Unique experiences in the City of Verona

Unique experiences in the City of Verona

When visiting the historic City of Verona in northern Italy, take the opportunity and discover the incredible city that is more than the tale of the star-crossed lovers. The unique experiences in the City of Verona will have you yearning for more. The heritage of this city is rich. Home to a Roman open air amphitheatre, studded by bell towers, beautifully paved Piazza in pink marble liston, and layers upon layers of history still being unearthed, it is a city that offers something for everyone.

There is a range of dynamic restaurants offering the best local cuisines you can find in northern Italy. Along with this, there is a growing number of designer boutiques opening up between the frescoed churches which you wouldn’t want to miss. One thing to note though, is that when the lights go down, the city awakens. It becomes something of a haven for the young and old, especially the young lovers. So, it is worth bearing in mind that Verona is a city best enjoyed at night.

unique experiences in the city of Verona
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City of Verona half encircled by River Adige

This beautiful city of Verona is half-encircled by the Adige River at the foot of the Lessini Mountains. The landscape is varied-plains to the south, hills in the centre and mountains to the north, thus creating scenic rolling hills, beautiful lakes and valleys. So, it is worth exploring the extraordinary landscapes of the countryside and experience Verona like you’ve never seen before.

Selection of unique experiences in the City of Verona

With so much on offer in Verona, narrowing them for best experiences may sometimes be time consuming. To support your travel planning, we at timelesstravelsteps together with our trusted partner, Get your Guide (GYG), have carefully selected some unique experiences in the City of Verona for you to consider. GYG is my go to resource for unique experiences and activities because of their favourable cancellation policy. With “no questions” asked approach to cancellation up to 24 hours before the activity starts for a full refund coupled with their excellent customer service makes Get Your Guide one of the best suppliers in the tourism industry. Give them a go, if you haven’t already and let me know what you think .

All images used to describe the unique experiences on this page are from Get Your Guide unless otherwise stated. I have experienced some of these unique experiences in Verona when I visited last November which I share in my various posts written on this charming city. For purposes of clarity and what you can expect, All information provided relating to the selected unique experiences are from Get Your Guide.

Scroll through all the way down to see our selection of guided tours for your unique experiences in the City of Verona:

Selection of guided walking tours you will love

Food & Wine walking tour

A walk through Verona’s historical centre and its main monuments while stopping to taste some local food and wine. A good all-round experience of Verona.

3 hours

Food & Wine Walking Tour

Verona in Love tour

In this experience, you will discover the locations of the movie “Letters to Juliet” as well as the most romantic and meaningful places of Romeo and Juliet’s love story. A great opportunity to marvel at the beauty of Verona.

75 minutes

Verona Noir – Mystery walking tour

To be honest, there is nothing more special than discovering Verona at night. Find out the best hidden secrets of Verona during the ages of darkness and fear. What happened in the Arena on the Ides of March of year 54AD ? This experience gives you a totally different perspective of Verona and marvel at the mysteries surrounding this city

75 minutes

City highlights tours

City highlights guided walking tour

In this experience of 1.5 hour highlights walking tour, you will see Piazza Erbe, the Scala family tombs (Arche Scaligere), Juliet’s house, Via Mazzini, Gran Guardia, the Arena di Verona and more.

1.5 hours

Verona moonlight walking tour

GYG: Explore Verona in the evening, the perfect time to see the magic of this city. Spot the Lovers’ Well and learn about it’s heart-breaking story. Walk along the picturesque streets and discover the Roman-age Porta Borsari. End the tour at the spectacular Arena in Piazza Bra

75 minutes | Starts at 8:00 p.m.

Walking tour with skip the line Arena ticket

GYG: Discover the spectacular city of Verona, a UNESCO heritage site on a guided walking tour. Enter the 2000-year old Arena with a skip-the-line ticket and learn about the history of this ancient site.

2.5 hours

Experiences by Bike

The Classic & the Unknown Original Verona Bike Tour

GYG: See the best of Verona on a 3-hour bike tour. See some of Verona’s most unconventional sites. Admire the urban structure and architecture of the past 2,000 years. Enjoy a small-group tour with a maximum of 12 people.

3 hours

Custoza E-bike tour

GYG: An easy and fun ride immersed in the rolling hills and spectacular views of the countryside. Visit a family-run winery. It’s an amazing experience for anyone willing to discover a territory through its flavors and traditions. Includes a visit to the cellars surrounded by the unmistakable smell of the old barrels and learn how the amazing Custoza wine is produced.

4 hours

Verona food tour by bike

GYG: A 3-hour riding tour in which you can taste your way through the backstreet bars of Verona called “Osterias”. Enjoy delicious food and wine at 3 different local venues, while riding a bike and sightseeing through the town.

