Responsible Tourism in Amsterdam – 12 eco-friendly Initiatives that comes naturally

Responsible Tourism in Amsterdam – A city where responsible tourism comes naturally

Visiting Amsterdam is a breath of fresh air – a haven for eco-tourists! There’s a lot more to the beautiful and whimsical city of Amsterdam than freedom, coffee shops and world renowned museums. With a deeply ingrained eco-conscious attitude amongst Amsterdammers, the never ending bike-paths, the array of sustainable hotels and quirky vintage shops, together with a comprehensive green transport system, responsible tourism in Amsterdam makes it a city where responsible tourism comes naturally.

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Ranked fifth as the most eco-friendly city in the world for workers following London, Frankfurt, Oslo and Cambridge in Massachusetts, Amsterdam boasts fascinating facts and sustainable eco-friendly activities as regards responsible tourism.

This article takes a look at what ‘responsible tourism’ means, and aims to give an overview of the 12 eco-friendly initiatives that comes naturally in the Dutch capital along with ways on how visitors can enjoy their visit whilst contributing to the green city.

responsible tourism in Amsterdam

What is Responsible tourism?

The widely accepted definition of Responsible Tourism (Cape Town Declaration) is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” Responsible Tourism requires that operators, hoteliers, governments, local people and tourists take responsibility, take action to make tourism more sustainable. Responsible tourism comes in a variety of forms and includes:

1 | Maintenance of the world’s diversity by making positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage;

2 | Opportunities for tourists to enjoy more meaningful experiences, connections with local people, and understanding of local culture, social and environmental issues.

One’s behaviour can be more or less responsible and what is responsible depends upon environment and culture.

Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

With these being said, Amsterdam takes its responsibilities seriously. Amsterdam leads the way on responsible tourism on many fronts. From a complete commitment to achieving Zero CO2 emission by 2050 to actively exploring ways to lead in creating an eco-friendly environment for Amsterdammers to live in, and making Amsterdam a better place for visitors – a city for everyone to enjoy.

Amsterdam’s commitment to Zero CO2 emission – An overview

Amsterdam. responsible tourism

With our planet on a ‘climate emergency‘ and in line with the European Parliament’s resolution passed in November 2019, Amsterdam is committed to tackling the global warming situation. The Dutch capital aims to be the first European city to achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050. It has implemented a number of strategies focusing on sustainable mobility, in particular, eliminating CO2 emissions from public transportation.

A picture of the future Amsterdam is succinctly laid out in the city’s Roadmap to Climate Neutral in 2050, appended below. You could read the document in its entirety by clicking on the citation link.

By 2030, Amsterdam’s streets will be free of exhaust-emitting cars.
By around 2040, every home will have switched from natural gas to sustainable heating.
And by 2050, we will have ended our dependence on coal, gas and oil. We will instead
get all of our energy from the sun, wind, plants and the heat of the earth itself. For some,
this is future talk or even an alarming prospect; for others, it is already daily practice.
In any case, the transition to clean energy has begun and can no longer be stopped.

Roadmap Amsterdam Climate Neutral Roadmap 2050

12 best initiatives where Responsible Tourism in Amsterdam comes naturally

With a clear roadmap aimed at climate neutral, Amsterdam has pioneered several initiatives on the tourism front in support to achieve their goal. Among these are the following 12 initiatives where responsible tourism comes naturally:

1 | A ‘green’ Airport

The first ‘taste’ of eco-friendliness awaits a visitor at Schiphol Airport. Schiphol Airport has been making the airport more sustainable each year for years. It takes a lot of energy to keep Schiphol running 24-hours a day and measures are continually adapted to ensure energy is used as efficiently as possible.

As from January 1, 2018, Schiphol Airport has been running on 100% wind power generated by local Dutch company, Eneco. The airport had also installed solar panels, with some on the airport’s roofs, parking areas and along the runways. This means energy saving wherever possible and using the cleanest possible electricity. Thus, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol runs solely on renewable energy generated in the Netherlands.

Along with these initiatives on renewable energy usage at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Dutch capital has so many cool things that contribute to the enjoyment of tourists as well as being one of the greenest and environmentally friendly cities in the world.

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2 | Getting about Amsterdam by bike

The capital city of Netherlands boasts the never ending 500 kilometres of bike lanes, covering every corner and every canal of the city. Getting about Amsterdam on a two-wheeler is popular and a way of life for the Amsterdammers. As a visitor to the Dutch capital, you could get around Amsterdam by bike and keep your carbon footprint to the minimal as possible.

Bike rentals are dotted all over the city to encourage cycling. Hire one, and explore the main landmarks of the city or venture a little further along River Amstel onto the city’s outlaying cycle network to nearby quaint and picturesque villages.

The unmissable quaint 12th century village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is worth exploring and so is the picturesque Broek in Waterland, once a haven for the high-status city-dwellers.

Plan ahead, pre-book your ride – rent a bike in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam.responsible tourism

The generous bike paths around the city means you can explore Amsterdam very quickly. While some paths have specialised traffic lights with illuminated green cycle sign to support safety of cyclists, just be aware of some daring cyclists who weave in and out of bike paths. Some even run red lights! Always wear a cycle-helmet even if most Amsterdammers don’t.

However, if you are not confident to explore Amsterdam by bike independently, then perhaps joining a guided bike tour of Amsterdam is best. You will be led by an experienced tour guide and your fellow cyclists may not be as daring as Amsterdammers are!

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3 | Explore Amsterdam on foot

Amsterdam.responsible tourism

4 | Canals, boat cruises and paddleboats | Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

There is one bridge in the central canal belt that offers visitors the beautiful sight of fifteen bridges across its canals. This particular spot is viewed from the corner of Reguliersgracht and the Herengracht and best seen from the water level on a boat. Day time views are lovely but it is a spectacular sight in the evening/night when the bridges are lit up.

The are a number of sustainable ways to experience Amsterdam from the waters. You could do a canal cruise in one of the 200 electric boats offering canal tours, hire a kayak or a pedal boat (pedalos, water bikes). If you elect to hire a kayak or a boat, you can explore the city by waters at your own pace.

You could hire a pedal boat using your I Amsterdam City Card but you need to book a time-slot for your activity. Ensure that your City Card is valid at the time of your activity.

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5 | A comprehensive Green Transport system

Public transport in Amsterdam is already highly sustainable. Trains, buses, trams, metros and ferries make up the city’s comprehensive public transport network that transport lots of people at the same time. Use of public transport is much encouraged and this is evident from the frequent and timely services as well as the generous bicycle storage at stations. All electric passenger trains have been powered using green energy since 2017 and it is mandatory for all new buses to use renewable energy.

The public transport system in Amsterdam is easy to navigate although the ticketing system can be confusing. A comprehensive guide is available on the best tickets to purchase to navigate around the city, and a regional pass if venturing out to the surrounding areas of Amsterdam.

The I Amsterdam City Card is an all encompassing pass of great value as it includes public transportation operated by GVB in Amsterdam city only, along with free access to attractions. Take a look at what it includes and does not include before purchasing one to suit the duration of your visit.

6 | Extensive Green spaces in Amsterdam

Amsterdam.Bos.forest.responsible tourism

Amsterdam city is not all urban. It is surrounded by an abundance of lush and open green spaces – parks, gardens and a forest!

Amsterdam’s parks and gardens are beautiful, has its own charm and interesting history. These green spaces are all located within a stone’s throw of the city centre and offer a great space to relax, unwind with lots of activities for kids.

Walk to the east of the city to De Plantage in the Jewish Quarter, a district where history, nature and culture intertwine or take a short ride to Vondelpark to experience all genres of music. Whichever green spaces you decide to visit, Amsterdam Bos, should firmly top your ‘to visit’ list for timeless experience.

