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Monthly E-Column Timeless Travel Steps – Travel Culture History

The ‘presently’ monthly e-column published by Timeless Travel Steps (TTS) comprises a series of articles that forms an introduction to each of the Gregorian calendar month. It covers the origin of the month, as well as fun-facts, folklores and festivals associated with each month. The e-column further identifies the flowers, birthstones and astrological connections. It is also a round-up of events so far since the last e-column and what to look forward to in the next month on TTS. In essence, the presently monthly e-column is an informative, feel good, easy read to add value to our travels.

In this space, you shall find all of the monthly e-column so far written. Click on each tile, to learn more of what your favourite month means and how it all began. Before you do, ensure you are subscribed to TTS. It is free to sign-up and you shall receive our publications, including our valuable travel guides straight to your inbox to read at your leisure.

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Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

Hello there! Welcome to Timeless Travel Steps, a space where Georgina happily shares her love of travel, culture and history – bringing you only the best in travel to add value to your vacation. Learn more in About Georgina.

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Presently Monthly E-column

TTS Monthly E-Column for Easy Read
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