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Where to stay? Do you need a car? Can you explore Lake Como without a car? How to get around Lake Como without a car? What public transport is available in Como. Are taxis or Uber available in Lake Como? This article about how to travel around Lake Como is aimed at answering all of the above questions.

17+ Best Things to do in Como City Italy

Como is a city of history, architecture and untouched nature entwined with the calmness of lakeside living. The town is host to some of the most amazing architecture and the best attractions in all of Lombardy, northern Italy region. A simple stroll through the traffic-free historic city centre amidst the buzz of the piazzas alone is worth the visit if you do not have much time to spend here. Como town is ideal for a day visit or for staying longer also. Read this comprehensive guide to Como City Italy before you go.

18 Best Things to Do See in Bellagio Italy

Some of the best things to do in Bellagio is to discover the narrow and winding colourful cobbled alleys, elegant villas as well as the striking lake views. It is impossible not to be captivated by the waterfront of bobbing boats, steep stone staircases and the red-roofed with green-shuttered buildings. Read more about the Best Things to do in Bellagio, Lake Como before your visit

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