Check trains to/from Amsterdam to any destinations in and around Amsterdam

7 | Amsterdam’s Green places to eat

Green eating is quite a buzz in Amsterdam and you can easily find restaurants and cafés offering organic products. Walk along De Negen Straatjes (the Nine Little Streets) and the Jordaan district where cafes are aplenty serving organic food. Head to the farmers market at Noordermarkt Square to shop for some fresh, locally grown produce if you are planning a picnic in the park.

For a unique experience, head to De Kas, a prime example of Amsterdam’s sustainability culture. A high-end restaurant located inside of a former greenhouse, built in 1926. With vast magnificent windows and airy high ceilings, De Kas spoil their clients with ingredients tendered and cared for from their very own vegetable garden, with no-fuss Mediterranean cuisines that often changes to the seasons harvest.

De Kas, Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3 1097 DE Amsterdam | E:

For a traditional Dutch street-food experience, Natuurlijk Smullen serves up organic meat-based snacks such as chicken nuggets and frikandel. Vegetarian alternatives to traditional burgers are also available along with Dutch fries topped with a selection of tasty, organic sauces.

Natuurlijk Smullen, Jan van Galenstraat 78, 1056 CD Amsterdam

Noorderlicht Cafe is a simplistically beautiful dining destination housed inside a two-storey greenhouse with a large riverside terrace. The cafe hosts regular musical and cultural events which are often free of charge. It’s menu offers plenty of organic based dishes with a lean towards vegetarian and vegan dietary needs. This cultural and sustainable cafe is located on the NDSM yard along River IJ.

Noorderlicht Cafe, NDSM plein 102
1033 WB Amsterdam

8 | Meat-free restaurants in Amsterdam city

The Amsterdam restaurant scene these days certainly seems a world away from its once popular Brockwurst on mash potatoes smothered with rich gravy! Plant-based dining is the trendy option now with so many eateries popping up across the city.

Mr & Mrs Watson in Oost, Amsterdam is a “plant based food bar for vegan food lovers and cheese addicts”. Although there are some options on all vegan menu, the Watson Cheese Platter, featuring cashew fondue is the one to go for.

Besides enjoying the best comfort food, you would also be contributing towards Mr & Mrs Watson’s commitment to give back – a tree is planted for every dish they serve.

Mr & Mrs Watson, Linnaeuskade 3H, Amsterdam.

Dine in style at Restaurant Vermeer, the creative culinary lab of 1* Michelin Chef Chris Naylor who experiments on the daily fresh produce brought to him by the local farmers. Beetroot, and white asparagus feature liberally on his menu. A prettily laid out plate of robust, pure, and clean flavours awaits anyone on an evening of high-end fine dining.

Restaurant Vermeer | Prins Hendrikkade 59-72, 1021 AD Amsterdam

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9 | Amsterdam’s initiative on food surplus | Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

With 1.3 billion tonnes of food wastage per year across the world, Amsterdam is no stranger to food surplus. Food waste has a high impact on the environment and Instock Restaurant in Amsterdam rescues food from being wasted. They collect food from growers/farmers, fishmongers, packaging companies and producers. Instock then runs a final quality check and prepares them for restaurants and caterers. These ingredients are turned into culinary delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner by their creative chefs. Instock is open seven days a week, serving-up anything from a cup of coffee to a four-course-meal.

Restaurant Instock | Czaar Peterstraat 21, Amsterdam.

Visit Persijn, on the ground floor of QO hotel for a hearty brunch. Fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs are sourced daily from their rooftop greenhouse and features in their innovative dishes of salads with blossoms and wholesome vegetable soups. Hence, with their ‘farm-to-table’ creative approach, there’s hardly any food wastage.

Persijn | Amstelvlietstraat 4, Amsterdam

10 | Amsterdam Eco-hotels | Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

Stylish, and sustainable accommodations with energy efficient amenities, organic towels, and recycled furniture are all part of the Dutch capital’s initiatives on responsible tourism in Amsterdam. Some of the environmentally-friendly accommodations throw in bike rental as part of their service as well.

Stay at the cozy eco-conscious hotel around the corner from Vondelpark. Conscious Hotel Vondelpark has 81 rooms and is completely sustainable – from furniture to green roof! Food is 100% organic and the building is powered by renewable energy.

For budget hostels that combines conscious living with simplicity, look no further than Ecomama although it may not be for everyone. Ecomama is designed with sustainability and “just enough” of the basic amenities while being committed to re-purposing everything it can.

More classic choice could be NH Amsterdam Schiller , a Green Key Certified accommodation.

Alternatively, grab yourself one of the following last minute best deals:

11 | Sustainable shopping in Amsterdam

Shopping in Amsterdam takes you to a whole new level! From excellent luxury shops, designer outlets, unique boutiques, and sustainable stores, the city is a shopper’s dream come true. However, more and more people are adopting a sustainable lifestyle and this is showcased in their eco-friendly fashion choices.

In Amsterdam, there are so many choices and varieties if you choose to shop green. De Negen Straatjes is a famous shopping district and you will find most of the shops here are vintage stores.

Episode is a popular store and pioneers a serious concept as a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. They take clothing that is donated to charity, washed them in their warehouse, repair if necessary and distribute to the vintage stores.

Episode, Waterlooplein 1, 1011 NV Amsterdam

LENA Fashion library is another interesting concept where it allows you to shop differently. You could borrow vintage styles to suit and you could return them at the end of the borrowed time.

Lena Library, Westerstraat 174h
1015 MP Amsterdam

12 | Alternative to traditional tourism – Explore Amsterdam with a difference

Amsterdam is a popular touristic city and it may present problems of sustainability. The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam suggests alternative ways for tourists to explore the city with a difference.

Among its suggestions are ways to explore the streets, the street markets, gardens, flea markets and spaces away from the usual tourist trails. You are also invited to plant vegetables, participate in cookery classes and have fun wedding ceremonies with the locals.

The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam, @IAmsterdam Store, De Ruijterkade 28 A t/m D (Behind Amsterdam CS), 1012 AA Amsterdam

A final note on responsible tourism in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is green to its very core! This is evident from the many initiatives highlighted above, which by no means is an exhaustive list. The city’s affinity with cycling, the array of pleasant green spaces, green eating, sustainable shopping and low waste dining are all reflective of a city that is so much more than the whimsical city of freedom, coffee shops and museums that Amsterdam is often associated with. The laid-back and progressive values of green culture showcases the Dutch capital as a natural ‘living’ hub of sustainability combined with social consciousness. Amsterdam really is a great green city to visit in Europe, a city where responsible tourism is taken seriously and comes naturally.

What do you think?

Was this article helpful to you in your search on sustainability and responsible tourism in relation to Amsterdam? Is there an initiative that should have made the list on this article but did not? If so, share your thoughts in comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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Sincerely wish that this article has been helpful to you in planning your visit to Amsterdam. Plan ahead and book your accommodations, buy your I Amsterdam City Card, sign-up to guided tours and activities using the links in this article and related articles on Amsterdam. TTS earns a commission on qualifying purchases, or you could support TTS in other ways also. As always your continued support is much appreciated.

