10 Best River Boat Trips in Seville and Water Activities

Amidst the tolling bells of the Giralda, the vibrant vibes and the historic monuments, cruises and river boat trips in Seville on the historic Guadalquivir River offer a tranquil experience of the city. Add one or more of these activities to your itinerary and have a fabulous time in Seville

Triana Seville | Stay Eat Explore

A visit to emblematic Triana, a small barrio across the River Guadalquivir. An endearing neighbourhood reflective of the hospitality and warmth Southern Spain is famous for – a barrio that ought to be discovered a little at a time and you will soon realise it is well worth your time.

The Hall of Ambassadors at Royal Alcazars of Seville

The Hall of Ambassadors at Royal Alcazars of Seville was remodelled extensively during the reign of Castilian King Pedro I in the 14th century to become the most resplendent room in the palace. And it is!!

The Bohemian Seville | Top Places to Stay Eat Explore

The Bohemian Seville is a neighbourhood that is continuously renewed through imagination, art and style, that embodies the true taste of Seville’s local life. Read and plan your visit …