11 Best Day Trips from Verona: Car, Bus, Train, + Tour Options

When I first set foot in Verona, I was instantly swept up by its Shakespearean tales and Roman echoes. Yet, as captivating as Verona’s storied streets are, I quickly realized that beyond its ancient walls and poetic balconies, Northern Italy sprawls out with a treasure trove of destinations waiting to be explored. If you’ve been on the hunt for the best day trips from Verona, you’ve landed at the right place. This guide offers a carefully curated collection of top destinations, ensuring that every traveller gets to experience the very best of what the region has to offer.

From the towering peaks of the Dolomites to the tranquil waters of Lake Garda and the bustling streets of Milan, I’ve found that the opportunities for day trips from Verona are as diverse as they are enchanting.

In this guide, I’ll take you on a journey beyond Verona’s iconic landmarks, introducing you to 11 destinations that that have consistently stood out as must-visit gems. Whether you’re eager to hop on a train, drive through scenic landscapes, catch a bus, or even join a guided tour, there’s an adventure here just for you.

The landscapes, cities, and towns of Northern Italy await, each presenting an opportunity for a memorable day trip from Verona.

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view of the Old Roman Bridge, River Adige from San Pietro hill. Best Day Trips from Verona
view of the Old Roman Bridge, River Adige, and Verona city from San Pietro hill

Where Can You Travel From Verona?

If you’re stationed in Verona and find yourself pondering the plethora of destinations within arm’s reach, you’re not alone. Many wonder about the cities that lie close by, accessible by a quick train journey. Can you truly venture to the majestic Dolomites from Verona? The answer is a resounding yes. Whether you’re curious about nearby urban hubs or scenic landscapes, Verona’s strategic location offers a gateway to some of Northern Italy’s most cherished gems. I have them all covered in this easy guide.

11 Best Day Trips from Verona: Car, Bus, Train and Tour Options

Verona, with its timeless allure, serves as a perfect springboard to explore the diverse treasures of Northern Italy. In this guide, I’ve handpicked 11 stellar destinations, conveniently arranged in accordance with distance and travel time from Verona. This layout offers you a brief yet enticing glimpse of each place, allowing for deeper exploration.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it’s meticulously curated to ensure that those bitten by wanderlust have a comprehensive starting point. Whether you’re eager to journey by car, catch a train, hop on a bus, or indulge in a guided tour, these destinations promise experiences that will etch themselves into your traveller’s soul.

a scenic view of Lake Garda from the terraces of an outdoor restaurant, tables dressed in pastel orange in Sirmione by the lake
an outdoor restaurant by the lake in Sirmione, Lake Garda

1. Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda, Italy’s shimmering jewel nestled amid alpine vistas. Sirmione stands as its poetic muse, stretching into the lake like a dreamy peninsula. Its strategic location has seen centuries of travellers, from Roman poets to modern lovers, all drawn to its captivating beauty.

Why visit: Often hailed among the best day trips from Verona, Lake Garda beckons with its blend of medieval charm and azure waters. The lake’s embrace offers a refreshing contrast to Verona’s urban allure, drawing visitors into a serene world of historic villages and undulating landscapes.

What to do:

  • Wander the historic alleys of Sirmione, finding traces of its Roman past at Grotte di Catullo.
  • Marvel at the imposing Castello Scaligero, standing guard over the lake for centuries.
  • Relish a lakeside gelato, capturing the essence of Italian dolce vita.

How: A scenic drive or a short train-bus combo effortlessly connects Verona to Sirmione’s magic.

  • By car: Approx. 45 minutes;
  • By train (to Desenzano del Garda, then bus to Sirmione): Approx. 30 minutes train + 30 minutes bus.
  • Guided Tour.

Our BEST Pick: Tour of Sirmione and Lake Garda from Verona, with Transport included.

aerial view of Scaligero Castle in Sirmione Lake Garda. Best Day Trips from Verona
aerial view of Scaligero Castle in Sirmione, Lake Garda

2. Venice

Venice, the timeless city of canals where reflections of its grandeur play on gentle waterways, creating a dreamscape of romance and history. Rising from a lagoon with architectural masterpieces at every turn, Venice remains an indomitable celebration of human ingenuity.

Why visit: Among the best day trips from Verona, Venice is where reality blends with fantasy. This sinking city evokes wonder, transporting visitors to an era of opulent masquerades, maritime prowess, and artistic patronage.

What to do:

  • Sail the Grand Canal on a traditional gondola.
  • Marvel at the magnificence of St. Mark’s Basilica.
  • Traverse the Rialto Bridge and shop at nearby markets.

