Mighty Dover Castle England in 1 Day

Perched above the picturesque White Cliffs of Dover, is Dover Castle England. Known as the ‘Key to England’, this incredibly formidable fortress has been England’s first line of defence for centuries with extraordinary chronicles to tell …

Presently October 2021| Fun folklores and traditions

With autumn dressing herself in bold and vibrant homely hues, of scarlet maple and golden leaves, the season creates a sense of inner calm. Along with special birthstone and birthflower, presently October takes a look at traditions and at some important events

Presently September 2021

September – an incredible month of harvest, lores and Moon festivals…

Top 5 hotels in Inverness City Centre

The small city of Inverness in the northeast coast of Scotland is a perfect base for exploring the unspoilt Scottish wilderness, breathtaking landscapes, multitude of castle ruins and the most famous loch in the world. Hotels in Inverness offer great choices to suit all budgets and lifestyle. Here are top 5 hotels for you to consider..

Inverness | A Complete Guide to the Capital of the Highlands

Though a small city in Scotland’s northeast coast. Inverness offers a wealth of discovery, so much more than a base to visit the infamous Loch Ness, or the surrounding attractions. From fine food, historic architecture, green spaces and Highland tales, Inverness is perfect for short getaways. Plan your itinerary to Inverness with this Complete Guide to the Capital of the Highland so that you do not miss the highlights of the city and things to do around the cultural city of the Highlands.

5 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy A Visit to the Sky Garden London

5 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy A Visit to the Sky Garden London Sky Garden London opened in 2015 and offer visitors breathtaking views of London’s Skyline. You can enjoy a visit here for FREE if you plan your visit beforehand. Follow me while I introduce to you my top 5 reasons why you would…… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Will Enjoy A Visit to the Sky Garden London