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Welcome to this space where you’ll discover all our monthly e-columns since 2021. Timeless Travel Steps’ monthly e-column offers a delightful introduction to people and culture primarily of the United Kingdom and also more generally about events or festivals across other countries.

The 2021 e-columns begins with uncovering each Gregorian calendar month, along with origins, fun-facts, festivals, and astrological connections. The column also highlights flowers, birthstones, and past events. Timeless Travel Steps’ e-columns are designed as a valuable, feel-good, easy read with the purpose for enriching your travels.

Explore all previous e-columns which are listed on this page.  Click on each link to learn about your favourite month’s meaning and origins. Learn about the traditions and ancient culture still observed today in some towns and villages in England. It was a journey of discovery for me and I enjoyed writing all about what I learnt. I am sure you will enjoy reading them as well.

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