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When dusk comes, we think of moonlight. A time we reflect upon the day passed and hopeful of a day to be renewed by the light of the sun.

It is different in the City of Verona.

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City of Verona

Verona by night
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Sunset, River Adige, Verona | Italy

In the gilded light of dusk, the medieval City of Verona comes alive. It usually starts at about five or towards six o’clock in the evening during the off-season months. It could be later in the summer. Both the historic squares, Piazza Bra and Piazza delle Erbe fill with both young and elderly locals dressed up in their best or fanciest designer clothing, and shoes. Along with tourists who have come to experience the unique Veronese culture.

Soon, amidst the tolling bells of Torre dei Lamberti, the clinks and clanks of the historic market squares, the glasses chink! The spritz drinking tribe of Verona, young Italian youths and glamorous elderly locals are on their time honoured Italian daily ritual of pre-dinner passeggiata. It is a time to see and be seen.

Verona’s relaxed culture but one that is full of life will soon win you over. It is highly recommended that this ancient Italian culture is experienced at least once by visitors.

As well, while Verona remains an attraction for history and the legendary Shakespearean lovers, visitors to modern day medieval City of Verona will instantly recognise that it has so much more than the literary world will have them believe – that it is a city that drips in old time romance, a safe city for moonlight walks (please ensure you take the necessary safety precautions) and is one of the best European cities to visit!

What to expect from this article on City of Verona Guide – A Complete Travel Resource

Whether you are on a guided of self-guided vacation to visit this beautiful city, you can be confident that this, ultimate guide on the City of Verona is all you need to plan your visit.

To support your visit for an authentic Veronese experience, there is a selection of detailed and comprehensive individual articles for you to peruse at your convenience. The articles on this city guide cover things to do in Verona. You can select and learn about the history, culture and cuisines of the city. From how to get around the city, places to stay to a selection of unique experiences to get into when you visit. All related articles on Verona can be found as you scroll down, under the heading “Things to do | What to Explore, Discover & Enjoy in and around the City of Verona”

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You will absolutely love timeless memories you shall create. Your experiences will have you speak about your trip for a long time, a very long time after your visit to Verona, a city that is or becoming one of the best European cities not to miss. Here is an overview of the City of Verona, learn about ways to get to this city followed by what to expect on your visit to modern day Verona.

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About the City of Verona

As the third largest city in northern Italy, Verona is often overlooked by tourists who venture to the more popular cities of Milan and Venice in the region. Having said that, Verona is one of Italy’s loveliest towns that draws visitors to its summer Opera season and to its prehistoric heritage. Rich in Roman ruins, Verona boasts remarkable Romanesque and Gothic architecture as well. You can find this enchanting city at the following GPS location:

45 ° 26 ‘18.183 “N 10 ° 59’ 29.837” E

City of Verona | Location of Verona in relation to other cities in northern Italy

An overview of Verona’s geography

River Adige, Verona
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River Adige runs through the City of Verona | Italy

Visiting the old medieval town of Verona at anytime of the year and you can’t but admire its special relationship with nature.

Located in the Veneto region of Italy, on the western part of the Venetian plain, Verona sits between the meandering Adige River at the foot of the Lessini Mountains. Its landscape is varied, with plains to the south, hills in the centre and mountains to the north.

Best 10 day trip from Milan
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picturesque Lake Garda | City of Verona Guide

With easy access to Lake Garda nearby, the area is captivating with beautiful views and Mediterranean foliage. There are also the enthralling rolling hills of Valpolicella , a region well known for the excellent wines of Amarone, Soave and Custoza that it produces. Wines aside, there is the sweet breath of fresh country air that you will enjoy while exploring the larger mountains that offer wonderful countryside for walks and hikes.

Climate in Verona

Climate wise, be prepared for a more continental rather than a Mediterranean weather, giving you cold, damp winters and hot, muggy summers. The average temperature of the coldest month (January) is 2.5 °C (36 °F), and the warmest month (July) is 24.4 °C (76 °F).

Learn more about the weather, seasons, and events from Best time to Visit Italy

How to get to the City of Verona

Verona is a well connected city by road, train and by air.

