Responsible Tourism in Amsterdam – 12 Eco-friendly Initiatives That Comes Naturally

responsible tourism in Amsterdam |

Responsible Tourism in Amsterdam – A City Where Responsible Tourism Comes Naturally

Visiting Amsterdam is a breath of fresh air — a haven for eco-tourists! There’s a lot more to the beautiful and whimsical city of Amsterdam than freedom, coffee shops and world renowned museums. With a deeply ingrained eco-conscious attitude amongst Amsterdammers, the never ending bike-paths, the array of sustainable hotels and quirky vintage shops, together with a comprehensive green transport system, responsible tourism in Amsterdam makes it a city where responsible tourism comes naturally.

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Ranked fifth as the most eco-friendly city in the world for workers following London, Frankfurt, Oslo and Cambridge in Massachusetts, Amsterdam boasts fascinating facts and sustainable eco-friendly activities as regards responsible tourism.

This article takes a look at what ‘responsible tourism’ means, and aims to give an overview of the 12 eco-friendly initiatives that comes naturally in the Dutch capital along with ways on how visitors can enjoy their visit whilst contributing to the green city.

Responsible Tourism in Amsterdam |

This article and related articles are sprinkled with affiliate links. This means that we may earn a commission from qualified purchases and bookings at no additional cost to you. These links have no influence on the editorial content we produce.

BEST TIPS: Book tours and tickets in advance: Best tours in Amsterdam. Select the I Amsterdam City Card for free entrance to 60 museums, one free canal cruise, discounts and unlimited use of Amsterdam’s public transport. Discover what’s more is included.

Responsible tourism in Amsterdam


The widely accepted definition of Responsible Tourism (Cape Town Declaration) is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” Responsible Tourism requires that operators, hoteliers, governments, local people and tourists take responsibility, take action to make tourism more sustainable. Responsible tourism comes in a variety of forms and includes:

1 | Maintenance of the world’s diversity by making positive contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage;

2 | Opportunities for tourists to enjoy more meaningful experiences, connections with local people, and understanding of local culture, social and environmental issues.

One’s behaviour can be more or less responsible and what is responsible depends upon environment and culture.


With these being said, Amsterdam takes its responsibilities seriously. Amsterdam leads the way on responsible tourism on many fronts. From a complete commitment to achieving Zero CO2 emission by 2050 to actively exploring ways to lead in creating an eco-friendly environment for Amsterdammers to live in, and making Amsterdam a better place for visitors — a city for everyone to enjoy.


Amsterdam. responsible tourism

With our planet on a ‘climate emergency‘ and in line with the European Parliament’s resolution passed in November 2019, Amsterdam is committed to tackling the global warming situation. The Dutch capital aims to be the first European city to achieve zero CO2 emissions by 2050. It has implemented a number of strategies focusing on sustainable mobility, in particular, eliminating CO2 emissions from public transportation.

A picture of the future Amsterdam is succinctly laid out in the city’s Roadmap to Climate Neutral in 2050, appended below. You could read the document in its entirety by clicking on the citation link.

By 2030, Amsterdam’s streets will be free of exhaust-emitting cars.
By around 2040, every home will have switched from natural gas to sustainable heating.
And by 2050, we will have ended our dependence on coal, gas and oil. We will instead
get all of our energy from the sun, wind, plants and the heat of the earth itself. For some,
this is future talk or even an alarming prospect; for others, it is already daily practice.
In any case, the transition to clean energy has begun and can no longer be stopped.

Roadmap Amsterdam Climate Neutral Roadmap 2050


With a clear roadmap aimed at climate neutral, Amsterdam has pioneered several initiatives on the tourism front in support to achieve their goal. Among these are the following 12 initiatives where responsible tourism comes naturally:

1 | A ‘green’ Airport

The first ‘taste’ of eco-friendliness awaits a visitor at Schiphol Airport. Schiphol Airport has been making the airport more sustainable each year for years. It takes a lot of energy to keep Schiphol running 24-hours a day and measures are continually adapted to ensure energy is used as efficiently as possible.

