Why guided tours are sometimes necessary when we travel?

Why guided tours are sometimes necessary when we travel?

Why Tours are sometimes necessary when we travel?

When I travel, either with family or solo, I tend to plan my travels beforehand and spend some time researching on the type of organised tours that are available. Often these tours act as guides to explore the areas and beyond. More often than not when on a short getaway of about three or four days, I tend to join guided tours to explore a neighbouring country or another city. There are times I join a free city walking tour and at other times, I like the city guided tours organised by third party providers. For me, it makes sense to book one of these tours and I share my reasons with you:

1 | Tours prove to be good value for money.

Foremost, organised tours such as day trips often covers more than one destination and I get to experience these hassle-free. I don’t have to think of transportation costs from one place to another. [Read about our amazing day trip to Chamonix, France from Geneva ⇒ A Perfect Romantic 3-day Itinerary in Geneva

Value for money is not restricted to just day trips – Combined tickets are also excellent value for money. I buy these beforehand, online at least a couple of days prior so I know I am covered. Purchasing tickets online is often cheaper than buying it at the ticket office on the day.

2 | Not to be disappointed when I get there.

I was disappointed in Amsterdam – [Read about my experience in Amsterdam where I missed on visiting a major attraction because I did not plan and purchase a ticket for the visit prior to visiting Amsterdam ⇒ Amsterdam in a Nutshell – 18 Experiences in 48 Hours. AND in Milan even when I tried to get tickets a few days prior!

3 | Organised tours often comes with a tour guide

And along with it is a wealth of information which I do not have to dig up through google or history books .

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Suggested Tours for Greenwich, London

With these benefits in mind, I have carefully selected some tours through a third party provider which I use when I travel. I use Get Your Guide Tour group because they offer one of the best tours with excellent value for money. I say this knowing that they do because I have personally used them to organise my own tours and none has disappoint. I hope you will find these useful too.

I have chosen the below tours on Greenwich, a quintessential English town, about twenty-minutes journey from Central London. Greenwich has so much to offer visitors, from age 2 to 99! A day spent in Greenwich is a day well-spent indeed! With my absolute love for this pretty town, I have selected a combination of value tickets to some sights, guided tours and day trips – all, with the ultimate goal that your experiences at Greenwich will be enriched.

Please note that these are suggestions to enhance your travel experience to and in London. Of course, feel free to choose more appropriate tours to suit your needs from the vast choices that GetYourGuide provide.

You can read our full Disclaimer Notice here.

Selection from Get Your Guide

Value for Money Tickets – Single and Combined:


Day trips from Greenwich / London


Is this post valuable to you in planning your visits to Greenwich and London? If so please let me know in comments below or via Contact Form, Also, if there is any other interests you have in Greenwich and London which you would like to explore, please let me know, and I shall find out relevant information for you. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a splendid time exploring Greenwich and London.