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What is Timeless Travel Steps Blog All About?

Timeless Travel Steps is a solo female boomer travel and culture blog curated by Georgina about travel destinations primarily in the UK, Europe, Asia along with a few travel stories in the USA. The essence of Timeless Travel Steps is centred upon Responsible Travel, Slow and Comfort Travel along with Off-Seasonal Travel.

This little corner on the web features a wide range of destination itineraries, destination guides, and essential experienced tips to make your holidays better. Included are pro tips for activities to make your visit extra special. There are recommendations for quintessential journeys by train along with all-in-one vacation packages also.

Alongside these key features are travel stories about the people and culture of a destination including cultural celebrations and food & drinks. People and Culture helps us to better appreciate our travel experiences.

Timeless Travel Steps advocates Responsible Travel in any way possible. Although travelling out of the UK inevitably involves air travel, opting for train travel on land, while on holiday is already a plus to the environment as it eases congestions and carbon emissions on roads. Train travelling is a great way to appreciate the joys of slow travel, an opportunity to engage with local people, and see the landscapes.

Some travel experiences include brief descriptions of history relating to the destination to add value to the spotlight of places visited. Consequently, Timeless Travel Steps is an efficient one-stop resource to curate and embrace your very own timeless travel steps for timeless memories.

Who is it for?

Timeless Travel Steps blog is for everyone who wants to travel, and who travels. The blog is especially suitable for boomer travellers, and the discerning traveller who enjoys slow travel, with an added degree of comfort. As well, Timeless Travel Steps hopes to inspire travellers to embrace their travel steps to believe that “travel is not measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away.”

In this space, Georgina happily shares her love of travel and culture through her collection of adventures and stories from her many years of travelling. Georgina continues to collect travel stories, as she discovers and explores the world one city, one country at a time. More importantly, Georgina shares her knowledge and experienced tips in the destination guides to help you figure out your own timeless steps when exploring.

Our Readers

Timeless Travel Steps welcomes readers of all ages, gender, cultures and denominations from ages 18 above. Our demographics encompass readers from across the world with our top six from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Philippines while including readers from the ages of 18 to 80.


About Georgina | timeless travel steps | travel steps | timeless steps

Georgina is a Travel Blogger, Travel Writer, Content Creator, Solo Traveller. An Escapist. A seeker of Comfort and Luxury Travel. She loves history, a wine (red) enthusiast and an embracer of all cultures.

Georgina has lived in three continents, and has visited 30+ countries along with many repeat visits to some cities. Becoming newer from each trip, Georgina enjoys sharing her travel stories, drawing her readers into her world of boomer travel steps while immersing them in the history, culture and food of a region. Together with her own informative, in-depth writing style, practical tips and suggestions on her blog, Timeless Travel Steps, Georgina strives to share her vision and inspire her readers to explore for themselves.

Georgina is a happy JOMO, enjoys venturing on her own, waking up to the chirpy sounds of the birds, listening to classical, ballads and jazz, sipping a glass of wine while watching the rolling clouds melt into darkness. She takes great delight in spending joyous time with her two adult kids.

About Me, Georgina

With a never ending fervour for knowledge and accomplishments, I have accumulated a few feathers in my cap over the years: Law, Diplomacy, and Languages. I traded a rewarding career for motherhood, a time which I cherish very much. It was one of the best times of my life.

I reached a crossroad not too long ago. It was a point in my life where I decided to follow my heart, to a slower pace of life and reignite the purpose of feeling real. It was not a decision I took lightly but one I took nonetheless, giving in to the nagging sense that it was, finally, time to take the leap, come what may. As the saying goes, if you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello. I have not looked back since.

Life throws many surprises and these are inevitable. I embrace life as a single and mostly as a solo traveller.

I am still that very same girl who has not stopped dreaming, escaping momentarily for an anecdote and planning yet another destination before returning home. For as long as I can remember, my passion for travel has been a consistent and constant drive in my life: An escape route to re-energise, to “re-group” and return with optimum focus to accomplish a task. Suffice to say, Travel has always been a boost to return me to ME.

A Time for Change

With my kids away at universities, it seemed an ideal time to embrace a more meaningful lifestyle for me. I turned my lifetime passion of travel to a travel lifestyle. I chose to travel more, to write and to share the very best of my travel steps and adventures.

It hasn’t been an easy journey to make the transformation to be a blogger. A completely different mindset and lots to learn, and I love every bit of it. If anyone says it is a smooth flow, don’t believe them!

Where Am I Now

I am presently based at a stone’s throw of London, which is my home. I lived in the upscale area of Kensington for almost a decade and moved to the outskirts when I started a family. With just twenty-minutes away by train, it is like I never left this grand city where there are more hidden gems than one can explore in a lifetime.