As from January 1, 2018, Schiphol Airport has been running on 100% wind power generated by local Dutch company, Eneco. The airport had also installed solar panels, with some on the airport’s roofs, parking areas and along the runways. This means energy saving wherever possible and using the cleanest possible electricity. Thus, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol runs solely on renewable energy generated in the Netherlands.

Along with the initiatives on renewable energy usage at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Dutch capital has so many cool things that contribute to the enjoyment of tourists as well as being one of the greenest and environmentally friendly cities in the world.

Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

2 | Getting about Amsterdam by bike

The capital city of Netherlands boasts the never ending 500 kilometres of bike lanes, covering every corner and every canal of the city. Getting about Amsterdam on a two-wheeler is popular and a way of life for the Amsterdammers. As a visitor to the Dutch capital, you could get around Amsterdam by bike and keep your carbon footprint to the minimal as possible.

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Bike rentals are dotted all over the city to encourage cycling. Hire one, and explore the main landmarks of the city or venture a little further along River Amstel onto the city’s outlaying cycle network to nearby quaint and picturesque villages.

The unmissable quaint 12th century village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel is worth exploring and so is the picturesque Broek in Waterland, once a haven for the high-status city-dwellers.

Plan ahead, pre-book your ride — rent a bike in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam.responsible tourism

The generous bike paths around the city means you can explore Amsterdam very quickly. While some paths have specialised traffic lights with illuminated green cycle sign to support safety of cyclists, just be aware of some daring cyclists who weave in and out of bike paths. Some even run red lights! Always wear a cycle-helmet even if most Amsterdammers don’t.

However, if you are not confident to explore Amsterdam by bike independently, then perhaps joining a guided bike tour of Amsterdam is best. You will be led by an experienced tour guide and your fellow cyclists may not be as daring as Amsterdammers are!

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3 | Explore Amsterdam on Foot

Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

Amsterdam.responsible tourism

4 | Canals, boat cruises and paddleboats | Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

There is one bridge in the central canal belt that offers visitors the beautiful sight of fifteen bridges across its canals. This particular spot is viewed from the corner of Reguliersgracht and the Herengracht and best seen from the water level on a boat. Day time views are lovely but it is a spectacular sight in the evening/night when the bridges are lit up.

The are a number of sustainable ways to experience Amsterdam from the waters. You could do a canal cruise in one of the 200 electric boats offering canal tours, hire a kayak or a pedal boat (pedalos, water bikes). If you elect to hire a kayak or a boat, you can explore the city by waters at your own pace.

You could hire a pedal boat using your I Amsterdam City Card but you need to book a time-slot for your activity. Ensure that your City Card is valid at the time of your activity.

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5 | A comprehensive Green Transport system

Public transport in Amsterdam is already highly sustainable. Trains, buses, trams, metros and ferries make up the city’s comprehensive public transport network that transport lots of people at the same time. Use of public transport is much encouraged and this is evident from the frequent and timely services as well as the generous bicycle storage at stations. All electric passenger trains have been powered using green energy since 2017 and it is mandatory for all new buses to use renewable energy.

The public transport system in Amsterdam is easy to navigate although the ticketing system can be confusing. A comprehensive guide is available on the best tickets to purchase to navigate around the city, and a regional pass if venturing out to the surrounding areas of Amsterdam.

The I Amsterdam City Card is an all encompassing pass of great value as it includes public transportation operated by GVB in Amsterdam city only, along with free access to attractions. Take a look at what it includes and does not include before purchasing one to suit the duration of your visit.

6 | Extensive Green spaces in Amsterdam

Amsterdam.Bos.forest.responsible tourism

Amsterdam city is not all urban. It is surrounded by an abundance of lush and open green spaces – parks, gardens and a forest!

Amsterdam’s parks and gardens are beautiful, has its own charm and interesting history. These green spaces are all located within a stone’s throw of the city centre and offer a great space to relax, unwind with lots of activities for kids.

