The Bohemian Seville | Top Places to Stay Eat Explore

The Bohemian Seville | Top places to Stay Eat Explore

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There is an area towards the northern side of the city that embodies the true taste of Seville’s local life. An area that is filled with so much energy and as buzzing as Soho in London! An unconventional hotbed of shops, cultures, music, clubs and life, lots of nightlife! The Bohemian Seville is a neighbourhood that is continuously renewed through imagination, art and style, attracting students, tourists as well as Sevillanos.

Welcome to this mini guide on Bohemian Seville, encompassing four neighbourhoods as oppossed to one .

Traditionally, La Alameda is a neighbourhood that is associated with bohemian culture, a neighbourhood of different personalities, multi-cultural offerings and the area where Andalusian rock music was born. Home to the oldest public park in Europe, the Alameda de Hercules encompasses a large pedestrian area and is the most popular leisure area in the city. Although the Alameda neighbourhood is the heart of bohemian Seville, the areas of Las Setas, Feria and Macarena are included as wider Bohemian Seville in this article. All these four areas are located within 10 minutes of each other and share the Bohemian quirky vibe. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the historic centre or an easy 10-minute taxi ride.

A visit to the off-track Bohemian Seville offer an alternative to Seville’s usual tourist sights, with a mix of avant-garde eateries, vintage clothing and a paradise of local independent shops.

What this mini-guide on Bohemian Seville covers

In this mini-guide on Bohemian Seville, you will find an overview on each of the barrios and what you could do on your visit along with suggestions on where to stay and places to try some delicious food. In Bohemian Seville, it is all about the “relax, fun and the easy-going where anything goes vibes” rather than ticking-off a list of attractions, although there are some unmissable historic monuments which you could see along the way, especially in Macarena.

Please also read Barrio Santa Cruz, the BEST guide to Where to Stay, Things to do and Where to Eat alongside this article for a greater context on the city of Seville.

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bohemian seville
Las Setas de Sevilla

The area around Las Setas de Sevilla (The Mushrooms of Seville) or the Metropol Parasol was once a run-down area and now, is home to quirky boutiques, organic food shops, and independent shops.

1.1 | What to do at Las Setas Area

Las Setas de Sevilla is a large wooden structure at La Encarnación and is one of Seville’s iconic landmark that was built in 2011. The Metropol Parasol houses the local market, Mercado de la Encarnación, several tapas bars, and cafes. Alongside these are a rooftop walk and an archaeological museum.

1.2 | Calle Regina Sevilla

From Las Setas de Sevilla, walk up the quirky neighbourhood along Calle Regina towards Feria. Calle Regina is a pedestrianised street offering bookshop, Spanish-sweet shop, and a cafe for a quick break.


Feria Market

Feria, as the name itself denotes is a ‘party’ neighbourhood and makes as one of Bohemian Seville. This cool barrio encompasses several streets clustered around Calle Feria with the lively part of this neighbourhood stretching along Alameda de Hercules, one of the busiest spots for nightlife in Seville.

2.1 | What to do at Feria, Seville

Calle Feria is famous for its noisy, hectic flea market on Thursdays for all things trash or treasure. Jueves Market is the oldest and the most colourful flea market in Seville and you can buy pretty much anything here – from books, flamenco dresses to bird cages! One of Seville’s best vintage clothing boutique, Ropero and Jueves is located at Feria, 37.

Located towards the northern end of Calle Feria is Mercado de Feria, a popular food hall with 100+ vendors dishing up paella and croquettes.

bohemian seville

Seville: 2 hour guided tour of hidden corners and Markets – explore possibilities


bohemian seville

The heartbeat of Bohemian Seville, the Alameda neighbourhood was once a down-and-out barrio. Now, this is where life is lived intensely and where people get the impression that Seville embraces diversity. Go here for a drink and to hang-out till the early hours.

3.1 | What to do at Alameda Neighbourhood

bohemian seville

La Alameda is one of Seville’s trendiest and hippiest of neighbourhoods. Home of Andalusian rock music, the Alameda now boasts all kinds of music. You can enjoy jazz, pop-rock, concerts and music festivals. There are funky art galleries, chic bars, restaurants and vintage boutiques. La Alameda represents a marriage of historical places, spaces, style, art, imagination and cultural expressions. The aura of complete la libertad!

