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The United Kingdom, a land of incredible scenery, history and culture is a unique destination. Famously known for its tea-and-cake clichés, fish and chips, its very long history, the royal family, fairae-tales and castles plus a thousand-and-one personalities along with the many cultures that have made the UK their home, far away from the shores of their homeland.

The United Kingdom is an island country and consists of four geographic and historic parts — England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Home to vibrant cities like London, Dublin , Edinburgh and Cardiff , the United Kingdom offers a rich scene of culture and food along with heritage, music and nightlife. The picture-perfect medieval skylines and pretty villages of mellow honey-gold cottages topped with thatched roof that once lay in ruins draws visitors from all around the world — these are just one part of its allure.

The United Kingdom is extremely beautiful!! From the scenic Cornish coast, the serene Lake District, to the spikes of the Trotternish Peninsula, there are many moments that take one’s breath away!

Together with the country’s intriguing history from the Romans, Tudors, Stuarts and presently the Windsors, along with the cultural associations the country throws up – Hogwarts, the Beatles and Monty Python, the United Kingdom is unique and makes a perfect destination for everyone.

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The best time to visit the United Kingdom is all-year-round! However, if you wish to experience a lesser crowd, then the best time is in spring, between late-March and early June AND autumn, from September to November. These months have less rainfall and are warm. The colours of daffodils and tulips in spring and the beautiful autumnal hues are absolutely inviting.

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The overall climate in the United Kingdom is called temperate maritime — mild with temperatures not much lower than 0ºC in winter and not much higher than 32ºC in summer. The United Kingdom rarely features the extremes of heat or cold, drought or wind that are common in other climates. The UK generally gets cool, wet winters and warm, wet summers, often damp and is subject to frequent changes. However, the summer temperatures in July 2022 reached 40° Celsius in some parts of England, a high, never before experienced in the UK.

The United Kingdom has four seasons — Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Spring — March through to May; | Summer — June through to August;

Autumn — September through to November; | Winter — December through to February.

The seasonal differences in Britain are not extreme but the seasons overlap or don’t follow the standard pattern.

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2.1 | London

From markets to museums, pubs to castles and wide green spaces to secret gardens, London remains the focal point for any visits to the United Kingdom, attracting millions of visitors a year.

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2.2 | England

England, uniquely ambitious, energetic, steeped in iconic landmarks, unspoilt coastlines, and surf-ready beaches are some of the great reasons to explore England. Read along on some of best read articles listed below and navigate to the dedicated page about England for the latest and most up-to-date publications.

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2.3 | Scotland

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Scotland, the ancient land of the Celts is a naturally beautiful rugged landscape that offers some of the most stunning scenery in the world. From the Highland, untouched beaches to the thousands of lochs and glens, this mystical part of the United Kingdom does not disappoint. I welcome you to read some of our popular articles listed below.

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best of the UK |
best of the UK | timeless travel steps
best of the UK |


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