Walk to the east of the city to De Plantage in the Jewish Quarter, a district where history, nature and culture intertwine or take a short ride to Vondelpark to experience all genres of music. Whichever green spaces you decide to visit, Amsterdam Bos, should firmly top your ‘to visit’ list for timeless experience.

Check trains to/from Amsterdam to any destinations in and around Amsterdam

7 | Amsterdam’s Green Places to Eat | Responsible Tourism in Amsterdam

Green eating is quite a buzz in Amsterdam and you can easily find restaurants and cafés offering organic products. Walk along De Negen Straatjes (the Nine Little Streets) and the Jordaan district where cafes are aplenty serving organic food. Head to the farmers market at Noordermarkt Square to shop for some fresh, locally grown produce if you are planning a picnic in the park.

For a unique experience, head to De Kas, a prime example of Amsterdam’s sustainability culture. A high-end restaurant located inside of a former greenhouse, built in 1926. With vast magnificent windows and airy high ceilings, De Kas spoil their clients with ingredients tendered and cared for from their very own vegetable garden, with no-fuss Mediterranean cuisines that often changes to the seasons harvest.

De Kas, Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3 1097 DE Amsterdam | E:

Noorderlicht Cafe is a simplistically beautiful dining destination housed inside a two-storey greenhouse with a large riverside terrace. The cafe hosts regular musical and cultural events which are often free of charge. It’s menu offers plenty of organic based dishes with a lean towards vegetarian and vegan dietary needs. This cultural and sustainable cafe is located on the NDSM yard along River IJ.

Noorderlicht Cafe, NDSM plein 102
1033 WB Amsterdam

8 | Meat-free restaurants in Amsterdam city

The Amsterdam restaurant scene these days certainly seems a world away from its once popular Brockwurst on mash potatoes smothered with rich gravy! Plant-based dining is the trendy option now with so many eateries popping up across the city.

Mr & Mrs Watson in Oost, Amsterdam is a “plant based food bar for vegan food lovers and cheese addicts”. Although there are some options on all vegan menu, the Watson Cheese Platter, featuring cashew fondue is the one to go for.

Besides enjoying the best comfort food, you would also be contributing towards Mr & Mrs Watson’s commitment to give back – a tree is planted for every dish they serve.

Mr & Mrs Watson, Linnaeuskade 3H, Amsterdam.

Dine in style at Restaurant Vermeer, the creative culinary lab of 1* Michelin Chef Chris Naylor who experiments on the daily fresh produce brought to him by the local farmers. Beetroot, and white asparagus feature liberally on his menu. A prettily laid out plate of robust, pure, and clean flavours awaits anyone on an evening of high-end fine dining.

Restaurant Vermeer | Prins Hendrikkade 59-72, 1021 AD Amsterdam

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9 | Amsterdam’s initiative on food surplus | Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

With 1.3 billion tonnes of food wastage per year across the world, Amsterdam is no stranger to food surplus. Food waste has a high impact on the environment and Instock Restaurant in Amsterdam rescues food from being wasted. They collect food from growers/farmers, fishmongers, packaging companies and producers. Instock then runs a final quality check and prepares them for restaurants and caterers. These ingredients are turned into culinary delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner by their creative chefs. Instock is open seven days a week, serving-up anything from a cup of coffee to a four-course-meal.

Restaurant Instock | Czaar Peterstraat 21, Amsterdam.

Visit Persijn, on the ground floor of QO hotel for a hearty brunch. Fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs are sourced daily from their rooftop greenhouse and features in their innovative dishes of salads with blossoms and wholesome vegetable soups. Hence, with their ‘farm-to-table’ creative approach, there’s hardly any food wastage.

Persijn | Amstelvlietstraat 4, Amsterdam

10 | Amsterdam Eco-hotels | Responsible tourism in Amsterdam

Stylish, and sustainable accommodations with energy efficient amenities, organic towels, and recycled furniture are all part of the Dutch capital’s initiatives on responsible tourism in Amsterdam. Some of the environmentally-friendly accommodations throw in bike rental as part of their service as well.