By road

The City is easily reachable by road. It is conveniently located at 160 kilometres (about 100 miles) east of Milan and 114 kilometres (75 miles) east of Venice. Take the A4 motorway that runs between Milan and Venice, and exit at Verona Sud. Alternatively, you could take the A22 Brennan-Modena motorway, and exit at Verona Sud. From Verona Sud, there are visible signage to Verona City Centre.

By train

Verona’s main railway station is Porta Nuova. It has very good connections to the major cities. You can reach either Venice or Milan in under two-hours. Learn more about transportation in Verona where you would find all the details and information needed to plan your journey.

By Air

Verona is served by an international airport at Villafranca, located 12 kilometres southwest of the City. It’s IATA code is VRN.

From Villafranca Airport to Verona City Centre or your hotel

Explore Verona on a Trike
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Arrive in style at your accommodation – photo credit GYG

There are easy connections to Verona main train station, Porta Nuova Station by Aerobus. The service runs every 20-minutes. From Porto Nuova, you may need to take the local bus or a taxi to your hotel.

Alternatively, you could select a private transfer. I recommend this option especially if you are travelling in a group or as a family. You would be met at the airport and a pleasant ride of about 30-40 minutes (depending on traffic) you would arrive at your hotel, hassle and stress free! It makes a perfect start to your vacation. Even if you are travelling solo, this is a great option for you as well. Saves you time and hassle. A private transfer is my all time favourite option. Book your private transfer by going to this page.

If you are into a little adventure from the moment you land at Villafranca, you could arrive at your hotel in style – book an airport transfer by trike!

Learn more about How to get around Verona – public transport and best ways to explore which includes a map.

Modern day medieval City of Verona

While modern day medieval City of Verona attracts tourists to its Roman heritage, world famous balcony and Renaissance galleries, it is the mystique that surrounds the narrow alleys, secret gardens, underground remains and hidden churches that is most attractive. You will find these as you stroll through this easily walkable city, during the day or in the moonlight.

night time view of verona
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Night time view, City of Verona, Italy

A city that drips in old time romance

A chat over an aperitivo with a local and you will instantly recognise how resolutely in love they are with their enchanting city. Despite the fictitious story of the star-crossed lovers, you will be drawn to their dreamy lifestyle of watching the sunset over Ponte Pietra or an evening swim in Lake Garda. They will happily chat about the best local gelateria and where to enjoy the best fresh lobster with tagliatelle or the best truffle risotto. Wine lover or not, you will be enchanted with their knowledge of Amarone and Valpolicella and feel much encouraged to explore the winery region on an E-bike! Verona, they’ll say is a city that drips in old time romance, and they will have you believe it is the most romantic city in the world, whether you’d agree or not.

Authentic Veronese experience

Popularly regarded as the City for Lovers, the mythologised Juliet’s balcony seems to be where everyone heads to. While a visit to Juliet’s House, along with the best of the beaten track is highly recommended, explore also the cradle of Verona as well as the surrounding countryside for an authentic Veronese experience. Select a walking experience or ride a bike through the City of Verona. Spend some time exploring the wineries and create your own wine with a personalised label. There are so many more unique experiences for you to explore and you can peruse them on this page.

Best of the beaten track

While the best of the beaten track in the city of Verona is well-known but the insights and the many ‘spots’ are often missed! So, when in Verona and you are visiting:

Juliet’s House

The most popular visitor’s attraction in Verona has also inspired several movies. Learn more about the background to Juliet’s House and a sneak peek into this famous house.

Read: Romeo & Juliet in Fair Verona.

Verona Arena

Learn about this monument’s 2000 years of history and explore one or two of the many ways to experience this ancient site – a medieval marvel that can’t be missed!

Read: Verona Arena

Piazzas in Verona

Read: Piazza Bra | Best 7 Experiences

piazza delle erbe
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podium la berlina

Read: Piazza delle Erbe

Climb the Tower

Learn more: Lamberti Tower

Discover more of this amazing city via the links on Things to do.