3 hours

Selection of unique winery visits for both novices and aficionados

Amarone Wine trail tour

GYG: Enjoy a guided wine tour of the Valpolicella valley from Verona. Taste the wines at one of the most beautiful wineries of the region – the acclaimed Ripasso and majestic Amaro. Visit 2 typical wine cellars. Learn how Amarone wine is made.

4 hours

Vineyard & Winery tour with wine tasting

GYG: Immerse yourself in the world of wine on this unforgettable tour of a family run winery in the heart of Valpolicella. Explore the 17th century winery, cellar and a private rural house. Meet the locals at this 5-generation family run winery. Learn about the process of wine making, and enjoy a wine tasting session with local food on the terrace.

2 hours

Valpolicella – 2 hour guided winery tour with wine tasting

GYG: Discover beautiful Valpolicella on an exclusive guided winery tour and a tasting experience with a professional sommelier. Learn about its history and wine-making methods. Take part in an exceptional wine tasting with wines like Valpolicella Classic & Superior, and Amarone. 

2 hours

Beautiful experiences of wineries in Verona

Create your own wine

GYG: Visit Cantine Pasqua, a typical winery in the Verona area, to see how the local wine is produced and to taste 3 wines (a white wine, a red wine and the majestic Amarone). You will get the chance to create your own wine – choose your own blend from barriques of local grapes such as Corvina, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Then prepare the bottle complete with cork and customize your own label. A fun experience and an easy way to learn about the wines of the Verona area.

3 hours

Bertani family estate tour & wine tasting

Visit the 18th century Venetian villa and see its gorgeous frescoes, luxurious romantic gardens, and the 15th-century winery and cellars which is home to 200-year-old monumental Amarone oak casks. Discover and compare 4 different Veronese wines. at the birthplace of Amarone della Valpolicella. Learn about the characteristics of the local grape varieties and the traditional wine making processes that make these wines so unique.

1.5 hours

Soave private wine tour & tasting

Explore a beautiful area of Veneto, rich in tradition, culture and especially wine Enjoy a guided tour of the vineyards, where the grapes of the world famous Soave wine grows. Taste different varieties of Soave together with delicious local products.

3 hours

Unique food experiences in Verona

Italian Veggie meal private cooking class

GYG: If you have a passion for the Italian food & wine tradition and are into vegetarian & healthy recipes, this is something you really can’t miss!

Learn how to make a mouth-watering vegetarian meal according to the Italian tradition, from the raw ingredients to the final plate. Discover the techniques that only the Italian “massaie” know. End the cooking class with a lunch tasting what you’ve prepared along with 2 glasses of wine

4.5 hours

Private cooking class- Pizza, focaccia and panzerotti

GYG: This is a hands-on cooking class. Learn how to make the real Italian homemade pizza, focaccia and panzerotti, according to the tradition. You’ll be given fresh and authentic ingredients of the Italian culinary tradition, and you’ll be shown how to use them, respect them, and get the most out of their taste and properties. There’s a very specific technique to assemble the ingredients and manipulate the dough – just one of the secrets you’ll discover and learn during this class. At the end of the lesson, you’ll enjoy a lunch made by yourself with two glasses of wine.

4.5 hours

Private cooking class real pasta fresca

GYG: This is a hands-on cooking class during which you’ll learn how to make the real Italian “pasta fresca” according to the tradition. You’ll be given fresh and authentic ingredients where you will discover the secrets of this Italian dish.  At the end of the lesson, you’ll enjoy a lunch cooked by yourself and two glasses of wine. You’ll be given the recipes (printed and in English) of the dishes you prepared so that, in case you don’t remember them, you could easily re-create them at home!

4.5 hours

Some say, save the best for last – here are some super awesome experiences if you want to try them

Discover the amazing views of the green hills and the little alleys of this beautiful city on a Vespa.

And/or you may like to ride a Vespa through vineyards and old villages of the Morainic Hills. Limited to 6 participants.

Gelato making experience – the Italian way!

This is a fabulous 2-hour cooking class to learn the secrets on how to make traditional Italian ice cream/gelato and fresh fruit sorbet in a stylish school kitchen with a local and passionate chef.

A unique, fun and an extraordinary transport option – Trike

You can rent a trike for a full day or half a day of sightseeing – any to suit your itinerary. Better still if you want to arrive at your hotel in style, arrange an airport transfer by trike.

I sincerely hope that this post on unique experiences is valuable to you in planning your visit to the City of Verona. If so please let me know in comments below or via Contact Form, I would love to hear from you. Subscribe to join us at My Timeless Footsteps to receive all the latest news and events. As always, I am contactable at ggdaniel166@gmail.com for any further info or to design your itinerary for you.

Happy adventures in Verona 🙂

Georgina xx

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Unique experiences in the City of Verona
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