Have a splendid time in Amsterdam 🙂


Quick facts on Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam on world map
52° 22′ 40.6416” N and 4° 53′ 49.4520” E
Amsterdam flag
Amsterdam flag
Amsterdam Coat of Arms
Amsterdam Coat of Arms

City: Capital of Netherlands

Population: 1,149,000

Mayor: Femke Halsema (since 2018)

Zone: Central European Time Zone | Central European Summer Time

Elevation: -2m (-7ft) – Dam Square

Nearest Airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Train Station: Amsterdam Centraal Station

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Travelling from UK to Netherlands

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Amsterdam is beyond the whimsical city of freedom and avid cyclists! It really is a city where responsible tourism comes naturally with sustainability at the heart of everything they do. via @GGeorgina_timelesstravelsteps/Amsterdam is beyond the whimsical city of freedom and avid cyclists! It really is a city where responsible tourism comes naturally with sustainability at the heart of everything they do. via @GGeorgina_timelesstravelsteps/

Mallaig – 12 Very best Things To Do at the harbour town in West Coast of the Highlands Scotland

Mallaig – 12 Very best Things To Do at the pretty harbour town in West Coast of the Highlands Scotland

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Where is Mallaig in Scotland

You can see the location of Mallaig from the map below – rather remote on the west coast of Scotland. Other places are included in the map which will be mentioned in this article to give you some destination inspiration to help design your itinerary.

How to use the map above: Click on + at the top left to open the drop-down list of places on the map. Click on the highlighted marker to learn a little about the destination.

About the historic harbour town, Mallaig

The word “Mallaig” is derived from the old Norse “Mel Vik” which means ‘a sand dune bay’ and is less than 2 centuries old. It began back in 1840 when the owner of the North Morar Estate, Lord Lovat divided his farmstead known as Mallaigvaig which had a population of just 23 into 17 plots of land. He encouraged his tenants from the more populated part of the estate, Loch Morar and Loch Nevis to resettle here and adopt fishing as a way of life. By 1851, the population had grown to 134. The population and economy grew rapidly in the 20th century and became a thriving fishing port thereafter.

How to get to Mallaig | Transport connections to Mallaig

There are several ways to get to Mallaig.

By Rail

By Road

Shiel buses operate many of the local routes between Fort William and Mallaig.

Ferry services

How much time do you have in Mallaig?

What to see and do in Mallaig depends very much on how much time you have.

Most visitors do the round trip journey on the Jacobite Steam Train which means they have about 90 minutes to have lunch and to sightsee. Some stay overnight at this fishing village and immerse in the surroundings, taking a piece of Mallaig with them when they leave. Some others stay a little longer, a couple of days and use the harbour town as base to explore the Isles and other surrounding remote destinations. Depending on how much time you have in this picturesque town, you could select from this comprehensive list to create your itinerary.

Best 12 Things to See and Do at Mallaig

Rather remote in the west coast of the Highland is Mallaig, a pretty harbour town that offer 12 best things to see and do on your visit.

1 | Mallaig Heritage Centre

Just next to Mallaig Railway Station is a nice little spot, home to a treasure trove of stories on West Lochaber, its people and landscape. Mallaig Heritage Centre is a place to learn about the local history. The Centre tells the stories on the history of the fishing industry in Mallaig, the building of the West Highland Railways, and explains everything you need to know about this pretty harbour town. The Mallaig Heritage Centre has a multimedia display, film show, lifeboat exhibition, a model railway and a gift shop. It is worth visiting if you have about an hour or so.

Address: Station Rd, Mallaig PH41 4PY

Opening hours: From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Admission: Adults £2.50 : Senior Citizens £2.00 : Students £2.00 : Children free

Special rates are available for groups of 8 persons and over.

2 | St Columba’s Church of Scotland Mallaig

St Columba sits on a small hill overlooking the harbour of Mallaig, with spectacular views over the Small Isles. The church was built in 1903 and has one stained glass window. The window depicts Christ walking on water. A little further up, near the Manse, you have stunning views across the Sound of Sleat, and the Small Isles.

Address: Annies Brae, Mallaig, PH41 4QX

3 | Western Isles Cruises – Wildlife cruise

The Western Isle Cruise operate the Knoydart Ferry Service at Mallaig. They offer a one-hour wildlife cruise which is a great opportunity to spot some wildlife.

The boat travels past the isles of Skye, Rum & Eig on the right, crossing the entrance to Loch Nevis, onwards to Green Island in the Knoydart Peninsula. The waters here are visited by birds, seals, porpoises, dolphins, whales and basking sharks.

Tour details:

The tour is designed to fit in with the Jacobite Steam train and Scotrail arrival and departure times at Mallaig.

Tour departs the harbour at 12:45 p.m. and at 5:00 p.m. daily between April and October. Arriving back in time to catch your trains back to Fort William.

Dogs welcome. Fully licensed bar and toilets.

4 | Mallaig Circular Walk

Ideal if you wish to explore more of this picturesque village. A pleasant, short circular walk around the hills and village of Mallaig offer great views over the Isle of Skye and Small Isles.


i | Park by the harbour, at East bay car park;

ii | Head away from the village centre, towards your right, to a path signposted as Circular Walk;

iii| Head up the hill at the back of the houses and onto rough pasture. The path passes through a valley.

iv | Continue along the track, past the signpost to the top of the hill. There is a bench ideally placed for best views.

v | The path then heads towards the coast, joining a track, passing some houses to wards Mallaig Beag. On a clear day, you are rewarded with views over the Sleat Peninsula, Small Isles and Knoydart Peninsula.

vi | The track continues to the road. Turn left and return to Mallaig town centre.

**Every now and again, stop to look back at the views. Views of the coast, cliffs, birch and willow are spectacular. Look out also for marine life and coastal birds.

NOTE: This information on Mallaig Circular Walk is intended as an overview and provided in good faith. Walkers are responsible for their own safety, hiking responsibly by properly dressed, using appropriate footwear, have a map and/or compass as well as prior research on the route.

5 | Explore the harbour at Mallaig

Mallaig harbour is lovely. The view of fishing boats, calm waters, the generous curve of the land, sunlight and breeze – moments where no clock can measure. It’s a place to easily dream away your time while watching the boats come in with their catches.

6 | Morar Cross

Morar Cross is located near Mallaig Railway Station. If you can climb to the Morar Cross, you will be rewarded with some spectacular views of the bay. The climb is a little steep and there is a handrail in some parts.

There is a car park next to the train station. At the gate, look out for a sign that says ‘Steps to the Cross’. Takes about 5-7 minutes to reach the top.

7 | Visit Morar

Morar is located to the south of Mallaig, about 4.8 kilometres (3 miles). Morar is ideal for spectacular views. Watch the Steam trains go past on the West Highland line and stunning views of the Small Isles. The beaches of Morar are famous for its silvery sands where movies such as ‘Highlander’ and ‘Local Hero’ were filmed. Take a relaxing stroll along the wide shoreline of soft, pristine sand and crystal clear waters in what seems a paradise.

8 | Loch Morar

Close by is Loch Morar, the deepest freshwater loch in Europe. It is 19 kilometres (12 miles) long and 300 metres (1000 feet) deep in some places. Here you can hire boats and canoes or try some fishing.

Hiking guide – Map on Loch Morar & Mallaig

8.1 | Morag

If you do decide to head out to the waters, be sure to have your cameras ready to capture a photo of Morag, a monster said to be a long time resident of the waters. Legend has it that the first sightings were in 1887. A reported incident in 1969 of a large creature of 25-30 feet long with three humps led to several surveys of the loch undertaken by the University of London in the 1970s. Three further sightings have been reported since but no one has been able to capture an image of her. Who knows, she may pop her head up when you are out there, so be sure to capture an image of her.

9 | Jacobite Steam Train

If you plan to get to Mallaig by car or bus, then a journey aboard the Jacobite Steam Train from Mallaig to Fort William is highly recommended. Well-known as one of the most scenic train journeys in the world, this ride goes over the 21 arch Glenfinnan Viaduct with extraordinary vistas, creating timeless memories. It does not matter if you are not a fan of the wizardry world of Harry Potter, but a ride on the famous Hogwarts Express is a bucket list experience for many travellers. I highly recommend that you give it a go.