Head to La Alameda de Hercules, a historical public square encompassing a large (480 metres by 80 metres) tree-lined pedestrian area surrounded by tapas bars, terraces cafes and restaurants. It suits all personalities and frequented by artists, students, and tourists.

As revellers call it a ‘night’ on the early hours of Sunday morning, the historic square becomes alive with hectic vendors setting up stalls for one of Andalusian capital’s most interesting art and craft markets. You can visit the Alameda Market scene on Sundays from 7:30 a.m.


bohemian Seville | basilica Macarena |
Basilica de la Macarena

Macarena is popular for its creative vibe and home to a range of shops selling vintage clothes and books. This neighbourhood takes its name from the Basilica de la Macarena, home to the revered Virgin Macarena.

4.1 | What to do at Macarena Bohemian Seville

bohemian Seville
part of the ancient Moorish wall at Macarena Seville

The Basilica de la Macarena sits next to the city’s ancient gates and parts of an ancient wall, possibly the largest remaining sections of Moorish city wall. This remarkable monument stretches from Puerta de la Macarena on the west to Puerta de Cordoba on the east, two of the oldest gates to the Andalusian capital city.

Andalusian Parliament building Seville | Bohemian Seville
Andalusian Parliament building Sevillle

Macarena nowadays is an economically important part of Seville and is home to the Andalusian parliament. The Andalusian Parliament building was once a hospital, Hospital of the Five Holy Wounds (Hospital de las Cinco Ilagas).

Macarena is also host to Seville’s best loved Christian processions. The procession of Virgin of Macarena, Semana Santa (Holy Week) takes place every Easter.

This neighbourhood is filled with budget accommodations and apartments while also popular for its vibrant nightlife scene that keeps going till the early hours.

The Alcazar and Cathedral + Giralda of Seville

The Royal Alcazar, Seville Cathedral & Giralda Tower skip-the-line guided tour from £45.20 per person > Check availability and Book


If the noise is not a bother and you wish to stay in these barrios that make up Bohemian Seville, look up the following hotels as they come highly rated for this neighbourhood. Also, this is a popular area for the night owls, so ensure you grab a good deal by booking early.

1 | Mid-range hotels at Bohemian Las Setas – Calle Feria – La Alameda and Macarena Area

1.1 | Exe Sevilla Macarena

Hotel Sevilla Macarena is located facing the city wall and the Basilica de la Macarena. The hotel offers rooftop pool, panoramic views and is set around a typical courtyard usually found in Seville. International breakfast buffet is offered as well.

1.2 | One Shot Palacio Conde de Torrejon

One Shot Palacio Conde de Torrejon is a 4-star hotel located within minutes of La Alameda de Hercules. Guests enjoy the seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a terrace, bar and a buffet breakfast. Offers family rooms.

2 | Budget accommodations at Bohemian Las Setas – Calle Feria – La Alameda and Macarena Area

2.1 | Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla

Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla is located close to the Basilica de la Macarena. This highly rated boutique hotel feature a rooftop terrace, a hot tub and is set around a typical Andalusian patio. Located at just 3-minutes from the La Alameda area. Alcoba del Rey de Sevilla is particularly noted by guests for its unique rooms, incredible breakfast and friendly hospitality.

2.2 | Sacristia de Santa Ana

Sacristia de Santa Ana is located in La Alameda de Hercules. A 18th century manor house feature parquet floors and classical-style decor. Conveniently located near a bus-stop.

2.3 | Patio de la Cartuja

Patio de la Cartuja features apartments in split floors. Conveniently located within minutes to La Alameda de Hercules. Continental breakfast is available each morning.


bohemian seville

This is a neighbourhood where there are many tapas bar and cafes that serve some of the very best in authentic Andalusian dishes. The area is abuzz with vendors serving from paella and croquettes to seafood and empanadas along with snug and hidden bars.

Mix with the locals and soak up the sun at vibrant La Alameda while enjoying cañas till the morning hours. Your choices of local cuisine is endless with the offerings of over a hundred food stalls at Feria Market and at the great choices at the fresh food market at La Encarnación Metropol Parasol.

