An Enticing Courtyard of the Maidens at Royal Alcazars Seville

Exuding a serene feeling, Courtyard of the Maidens at Royal Alcazars is captivating. Entwined with myths and legends, this enticing patio features simplicity with intricate and tasteful design. A perfect embodiment of Mudéjar architecture and an unmissable courtyard at the outstanding Royal Palace of Seville


Updated: Aug 26,2022 | The mystical, infinite arches, the alluring reflections in the waters and the fresh air in its atmosphere at the secluded Baths of Maria de Padilla is an obligatory stop to seek out when visiting the Alcazar complex in Seville.

Plaza Espana Seville | An Absurdly Wondrous Square

Plaza Espana Seville is a magically captivating sight with its lavishness which some may say, a little over-the-top. An absurdly wondrous square with ornate details and opulence at every step that may blow you away! Read this article …

Triana Seville | Stay Eat Explore

A visit to emblematic Triana, a small barrio across the River Guadalquivir. An endearing neighbourhood reflective of the hospitality and warmth Southern Spain is famous for – a barrio that ought to be discovered a little at a time and you will soon realise it is well worth your time.

The Hall of Ambassadors at Royal Alcazars of Seville

The Hall of Ambassadors at Royal Alcazars of Seville was remodelled extensively during the reign of Castilian King Pedro I in the 14th century to become the most resplendent room in the palace. And it is!!

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The Bohemian Seville | Top Places to Stay Eat Explore

The Bohemian Seville is a neighbourhood that is continuously renewed through imagination, art and style, that embodies the true taste of Seville’s local life. Read and plan your visit …