Recommended read: Jacobite Steam Train Journey in The Highlands aka Harry Potter Train – Best 6 reasons why you should experience it

Hiking guide – Map of Mallaig & Glenfinnan

10 | Shops

11 | Festivals

12 | Other attractions near Mallaig

You may wish to explore some of the surroundings at Mallaig.

12.1 | Arisaig

Arisaig is located about 13 kilometers (8 miles) south of Mallaig and is famous for its beaches and views of Small Isles.

12.2 | Loch Nan Uamh – Loch of the Caves

Located south east of Arisaig, this is where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed to start the Jacobite uprising in 1745. This is also the spot where he fled to France in 1746.

12.3 | Lochailort

Located halfway between Arisaig and Glenfinnan, Lochailort is home to Inverailort Castle that was the headquarters for 42 Commando during the Second World War.

12.4 | Glenfinnan

Glenfinnan is a hamlet located at the head of Loch Shiel. It was here that Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his standard to regain the throne for the Stuarts. A monument is erected here to commemorate the event.

Sitting in a tranquil spot, the Glenfinnan Monument is 18 meters high and you can climb to the top via a narrow spiral staircase for outstanding views. Surrounded by mountains and overlooking the shores of Loch Shiel, the Glenfinnan Monument is a Highland gem worth visiting.

The Monument is owned by National Trust Scotland. It is open from April to October. The site has a Visitor Centre, gift shop, restaurants and amenities.

Visit the Glenfinnan Railway Station that is home to Glenfinnan Station Museum and if your visit is in mid August, you could witness the Glenfinnan Highland Gathering (Highland Games).

Address: Glenfinnan Monument, Glenfinnan, PH37 4LT

Places to Eat at Mallaig

Mallaig prawns

Mallaig offers varied choices of an abundance in fresh produce from land and sea. There are cafes, takeaways, restaurants and fine dining for all budgets along with panoramic sea and island views. My top 3 are as follows:

1 | Cornerstone

The Cornerstone Seafood Restaurant has a cosy atmosphere and offers elevated views of Mallaig harbour. I dined here and their fish & chips is the one to go for!

Address: Main Street, Mallaig, PH41 4PU

Check Tripadvisor Reviews on The Cornerstone Seafood Restaurant

2 | The Terrace Restaurant

The Terrace Restaurant has a range to offer – from light bites, soups, sandwiches to classic favourites and specialities. It ensures the freshest and locally available produce is used.

Address: Davies Brae, Mallaig, Inverness-shire, PH41 4QZ

Check Tripadvisor Reviews on The Terrace Restaurant

3 | The Fishmarket Restaurant

If you love seafood, the Fishmarket Restaurant is the place to be. Fish and shellfish are as fresh as they can be from the local boats! Ideally situated in the centre of town, with beautiful views of the harbour.

Address: Station Road, Mallaig, Inverness-shire, PH41 4QS

Check Tripadvisor Reviews on The Fishmarket Restaurant

4 | Jaffy’s

The one place in Mallaig that does Oak Smoked Kippers – Jaffy’s

Address: J.Lawrie & Sons ‘Jaffys’ , Station Road, Mallaig, PH41 4QD

Check Tripadvisor Reviews on Jaffy’s

Where to Stay in Mallaig

A final note on Mallaig

Mallaig is fascinating and it is different to other tourist destinations in The Highland. It is the harbour that is the centre point of activity rather than the town. Visitors soak up the atmosphere of a working fishing port while also relax in the untouched remoteness of this pretty harbour town. Due to its location, Mallaig is the gateway to the archipelago of islands on the west coast of Scotland. Definitely a perfect destination to spend some quality time and an escape to for some island views, seafood dining and sunsets.

Have a splendid time exploring Mallaig and The Highland.

Georgina xoxo

Georgina_Highlands and Steam Train tours
“Just as I board the West Highland and Jacobite Steam Train” – photo by a fellow traveller

Georgina on Scotland

I love going on guided tours especially when I am on my first visit to a destination. I find guided tours to be great value for money activities and an excellent tool to get the best overviews of a region.

I went on a number of small group tours when I visited Scotland. Safety precautions were in place. Guides are Scottish who have first hand knowledge of the regions I visited. They shared fascinating stories of legends and history of the Highland, both the bad and the ugly! With this overview, and time on my hands, I explored specific areas of interests for a more personal experience.

My trip to Scotland was self-funded, and none of the activities were sponsored in any way. All opinions, views and experiences are my own. I happily share them with you to inspire you to visit this magical land.

Quick facts on Scotland


Population: Over 5.4 million (2020)

Common Language: English. Gaelic is spoken by 1.3% of the population mostly in the west and in the Highlands.

Currency: £ – Pound (GBP)

Capital City: Edinburgh. Home to the first fire brigade in the world, and is the second largest city in Scotland. The largest metropolis in Scotland is Glasgow.

High season: Summer (July – August)

Religion: Christianity – 40% Church of Scotland. 15% Roman Catholic and 6% other Christian denominations. Minorities include Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh with a quarter of the population has been recorded as having no religion.

Social courtesies: Handshaking is customary when introduced to someone for the first time. When visiting someone’s home, a small gift such as flowers or a box of chocolates is appreciated.

Scotland: Travel and Transport

Scotland: International Travel

UK Government: Foreign Travel Advice

UK Government: UK nationals travelling abroad

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7 Key benefits of the London Pass

7 Key Benefits of the London Pass and What to expect when you buy the London Pass

The London Pass

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Save time and money when you visit London – pre-order The London Pass. The London Pass is a popular all-encompassing city of London pass giving you access to over eighty attractions for one low price over your selected number of days. A must-have city of London pass if you are spending a couple of days in London and you want to max your visits to iconic landmarks while saving money. There are 7 key benefits of the London Pass you need to know and here they are:

London Pass

Benefits of the London Pass

best ways to visit Tower of London

See all that London has to offer with this valuable sightseer credits package giving you access to 80+ attractions, castles, tours and museums.

1 | Sightseeing credits package to suit your budget

Select your sightseeing credits package from 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 10 day duration and enjoy access to your attractions in one price. The London Pass helps you to plan ahead of the attractions you want to visit and to curate your itinerary to suit your budget.

2 | Touch free digital tickets

Once you have selected and paid for your sightseer package, you can download the digital ticket instantly. Pay nothing at the gate. Gain access to attraction by simply showing your digital ticket at the entry point or ticket office. Some of the best attractions included in the London Pass are the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey as well as “View from the Shard”.

3 | Enjoy skip-the-line access to some top attractions

Included also are skip-the-line access to some of the selected top attractions such as the London Zoo in Regent’s Park, St Paul’s Cathedral and Hampton Court Palace.

4 | Includes a hop-on hop-off bus tour and Thames River Cruise

The London Pass includes a hop-on hop-off bus tour for one day and a Thames River cruise.

5 | Free Guidebook

Your London Pass comes with a beautifully illustrated digital guidebook that includes lots of information on each of the attractions, map, valuable shopping, dining and West End theatre discounts.

6 | Flexibility to suit personal circumstances

If you are worried about last-minute changes to your plans, the London Pass has you covered – all passes are valid for two years from date of purchase and becomes activated from your first attraction visit, thereafter your pass is valid for the remaining number of days/attraction choices purchased.

7 | Great Value

The current value (as at April 2021) starts from £54.00 per individual – great value when you consider that a standard ticket to the Tower of London for an adult is £29.90 (without donation)! With the London Pass, you have a selection of 80+ attractions to select from and if selected well, you have covered the cost by visiting two attractions already. Of course, you gain lots more given that you can visit further sights in a day. Added to this is the great flexibility you have where you could select the number of days you need to suit your itinerary.

