Getting around Verona: Guide to Public Transport + Best Ways to Explore


Explore the romantic medieval city to your heart’s content easily and at leisure — getting around Verona is convenient by public transport, but you can easily walk around to experience the authentic Verona also.

What to expect from this post on transportation in Verona

This post sets out a comprehensive guide to getting around Verona and public transportation in the city.

The primary and popular public transport in Verona is the bus. There are various types of tickets you can purchase for your bus journeys. This post sets out the type of tickets your could purchase, where and how to purchase these tickets along with the costs of these tickets.

Also embedded is a simple guide on how to get to Verona from the train stations (Porta Nuova or Porta Vescovo) or from the airport (Verona Villafranca, VRN). All in all, this is a complete guide to getting to and around Verona and the only guide you need to plan your vacation.


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Moreover, the historic centre of Verona is limited to traffic (ZTL). While vehicle access is permitted in some areas, this is limited to certain areas at certain times only. Therefore, while driving is possible, you may have to park in dedicated parking areas, outside of the perimetres of the city centre.

With these practicalities in mind, this easy-to-use and comprehensive guide on getting around Verona is designed as the ultimate support for your visit. With this guide, you could design your way around the city and navigate the public transport in Verona to suit your itinerary.


Verona is located in the Veneto region of Northern Italy. The city lies at the foot of the Lessini Mountains and is half encircled by the Adige River. Verona sits 105 kilometres (65 miles) west of Venice and was founded by an ancient group. Being second to Venice only for its population and architectural interests, this medieval old town is a joy to explore!

Timeless Travel Steps Best Tips:

Looking for an effortless way to discover the city that drips in old time romance?

Join a small group tour, dedicated to ensure you have the best experiences.

Explore more walking tours >>


There are a number of ways to get around Verona. While the main public transport in Verona is the bus, you could also take a taxi, hire a car, hire a bike, join group tours or you could simply explore on a self-guided walk.

1 | Public Transport in Verona

Verona’s public transport is operated by ATV (Azienda Transporti Verona Sri).

ATV, Verona | getting around Verona | public transport in Verona
Buses in Verona operated by ATV

The buses in Verona are managed by ATV. They are green and operate daily. The service is frequent, reliable and good. There are bus stops everywhere in Verona and the service is really good during the day. Just be aware that timetables and bus routes are different on Sundays and bank holidays (and during the night!).

Verona’s main bus terminal is located in front of the train station, at Verona Porta Nuova. From there buses depart for the various neighbourhoods (city buses) and for the provinces (from the northern part of lake Garda to the southern limit of Verona district). For convenience, download the App for bus routes and timetable using the link below.

Download the WEBAPP of Verona City Routes and Timetable.

Following is a guide on how and where to purchase public transport tickets including the type of tickets available for purchase.

1.1 | How to buy bus tickets in Verona

Bus tickets are sold at bus station, at tobacconists and newsagents around the city of Verona. Tickets can also be purchased onboard the bus. However, take note of the benefits of purchasing before boarding the bus:

1.2 | Type of bus tickets, where to buy them and costs of the tickets

Tickets for the city area of Verona, primarily for occasional travellers:

i | Tickets are cheaper if purchased before boarding the bus;

ii | Cost: €1.30;

iii | Tickets are non-transferable;

iv | When purchased before boarding, tickets are valid for 90 minutes from the time it is first stamped and allows the traveller to use the entire urban network.

v | Tickets must be validated in the machine as soon as you board each time and this includes transfers. Don’t forget to do that or you might get a fine.

Urban tickets purchased onboard:

i | You can purchase tickets onboard the bus using the automated ticket machines;

ii | Cost of ticket: €2.00

iii | Just know that the automated machines do not give change back;

iv | Tickets purchased onboard is valid only for the one-way trip and transfers are not allowed.

Daily tickets:

i | Daily tickets can be purchased at ticket offices;

ii | Cost of ticket: €4.00

iii | Unlimited journeys on the entire urban network of Verona city for the whole day;

iv | Includes transfers as many times;

v | You must have the ticket stamped each time you board the bus;

vi | Expires at midnight of the day when first stamped.

10 tickets carnets:

i | Cost: €11.70

ii | Buy them in ticket offices;

iii | It is a carnet of 10 tickets – each ticket is valid for 90 minutes from first stamped;

iv | Must be stamped each time you board the bus;

v | Once stamped, each ticket allows the traveller to use the entire Verona urban network.

For the latest on public transportation and ticket prices, look-up ATV’s official page here. [Tel: +39 045 805 7811]

Timeless Travel Steps Best Tips:

Don’t want the hassle of having to buy bus tickets for each journey or buying in carnets and not use them?

Opt for the Verona City Card which is great value for independent travellers. Not only do you save money, but time as well. With the city card you can:

1 | Hop-on and hop-off at the city’s monuments;

2 | Enjoy rides within the city limits on the ATV for free!

3 | Includes Priority access to the Verona Arena;

4 | Includes Priority access to the Lamberti Tower;

5 | Access to museums and loads more.

