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About Georgina

Hi there,

A warm welcome to Timeless Travel Steps, formerly My Timeless Footsteps – a space where Georgina happily shares her love of travel, culture and history through her collection of adventures and stories from her many years of travelling and continues to collect, as she discovers and explores the world one city, one country at a time.

Georgina is a Travel Blogger, Travel Writer, Content Creator, Single Traveller. An Escapist. She loves history , wine (red) enthusiast and an embracer of all cultures.

She was at a crossroad and decided to embrace a more meaningful lifestyle, turning her passion of travel to a travel lifestyle. She chose to travel more, to write and to share the very best of her adventures. Georgina has lived in three continents, and now, based at a stone’s throw of London , which is her home. She has a special interest to bring the best of Britain to her audiences worldwide.
Becoming newer from each travel, Georgina enjoys sharing her travel stories, drawing her readers into her world of boomer adventures while immersing them in the history, culture and food of a region. Together with her own informative, in-depth writing style, practical tips and suggestions on her blog, Timeless Travel Steps, Georgina make travel dreams a reality. She is happiest waking up to the chirpy sounds of the birds or sipping wine over sand in between her toes, while watching the rolling clouds melt into darkness.

This site has undergone several changes to its name – each encapsulating Georgina’s journey as she began to embrace life as a single and mostly as solo traveller. It began as a personal blog – the footsteps of an older woman >> our adventures memories and journals >> my timeless footsteps >> currently Timeless Travel Steps – a name that might finally stay :).

About Georgina | Himeji Castle, Himeji, Japan
Georgina at Himeji Castle, Himeji, Japan
About Georgina | Timeless

“Life throws many surprises and these are inevitable. I am excited about the future and I am still that very same girl who has not stopped dreaming, and one who believes that it is never too late to love and live a little. My passion for travel has been a consistent and constant drive in my life, so selecting the word “Timeless” seemed appropriate to reflect my unchanging desire to have an adventurous life – to explore, discover and enjoy this beautiful world of ours.” – Georgina

This space has become more than just a space to share personal thoughts of Georgina’s journey. A creative hobby turned to something rewarding beyond her anticipation.

Georgina’s passion

Together with travel, Georgina is a passionate advocate of women over50 in unlocking their values. Women are the untapped resources for economic growth and Georgina personally believes that women over-50 are particularly valuable to the economy given their life experiences which often gets overlooked because of their age.

Georgina strongly believes in protecting our lovely planet earth as there is no Planet B and she supports WasteAid. WasteAid is a charity that helps fight poverty, pollution and climate change. Their efforts to reduce the global impact of plastic waste in oceans and rivers and the use of plastic is key to reducing the impact of climate change. Along with WasteAid, Georgina supports several charities such as Alzheimers, British Heart Foundation, GOSH and Cancer Research UK.

About Georgina’s home & family

Georgina’s desire for adventures really began when she was growing up in Malaysia. She was an avid reader of fiction books, novels and magazines. Reading these books created a desire within her to ‘leave’ and see what was beyond the horizon. There was something about the winter backdrop, Georgian houses and the tiny warm lights from the distant reflecting off the snow, together with her strong desire to pursue her ambition which drew her to England. The warmth of log fires and ginger bread houses and children playing…to this end, Georgina is immensely proud to have brought up her two adorable children in a place which she has grown to consider to be her home.

Georgina’s Home

“Home in the UK, in particular London has meant an interesting, challenging and a busy life. Travel blogging was something I had wanted to do for a number of years, almost 20! I started this blog about a year ago, to share my travels, my perspective on what the world is and how beautiful it is. My family and I, travelled frequently, at every school vacation break, every long weekend breaks, at every opportunity possible. However, between raising kids whose extra-curricular was a full-on 7-day activity, full-time work and partnering a business meant it left very little time for myself to pursue my interest. Now, with two adult kids who are pursuing their own interests in life has afforded me the time to embrace the next chapter in my life – to travel more.

I sincerely hope that Timeless Travel Steps will continue to grow and, in addition to being a log of my timeless footsteps, footsteps as an older woman, a solo adventurer, that I will leave something behind for my kids when I fall off my twig” – Georgina

About Georgina’s Travels so far…

Georgina has travelled to 30+ countries so far. She has repeated visits to European cities. Georgina has not written on all of her travels yet but she hopes to do so soon. You could view some of her travels by navigating to TRAVELS and then look up the regions.

What’s next for Georgina

As Georgina looks forward to nothing less than an exciting life ahead, in this space, she continues to share her travel adventures – stories and life experiences, through the very many photographs that she clicks away, hoping to inspire and motivate mature individuals and couples over 50. As well as each of you reading this, some who may yet to reach the golden age, to think outside the box, to begin your footsteps to living your life, be it your wildest dreams of scuba diving in the Great Coral Reef, bungee jumping or even just holding hands with your better half on a beach whilst watching the sunset over tequilas – whatever it is, Georgina wishes you to get planning, get out there and get discovering this beautiful world of ours because as you have so often heard people say, “life is too short” and indeed, it is.

As life is too short, and to be honest, life really do begin at 50! Georgina shall continue to live #onegrandadventureatatime, sharing her perspectives on the places she visits, the cultures she embraces and life generally.

Georgina’s aims and her thoughts…


  1. So true and thank you co much for the compliment. 🙂

  2. Aradhana Bakshi says:

    Such an inspiring ‘about me’ page, there is so much to see and discover & such less time 🙂

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