The current value (as at August 2021) starts from £59.00 per individual – great value when you consider that a standard ticket to the Tower of London for an adult is £29.90 (without donation)! With the London Pass, you have a selection of 80+ attractions and if selected well, you have covered the cost by visiting two attractions already. Of course, you gain lots more given that you can visit further sights in a day. Added to this is the great flexibility you have where you could select the number of days you need to suit your itinerary.

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What to expect from The London Pass

Once you have selected the ideal duration for your pass and have paid, you could download digital ticket and save it on your mobile device. Gain access to 80+ attractions by simply scanning your ‘ticket’ at the gate. Enjoy some of the most fascinating sights London has to offer, with skip-the-line access to glorious sights like St Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and Kensington Palace. Relax onboard a Thames River Cruise, and explore London onboard a hop-on-hop-off bus.

Select from 1 – 10 days credit package to suit your itinerary. Download your ‘ticket’ and London is for your taking!

Here are some of the unmissable activities included in the London Pass:

1 | Visit  Tower of London with the London Pass

The Tower of London is one of the world’s most famous fortresses and has been a royal palace, prison, armoury and even a zoo!

Please know that this activity requires prior reservations. Book your spot by following the instructions on the guidebook. Suggested duration is 2 hours but 3 hours is highly recommended for an immersive experience of this London’s landmark.

View post: Beyond the Walls of London Fortress

2 | Enjoy the   Big Bus Tours

Hop and off as much as you want with a 1-day classic London Hop-on Hop-off tour. See all of London’s top sights at your own pace with this London sightseeing bus. Some tours include a knowledgeable guide on board who will point out the must-sees while explaining their cultural and historic significance as you go.

PLEASE NOTE: You need to pick either Big Bus OR Golden Tours services for the duration of your 1-Day Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour. You cannot use on both services and is valid for 1-day only.

3 | Journey UP –  The View from The Shard

Journey to a height of up to 800ft (244m); to the top of London’s tallest observation platform and premium visitor attraction.

Know that this activity requires advanced reservations and you can book your slot by following the instructions in the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

4 | Experience The Thames – Uber Boat by Thames Clippers – London Eye (Waterloo) Pier

Without a doubt, Thames river cruise is one of the best ways to see London! Relax in the comfort of a modern, all-weather Thames Clippers’ Uber Boat while you meander through the heart of the city, past so many of its most famous attractions.

Redeem your pass for a River Roamer ticket that allows you unlimited use for one day, and hop on and off as you like!

5 | Stop At:   Uber Boat by Thames Clippers – Greenwich Pier

This journey aboard a Thames Clipper makes travel in London an adventure. The river bus service stops at world-famous London landmarks every 20 minutes making sightseeing super easy.

Redeem your pass for a River Roamer ticket that allows you unlimited use for one day, and hop on and off as you like!

View post: Greenwich > 45 experiences and more in 1 day

6 | Visit the iconic  Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge is one of the most impressive structures and sites in the capital and has stood over the River Thames since 1894. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

7 | Visit the Palaces

Stop At:   Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace is the former home of King Henry VIII. Visit this iconic landmark, just a stone’s throw of London and learn all about the Tudor living and the ghosts that walk the corridors of the Palace.

Know that this activity with the London Pass requires advanced reservations. Follow the instructions on the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 3 – 4 hours.

8 | Stop At:   Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace has been home to the royal family since the 17th century. Now, it is the official residence to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Visit this extraordinary palace for a peek into Queen Victoria’s childhood and afterwards, time permitting, walk around the sunken garden to experience the peace and tranquility that surrounds this royal palace.

This activity with the London Pass requires advanced reservation and you could book your preferred time-slot by following the instructions on the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 2 to 3 hours.

9 | Explore the dark side of London with the London Pass – Stop At:   The London Bridge Experience

The London Bridge Experience is a unique and interactive journey through the deep, dark history of London. Travel through time and take a look at 2000 years’ worth of history within London Bridge and the surrounding area. Recommended duration is 2 hours 

10 | Visit the   Westminster Abbey

This beautiful Gothic church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site popular with many visitors to London. Associated with kings and queens of England, the Westminster Abbey is a landmark not to be missed. Recommended duration 1 to 2 hours.

11 | Stop at the remarkable St. Paul’s Cathedral

Situated near the River Thames , St, Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most historic buildings, designed by Britain’s famed architect, Sir Christopher and one that should top every visitor’s list. Designed by Britain’s famous architect Sir Christopher Wren. Recommended duration is 2 hours.

Read: Why St Paul’s Cathedral is a special place to visit

12 | Stop At:   Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall London is one of London’s most prestigious historic buildings and tourist attractions. Few venues can rival the venue for the variety of world-class events that have taken place there – From Adele to Ali and Wagner to Winston Churchill. This activity requires advanced reservations. Follow the instructions on the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

13 | Stop At:   Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these magnificent London gardens, glasshouses, and galleries are a living exhibit as well as an important historical legacy. This activity requires advanced reservations. Follow the instructions on the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 2 to 3 hours.

14 | Stop At:   Royal Observatory Greenwich

Discover the past, present and future wonders of astronomy at the center of time! Take a fascinating journey through the historic home of British astronomy, Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian of the World and explore Flamsteed House, the original astronomer’s apartments. Recommended duration 1 to 2 hours. Plan your trip to co-incide with the ‘red-ball’ drop.

Read all about the ‘red-ball’ drop and the Royal Observatory + Planetarium before your visit.

15 | Take a breather at the  Cutty Sark, Greenwich

Cutty Sark is the last surviving tea clipper, and the fastest and greatest of her time. Delve into the adventures of this iconic ship and her crew in an immersive experience that brings her fascinating history to life. Follow in the footsteps of those who sailed her, explore interactive displays that evoke the sights, smells and sounds of life at sea, enjoy sweeping views of the Thames, and walk right underneath the ship’s gleaming hull to touch a piece of world history. Recommended duration is 1 to 2 hours.

Read: Cutty Sark Greenwich

Read: Greenwich in 1 day – 45 experiences and more.

16 | Experience the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre with the London Pass

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is an open-air playhouse built as a reconstruction of the building where the great playwright penned many of his plays. Recommended duration 2 hours.

17 | Stop At:  ZSL London Zoo

ZSL London Zoo has been educating and inspiring visitors since opening to the public in 1847, it’s a great family day out right in the center of Regent’s Park. Recommended duration is 2 hours.

View: Tours of Parks and Gardens in London

18 | Home of Windsor Castle, Berkshire

A short train ride to the outskirts of London sits the impressive and historic Windsor Castle, residence of the British royal family. Famous for its architecture, the Castle was built in the 11th century after the Norman invasion. Recommended duration is 2 hours.

Read: Windsor Castle and Windsor in 1 day

19 | Stop At:   ArcelorMittal Orbit

Ascend to two viewing platforms (at 76 and 80m high) and overlook the Olympic tracks where world records were set – and broken – and where top athletes drew blood, sweat and tears. The Orbit is the perfect attraction to get an exclusive insight into the iconic sporting structure and its nail-biting history. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

20 | Stop At: Handel & Hendrix in London

Make your way up the wonky, 250 year old stairs and step back in time into George Frideric Handel’s music rooms. This is iconic place where he composed, rehearsed and performed with the leading musical luminaries of the Baroque age. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

21 | Be blown away at  Wembley Stadium

A short journey from central London is Wembley Stadium, London’s largest and most prestigious sporting stadium. It is the home of the England football team, the venue for all domestic club competitions such as the world famous FA Cup and host of both the 2011 and 2013 UEFA Champions League Finals. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

22 | The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace, London

The Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace is a permanent space dedicated to an astonishing and wide-ranging collection of paintings, sculpture and other works of art as well as a glittering array of priceless treasure held in trust for the Nation by Her Majesty The Queen. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

23 | The Household Cavalry Museum, London

Household Cavalry Museum is unlike any other military museum because it offers a unique ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the work that goes into the ceremonial duties and operational role of The Household Cavalry.

