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Just close your eyes and think of England”

Queen Victoria

Yes…imagine this beautiful island in the northern hemisphere – the finest landscape, dramatic coastlines, Victorian houses, Georgian architecture, and our unique weather!

This amazing land is one of the best countries in the world to travel to. A land characterised by individuality (there is an accent change in every county), eccentricity and a sense of humour. A destination where you feel very much at home.

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What to expect from this page on Splendid England

On this page, you will find synopsis about the island’s geography, extreme geographical points, and the best time to visit. Further, detailed and complete guides on beautiful and amazing places to visit, the people and culture along with favourite food and drinks that you could experience in England. More articles will be added, so ensure you Stay Connected with TTS for the latest on Timeless travel, culture and history.

But first…

Charming City London

Before we delve into England and all the amazing places to visit, include London in your itinerary. The charming city London always has something for everyone even if you have visited a hundred times. London has its dedicated page which you can navigate and explore at your comfort >>

The many chapters in the Charming City London

A little about the geography of England

England’s location and it’s borders

England is a country in the United Kingdom. The land comprises of two-thirds of the central and southern parts of the island of Great Britain along with Wales in the west and Scotland in the North. Separated from mainland Europe, France by a sea gap, the English Channel with just 33 km (21 miles) between them. England is connected to mainland Europe via The Channel Tunnel in Folkestone. The Channel Tunnel connects England and France with a 50 km railway tunnel beneath the English Channel and it is the only fixed link from land to land that connects the island of Great Britain to mainland Europe. The English-French border is halfway along tthe tunnel.

England’s terrain

England is mostly low hills and flat plains. Uplands and mountainous terrain can be found in the north and on the west. Uplands in the north includes The Pennines. The Lake District National Park in the west is home to the highest mountain in England, Scafell Pike at 978 metres.

Extreme points of England – mainland + islands

Northernmost pointMarshall Meadows Bay | Northumberland55°48′N 2°02′W
Mainland – Southernmost point Lizard Point | Cornwall 49°57′N 5°12′W
Island – Sounthernmost pointWestern Rocks | Isles of Scilly 49°51′N 6°24′W
Mainland – Westernmost pointLand’s End | Cornwall 50°04′N 5°43′W
Island – Westernmost pointCrim Rocks | Isles of Scilly 49°53′N 6°27′W
Easternmost point Lowestoft Ness | Suffolk52°28.87′N 1°45.77′E
List of extreme points of England | UK

Geology of England

best of England
rock formations Jurassic Coast Dorset England

The geology of England i primarily sedimentary and is recognisable from the landscape of its counties. Cumbria, Kent and Norfolk look very different from each other. Northern England and Western England geology are similar to Scotland and Wales while Southern England and Eastern England aligns with France, Belgium and The Netherlands.

If you wish to explore the geological features of best of England, visit the following places:

Cheddar Gorge in the Mendip Hills, Cheddar, Somerset

Salisbury Plain is a chalk plateau covering an area of 780 km square (300 square miles) in central southern England. The Plain lies within the county of Wiltshire but also stretches into Berkshire and Hampshire.

Jurassic Coast – A UNESCO World Heritage Site. A 154 km (96 miles) stretch of coast on the English Channel, southern England – from Exmouth in East Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset.

Dartmoor – an upland area in southern Devon, England is a designated National Park covering 954 km square (368 square miles). The upland is made of granite that dates back to Carboniferous period.

**Not an exhaustive list. For a complete list, visit British Geological Survey – Regional summaries

Best time to Visit England

bluebell forest dorset best of England
bluebell forest Dorset England

England has a temperate climate with plenty of rain throughout the year. Therefore, a relatively mild weather makes anytime of year a great time to visit. You will not escape the rain for more than very few days 🙂

However, if you wish to be selective, then Spring (late March to early June) and Autumn (September to November) is good time to visit. Temperatures are pleasant around this time with 10°C – 17°C in Spring and 10°C – 16°C in Autumn.

