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Lake Como Frequently Asked Questions Timeless Travel Steps

Whether you’re planning a visit, curious about the best time to visit, the most popular part of the lake or seeking practical information, we’ve got you covered. Discover everything you need to know about swimming in its pristine waters, exploring the charming towns that dot its shores, and immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this iconic lake.

There are so many great questions about Lake Como one may seek answers to, and hopefully this Frequently Asked Question page has the answers for you. So, let’s dive in and find answers to your burning questions about Lake Como!


What makes Lake Como a special destination to go to?

At 410m amidst the majestic Alps, Lake Como reigns as Italy’s deepest lake, boasting an irresistible charm infused with a touch of celebrity glamour, making this a special destination to go to.

Formerly known as “Lario,” Lake Como stands out as one of Europe’s most captivating destinations. Its pristine azure waters, embraced by picturesque towns and opulent villas, create a mesmerising setting. Indulge in the region’s exquisite cuisine, further enhancing the allure of this enchanting lake. Whether exploring charming lakeside villages or basking in the breathtaking scenery, Lake Como offers an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends natural beauty, cultural richness, and a dash of celebrity allure.

When is the best month to go to Lake Como?

The best month to go to Lake Como is during the shoulder seasons of spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October), or up to mid-November. During these transitional periods, you can enjoy milder temperatures, fewer crowds, and the vibrant foliage of the surrounding areas. Exploring the charming towns becomes even more delightful with pleasant weather and a more relaxed atmosphere. These seasons offer a perfect balance, allowing you to experience the beauty of Lake Como without the peak tourist influx. It’s a prime time to experience Italy’s festivals, discover its coastal towns, and the countryside, immersing yourself in an authentic and tranquil ambiance.

How many days in Lake Como should I plan for?

I’d highly recommend that you allocate at least three to five days to fully immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of the region. A flexible itinerary within this timeframe allows you to explore the enchanting lakeside towns, including the must-visit destinations of Varenna and Bellagio, nestled within the picturesque triangle area along with the opportunity to discover offbeat charms like the scenic village of Argegno. This time frame allows for scenic boat trips, exploring cobblestone streets and hiking trails that adorn the lake’s shores along with visiting some stunning villas and indulging in the local cuisine. In this time frame, you can experience both the well-known and hidden gems, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience at Lake Como.

What is the most famous part of Lake Como?

The most famous part of Lake Como is probably the area referred to as the “Golden Triangle.” This iconic region encompasses the three picturesque towns of Bellagio, Varenna, and Menaggio. Bellagio, known as the “Pearl of Lake Como,” is celebrated for its stunning views, elegant villas, and vibrant atmosphere. Varenna, with its charming waterfront and narrow cobblestone streets, exudes a romantic allure. Menaggio, nestled in a scenic setting, offers a relaxed ambiance and serves as a gateway to further exploration. Collectively, these prettiest towns in the Golden Triangle represents the epitome of Lake Como’s beauty, showcasing the timeless allure and unmatched beauty that make Lake Como a globally celebrated destination. 

What transportation is available to get around Lake Como?

You can get around Lake Como with a combination of ferries, boats, and local transportation. The extensive ferry network provides a convenient and scenic way to travel between the towns and villages along the lake without a car. You can hop on and off at various stops, allowing you to explore different areas at your own pace. I’d personally recommend private boat tours as this allows for a more personalised experience such as swimming in Lake Como. In each town, walking is a great way to discover its charm and attractions. Local buses and taxis are available for shorter journeys or reaching destinations further inland. However, there are no Uber in Lake Como. Renting a car is an option if you prefer more flexibility, but keep in mind that parking can be limited in some areas.

Can you swim in Lake Como?

Swimming in Lake Como is indeed possible! The lake’s crystal-clear waters beckon visitors to take a refreshing dip and enjoy its natural beauty.

Is Lake Como safe to swim in?

You must exercise caution and follow some basic guidelines to ensure safety. While the water quality in Lake Como is generally safe for swimming, choose designated swimming areas with lifeguards present, especially if you’re not an experienced swimmer.

Where can you swim in Lake Como?

Popular spots for swimming include Lido di Lenno, Lido di Bellagio, and Lido Villa Olmo in Como. Additionally, with a private boat hire, you can explore other captivating locations like Comacina Island, which offers secluded swimming spots in crystal clear waters and a chance to immerse yourself in the tranquility of Lake Como’s hidden gems. Always be mindful of water conditions, obey any safety signs, and swim responsibly.

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