From a glazed screen inside the Museum, visitors can view into the working stables of The Queen’s Life Guard. Recommended duration is 2 hours.

24 | The Guards Museum with the London Pass

The Guards Museum London is a fascinating insight into the history of the military in the capital and is unique among London museums as it was not originally intended for public view. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

25 | Stop At:   The Monument to the Great Fire of London

Built to commemorate the Great Fire of London, The Monument is one of the best ways to enjoy spectacular views of London while learning about an important moment in London’s history. Recommended duration is 1 hour or less.  

26 | Visit Chelsea FC Stadium Tour & Museum

Part of the Chelsea FC Stadium Tour is a visit to the changing rooms where Chelsea’s world famous squad spends many tense and season-defining moments. You will also experience the atmosphere of this enigmatic space and relive the drama experienced there both in recent and historic games.

This visit requires prior reservation and you could book your slot by following instructions on the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 2 hours.

27 | The  Freud Museum, London

Recommended duration is 1 hour.

28 | Learn about transportation at the   London Transport Museum with the London Pass

Visit this lively exhibition and explore the powerful link between transport and the growth of modern London. Recommended duration is 1 hour.

29 | Visit the world-class Science Museum, Kensington, London

The Science Museum is home to a world-class collection that aims to make sense of the science that shapes our lives. With its IMAX Theatre, transport to a place you’ve never been before. On a giant screen the height of four double-decker buses and size of 64 parked taxis, you don’t just see an IMAX film, you feel like you’re part of the action.

This activity requires prior reservation and you could select your preferred time by following the instructions on the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 2 to 3 hours but if you have more time, will be great as there are lots to see.

30 | Stop At:   The Kia Oval

The Kia Oval is one of the world’s most famous sports grounds and has been home to Surrey County Cricket Club since 1845. The Kia Oval also boasts the title of the birthplace of cricket’s Ashes, the host of football’s first ever FA Cup Final in 1872, along with early rugby Internationals.

This activity requires advanced reservations. Follow the instructions on the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 2 hours.

31 | Beefeater Gin Distillery – one of London’s best kept secret!

The Beefeater Gin Distillery is the Home of Gin. The visitors centre hosts an interactive experience that lifts the lid on the extraordinary stories and events behind one of the world’s favorite spirits.

This activity requires prior reservation – please book, following the instructions in the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 2 hours.

32 |  London Bicycle Tour Company.

Enjoy a Bicycle Tour of London with an expert guide (multiple languages available), or choose a bike rental and go on your own. Bike Hires can be redeemed from 11am and requires prior reservation. Follow the instructions on the included guidebook. Recommended duration is 3 hours.  

33 |  Charles Dickens Museum

34 | Imagine sailing the mighty seas – visit the Golden Hinde with the London Pass

Visit this living-history museum and find out what it was like to sail the mighty seas aboard an Elizabethan galleon during the adventurous days of the 16th century. Explore the full-size reconstruction of Sir Francis Drake’s sixteenth-century flagship and interact with the crew of sailors as they tell tales of life aboard the Golden Hinde.

Recommended duration: 1 hour 

35 | Explore the Emirates Stadium, London

The Arsenal museum forms part of the self-guided tour which enables visitors to explore behind-the-scenes of Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal Football Club. The stadium tour includes access to the Arsenal museum but should visitors wish to go to the museum independently they can. Recommended duration is 2 hours.

36 | Twickenham Stadium, London

Nowhere in England is more important to rugby union than Twickenham Stadium, home to England Rugby and the World Rugby Museum (WRM) – this is the ultimate experience for the rugby enthusiast. Recommended duration – 2 hours. 

37 |  Curzon Soho with the London Pass

Infused with a heady mix of both celebrity and talent, this Soho cinema has three screens on three floors and is regularly used for industry awards evenings, private screenings and film festivals, making it a very special cinema indeed.

Recommended duration – 2 hours. 

38 | Stop At:   Curzon Mayfair Screen with the London Pass

One of the biggest in central London. This renowned cinema presents up to twelve premieres a year and many other gala events, so you never know which celebrity or Royal personage last sat in your seat. Duration: 2 hours.

39 | Stop At:   Curzon Bloomsbury

Recently refurbished to the highest technology and design, the Curzon Bloomsbury plays regular host to festivals, screenings, director Q&A’s and the London Socialist Film Cooperative screenings. Duration: 2 hours 

40 | Visit: The Postal Museum

From its beginnings 500 years ago to the Mail Rail and Great Train Robbery, explore the surprising story of communication at The Postal Museum.

This activity requires prior reservations. Follow the instructions on the included guidebook. Duration: 1 hour 

41 |  Chelsea Physic Garden with the London Pass

Often cited as one of a few ‘secret’ London gardens, the Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in 1673 and is still committed to research into ‘the properties, origins and conservation of over 5000 species’. Duration: 2 hours 

42 | Visit: Eltham Palace and Gardens

Eltham Palace is an impressive historical site that has been linked with a distinguished line of Royal figures since its construction in the 1300s. For hundreds of years it was a key residence for the monarchy, even housing a young Henry VIII.

This activity requires advanced reservations. Follow the instructions on the included guidebook. Duration: 2 hours 

43 | Visit: QUEENS skate dine bowl with the London Pass

London’s only ice rink, established in 1931, QUEENS Skate Dine Bowl also has it’s own bar and café, 12 brand new ten-pin bowling lanes as well as a Retro Arcade Games Room, including favorites such as Mario Kart, Street Fighter II, Tron and more. Please note:

This activity requires advanced reservations and you could book your preferred time by following the instructions on the included guidebook. Duration: 2 hours 

44 | Stop At:   Jason’s Trip

Jason’s Trip is the original Regent’s Canal tour and has been operating since 1951. Jason is an authentic 108-year-old canal boat which was originally used as a cargo-vessel on the canals before being fitted with a diesel engine and converted to passenger-carrying duties. Duration: 1 hour 

And so much more!!

Plan ahead and buy the London Pass from your preferred tour supplier for immediate download.


map with pin on london | ultimate guide to Tower of London
51° 30′ 30.71″ N
 0° 07′ 32.66″ E

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7 Benefits of the London Pass first published at

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Key benefits of the London Pass | Visit London | Value for money city pass | London Pass | London City Pass | 80+ attractions for one price | Iconic sights in London | Cheap ways to sightsee London |  St Paul's Cathedral | Westminster Abbey | How to visit the Tower of London | How to visit the Kensington Palace | Visit the parks of London via @GGeorgina_timelesstravelsteps/Key benefits of the London Pass | Visit London | Value for money city pass | London Pass | London City Pass | 80+ attractions for one price | Iconic sights in London | Cheap ways to sightsee London |  St Paul's Cathedral | Westminster Abbey | How to visit the Tower of London | How to visit the Kensington Palace | Visit the parks of London via @GGeorgina_timelesstravelsteps/

26 Very Best Places to stay on Isle of Wight

26 Very Best Places to Stay on the Isle of Wight, England

An escape to the Isle of Wight, just across the south-coast of mainland Britain offer exciting adventures and magical discoveries which brings together nature, wildlife and incredible history. This natural paradise also offer stunning countryside and villages with rivers running through it. To really know this gem of an island is to spend a few days here in one of the best places to stay on Isle of Wight.

