours

Embark on a 3-hour culinary journey through Verona’s quaint streets, pausing at historic eateries to delight in its renowned dishes. As you feast, immerse yourself in stories of Verona’s rich history, including the reign of the Scaliger dynasty.

Depending on the season and chef’s inspiration, your menu might range from handcrafted pasta in a modern local haunt to Verona-style codfish and traditional delicacies. Conclude with a dessert like the classic Veronese ‘risino’ or artisanal gelato. Highlights of this experience include:

  • Dive deep into Verona’s history, accompanied by tales of the influential Scaliger dynasty, all while relishing local culinary masterpieces.
  • Experience a seasonally curated menu that highlights Verona’s traditional dishes, from ‘pastissada’ to the finest handcrafted gelato.

5⭐ Giulia visited great locations with us, the food was delicious and she told us a lot about the history of wine and the typical dishes.

B, A Traveller from Germany

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Scaliger Castle Verona Timeless Travel Steps
Scaliger Castle, Verona

Themed Walking Tours

Themed walking tours in Verona provide an immersive experience into the city’s distinct facets, be it culture, history, or legendary tales. Rather than a broad overview, these tours delve deep into a specific theme, offering a concentrated and enriching insight into the heart of Verona.

Whether you’re drawn to the romantic narratives of Romeo and Juliet, the ancient chronicles of the city, or the culinary traditions, themed walking tours in Verona promise a journey tailored to your passions. As you prepare to explore the cobblestone streets of this historic city, here are three specially curated themed tours I’ve selected just for you.

7. Verona: Evening/Night Walking Tour

5⭐ | ⏲️ 3 hours

This tour promises a mesmerizing nighttime journey through Verona. As you wander through its historic heart, the soft hues of sunset paint the iconic landmarks in a warm glow, setting the stage for a truly magical experience.

Start by meandering through the storied Piazza Erbe and paying homage to the timeless love story at Juliet’s House by visiting the famed balcony. As dusk settles, the city reveals its most captivating sights. From the medieval wonders of Castelvecchio’s bridge to the grandeur of the Arena in Piazza Brà, every corner tells a story.

Perhaps the most breathtaking moment awaits at Castel San Pietro, where a funicular ride ushers you to a vantage point that offers panoramic views of Italy’s most romantic city. To ensure your journey is as delightful as it is enlightening, the tour concludes with a seasonal treat: a refreshing Italian ice cream in summer or a heartwarming hot chocolate or coffee in winter. Highlights:

  • Include a ticket for the funicular to the Verona terrace to witness the city bathed in the gentle glow of sunset, with the highlight being the panoramic views from Castel San Pietro.
  • Relish a seasonal treat tailored to the ambiance, be it a summer’s refreshing ice cream or a comforting hot chocolate in winter.”

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sunset over Verona Verona walking tours

8. Tracing Romeo and Juliet: A Verona Love Story Tour

5⭐ | ⏲️ 1 hour 30 Minutes

Uncover the passion, conflict, and familial strife of Verona that inspired Shakespeare’s iconic Romeo and Juliet tale.

Begin your exploration at the renowned Arena, an architectural marvel predating Rome’s Colosseum, still hosting cultural festivities. Dive deep into Verona’s captivating tales with a personable local expert.

  • Engage with Verona’s romantic lore and dramatic history.
  • Benefit from the insights of a knowledgeable local guide in an intimate small group setting.

5 ⭐ Exceptional Tour: Our guide was spectacular, exceptionally knowledgeable, entertaining, and dynamic in her recounting of Verona history and anecdotal stories. She asked the group what we were most interested in learning about/seeing, and she customized our tour, accordingly.

A_A, Oct 2023

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statue of Juliet of Romeo and Juliet on the grounds of Juliet's house in Verona | Timeless Travel Steps
statue of Juliet of Romeo and Juliet on the grounds of Juliet’s house in Verona

9. Verona: Uncovering Historical Secrets and Hidden Gems on Foot

5⭐ | ⏲️ 2 hours

On this tour, you’ll embark on a journey through Verona’s rich tapestry of history with an expert guide by your side.

Tracing a 2,000-year-old legacy, you’ll uncover from Roman foundations to the splendour of the medieval era. Witness iconic landmarks such as the Verona Arena and Piazza dei Signori, each echoing tales of yesteryears. Gaze upon the city from two historic bridges and wander through lively streets like il Corso and via Cappello.

Your adventure commences with the Roman epoch, marked by the city’s archaic bridge and archaeological wonders. Progressing to medieval times, you’ll be captivated by squares like Piazza Bra and Piazza delle Erbe. Discover stories held by the majestic Verona Arena and delve into the histories of palaces such as Palazzo della Ragione. The intricately designed Loggia del Consiglio and Arche Scaligere await your admiration.

Revel in the romance of Romeo and Juliet at Juliet’s balcony, where hidden tales of their love are revealed. Your exploration culminates with a stroll through Verona’s iconic streets and a tranquil passage over the medieval castle bridge. Your experience is enriched with the insights of a seasoned guide and a detailed city map.