Beautiful places to stay in Verona

Places to stay in Veron
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Ponte Pietra Bridge | Verona

Verona boasts many places to stay but the carefully selected top 7 places to stay in Verona offer special experiences. Stay in one of the most sold-out places where you wake up to the sight of famous Juliet’s balcony or stay at an 18th century historic building, once owned by the famous composer and Opera singer, Giovanni himself! Wherever you wish to stay, the selected places are great choices and a good place to start your search for accommodations in Verona.

Learn more > Top 7 places to stay in Verona

Cuisines of Verona

Cuisines of Verona is quite different to the rest of the Italian dishes. Apart from, and more than pasta, Risotto is a popular dish in Verona.

Risotto Amarone
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Risotto Amarone

Risotto and Polenta

Verona produces one of the best special risotto rice variety, known as Vialone Nano. Vialone Nano is the base of many of their risotto dishes. A traditional risotto is nowadays cooked with a generous amount of Amarone or truffle, both picked from the surrounding hills of Veneto.

A dish that is equally popular is Polenta, a thick creamy boiled cornmeal dish. It is eaten hot, topped with salami, cured meat and cheese.

Pastisada de Caval – an unusual but popular traditional dish

An unusual but extremely popular traditional dish amongst Veronese is the Pastisada de caval, or horse meat stew. This dish dates back to Roman times. As the name suggests, the stew is made with horse meat marinated in red wine, onions, carrots and a variety of herbs and spices. The key to its distinctive taste is the slow cooking, which can take up to three days. The horse meat stew dish is served with polenta or potato gnocchi.

Dessert – Nadalin | Pandoro

As for dessert, there is the Nadalin or Pandoro, a Christmas cake that is a traditional Veronese dessert. It is good to be eaten all year round. You wouldn’t find a restaurant or an osteria without it.

Eat your way around quintessential Verona either by foot or on a bike. Sip some local wine. Taste local food. Learn about the historic sights and monuments along the way. A splendid experience!


~ is a traditional Veronese restaurant. It was originally a place for serving local wine and simple food for a male majority audience. These days, osterias are popular for serving seasonal dishes and local wines, while retaining their small portions. Some bring you unique meals, but still very simple.

Thoughts on City of Verona

As you may have gathered from reading the above, part of me is in love with this Italian city. The history, the culture, the cuisines and the surrounding hills are experiences I’d cherish. Verona is a European city I would return to many times in the future and I am certain there will hidden gems to be explored each time.

Curated just for you

Finally, this page is curated to support your travel to Verona. This guide allows you to design your vacation your way, giving you the best of either guided or self-guided vacation. I sincerely hope that you find this article valuable to you in planning your visits to the City of Verona. If so, please let me know in comments below or via Contact Form, I would love to hear from you. Subscribe to join us at Timeless Travel Steps to receive all the latest news and events. As well, use the links embedded in this article and related articles to book your stay, hire a bike or activities in Verona. TTS earns a commission at no cost to you at all. As always, we appreciate your support.

Have splendid adventures exploring and discovering the romantic City of Verona 🙂

Georgina xoxo

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Things to do | What to Explore, Discover & Enjoy in and around the City of Verona

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City of Verona Guide
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City of Verona Guide
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City of Verona Guide
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City of Verona Guide
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    Oh I wish we had time to visit Verona when we were in Italy! Your pictures are beautiful and I would love to explore this Medieval town. Saving for later!

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    I love Verona! I had the opportunity to visit while I was in Uni yearssss ago, for just a couple of hours. I’d love to return and really experience it some more. We wandered for ages trying to find Juliet’s Balcony haha. I never did find it!

  8. Looks lovely. I adore Italy. Can’t believe I’ve not made it to Verona yet. Love trying out the local cuisine although not sure I could try the horsemeat stew!

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    Wow what a gorgeous city! The food, culture and architecture totally appeals to me. Looks just stunning and I’d love to go as soon as COVID isn’t stopping me!

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    I had no idea that polenta was popular in Italy … I love it, and discovered it in California .. and thought it was a migrant from Mexico .. but now I see i have to learn more about it, and see what Italian style dishes I can create with it.

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    Intersting post. The beginning made me feel like I was in Verona. Lots of helpful information too. Your love for the city comes through.

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