Select from either 24 or 48 hour to suit your duration of visit.

2 | Taxis in Verona

Taxis in Verona must be picked-up from the designated taxi ranks located throughout the city, and this includes at the train station, Piazza Bra and Piazza delle Erbe.

For same day taxi bookings, it is advisable to book at least one hour prior.

You could ask your hotel to call a taxi for you as there is one usually available at short notice.

2.1 | What you need to know about taxis in Verona:

i | Taxis are more expensive in the evenings and at night – that’s just the way the regulation goes;

ii | The meter starts running when the taxis leave to come to collect you. So, when you get into the taxi, you would already see a charge on the meter.

iii | Safety rules of Taxis – As in any other countries and situations when you use taxis, ensure there is a working meter when you get into the taxi. Also, ensure that it is used.

iv | Fixed rate taxis – There are fixed rates to the airport and to some destinations. Ensure you are aware what the cost is before you hire a taxi. You could always ask the hotel reception to get you the quotes or ask the taxi company at the time you make your enquiries.


It is worth noting that the historic centre in Verona is limited to or no traffic is permitted at all. Learn more about the controlled zones (Zona a Traffico Limitato) from the official page of Province of Verona here.

Getting around Verona - ZTL map
Image taken from the official site of Municipality of Verona | Jun 2020

Although vehicle access is permitted in some areas, this is limited to certain areas at certain times only. You can subscribe to the Telegram Channel of Comune di Verona for the latest updates on traffic conditions and alert situations. Go to this official page to subscribe.


The thing about this medieval town is that it is small, compact and is easily walkable. You will be surprised at how the narrow streets connects to each other. Most streets are so narrow that it is suitable for only one vehicle at a time. You can conveniently avoid driving or avoid the confines of public transportation.

1 | Walk and explore the enchanting medieval town and UNESCO site

Exploring this Roman town on foot allows you to appreciate both the historic piazzas and the surrounding streets that offer so much more to cultural experiences than a simple spot of attraction.

The shopfront of a deli in Verona
Shop front of a deli in Verona
Shop front of COS - a fashion store Verona | getting around Verona
Shop front of COS, a fashion store

Walk through the narrow alleys, discover the hidden gelaterias or the secret gardens and churches. Enjoy the little boutiques as well as the luxury brands such as Gucci, Givenchy and Valentino. Via Mazzini, located on the northern side of Piazza Bra, is the place to be to experience some of Italy’s big brand names. Running parallel to Via Mazzini is Corso Porta Borsari where you can shop till you drop for some delightful fashion and shoes.

1.1 | For Foodies

For foodies, there are endless delis specialising in pasta, salami, olive oils and herbs. The mouth-watering truffle risotto, creamy polenta, pasta dishes, warm breads and Veronese cheeses are unforgettable experiences to savour!

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1.2 | For the romantic souls 🙂

A visit to this enchanting UNESCO listed site is not complete without a visit to Juliet’s House on Via Cappello, 23. The indescribable emotions and the messages that surrounds the courtyard is worth experiencing.

Juliet's Balcony | Verona
Juliet’s Balcony, Verona
Juliet's Statue in the courtyard.2
Statue of Juliet in the courtyard
Graffiti and love notes on the doors in the courtyard of Juliet's House, Verona
Graffiti of messages of love written by couples at Juliet House

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1.3 | For history buffs

Discover secret gardens and underground churches where excavations are still going on to unravel the history of this ancient civilisation.

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1.4 | Take pleasure in simple delights

Bask in the simple delight of rainbow coloured window shutters and balconies with ivies! It’s simple. It’s beautiful.

For timeless experiences where you walk and explore, you can design a self-guided walking itinerary or join a group walking tour for a day to suit your schedule. Whether it is slow-travel to fully immerse in the Veronese culture or a full-packed itinerary.

Below are some suggestions for you.

1.5 | Self-guided Walking Tour – Start the day at Piazza Bra

Start your day at Piazza Bra.

Piazza Bra | Arena di Verona | Via Mazzini | Juliet’s House | Piazza delle Erbe | Torre dei Lamberti | Catterdrale di Verona

How to use this Google map: Click on the arrow at the top left corner of the map. You will see the places next to colour-coded markers. Click on the individual places to learn more.

1.6 | Join a Group Walking Tour

One of the activities I strongly recommend doing when visiting any city or country, either solo or as a couple/family is to join a group tour. The benefits are many but here are some:

i | Group tours are generally great value for money;

ii | The tour guides are knowledgeable and have so many stories to share about Verona’s history, handed down to them by their elders. You may not find these stories in history or guide books.

iii | They know the best spots to stop for photographs.

iv | They know the best places to eat and drink.

Explore 9 possibilities where you could discover this ancient city’s history, culture and food.

2 | Explore the City with a Bike

Exploring Verona with a bike is quite pleasant. You will certainly reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the environment positively while enjoying your trip.