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26 very best places to stay on Isle of Wight UK

Best places to stay on the Isle of Wight | England

As you may already know, the Isle of Wight is a small island but it is the largest in England. It is so small that you could drive from one end to the other in an hour (no traffic) or drive the entire circumference of the island in three hours, without traffic and not stopping for views. Therefore, most people think a day is more than enough to visit this island but this little gem deserves more than a day.

Give the island a few days…

The best way to experience this fascinating island is to spend a few days here and explore to your heart’s content. Anything between three and five days is a good start and you will be planning your second trip to the island before you depart 🙂

To support you to do just that, here are 26 very best places to stay on Isle of Wight. These have been carefully selected, located at or within proximity of the five major towns on the Isle of Wight – Bembridge, Cowes, Newport, Shanklin and Ventnor. You could stay in any of these towns and drive or take public transportation to any of the attractions dotted around the island. All destinations are easily reached without much time spent on commute.

The very best places to stay on Isle of Wight are selected for timeless memories for you to peruse and reserve. While some properties prefer adults only as their guests, there are a number of properties where you can take your paw friends with you which is superb and no-one is left-out! However, this is by no means an exhaustive list and there are many that may not be included but the ones listed here are selected based on excellent location, incredible views, fabulous stay, very good service and staff as well as for good hearty breakfasts (where breakfast is included in the stay).

Included also are suggestions on things to do and places to eat and drink around the vicinity of the properties.

The 26 very best places to stay on Isle of Wight as recommended by TTS are:

1 | Bembridge East Wight

Bembridge best places to stay on Isle of Wight
Bembridge coastline Isle of Wight

Bembridge, a village at the easternmost point of Isle of Wight has a reputation of being the largest village in England. The village has a population nearing 4,000, a harbour, three beaches and an airport. Bembridge is notable for the RNLI – The Bembridge Lifeboat Station. The three beaches at Bembridge are Lane End, the Ledge and Bembridge Beach and offer different experiences to visitors.

1.1 | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Bembridge

1 | The Spinnaker, Bembridge

Popular for its quality of service and food, The Spinnaker is ideally located within reach of all attractions.

Learn more and reserve your stay at The Spinnaker, Bembridge

2 | 4 The Nab House, Bembridge

Ideal for 2 travellers and rated as exceptional for location, cleanliness, amenities and value for money.

Book your stay at 4 The Nab House, Bembridge

3 | Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park, Bembridge

Ideal for couples, families and groups, Whitecliff Bay is located within minutes of the beach and offer plenty of nighttime entertainment for all ages.

This is one place where you need to book early to secure the best for a reasonable price > Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park, Bembridge

1.2 | What to do at Bembridge

The RNLI station is open to the public and visitors can learn about its history and the boats that have been stationed there. There is a walkway here that also offers a scenic view of the coastline around Bembridge.

Explore parts of the Isle of Wight Coastal path by following the Lane End beach route. This will lead you to Bembridge Harbour and the famous Bembridge Sailing Club. Visit the 500-year old Bembridge Windmill which is the only surviving windmill on the Isle of Wight. Other points of interest are the Bembridge Heritage Centre and the Holy Trinity Church

1.3 | Where to eat and drink at Bembridge

Restaurants and eateries are aplenty in Bembridge and the surrounding areas that caters for any and all tastes. Bembridge is well-known for its seafood – crab and lobsters are a “must try” as these are often caught daily to serve up as fresh as possible. Visit the award winning Crab and Lobster Inn for delicious seafood treat.

2 | Cowes and East Cowes | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight

best places to stay on Isle of Wight

Boasting a rich wealth of history and culture, Cowes sits across the Medina estuary by chain ferry. Cowes and East Cowes are home to one of the oldest, biggest and vibrant sailing regatta in the world, Cowes Week.

2.1 | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Cowes

4 | Albert Cottage Hotel, Cowes

Located close to the Red Funnel ferry terminals, Albert Cottage Hotel offer good accommodations with exceptional hotel grounds.

Popular amongst couples and for weddings.

Learn more and book early to lock-in your price at the Albert Cottage Hotel

5 | Anchor Cottage, East Cowes

Located within yards of the ferry terminals and the beach, this superb accommodation is ideal for couples and small families.

Book your stay > Anchor Cottage

6 | Historic Wooden Ship MFV119, East Cowes Marina

Add a little quirkiness and fun to your island adventure and stay in a historic wooden boat. Watch boats sail by and flying swans.

Highly recommended for family stay or group travel.

Learn more and book your stay at the historic wooden ship MFV119

7 | Best Western New Holmwood Hotel, Cowes

One of visitors’ favourite destination, this accommodation is ideally located to Osborne House at just 2.2 miles.

Book your stay > Best Western New Holmwood Hotel

8 | Aisla Cottage, East Cowes

Boasting a garden, terrace and private parking, Aisla Cottage is ideal for visitors wishing to engage in activities such as hiking, windsurfing and fishing.

Learn more about this apartment and book early to avoid disappointment > Aisla Cottage

2.2 | What to do at Cowes Isle of Wight

Cowes Week takes place at the height of summer and it is busiest time of the year. There are live entertainments, and numerous activities to get into. The historic Northwood House hosts the Isle of Wight Proms and the Isle of Wight Literary Festival. For a little Victorian nostalgia, visit Osborne House, St Mildred’s Church and Egypt Point which are open to the public for most of the year.

Recommended read: The Victorian Love Affair

2.3 | Where to eat and drink at Cowes Isle of Wight

For families, adrenalin junkies, hungry sailors and visitors alike, there is an excellent gastronomic delight in Cowes. From pubs, wine bars, cafes and restaurants offering tempting tapas, mouthwatering pizzas, perfect burger stacks to simplest of sandwiches. You will be spoiled for choice.

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3 | Newport | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight

Newport is often referred to as the capital of Isle of Wight and is located in the centre of the island. This principal town forms a civil parish with Carisbrooke and has a population estimated at 26,000. The town is surrounded by two squares of Georgian architecture on one side and Victorian on the other. The Isle of Wight Festival takes place in June each year at Seaclose Park, Newport.

3.1 | Best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Newport

9 | Newport Quay, Newport

On a quiet, wide street in the heart of Newport is this Grade II listed accommodation. Rated as fabulous for cleanliness, food and friendly staff, Newport Quay is particularly popular with couples.

Reserve your stay > Newport Quay

10 | One Tennyson, Newport

Located within 2 miles of Carisbrooke Castle is this holiday home featuring 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms – ideal for family or group vacations.

Learn more and reserve your stay at > One Tennyson, Newport

11 | One Holyrood, Newport

Regarded as fabulous for its location, and its gardens, One Holyrood is located less than a mile of Carisbrooke Castle.

Welcomes pets.

Learn more about this quaint place and reserve your stay > One Holyrood

3.2 | What to do at Newport Isle of Wight

As a principal town of Isle of Wight, Newport offers a number of well-known chain stores for shopping. There are some smaller independent shops as well for unique designs. As well, a popular farmers market every Friday selling a good range of local produce.

There are a great selection of attractions nearby to suit all interests. The Museum of Island History, Quay Arts Centre and the Newport Roman Villa are easily reached from the town centre. In the heart of Newport is Newport Minster – a church with historical links to Queen Victoria. To the west of the town is Carisbrooke Castle, a 12th century fort ideal for a fun day out. For a truly wonderful experience with nature, explore the natural woodland of Robin Hill within a short distance away.

There are plenty of entertainments too – multi-screen cinema, range of shows at the Medina and Apollo throughout the year.

3.3 | Where to eat and drink at Newport

There are great options to eat and drink with world cuisines, seafood, and pizzas on offer. Here are just three from the wide selection available at Newport.

