Presently September 2021

September – an incredible month of harvest, lores and Moon festivals…

Presently June 2021

Presently June 2021 It is the month of June,The month of leaves and roses,When pleasant sights salute the eyes,And pleasant scents the noses.- N.P. Willis (1807-67) …. and it is the favourite month for weddings Welcome to June’s e-column… About the month of June June means Summer is here! A time where things really begin…… Continue reading Presently June 2021

Presently May 2021

Presently May 2021 As the first day of May dawns, it begins with celebration of May Day that dates back to ancient times. Rich in folklores of maypoles, Morris dancing and May queens, the day is now known as Labour Day or International Workers Day. The day also marks the mid-point to summer in the…… Continue reading Presently May 2021