How: Venice, a top destination for day trips from Verona, is quickly reached by train, making it convenient for a spontaneous journey.

  • By car: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
  • By train: Approx. 1 hr 10 mins to 1 hr 30 minutes.
  • There are no guided tour to Venice from Verona at the moment, however there are tours from Venice to Verona by train. If this is something you would like to, you’ll find details here.
Venice Rialto Bridge in the backdrop. Best Day Trips from Verona
Venice: Rialto Bridge in the backdrop

3. Padua (Padova)

Padua, a revered sanctuary of knowledge and spirituality, echoing with the footsteps of scholars, saints, and artists. Its streets narrate tales of astronomical discoveries, pioneering universities, and religious devotions.

Why visit: As one of the best day trips from Verona, Padua’s gravity lies not just in its historic edifices but in its spirit—a fusion of enlightenment and devotion. A hub of Renaissance thought and artistic brilliance, Padua promises a journey through time, embracing both intellect and soul.

What to do:

  • Seek serenity at the Basilica of St. Anthony, where faith and art converge.
  • Ponder over frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel, Giotto’s masterpiece.
  • Stroll the world’s oldest botanical garden, a testament to Padua’s legacy of learning.

How: Verona and Padua are seamlessly connected, making it easy to journey between Renaissance wonders and scholarly echoes.

  • Padua (Padova): By car: Approx. 1 hour
  • By train: Approx. 50 minutes.

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Find Places to Stay: in Padova.

Prato della Valle in Padua, Italy . Best Day Trips from Verona
Prato della Valle in Padua, Italy

4. Vicenza: Best Day Trips from Verona

Vicenza, the City of Palladio, sprawls gracefully in the Veneto region, adorned with the architectural genius of its Renaissance son, Andrea Palladio. Each palazzo and villa reflects the harmonious synthesis of classical styles with innovative designs, making the city a living museum of architectural evolution.

Why visit: Vicenza stands tall among the best day trips from Verona not merely as a destination, but as an experience of artistry in stone. It’s where the Renaissance spirit finds its voice in symmetrical facades and elegant proportions, revealing tales of a city that once thrived at the crossroads of culture, commerce, and creativity.

What to do:

  • Stand in awe at the Teatro Olimpico, Palladio’s final and arguably most remarkable work.
  • Wander through Villa Capra “La Rotonda,” a symmetrical masterpiece with panoramic views.
  • Explore the Basilica Palladiana, a defining structure in the city’s historic center.

How: Vicenza, being among the best day trips from Verona, is just a quick train ride away, making it accessible for art and architecture enthusiasts.

  • Vicenza: By car: Approx. 45 minutes
  • By train: Approx. 25 minutes.
the baroque Villa la Rotonda aka Villa Capra in Vicenza. Designed by Palladio in 1567.
the baroque Villa la Rotonda aka Villa Capra in Vicenza. Designed by Palladio in 1567

5. Mantua (Mantova)

Mantua, the glorious ducal city, cradled by three tranquil lakes, was once the epicenter of the Gonzaga dynasty’s patronage. Its skyline, dotted with cupolas, spires, and the imposing Palazzo Ducale, speaks of a grand past where art and politics danced hand in hand.

Why visit: Recognized as one of the best day trips from Verona, Mantua offers a plunge into the Renaissance’s opulence and intrigue. It’s not just a city but a canvas where the dreams of dukes became architectural wonders, and where the whispers of courtly dramas still linger in frescoed halls and cobbled squares.

What to do:

  • Traverse the expansive Palazzo Ducale, a complex of buildings showcasing the Gonzaga family’s splendor.
  • Immerse in the artistic beauty of Palazzo Te, with its illusionistic frescoes and architectural surprises.
  • Visit the Basilica of Sant’Andrea, a harmonious blend of Gothic and Renaissance styles.

How: Mantua’s rich tapestry of history is just a short train or car journey from Verona, ranking it high on the list of best day trips from Verona.

  • By car: Approx. 45 minutes.
  • By train: Approx. 45 minutes.

Explore: Things to do in Mantua

Places to Stay: In and Around Mantua

Mantua, Italy the medieval city skyline. Best Day Trips from Verona
Mantua, Italy

6. Brescia, Lombardy

Brescia, a historic sentinel in Lombardy, is a tapestry of epochs, from ancient Roman ruins to Renaissance squares. Positioned at the foothills of the Alps, its skyline is punctuated with towers, castles, and the shimmering domes of its old churches.