4 | Shanklin | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight

best places to stay on isle of wight
Isle of Wight | Shanklin beach

Shanklin is one of the most popular holiday destinations on Isle of Wight for families, groups, couples and solo travellers. From award winning sandy beaches, the wooded ravine of Shanklin Chine to the enchanting pretty thatched cottages of the Old Village, there is plenty to do here with no moments to be bored!

4.1 | Best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Shanklin

12 | Luccombe Villa Holiday Apartments, Shanklin

An excellent location, the self-catering apartments in Luccombe Villa features secluded gardens and spacious apartments. Just minutes away from sandy beaches of Shanklin and Shanklin Chine.

Welcomes pets.

Learn more and reserve your stay >Luccombe Villa Holiday Apartments

13 | Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel, Shanklin

Located within 4 acres of cliff-top gardens, guests of Luccombe Manor are treated to panoramic views across Shanklin Beach, breakfast in a Victorian dining room and tea in the Grand View Tea Gardens.

Welcomes pets.

Reserve your stay at Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel

14 | Luccombe Hall Hotel, Shanklin

A cliff-top location, amazing sea views and tranquil gardens awaits every visitor at this superb historic building that was originally built in 1870. The Luccombe Hall offer outdoor heated pool, terrace and daily breakfast.

Find out more and book your stay at Luccombe Hall Hotel, Shanklin

More places to stay at Shanklin

15 | Bourne Hall Country Hotel, Shanklin

A beautiful Victorian country house in the midst of 3 acres of mature gardens offers its guests incredible views over Sandown and Shanklin Bay.

Built in 1860s, the property is at an elevated position on the edge of Luccombe Downs.

Stay at Bourne Hall Country Hotel

16 | The Nightingale Mansion, Shanklin

Stay at this unique hotel located on the cliff-top of Shanklin with spectacular views of the English Channel and surrounding white cliffs – highly recommended for gothic lovers!

Welcomes pets.

Reserve a stay at The Nightingale Mansion – Smart Hotel

17 | Westbury Lodge, Shanklin

This Victorian property is situated in the best rated area and offer its adult guests a calm getaway within minutes of scenic views of Shanklin’s cliff-top path.

Welcomes pets.

Book your stay > Westbury Lodge

18 | The Clifton, Shanklin

Located at a stone’s throw from the beach, this accommodation has all the amenities one would expect in a large hotel but with the charm and comfort of a “home away from home”

Learn more and book your stay at The Clifton, Shanklin

19 | The Richmond Bed & Breakfast, Shanklin

Ideally located from Shanklin’s seafront and the woodland gorge, The Richmond offers bed and breakfast adults only accommodation. Although rated as 3-stars, the accommodation is highly rated for its location, cleanliness and superb hosts.

Book The Richmond Bed & Breakfast, Shanklin (Adults only)

More choices are available for family, and group stays – look up Highlands Apartments.

20 | Highlands Apartment 2

21 | Highlands Apartment 3

22 | Highlands Apartment 4

4.2 | What to do at Shanklin Isle of Wight

Watch a show at Shanklin Theatre which offers amateur shows, comedy and concerts to choose from. There are traditional seaside games and amusements at the Esplanade to get into for all the family or walk through Shanklin Chine, home to rare plants, unique gorge and a beautiful waterfall. For quiet evenings, walk along the sandy beach and experience some timeless crimson and red sunsets.

There are also miles and miles of cycle paths and footpaths to explore. The historical Shanklin Walk is highly recommended. The Shanklin Walk is a journey through history on how a small fishing settlement became a popular seaside resort.

4.3 | Where to eat at Shanklin Isle of Wight

From cream tea, traditional fish and chips to freshly caught crab and lobsters plus choose a local ale and live entertainment for an extraordinary experience!

5 | Ventnor Isle of Wight

Ventnor best places to stay on Isle of Wight
Ventnor Isle of Wight

Ventnor is a beautiful seaside resort and was a favourite of Queen Victoria when the Isle of Wight was her palatial home. The town is located on the southeast coast of the island, about 17 km (11 miles) from Newport, beneath St Boniface Down, built on steep slopes leading down to the seafront and beach.

Ventnor is famous for its health resorts because of its unique micro-climate.

5.1 | Best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Ventnor

23 | The Royal Ventnor

This hotel is highly rated for its location and comfort. The Royal Ventnor features picturesque clifftop views, clifftop walks and subtropical gardens. Serves the best English tea – approved by Queen Victoria herself back in the day.

Pets welcome.

*This hotel is high on demand – book early to reserve a stay at The Royal Hotel Ventnor, Ventnor,

24 | Koala Cottage Ventnor

Located in stunning Godshill Ventnor, the property is offered for adults only either for short or long stay. Highly rated for its location and quality of service.

*Adults only

Reserve your stay at Koala Cottage, Ventnor

25 | Orchard Leigh Grange

Located less than a mile from Ventnor, Orchard Leigh is suitable for large adult family or groups of adults.

Learn more and reserve your stay at Orchard Leigh Grange, Ventnor

26 | The Hambrough is rated very highly for their service, staff, food and comfy beds. It is regarded that the area where the hotel is located which is on the cliff of the south coast of the island gets more sunshine than the rest of the British Isles. This boutique accommodation sits high above Ventnor Fishing Harbour. Peruse more of what it offers and reserve your stay at The Hambrough.

5.2 | What to do at Ventnor Isle of Wight

Ventnor’s sand and shingle beach is the main attraction and is great for sunbathing and family swimming. Hire a beach hut along with some deckchairs for a fun day at the beach. For stunning views across the sea, head to the viewing platform at Ventnor Harbour.

A short distance from the western side of town is the beautiful Victorian Ventnor Park (Park of the Year Award at the South and South East England in Bloom awards 2014). A stroll through the Victorian Ventnor Park leads you to a 22 acre sub-tropical paradise – the famous Ventnor Botanic Gardens at the Undercliff. Not too far from here is Steephill Cove.

5.3 | Where to eat and drink at Ventnor

There are a number of pubs, cafes and restaurants offering a great many varieties in food that cater for all ages and tastes. There is plenty to choose from especially fish and seafood options which are locally sourced – these are delicious and as fresh as it can be.

While the following are highly recommended, nothing beats a meal at the Royal Hotel Ventnor which you simply must try.

These are the 26 places to stay which we hope will add value to your adventure on the beautiful Isle of Wight – do return to share your stories with us and our readers. If there are particular properties that need adding to this list, please let us know and we will add these as “Reader Recommendations.”

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Have an awesome time exploring the Isle of Wight, England.


The Isle of Wight at a Glance

Coordinates: Latitude: 50° 40′ 30.59″ N Longitude: -1° 16′ 30.60″ W

Isle of Wight
The Isle of Wight flag
Isle of Wight
The Isle of Wight Coat of Arms

Basic facts:

Island: Largest island in England

Island’s city: Newport

Population: 141,538 | Second most populous island in England behind Portsea Island.

Landmass: The Isle is roughly 380.728 kilometer/147 square miles

County: Governed by one unitary authority.

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) | British Summer Time (BST)

High season: July – August

Religion: Christianity

Language: English


Currency: Pounds Sterling (£)

Credit and Debit cards accepted.


Elevation: Maximum elevation: 242 m | Average elevation: 15 m | Minimum elevation: -1 m

Highest point: St Boniface Down – 241 metres (791 ft)


1 | Isle of Wight Biosphere Reserve, United Kingdom

2 | Isle of Wight – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Why Visit:

Famous for: Ghosts, Dinosaur bones, Victorian villages, Cycling routes, Walking & Hiking + Healing & Wellbeing retreats

Number of Visitors surpass residents >

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