Within Bohemian Seville neighbourhoods, you may want to try the following which are highly rated:

Eslava – has been around for over thirty years and is a favourite for both locals and tourists. It has the buzz of a local bar and offers traditional tapas such as costillos (pork ribs) alongside some newer creatives.

Arte y Sabor – offers a fusion of cuisine. Morrocon dishes such as tagine alongside Spanish dishes. Vegetarian friendly


Spain Travel Advice

Seville Spain 37.3891° N, 5.9845° W
Seville Spain
37.3891° N, 5.9845° W

Seville: 3.5 hours Spanish Cooking Class & Triana Market Tour from  £ 50.23 per personCheck availability and Book

Seville: 4 best Tapas tours in Seville ,

From Seville: Day trip to Córdoba and Carmona – Book your trip


1 | For an all-round experience of the sultry city, opt for a food walking tour

2 | Buy a combo ticket to visit the Royal Alcazar, Seville Cathedral + Giralda.

3 | Enjoy timeless experiences on the Guadalquivir River.

4 | Tapas hopping tours

5 | Flamenco & Tapas Experience in Triana

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Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville | Best Guide to Where to Stay Eat and Things to do

Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville | Best Guide to Where to Stay Eat and Things to do

Stunning Seville, the rhythm of Andalusia celebrate a myriad of local customs, traditions, boundless energy and the marriage of spices in their salivating dishes. There is no better place to experience the Sevillanos passion than in the heartbeat of Seville, Barrio Santa Cruz.

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What to expect from this guide on Barrio Santa Cruz

Having wandered and wondered around the city for three days, exploring the thrills of the many labyrinth of alleys in the Old Jewish Quarter, in the backdrop of the flamenco dancing and the strumming of the guitar, amidst the chatter, laughter and the friendly neighbourhood vibe, I share the highly rated places to stay at Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville including the one I stayed in.

Also included in this best guide are 14 highlights of the very best things to do in this barrio Santa Cruz so you do not miss anything on the history, vibrancy and culture of this colourful city.

As the Santa Cruz neighbourhood is highly touristy, this guide offers suggestions on where to eat along with tips for enhanced experiences so you do not fall into the tourist traps.

Whether your visit is for one day, three days, a week or even longer, this best guide will help you choose where to stay at Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville, select places and things to do along with where to eat that best suits you like a breeze.

barrio santa cruz seville |

This article and related articles are sprinkled with affiliate links. We may earn a commission from qualified purchases and bookings at no cost to you at all. These links have no influence on the editorial content we produce.


1 | For an all-round experience of the sultry city, opt for a food walking tour

2 | Go for the best deal – Buy a combo ticket to visit the Royal Alcazar, Seville Cathedral + Giralda.

3 | Enjoy timeless experiences on the Guadalquivir River.

4 | Experience the culture of the Sevillanos – Tapas hopping tours

5 | Experience the passion and vibrancy of the time honoured Flamenco – Flamenco & Tapas Experience in Triana

Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville – Seville City Centre / Old Town / Old Jewish Quarter

Welcome to my guide on Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville, the best guide to where to stay, eat and the very best things to do.

Barrio Santa Cruz was the Parish of the Holy Cross and is the oldest part of the city of Seville. Located within the perimeter of the Roman city walls, the first settlement dates back to the 1st century , with a large Jewish community settling here after the Reconquista in late 1248. Thereafter, followed a period of dark history encapsulating deceit, destruction and the loss of many Jewish lives.

Today, Seville City Centre or Seville’s Old Town, also known as Barrio Santa Cruz was the old Jewish Quarter of Seville. This area is the heartbeat of Seville, ideally located to public transportation (not that you will need it) and is home to the most popular tourist attractions. Seville City Centre is the area around Seville’s Gothic wonder, the breathtaking spectacle of Mudejar palace, Plaza Nueva and El Arenal.

Santa Cruz is one of the most picturesque neighbourhoods, in Seville. Encompassing white-washed houses, a labyrinth of narrow alleys of cobblestone, and charming Andalusian balconies. This is an area where you can wander for hours trying to decide which bar or restaurants to go to as each has its own appeal and warmth.