Why visit: Brescia, often overshadowed by its more famous neighbours, is a hidden gem among the best day trips from Verona. A journey here is a voyage through time, offering intimate encounters with history, art, and the passionate spirit of Lombardy.

What to do:

  • Marvel at the Roman-era Brescia, with its remarkably preserved Tempio Capitolino and the ancient theater.
  • Explore the Castello di Brescia, offering panoramic views from its ramparts.
  • Dive deep into history at the Santa Giulia Museum, encapsulating the city’s rich past.

How: Brescia’s ancient wonders are merely a train ride away from Verona, making it a convenient escape into Lombardy’s heart.

  • By car: Approx. 1 hour
  • By train: Approx. 45 minutes
view of houses along the Chiese River at the village of Vobarno, Brescia Province, Lombardy. Best Day Trips from Verona
view of houses along the Chiese River at the village of Vobarno, Brescia Province, Lombardy

7. Valpolicella Wine Region: Best Day Trips from Verona

Valpolicella, a verdant realm situated between Verona’s historic heart and the serene Lake Garda, is Italy’s ode to Bacchus, a style similar to Sauvignon Blanc. This fertile valley, with its undulating vineyards, has been the cradle of fine wines for centuries, most notably the famed Amarone.

Why visit: For oenophiles and those seeking pastoral charm, the Valpolicella Wine Region stands out as one of the best day trips from Verona. It’s a symphony of flavors, fragrances, and vistas, promising an immersion into Italy’s viticulture legacy.

What to do:

  • Embark on a wine tasting tour, savouring the rich palette of Valpolicella wines, especially the deep notes of Amarone.
  • Explore ancient wine cellars and learn about the time-honoured traditions of winemaking.
  • Drive through picturesque vineyard landscapes, punctuated with historic villas and serene hamlets.

How: A short car journey from Verona will transport you to the aromatic heart of Valpolicella, where every sip tells a story.

  • By car: Approx. 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on which part of the region.
  • By train: Not directly accessible, car is preferred.
  • Guided or Self-Guided Tour.

Journey Through Italy’s Wine Heartland: An Intimate Valpolicella Experience

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Villa delle Torre, an original example of Venetian Renaissance architecture built around 1560 in Furmane, a village in Valpolicella
Villa delle Torre, an original example of Venetian Renaissance architecture built around 1560 in Furmane, a village in Valpolicella

8. Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy’s pulsating heart of fashion, design, and innovation. Dominating the Lombardy plains, this metropolis is a confluence of age-old traditions and cutting-edge modernity, where the silhouette of the iconic Duomo stands in stark contrast to the gleaming skyscrapers.

Why visit: Among the best day trips from Verona, Milan beckons as an emblem of Italian elegance and enterprise. Whether it’s the allure of high-fashion boutiques, the reverence of historic churches, or the magnetism of contemporary art spaces such as The Last Supper mural by Leonardo da Vince, Milan offers a multifaceted experience that resonates with every traveller.

What to do:

  • Stroll through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls, echoing with luxury and history.
  • Visit the Duomo di Milano, a Gothic masterpiece that dominates the city’s skyline.
  • Witness the brilliance of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper,” housed in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

How: A quick train journey from Verona will whisk you into the bustling heart of Milan, where fashion, art, and history converge.

  • By car: Approx. 2 hours
  • By train: Approx. 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Guided Tour. There are no guided tours to Milan from Verona at the moment, however there are tours from Milan to Verona and Lake Garda with transport included. If this is something you would like to, you’ll find details here.
Milan bucket list timelesstravelsteps.com
Milan city viewed from the rooftop of Milan Cathedral

9. Trento, the Adige Valley

Trento, cradled in the Alpine embrace of northern Italy, is a mosaic of medieval charm, Renaissance art, and rich Austro-Hungarian influences. Its cobbled streets, frescoed buildings, and formidable castle narrate tales of bishops, emperors, and Councils.

Why visit: Touted as one of the best day trips from Verona, Trento presents a delightful fusion of Italian warmth and Alpine crispness. The city beckons with its intricate history, architectural gems, and the inviting vistas of the surrounding Dolomites.

What to do:

  • Explore Castello del Buonconsiglio, a historic residence of prince-bishops with art-laden walls.
  • Wander through Piazza Duomo, the city’s heart with its beautiful cathedral and the iconic Neptune fountain.
  • Dive into Trento’s history at the MUSE Science Museum, offering both natural and cultural insights.

How: Trento is effortlessly reachable from Verona by train, offering travellers a picturesque journey into the Alpine heart of Italy.

