Palazzo Maffei Verona: Highlights of a Baroque Masterpiece

Palazzo Maffei Verona: What to do at this Baroque masterpiece

Once a palace and a private residence, the Palazzo Maffei has undergone a complete restoration. The Maffei is one of the most spectacular buildings of its time and stands gallantly overlooking the ancient Piazza delle Erbe. Beyond its doors, a story unfolds, an adventure of art begins, a passion is told offering art lovers a journey from ancient to modern.

About Palazzo Maffei Verona in a nutshell

palazzo maffei Verona |
Palazzo Maffei Verona

Palazzo Maffei is a historical palace that has existed in the current location in Piazza delle Erbe since the 15th century. Among the best known of the ancient Veronese aristocracy, the palace stands elegantly on what was the capitolium of Verona, the main temple of the Roman city founded here in the first century. The building was expanded and built upon with all works completed in the 17th century, more precisely in 1668. The Maffei building has three floors and a rich baroque exterior. Adorned with statues of Greek gods, from the left: Herculese, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Apollo and Minerva. The richness of the exterior makes it one of the prettiest buildings in the bustling market square.

Once a palace and a private residence, the Palazzo Maffei these days is home to a museum showcasing art collections over five centuries. The building has undergone a complete restoration of one of the most spectacular buildings of its time. Beyond its doors, a story unfolds, an adventure of art begins, a passion is told offering art lovers a journey from ancient to modern.

What to expect when you visit the Palazzo Maffei today

Palazzo Maffei, Verona
Palazzo Maffei Exhibition, credit to official website of Palazzo Maffei

There are more than three hundred fifty works of art, including two hundred paintings. The museum is also home to sculptures, drawings and important period furniture, antique glass and Renaissance ceramics. Rare pieces of Asian art found here also.

Palazzo Maffei, Verona
Palazzo Maffei, Piazza delle Erbe, Verona

To view this magnificent collection and to include a visit to Palazzo Maffei in your Verona itinerary, below are some useful information to support your planning:

Location & Contact

Piazza Erbe 38-38A,
Verona, Italy
Tel. +39 045 2456959

Opening times

Mon-Fri: 10:00 – 18:00
Sat-Sun: 11:00 – 19:00
Tuesday: closed

Besides the museum at Palazzo Maffei, visitors could treat themselves to an elegant dinner and wine tasting occasion in the cellars of the Roman ruins at the Maffei Restaurant.

Maffei Restaurant at Palazzo Maffei

Maffei Restaurant at Palazzo Maffei
The arch that leads to Maffei Restaurant

Tucked away from the main square, almost hidden if you are not aware of it is the Maffei Restaurant. One way to find it is to lookout for the arch that leads to the restaurant near to St Mark’s column on the square (pictured above).

The menu served at the Maffei Restaurant is an exquisite selection of mouthwatering dishes and desserts. The seafood, fish, pappardelle, lamb chops and the Veneto region’s speciality, risotto Amarone are usually the favourites of them all. The truffle risotto is amazing as well.

Lamb chops | palazzo maffei verona
Lamb chops – one of their popular dishes
risotto.maffei | palazzo maffei verona
Risotto with Castelmagno, Campari and bacon

The Maffei Restaurant caters for special diets also and offers Vegetarian, Vegan along with Gluten free options.

The Maffei is on the  Michelin Guide and has been since 1990. Together with its historic roots, the Maffei Restaurant is a popular destination. It is available for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, and birthday parties. For Romeo and Juliet fans, the Restaurant offers specially curated dinner settings as well.

If you are planning on a dinner at Ristorante Maffei, it is highly recommend that you prebook your day and time to avoid disappointment.

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The wine cellar at Maffei Restaurant Verona

Piazza delle Erbe | Maffei Restaurant
The cellar at the Maffei Restaurant, Verona

For wine connoisseurs, you wouldn’t want to miss the cellar at the Maffei Restaurant! A cellar immersed in the ancient ruins of the Roman capitolium of Verona is available for wine tasting experience. The cellar at the Maffei Restaurant is said to be the most well-stocked in Italy.

To book a table for a memorable evening at the restaurant or to visit the cellar for exclusive wine tasting experience, the following information is all you need.

Address & Location

Maffei restaurant

Piazza Erbe, 38
37121 Verona (VR)
Tel. +39 045 8010015
Fax. +39 045 8005124

Opening times

Summer timetable

From 19.00 to 22.30
Open every day

Saturday and Sunday

From 12.00 to 14.30
From 19.00 to 22.30

Additional info:

Price range:

£27 – £50

Maffei Restaurant Tripadvisor Reviews

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Practical information when Visiting Palazzo Maffei Verona

1 | Getting to Palazzo Maffei Verona

ATV, Verona | public transport

Palazzo Maffei is located at Piazza delle Erbe. The article on how to Get around Verona – either public transport or by foot is an excellent guide for you to use to navigate the city. The article includes a walking guide to help you easily navigate in this compact city where usually, public transport is not necessary. However, feel free to jump onboard their ATV which is free if you buy the Verona Card. The Verona Card is great value for money as it includes priority entrance to the Verona Arena.

Learn more and buy the Verona Card in advance of your visit. Plan ahead and book your visit to the Verona Arena

2 | Places to stay in Verona

You may wish to consider the following three carefully selected hotels:

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3 | Things to do in Verona

There are so many wonderful things to do in Verona – peruse and plan your itinerary from the very best activities to do in Verona.

I sincerely hope that the above has given you a flavour of what to expect should you choose to visit the Palazzo Maffei Verona at Piazza delle Erbe. If you find any of the suggestions useful, do use the links to buy your Verona Card or to go on the suggested tours – Timeless Travel Steps earns a commission at no cost to you, and as always, your support is appreciated.

Have a splendid experience at Palazzo Maffei 🙂

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