Staying anywhere in the Santa Cruz neighbourhood means you are only minutes away from the city’s historic attractions, the famous Bull Ring in Seville and dangerously close to Calle Sierpes, the heart of small business and a place where you can get anything you want. If you are looking to stay in Seville at the heart of the city, barrio Santa Cruz is the place to be.

While the Santa Cruz neighbourhood is splendid for a stay, the barrio is also one of Seville’s busiest and touristy neighbourhoods. Hence, the streets can be noisy at night if you are visiting Seville during the high season such as the summer months.


Barrio Santa Cruz boasts a splendid collection of hotels and boutique accommodations, ranging from high-end to budget finds.

i | Luxury Hotels in Barrio Santa Cruz

1 | The historic and much desired Hotel Alfonso XIII

hotel Alfonso XIII Seville  | barrio santa cruz
Where to Stay in Seville | Hotel Alfonso XIII Seville
Hotel Alfonso XIII | Image: ©TTS photographer

2 | For luxury and a modern feel, stay at EME Catedral Mercer Hotel, Seville

3 | Hotel Colón Gran Meliá

Other luxury hotels to stay in Seville at Barrio Santa Cruz

Hotel Palacio De Villapanés

Radisson Collection Hotel, Magdalena Plaza Sevilla

ii | Mid-range hotels in Barrio Santa Cruz

1 | Hotel Casa 1800 Seville

2 | Petit Palace Marques Santa Ana

where to stay in Seville

Georgina: “We stayed at Petit Palace Marques Santa Ana in Seville. Ideally located to all attractions that were on our list, and a few blocks away from the tram station. It was quiet.”

3 | Hotel Las Casas de la Judería

Other mid-range accommodations in Barrio Santa Cruz

Puerta del Principe

Casa del Rey Sabio

iii | Budget accommodation at the edge of Barrio Santa Cruz

1 | Basic Hotel Puerta de Sevilla

2 | Hotel Murillo


Primary attractions and places to visit in Barrio Santa Cruz are:

1 | The Royal Palace Alcázar  — a palace complex and home to the most beautiful gardens, colourful ceramics and mind-blowing architecture.

Maidens Courtyard The Alcazar | Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville
Courtyard of the Maidens | The Royal Alcazar Seville | Image: ©TTS photographer

the majestic Seville Cathedral
Seville Cathedral and Giralda Tower | Image: ©TTS photographer

3 | Iglesia Colegial del Salvador — Church of the Divine Saviour at Plaza del Salvador is the second most important church in Seville following Seville Cathedral. Built on the site of a former mosque, the Salvador Church is filled with remarkable altarpieces in solid gold. Definitely worth a visit.

Church of the Divine Saviour at Plaza del Salvador | Barrio Santa Cruz | timelesstravelsteps
Church of the Divine Saviour at Plaza del Salvador Seville | Image: ©TTS photographer

Tip: Join a guided tour of Seville Cathedral and /or the Royal Alcazar.

Giralda Tower tours
Alcazar, Cathedral & Giralda

4 | Casa de Pilatos — besides the Alcázar, there is more insanely beautiful architecture in this well-preserved 16th century palace.

Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville | Casa de Pilatos
gardens of Casa de Pilatos

5 | Archivo de Indias — the General Archive of the Indies along with the Alcázar and Seville Cathedral are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1987.

6 | Plaza Nueva  this is the central square in Seville and has a statue of King Ferdinand III of Castile. Everyone goes here! 🙂

7 | Jardines de Murillo — a serene park with a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus.

8 | Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes —  this building was a hospital for the priests in the 17th century. The most attractive part is the church with exquisite frescoes.

barrio Santa Cruz in Seville
Hospital de los Venerables Sacerdotes | Barrio Santa Cruz Seville

9 | Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija — Palace of Lebrija is another architecturally fascinating palace. Home to a beautiful collection of colourful mosaics ranging from ancient Greece to Roman times. An unmissable experience.

10 | Plaza del Cabildo — a lovely quiet semi-circular square to just enjoy… except on a Sunday when it is not so quiet. Stamp Collectors market takes place from very early in the morning till about lunchtime.

Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville

11 | Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza

Plaza de Toros de Sevilla is an emblematic monument of Seville. Built in the 18th century, the bullfighting arena is the most important in Spain and can accommodate 13,000 spectators. Bullfighting takes place throughout the year but there are some days when the arena is open to the public for a visit. There is a museum that tells the story of the arena’s evolution and the bullfighting scene.

Bull Ring skip-the-line ticket

Bull Ring in Seville | Barrio Santa Cruz in Seville

Georgina: I do not support bullfighting and would never pay to watch a live bullfighting event. I respect those who do as each is to our own. As many of you may already know, I love history and I always visit monuments and landmarks that tells a story of a nation’s culture. I visited this monument to learn of its story and to see for myself what an incredible arena it is. It is an incredible arena indeed!

12 | Experience the spirit and passion of Flamenco

flamenco.street.Santa Cruz Seville
street performance of flamenco in Santa Cruz neighbourhood Seville | Image: ©TTS photographer

When walking around Santa Cruz, you are sure to bump into an impromptu flamenco performance. These are pretty good to watch, in return for a small tip. Watch a short video below:

Flamenco street performance in Santa Cruz, Seville

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13 | Walk around Barrio Santa Cruz

Barrio Santa Cruz  at night
Santa Cruz at night ©TTS photographer
Santa Cruz Neighbourhood Al Arenal | timelesstravelsteps
Al Arenal Seville | Image: ©TTS photographer

… explore the winding and narrow alleyways unhurriedly – the mysterious cobblestone paths are both romantic and intoxicating with its bright, bold colours along with the white-washed walls. The architecture is delightful showcasing a varied of cultures with a unifying trait – conquest, and so many conquests! You can see that the Romans were here, the Visigoths, the Moors, the Castilians and the Spanish Empire.

kissing street Santa Cruz neighbourhood Seville

While exploring the labyrinth of barrio Santa Cruz, go also in search of Calle de los Besos (Street of Kisses) – the narrowest street in the city.

Georgina: We were out late on both nights and it was kinda nice to see the Cathedral glow against the night skies, with not many people around.

14 | Horse-drawn carriage ride

This appeared to be a popular activity among tourists but we did not participate in this activity. If you wish to, learn more about a horse-drawn carriage ride and what it entails here.


Santa Cruz neighbourhood is a great place to try any and all of Seville authentic food — seafood, tapas and drinks.

While Vineria San Telmo is highly recommended and rightly so for their exquisite dishes, Lobo López is a restaurant I would return to in a hearbeat for its natural and relaxed feel. Both were excellent.

Vineria San Telmo —  Paseo Catalina de Ribera, 4 41004 Sevilla

Lobo López — C. Rosario, 15, 41001 Seville, Spain

For traditional tapas, try Casa Morales > Garcia Vinuesa 11, Seville. Two minutes from Seville Cathedral.

While Seville’s most popular eating spots serve tapas and cañas, you must not leave town without trying Seville’s Spanish ham! This is no ordinary lunch meat ham bought off the shelf, for sure. Once you try, you will want to try again.

Jamón ibérico - Iberian ham | Seville
Jamón Ibérico — Iberian ham

The traditional ham is the celebrated Jamón Ibérico — Iberian ham, cured to perfection over years at a time. For the best in Central Seville, go to Flores Gourmet.

Flores Gourmet: Calle San Pablo 24 | Centro, 41001 Seville, Spain

Experience an Evening of Tapas in Seville – Avoid the tourist traps and join a guided tour of the most emblematic of the tapas bars.


Seville is a small city and compact. The best way to explore the city is by foot. I can assure you, public transport is not needed at all when visiting the barrio Santa Cruz and all you need is a good pair of walking shoes.

However, if you do wish to experience the public transport in Seville, the Tram (Metro Centro) is the best option. It is a 1.4 kilometre line that runs through the centre of Seville. The Centro Tram line connects Plaza Nueva to Seville Cathedral, with stops at Archivo de Indias, Puerta de Jerez, San Sebastian and San Bernardo.

While exploring the city centre independently is encouraged and easily done, your visit to Seville is significantly enhanced if you join a guided tour. A knowledgeable guide who knows exactly where to take you for the best tapas, best dining, best bodegas, best Jamón Ibérico and for the best stories ever told.


Barrio Santa Cruz SevilleBarrio Santa Cruz Seville