  • By car: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
  • By train: Approx. 1 hour 15 minutes.
Valley in Canal San Bovo in Italy. view of River Vanoi, Dolomites, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.
view of River Vanoi, Dolomites, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy.

10. Dolomites, Northern Italy

The Dolomites, nature’s grand amphitheater, stretch majestically across northern Italy. With their jagged peaks, emerald meadows, and crystalline lakes, they are a testament to the Earth’s ever-evolving beauty.

Why visit: As one of the best day trips from Verona, the Dolomites beckon with their unparalleled alpine charm. A UNESCO World Heritage site, they are not just mountains but monumental sculptures carved by time, offering solace, adventure, and inspiration in every vista.

What to do:

Embark on hiking trails, with paths ranging from serene woodland walks to challenging peak ascents. Marvel at the serene beauty of Lago di Braies, a mirror-like lake reflecting the surrounding peaks. Drive through the Great Dolomite Road, a scenic route offering panoramic views of the mountain range.

How: While a bit farther for a day trip, the Dolomites are best reached from Verona by car or a guided tour, ensuring flexibility to explore various breathtaking spots, and the must-see sights.

  • By car: Approx. 2 hours to reach the edges of the region.
  • By train: The Dolomites are not directly accessible by train. One would usually travel to a nearby city, like Bolzano, and then use local transport or a car.
  • There are guided trips during the tourist season. Tours are not available in the winter months from mid-November to April.
view of the little church of San Giovanni in Ranui, located in Funes Valley, Southern Tyrol. Dolomites in the backdrop. Italy
view of the little church of San Giovanni in Ranui, located in Funes Valley, Southern Tyrol, Italy

11. Bergamo: Best Day Trips from Verona

Bergamo, perched on the Lombardy plains, is a city of dual personalities: Città Alta, a medieval hilltop town encased in Venetian walls, and Città Bassa, its vibrant modern counterpart.

Why visit: Among the most rewarding day trips from Verona, Bergamo offers a journey through the annals of time. Its cobbled alleys, renaissance squares, and frescoed chapels are an ode to its storied past, while its bustling boulevards and contemporary spaces speak of a city that’s gracefully evolving.

What to do:

  • Traverse the narrow streets of Città Alta, stopping at Piazza Vecchia, the city’s medieval heart.
  • Visit the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, a testament to Bergamo’s architectural and artistic prowess.
  • Ride the funicular between Città Alta and Città Bassa, enjoying sweeping views of the cityscape and beyond.

How: Easily accessible by train or car from Verona, Bergamo promises a delightful blend of antiquity and modernity.

  • By car: Approx. 1 hour 45 minutes
  • By train: Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
old bridge on Via Sant Alessandro street to Citta Alta, Bergamo, Italy
old bridge on Via Sant Alessandro street to Citta Alta, Bergamo, Italy

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People Also Ask about Best Day Trips from Verona

Which cities can I easily reach by train from Verona?

From Verona’s central train station, you can conveniently journey to Venice, Milan, Brescia, and Padua. Each city offers distinct experiences, whether it’s Venice’s romantic canals, Milan’s bustling fashion district, Brescia’s historic landmarks, or Padua’s renowned frescoes.

Is a day trip from Verona to Lake Como feasible?

Is a day trip from Verona to Lake Como feasible? Yes, a day trip to Lake Como from Verona is possible but tight. By train, it’s a 2 to 3-hour journey one-way. Driving takes about 2 hours. An early start is essential; an overnight stay is recommended for a relaxed experience.

How far is Verona from Naples?

Verona and Naples are quite distant from each other, with roughly 700 kilometers separating them. By train, the journey can take 4-6 hours, making them not immediately close in terms of travel time.

Is a day trip from Milan to Verona feasible?

Absolutely! Milan to Verona is a 1-2 hour train ride, making it a viable day trip. With an early start, you can explore Verona’s key attractions and return to Milan by evening. Plan ahead to maximize your visit.

… as the deliberate escapist, and a mindful wanderer on Best Day Trips from Verona

I trust that this guide has provided you with a rich tapestry of destinations, each holding its own unique charm and allure. Venturing out from Verona, whether by car, train, bus, or guided tour, you’re presented with a mosaic of experiences that Northern Italy generously offers.

My earnest hope is that this post has given you precisely what you were seeking – the best day trips from Verona. As you embark on these journeys, may each destination add vibrant strokes to your travel canvas beyond Verona’s enchanting borders!

Happy and Safe Travels Always, Wherever Travel Takes You, xx

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