About Georgina | Himeji Castle, Himeji, Japan
Georgina at Himeji Castle, Himeji, Japan
About Georgina | Timeless

My home & family

My desire for adventures really began when I was growing up in Malaysia. I was an avid reader of fiction books, novels and magazines. Reading these books created a desire within me to ‘leave’ and see what was beyond the horizon.

There was something about the winter backdrop, Georgian houses and the tiny warm lights from the distant reflecting off the snow, together with my strong desire to pursue my ambition which drew me to England. The warmth of log fires and ginger bread houses and children playing…to this end, I am immensely proud to have brought up my two adorable children in a place which I have grown to consider to be my home.

Home in the UK, in particular London has meant an interesting, challenging and a busy life. Travel blogging was something I had wanted to do for a number of years, almost 20!

My family and I, travelled frequently, at every school vacation break, every long weekend breaks, at every opportunity possible. However, between raising kids whose extra-curricular was a full-on 7-day activity, full-time work and partnering a business meant it left very little time for myself to pursue my interest.

Now, with two adult kids who are pursuing their own interests in life has afforded me the time to embrace the next chapter in my life, to travel more.

Timeless Travel Steps and I

I chose the word “Timeless” to reflect my unchanging, perpetual desire to travel in my adventurous steps to explore, discover and enjoy this beautiful world of ours.

I have travelled to 30+ countries so far. These days, as an empty nester, I dedicate more of my time to exploring little corners of the United Kingdom. My aim is to bring the best of the UK to my audiences worldwide.

I love all things history, culture and food. I spend a lot of my time visiting heritage sites, castles and castle ruins along with the historic cities of the UK.

Exploring the wild Scotland, the unspoiled terrain is what I enjoy most. The upbeat scenes of a European city make perfect getaways as well.

Travelling independently by train is what I prefer. Travelling by foot, or car are alternatives I relish also. Alongside this, I am always up for a group tour where I can relax and enjoy the scenery. I cherish road trips and delight in creating itineraries.

I write about the places I visit and share tips along with recommendations from my experiences, offering my honest opinions.

As at February 2023, all of my trips thus far have been self-funded. I have not undertaken press trips or sponsored trips yet. However, I am open to sponsored opportunities to test unique experiences or visit off-beat regions.

Georgina & Slow + Comfort Travel + Off-seasonal Travel

Slow Travel

Enjoying a travel destination unhurriedly adds more to our travel experiences than just ticking off a list and it is this that I consciously embrace when I travel.

I purposefully take three days to explore a destination when most suggest that two days is sufficient. Likewise, four days or five days for a three day visit. This is a nice way and really good to happily get to know a destination, its people, culture and their traditional food and drinks this way, on the slow-side.

Comfort Travel

While I do enjoy luxury travel (who doesn’t!), to be honest, I am more of a seeker of comfort travel.

As a comfort traveller, I embrace all that a destination has to offer, along with a degree of, well…comfort. I pay a little more for a touch nicer accommodation and travel first class by train. I opt for private transportation for relaxed journeys, while also including public transportation for the experience. When it comes to activities, I plan ahead, pay a touch more and pre-book skip-the-line tickets to alleviate the stress of queuing.

Why not? I’d say! Afterall, I am a baby boomer traveller 🙂

Off-seasonal Travel

I love my off-seasonal travels as it is less expensive but the huge plus is that it affords me time to explore, be lost in my own world without meandering through the crowds.

I absolutely love my travel style, combining comfort with slow travel during the non-peak season. My sincere wish is that my travel stories will inspire you to to embrace comfort with slow travel and each destination is explored in your stride.

What’s next

I look forward to nothing less than an exciting life ahead. In this creative space, I continue to share my travel steps, stories and adventures.

Mastering my photography skills is at the top of my list, and I hope to inspire mature individuals, couples and each of you reading this to travel more.

As Timeless Travel Steps continue to grow as a resource to my readers, this creative space is also a log of my timeless travel steps as a solo traveller, which I will leave behind for my kids when I fall off my twig.

I encourage you to begin your footsteps to living your life, be it your wildest dreams of scuba diving in the Great Coral Reef, bungee jumping or even just holding hands with your better half on a beach whilst watching the sunset over tequilas — whatever it is, I wish you to get planning, get out there and get discovering this beautiful world of ours. As you have so often heard people say, “life is too short” and indeed, it is, so don’t let life pass you by.

As for me, this is where I am. I am happy travelling, writing, sharing and travelling, writing, sharing and repeat. For as long as I am able to.

My thoughts…

My ultimate aims are much simpler. That my stories will inspire the rare free soul like me to live an adventurous life and put less things off until “someday” and live the best life right here right now. Life is indeed too short to be spent thinking and the world is too beautiful to be missed. As you may know, there are and will always be obstacles, reasons or something more important that will hold us back from travelling. Take it from me, a professional, a mother, one who has been where you are is now doing what she has longed to do: Travel.

There is no better time than Now, no matter how old you are, to escape for a momentary psychic boost.

So, come, stay around and follow me on my boomer travel steps…


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