  • Journey through Verona’s intricate 2,000-year-old legacy, from its Roman roots to medieval majesty, while unveiling hidden tales at iconic sites like Juliet’s balcony.
  • Marvel at landmarks such as the Verona Arena, Piazza dei Signori, and traverse the city’s ancient bridges, with a seasoned guide enriching your experience and a detailed city map in hand.

5⭐ This tour takes you away from the crowds and you really get to know the hidden history of the city in great detail. I highly recommend this tour!!! Thank you

F, A Traveller from the UK

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the nave of the Santa Maria Matricolare Cathedral in Verona | Timeless Travel Steps.
the nave of the Santa Maria Matricolare Cathedral in Verona

Verona Walking Tours: Key Points to Note and Tips

  • Secure your spot: Book anytime and enjoy flexibility with a full refund on cancellations up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Exclusive experience: Limited to small groups for a more personalized touch.
  • Hassle-free access: Utilize mobile ticketing for convenience.
  • Be prepared: Don’t forget your camera to capture the beauty of Verona.
  • Be informed: Ensure you review all booking conditions for each activity before confirming.
  • Footwear advice: Prioritize comfort and wear appropriate shoes for walking.
  • Weather-aware: Depending on the season, bring along sun protection, a hat, or a light rain jacket, ensuring you’re ready for all weather conditions.

Diverse Touring Experiences in Verona

In addition to its renowned walking tours, Verona offers a diverse array of experiences to cater to every traveller’s taste.

For those seeking a faster pace, bike tours glide through the city, revealing its many treasures in a thrilling manner.

READ: Verona’s Best on Two-Wheels: 5 Fun Cycle Tours to Book Now.

Gastronomy enthusiasts can embark on food tours, indulging in Verona’s culinary delights, from sumptuous pastas to mouthwatering pastries. For something truly different, why not discover slow food experience in Verona here?

READ: 3 Best Food Tours in Verona: Eat Your Way Through Flavoursome Food + Wine in Verona.

Meanwhile, wine aficionados shouldn’t miss the wine tours, which provide a deep dive into Verona’s celebrated wine heritage, especially in the Valpolicella region.

READ: Verona Wine: A Helpful Guide to 11 Fine Garda Wines + Food Pairings + Best Wine Tastings and Winery Tours.

Whatever your interest, Verona promises experiences that resonates with your passion. Dive deeper by exploring the provided links.

12th century porch of basilica San Zeno walking tour Verona Timeless Travel Steps
12th century porch of Basilica San Zeno

Additional Tips for Best Experience


For the best experience of Verona, consider these tips:

⭐ STAY at Due Torri Hotel, overlooking the historic centre and enjoy breakfast over sunrise or dinner over sunset from its large roof terrace.

⭐ BOOK Food Walking Tour: Eat your way through Verona, taste their famous wines and see the city’s highlights with a local guide; An all-round experience in one 3.5-hour tour.

⭐ See More! Go to the Dolomites or Sirmione + Lake Garda for a day and be completely awestruck by the scenic views. Transportation is provided so, just sit back, relax, and enjoy. After all, you’re on vacation.

⭐ Download the VERONA CITY PASS for free local transport, including entry to the Arena, Lamberti Tower and museums

In sum…

In wrapping up our exploration of the top 9 must-take walking tours in Verona, it’s evident that this city has a rich tapestry of experiences awaiting every traveller.

From its historical landmarks to hidden gems, each tour offers a unique perspective of Verona’s enchanting charm. Whether you’re a history buff, a romantic, or a culinary enthusiast, there’s a walking tour tailored just for you. So, as you plan your next adventure, remember to include these must-take walking tours in Verona to ensure an unforgettable journey through the heart of Italian culture.

Have a great time in Verona.

Happy and Safe Travels Always, Wherever Travel Takes You, xx

Sunset over Verona Timeless Travel Steps

Important Tips for Your Verona Trip

Here are the seven important tips for you when exploring Verona:

🏨 Book Accommodation in Advance: Verona is a popular destination, so it’s advisable to book your accommodation well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. This ensures you have a comfortable place to stay that suits your budget and preferences.

🌞 Consider Peak Seasons: Be mindful of peak tourist seasons, such as summer and major holidays, when Verona can get crowded. If possible, plan your visit during the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) to enjoy pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

🚶‍♂️ Join Guided Walking Tours: To make the most of your Verona experience, consider joining guided walking tours. Knowledgeable guides can provide historical insights and take you to hidden gems you might miss on your own. READ: The BEST 9 Charming Walking Tours in Verona and choose the one for you.

🚍 Explore Surrounding Areas: While in Verona, take advantage of its strategic location to explore nearby attractions like Venice or Lake Garda. Day trips to these destinations can enhance your Italian adventure.

🎫 Verona Card: Consider getting a Verona Card, which offers free or discounted entry to many of the city’s museums and attractions such as the Verona Arena and Lamberti Tower. It can save you money and provide convenient access to Verona’s cultural heritage. Verona Card includes free public transport which means you save on €€!

🎢 Go to the largest theme park in Italy, a stone’s throw from Verona for a fun day for all the family.

🔌 Ensure you have the correct plugs, and adapters. Take some Euro currency along and figure out a suitable eSim mobile data roaming for Verona.

By following these tips, you can ensure a more enjoyable and memorable visit to Verona while making the most of your time and resources.

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