You could either hire a bike for a self-guided tour or you could join a value for money bike tour group. Choices below:

2.1 | Hire a bike for a self-guided tour of the city through the city’s bike-share scheme

The city runs a bike-share scheme – Verona Bike. Their stations are conveniently central at Piazza Bra and Castelvecchio Museum.

Bike Share Scheme in Verona. Piazza Bra Station
Verona Bike Share Scheme at Piazza Bra, Verona

Go to Verona Bike official page here.

You could design your itinerary to suit.

2.2 | Join a bike tour group

Alternatively if you want to get a great orientation and an appreciation of history to this historic town, join a bike tour.

A bike tour will give you local insights of the city from a knowledgeable guide. See more and cycle to the cradle of the city, across River Adige. Visit the Basilica of San Zeno and the Art Nouveau villas of the Borgo Trento, one of Verona’s loveliest neighbourhoods. Enjoy cycling routes with little traffic with opportunities to stop for photos.

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3 | Hop on the open-top red bus

The hop-on-hop-off open-top red bus is a great option as well if you want to combine walking with a bus tour. It gives visitors two routes that have been designed specifically to show the main attractions of Verona. You can hop-off at an attraction to spend time exploring and return to the designated stop to hop-on again to your next destination. Visitors can learn more about the historic city from the multilingual audio commentary that goes with this tour.

There are 24-hour or 48-hour tickets available to suit your itinerary. As always, these purchases comes with protection for you where you can cancel 24-hours prior and receive a full refund if there are any changes to your plans at the last minute.

Buy Verona 24 or 48 hour hop-on hop-off tickets


You can get to Verona by air, train and by road.

1 | From Verona Airport to Verona City Centre

Verona has one airport, Valerio Catullo (VRNairport, also known as Verona Villafranca. It is located about 10 kilometres southwest of central Verona. The airport has two terminals. There are three primary ways to get to Verona city from Verona Villafranca.

1.1 | A Comfortable Private Transfer

I would highly recommend a private transfer as I use this mode of transport frequently. There is no difference in costs between a taxi and a private transfer. In fact, by booking a private transfer beforehand, travelling from the airport to your destination in Verona is hassle and stress free. You will be met by the driver, at the airport and you do not have to wait in queue for a taxi.

Book a comfortable transfer from Verona Airport to Verona city centre.

1.2 | By Bus

There are regular Aerobus service operating between Verona Villafranca Airport and the Verona Train Station. The journey is twenty minutes and costs €6.00. Learn more from ATV official website here

1.3 | By Taxi

You could take a taxi for about €35.00. Taxis can be booked in advance. The taxi rank can be found at the exit of the Arrivals Terminal. The following taxi companies are listed on the official website of Verona Villafranca:

Unione Radio Taxi – Tel: +39 045 532666 | RadioTaxi Catullo – Tel: +39 045 2223525

2 | From Verona’s Railway Train Station to Verona City Centre

Verona is served by two train stations and there are three ways to get to Piazza Bra, centre of town.

The primary train station is located at Verona Porta Nuova, and the other is Verona Porta Vescovo, situated at the south of the city centre.

2.1 | Getting to Piazza Bra, centre of town from Verona Porta Nuova, 37138 Verona, Province of Verona, Italy

From Verona Porta Nuova station, take Line Bus 13 to Piazza Bra, centre of town. It is a five-minute ride and costs around €2.00. Alternatively, you can walk to Piazza Bra. It is located about a mile and takes around twenty minutes. There is also the option to take a taxi which may costs between €7.00 to €8.00.

2.2 | Getting to Piazza Bra from Verona Porta Vescovo, Piazzale 25 Aprile, Province of Verona, Italy

Take Line Bus 13 to Piazza Bra. It takes twelve minutes and costs €2.00 – €3.00. You may want to take a taxi and journey time is significantly less – about three minutes but it will costs you €10.00. Porta Vescovo is located within walking distance of Piazza Bra and it will take you thirty minutes.

3 | By road

Car Rental

International Car Hire companies – Europcar, Sixt, Maggiore and Hertz are located outside of Arrivals at Car Park 3. You can find out more on car rentals from this official page of Verona Airport.


If you are planning on staying a few days in Verona, these beautiful top 7 accommodations are highly recommended for its views, locations and service. Take a look.


And when in Verona, get a fuller experience of the Veneto region. Explore the Veneto wine regions, and discover one of the most beautiful lakes, Garda which can be reached in under an hour.

On a final note

It is my sincere desire that this easy-to-use comprehensive guide to public transportation and ways to explore Verona is the ultimate guide for you to get around Verona, the medieval city. It is designed to support your independent travel as well as supported travel – all ensuring that you are fully informed and know what to expect.

Verona is a pretty city with so many layers of history to uncover, and you really got to experience it at least once.

Should you find these articles helpful to you, use the links embedded here and related articles to book your journey by air, train travel, your stay, or guided tours. Timeless Travel Steps earns a commission from qualifying purchases at no cost to you at all. Your support, as always is much appreciated.

Have a great time exploring Verona 🙂


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