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Hello there, I am Georgina and I am a Travel Writer, Travel Blogger and an Entrepreneur. I love to travel and I love my travel lifestyle – experiences which I happily share in my blog, Timeless Travel Steps formerly My Timeless Footsteps. Timeless Travel Steps (formerly My Timeless Footsteps) is dedicated as an intimate resource for Travel, Culture and History adventurers along with travel being key to well-being. Timeless Travel Steps (formerly My Timeless Footsteps) is suitable for millennial lifestyle adventurers as well as all travellers of any age who will find the detailed travel guides and information written in this space valuable for their use.

In this space, you will find my travel stories, both near (London/UK) and far. and includes inspirational travel articles together with detailed travel guides and useful information, to help you design your very own travel adventures. I curate travel itineraries and bespoke travel plans also.

A little background to Timeless Travel Steps formerly My Timeless Footsteps

Briefly, Timeless Travel Steps was My Timeless Footsteps – born in 2019.

Most part of 2019 was dedicated to exploring and retracing my footsteps in London, which meant less travel abroad. I admit to thoroughly enjoying my staycation time and my new found creativity. I began blogging passionately in September 2019.

2020 saw the presence of Covid-19 which affected us all one way or another. With travel restrictions in place, domestic travel took precedence and I was extremely fortunate to explore some parts of Scotland which had been on my travel list for some time.


Since the start of blogging, Timeless Travel Steps formerly My Timeless Footsteps has had a number of recognitions – Lens Culture Awards, the Mystery Blogger Award, and by Feedspot. For a complete list, head over to Kudos, Recognitions & Features

Without further adieu, let us move on to an overview of what you may find in My Timeless Footsteps.

First up you will find Adventures to inspire you to have #onegrandadventureatatime by way of a series of blog posts. The blog posts are divided by regions reflecting my travels. You will also find posts on my town, London and a series of posts on my yesteryears.

Adventures to inspire you:

Though I have not been everywhere, I have been to some and the rest is definitely on my list! For now, in this space, you will find my adventures to various destinations in the continents listed below. Click on the links and navigate to learn more of my adventures.

My footsteps around the globe so far…

North America

Being the largest, most populous part of the world and home to several of the world’s oldest civilisation, …

Discover Asia

Europe is a continent with preserved cultural heritage, open borders and a transport infrastructure that …

Discover Europe

North America is vast and it’s natural landscape of mountains, valleys and waterfalls are simply breathtaking.

Discover Americas


Discover Africa

Travel to UAE - My Footsteps

Discover Middle East

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My footsteps as I explore London & UK

Tower Bridge, London

Learn more on London, discover its 2000 years of history and hidden gems through Georgina’s lens.

Discover London

London MyCityMyTown Series - St Paul's Cathedral
What makes St Pauls Cathedral a special place to visit

Take a journey down memory lane through Georgina’s collection of yester-years in London Series.

Discover more on London through London Series

The Long Walk, view from Cambridge Gate, Windsor Castle, Berkshire
The Long Walk, view from Cambridge Gate, Windsor Castle, Berkshire

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland makes such a delightful getaway for anyone who has the desire to explore..

Discover UK

My Footsteps in experiencing Food & Drink while travelling

If there is one thing that I love just as much as travelling, it is food. As a Malaysian, I grew up experiencing one of the most flavourful cuisines in the world. A country which is often referred to as “the crossroads of Asia”, Malaysian cooking uses ingredients and cooking styles which reflects a fusion of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai. Although, they are not spicy-hot, they are full of flavour and has contributed to me having an adventurous palate when it comes to culinary delights and the mouth-watering dishes I get to enjoy during my travels.

Cocktails to go with fresh oysters
Amsterdam in a Nutshell – Cocktails to go with fresh oysters
Amsterdam in a Nutshell - Oysters, beautifully presented, fresh from the seas
Amsterdam in a Nutshell – Oysters, beautifully presented, fresh from the seas

Food & Drink

Travel Resource

Travel resource is an area that will continually evolve as I update it with travel information such as vaccinations, visa requirements, packing lists, checklists, best travel insurances and much more so you can design your own holidays your way for meaningful and memorable experiences. You will also find suggestions on where to stay, what would you do when you get to your destination plus best travel deals on flights including also an all in one travel solutions. My desire is to equip you with all the choices possible under “one-roof” so you could design your vacation your way.

Checklists & travel guides

25 tips for travel

Learn more on the Ultimate 25 tips which you need to check-off before you take-off – does wonders to your peace of mind & well-being knowing everything is under your control and is taken care of. Don’t forget to download the checklist.

Learn more on the Ultimate 25 Travel Tips

Travel Planning - Thoughts to paper
Travel Planning – Thoughts to paper

The absolute guide to Why planning is important in travel – top 5 reasons. Knowing what you need to look out for does wonders to alleviate your stress levels, contributing to traveller well-being. Let me know if there is more to add.

Learn more on 5 Reasons Why Planning is Important in Travel

This is a link to an easy guide to 6-steps for you to book your trip for a stress free vacation. A sensible guide, giving you various choices to a vacation you desire, where you plan, and enjoy without any impediments. You design your vacation your way!

Learn more on booking a trip is easy with this one-link 6 step guide

Travel Insurance - A complete Guide

Whether you are over 65 or not – Look no further – here is Everything you need to know – the Why, What and How. Includes links to the Best providers and watchdogs in the industry so you can make an informed decision.

Learn more on how to choose the Best Travel Insurance to suit your needs

EHIC and Travel Insurance

EHIC and travel insurance for UK travellers travelling to Europe – 2020 and beyond plus what you need to know post UK leaving Europe. A comprehensive guide to Why you would still need travel insurance.

All about Travel Insurance

Read all related information to Travel Insurance and trusted partners

All about Travel Insurance

Resources to help you make informed choices

Verona as day trip from Milan
Verona, Italy

From high-end hotel accommodation to hostels and homes – designed to give you the comfort you want, the “home away home” feel to suit your needs. This is your one-stop shop!

Find your Best Accommodation


Will it be paragliding, scuba diving or mountaineering? To be honest, you can pretty much do anything you like and want if you know how to access these activities and more!

Find your Best Activities

Book your trip - Italy

With so many providers, all offering many deals, it can be time consuming to find the best one that suits your travel plans. Here is your best price comparison site on flights.

Find your Best Deals on Flights

Book yourself a Package Holiday and take the stress off planning a *Covid-secure vacation

10 Valuable benefits of a package holiday

If DIY vacation is not for you or sometimes, you just want that little bit of luxury where everything is taken care of for you – no worries 🙂 you are in the right place. Read all about package holidays and the 10 awesome benefits that you will love about it.

Best offer on Winter sun and Summers at the beach

Book youself a perfect Winter Sun Vacation of a Beautiful Summer at the Beach

Best Offers on Winter Sun & Summers at the Beach


The views expressed in my blogs are my own and I will always be explicit if any of its content is subsidised or sponsored.

You can access all things legal: Full Disclaimer, T & C’s and Privacy Statements.

Is this post valuable to you in planning your holidays, wherever you choose your destinations to be? If so please let me know in comments below or via Contact Form, I would love to hear from you.

Happy exploring the world!

Georgina xx

Updated: February 2021

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