Metropol Parasol Seville: A Gigantic Cosy Oasis

Metropol Parasol Seville: A Gigantic Cosy Oasis

An undulating honeycombed canopy, Metropol Parasol Seville is a gigantic cosy oasis of sunshade, offering stunning panoramic views over the city and a glimpse into the city’s ancient history through its archaeological discoveries.

Metropole Parasol Seville is an expansive wooden structure and an iconic landmark in the old town of Seville, on the northern side of the Andalusian capital city. The structure is more popularly known locally as Las Setas de Sevilla ( “the Mushrooms of Seville” or simply as Las Setas ( “The Mushrooms”) for its unusual shaped structure. Las Setas is located at Plaza de la Encarnación and is one of the city’s most visited attraction.

This post entails an overview to the Metropol Parasol, what to experience on the five levels of this immense structure along with essential information to support your visit for an immersive experience.

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metropol parasol Seville | ©
Las Setas de Seville | © georgina_daniel

The largest bonded wooden construction in the world was built in 2011. The structure is made-up of six mushroom-shaped lattice parasols. Measuring 150 x 70 and approximately 28.5 metres in height, this exemplary “mushroom” is the brainchild of a German architect, Jürgen Mayer.

Mayer won the international competition to regenerate the Plaza de la Encarnación by putting forward a design inspired by the centennial Ficus of the Plaza de San Pedro and the vaults of Seville Cathedral. His design incorporated the space needed for Seville’s historic Market which had been trading here since the 1830s. Along with the Market, was the much needed shade in the sultry summers, while also respecting the ancient heritage of the city. Above all, his idea incorporated an area where the life, splendour and joy Sevillanos once enjoyed would return.


metropol parasol Seville |
Plaza de la Encarnación Seville | © georgina_daniel

Metropol Parasol is an alluring colossal sight with a ripple of sunshade alongside gigantic support trunks. The structure offer access to five levels:

1 | The Basement at Plaza de la Encarnación

The basement of the Metropol Parasol, at 5 metres below street level is accessed via escalators. It houses the ticket office, lifts to the upper floors and the Antiquarium Room.

Lifts from the basement run up to the to the meandering walkway above, El Mirador for stunning views over the city. Tickets can be purchased for the Mirador and for the Antiquarium at the ticket office here.

1.1 | The Antiquarium Room at Metropol Parasol

Antiquarium Room Metropol Parasol Seville |
Antiquarium Room Plaza de la Encarnación Seville © georgina_daniel

When works for the Metropol Parasol were undertaken, excavations led to the archaeological discovery of Roman remains from the 1st century and further discovery of an Islamic house built during the Almohad era, between 12th and 13th centuries.

The Antiquarium Room is well-designed. With clearly defined walkways and each excavated area is separated with a glass membrane, giving a sense of space and light to reflect. Among many of the artefacts discovered on display are mosaics, foundation of a house and oil lamps. There are information on display here that cover the middle and modern ages.

2 | The Ground Floor at Plaza de la Encarnación

Merkado el Carnacion Las Setas Seville | ©
Plaza de la Encarnación Seville | © georgina_daniel

On the ground floor of Las Setas, is the renovated modern Mercado de la Encarnación and catering spaces. The historic market that began in the 1830s was the first fresh food market in Seville. The Encarnación Market now still retains its reputation as an important source of fresh food frequented by the locals and tourists. The Mercado has about 40 stalls of fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, meat, grocery and cheeses along with pickles and bars.

3 | The Lower Level at Plaza de la Encarnación

Las Setas Seville |
Plaza Mayor at Las Setas de Sevilla | © georgina_daniel

The lower level encompasses the area below the parasol, a shady elevated space known as Plaza Mayor. This space is designed to host all kinds of entertainment and music events. A popular space for the local teens to hangout as well.

4 | Central Parasol at Plaza de la Encarnación

At the height of 22 metres, in the central parasol of the Las Setas de Sevilla is a tapas restaurant

5 | El Mirador Metropol Parasol Seville

The lifts from the basement run up to the celebrated winding walkway (Mirador) that offer spectacular views over Seville. The views are spellbinding in the evening!

metropol parasol Seville | sunset

The Mirador consists of 250 metres of footbridges, offering various nostalgic views over the colourful city from several view-points. Visitors can enjoy an immersive experience at daytime or at night Both occasions are worthwhile experiences.


The Metropol Parasol is an impressive, mind-blowing gigantic wooden structure that attests to Seville’s cultural and historic importance. Despite its vast size, it creates a huge never-ending oasis of a playground offering sunshade from Seville’s scorching summer sun, while the coziness of gentle breeze and the rolling hues of the evening sunlight makes an unforgettable experience. A visit is highly encouraged.


Add: Plaza de la Encarnación, s/n 41003 Seville.

Tel:  954 561 512


Entry price: From €10

Visiting hours:

Winter hours (November to March):

Monday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

Summer timetable (from April to October):

Monday to Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

*Last entry: half an hour before closing.

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