Appreciating People and Culture when Travelling

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Appreciating People and Culture when Travelling

To empower your travels and to learn a little about the world we live in, here are some articles on people and culture in various destinations to add to a culturally immersive experience.


When visiting a Shinto shrine, you may wish to observe the etiquette that goes with the culture in Japan. The 5 etiquette to observe at a Shinto shrine in this article is designed as a guide for when you visit Japan.

Shinto means “the way of the Gods” and it is Japan’s indigenous spirituality. An optimistic faith, the Shinto principles can be seen throughout the Japanese culture. It is a way of life. To find out more on Shintoism in Japan, I have selected a few books that provides a good degree of information.


The people and culture of Italy are unique and fascinating. Their traditions having flourished over centuries is steeped in religion, family, art and music. Their relaxed approach and pleasure of eating good meals prepared with love and dedication speaks volume of their warm nature. When in Italy, you are never too far or need wait too long to experience a vibrant festival…One thing for sure though – the Italians do live life to the fullest! 🙂

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