Summer is from June to August and the temperatures range from 19°C to 30°C

Winter is generally mild in England but the mountains and some areas in northern England experiences snow. Lake District is particularly pretty in winter. Temperatures range from 5°C to 9°C.

Perfect destination for everyone

An all-round great destination for families, couples and solo travellers. There are some of the most beautiful and amazing places in England that is perfect for short breaks, weekend getaways and days out.

Exploring and Discovering England

England offers a plethora of things to do no matter your interests. From castles, caves, gorges, rainforests, family destinations, couples getaways, adventure destinations including top adrenaline activities. There is no moment to be bored when visiting England, for sure!

Getting around England

Exploring and getting around is easy. England has one of the best transport systems in the world and the cities are conveniently connected by air, trains and roads.

If you are planning a driving holiday in England, you could easily pick up a car to suit. Peruse your choices via links below:

Stories of the past

England has a past. Thousands of years of history and how ordinary lives were altered over the years with the Roman invasion in AD 43.

While every aspect of English history is amazingly interesting, these are not written about in this blog as it warrants a space of its own. What you shall encounter on this page and sprinkled throughout Timeless Travel Steps are stories. Stories of the past related to a place or places, event or events that has shaped England to be the unique land that it is today. These stories are interesting, intriguing and at times unbelievable! However, the stories explain how the shift in the dynamics of power and religion had permanently shaped the English nation, and wider UK.

Sharing these stories and embedding them in an article designed for a visit is done with the aim that the history of Britain add value to your visit, thus an enhanced experience to be had.

Plan ahead

Browse through this page at your own pace, read the stories, plan ahead and visit the places that most captivates you. England is a land deserving of time and attention – and I have only just begun to enjoy my discoveries of the best of England while I re-visit previous destinations and explore anew.

I share my experiences here of both old and new, in the hope that it may inspire you to visit also. Do return as I have so much more to share with you and this page will have more articles added from time to time. Subscribe to Stay Connected so you never miss an article.

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Splendid England Timeless Travel Steps

Beautiful and Amazing places to visit in Best of England

Isle of Wight

There is a kind of magic to this island, bathed in a kind of light and warmth that I’d not experienced before. A green paradise, quite different to the one from the mainland. Woodland of hundreds of years old, miles and miles of clifftops to explore, waterfalls and a remarkable gorge. The island sings of its soul so brightly, of flora, of fauna, of wild birds and fowls, white cliffs and chalk ridges, coloured sands and fossils…and then there is the rugged coastline. The grey meeting the blue, welcoming both the sea and the sky. The rocks so in love with the rhythm of the ocean…> carry on reading…


“A romantic double-moated castle from the thirteenth century, Hever Castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the second queen consort to King Henry VIII. With history spanning over seven hundred years, the castle formed a backdrop to many key events that changed the course of British history.”

“The architecture is mind-blowing to say the least, with some original timbers dating back to c1506 and the oldest working portcullis in the country! > read more…


“Blickling Hall is a popular destination throughout the year. It is more popular around May 19 each year as visitors try to get glimpses at the ghosts of Blickling Hall. Blickling Hall is said to be haunted by Britain’s most famous ghost – Anne Boleyn. Each year on the anniversary of her execution, May 19, she is reportedly seen… keep reading >>



“A trip to the UK or London is never complete without a trip to Windsor, the home of the historic Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle has been home to the British Royal family for over a thousand years and is one of the most visited attraction in UK.

Windsor is a historic market town and has a lively atmosphere with great shopping and restaurants. It sits on River Thames, just west of London, and is under an hour’s journey from Londonlearn more on how to make the best of one day in this historic royal town >>

Scenic Train Journeys

“From the mountains of Wales, the romantic coastlines of England to the dramatic and jagged coastline of Scotland, train travel takes you through unforgettable scenery. Add a touch of adventure to your relaxing, comfortable and scenic journey, making train travel in UK a quintessential odyssey. Here is a selection of the best 8 scenic train travel in UK that you would absolutely enjoy when travelling by train >> keep reading to see what marvels awaits…

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