The Giralda Tower in Seville | 5 master features across civilisations to look out for

There are no great ornaments that adorn this historic monument in Seville but its uniqueness lies in its marriage of architecture between a fine example of Arab design of the time and the 16th century Renaissance additions, along with its famous bells in the belfry. Here are 5 master features to look out for when you visit the Giralda Tower


In the midst of evergreen magnolias, fan palms, jasmine and myrtle, wisteria, trees of lemons and oranges is the enchanting Mercury Pond at Royal Alcazar in Seville.

The rich Gothic Palace at Royal Alcazar of Seville

Home to a wealth of architectural curiosities and rich archaeological mysteries, the medieval Gothic Palace at Royal Alcazar of Seville was built in the 13th century by the Castilian King Alfonso X as a symbol of victory

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Best tips for the Alcazar and Cathedral + Giralda of Seville

The Alcazar and Cathedral + Giralda of Seville are three very popular attractions in the Andalusian capital city that commands a rich flow of visitors every year. Visit them in half a day without queuing!

Best Tip for Priority Visit to Royal Alcazar Seville

Breeze by the long queues and enjoy the oldest royal palace in Europe still in use with a priority visit to Royal Alcazar in Seville.