Stay at the cozy eco-conscious hotel around the corner from Vondelpark. Conscious Hotel Vondelpark has 81 rooms and is completely sustainable – from furniture to green roof! Food is 100% organic and the building is powered by renewable energy.

For budget hostels that combines conscious living with simplicity, look no further than Ecomama although it may not be for everyone. Ecomama is designed with sustainability and “just enough” of the basic amenities while being committed to re-purposing everything it can.

More classic choice could be NH Amsterdam Schiller , a Green Key Certified accommodation.

Alternatively, grab yourself one of the following last minute best deals:

11 | Sustainable shopping in Amsterdam

Shopping in Amsterdam takes you to a whole new level! From excellent luxury shops, designer outlets, unique boutiques, and sustainable stores, the city is a shopper’s dream come true. However, more and more people are adopting a sustainable lifestyle and this is showcased in their eco-friendly fashion choices.

In Amsterdam, there are so many choices and varieties if you choose to shop green. De Negen Straatjes is a famous shopping district and you will find most of the shops here are vintage stores.

Episode is a popular store and pioneers a serious concept as a sustainable alternative to fast fashion. They take clothing that is donated to charity, washed them in their warehouse, repair if necessary and distribute to the vintage stores.

Episode, Waterlooplein 1, 1011 NV Amsterdam

LENA Fashion library is another interesting concept where it allows you to shop differently. You could borrow vintage styles to suit and you could return them at the end of the borrowed time.

Lena Library, Westerstraat 174h
1015 MP Amsterdam

12 | Alternative to traditional tourism – Explore Amsterdam with a difference

Amsterdam is a popular touristic city and it may present problems of sustainability. The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam suggests alternative ways for tourists to explore the city with a difference.

Among its suggestions are ways to explore the streets, the street markets, gardens, flea markets and spaces away from the usual tourist trails. You are also invited to plant vegetables, participate in cookery classes and have fun wedding ceremonies with the locals.

The Untourist Guide to Amsterdam, @IAmsterdam Store, De Ruijterkade 28 A t/m D (Behind Amsterdam CS), 1012 AA Amsterdam

A final note on responsible tourism in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is green to its very core! This is evident from the many initiatives highlighted above, which by no means is an exhaustive list. The city’s affinity with cycling, the array of pleasant green spaces, green eating, sustainable shopping and low waste dining are all reflective of a city that is so much more than the whimsical city of freedom, coffee shops and museums that Amsterdam is often associated with. The laid-back and progressive values of green culture showcases the Dutch capital as a natural ‘living’ hub of sustainability combined with social consciousness. Amsterdam really is a great green city to visit in Europe, a city where responsible tourism is taken seriously and comes naturally.

What do you think?

Was this article helpful to you in your search on sustainability and responsible tourism in relation to Amsterdam? Is there an initiative that should have made the list on this article but did not? If so, share your thoughts in comments below, we would love to hear from you.

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Sincerely wish that this article has been helpful to you in planning your visit to Amsterdam. Plan ahead and book your accommodations, buy your I Amsterdam City Card, sign-up to guided tours and activities using the links in this article and related articles on Amsterdam. TTS earns a commission on qualifying purchases, or you could support TTS in other ways also. As always your continued support is much appreciated.

Have a splendid time in Amsterdam 🙂


Quick facts on Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam on world map
52° 22′ 40.6416” N and 4° 53′ 49.4520” E
Amsterdam flag
Amsterdam flag
Amsterdam Coat of Arms
Amsterdam Coat of Arms

City: Capital of Netherlands

Population: 1,149,000

Mayor: Femke Halsema (since 2018)

Zone: Central European Time Zone | Central European Summer Time

Elevation: -2m (-7ft) – Dam Square

Nearest Airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS)

Train Station: Amsterdam Centraal Station

Travel advice Netherlands

Travelling from UK to Netherlands

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10 Important Practical Travel Information for Amsterdam

practical travel information for Amsterdam |

Practical travel information for Amsterdam

Amsterdam is celebrated for its canals and historical gabled houses which gives the city a small town feel. The city is compact and you could easily explore by foot or by bike. To truly experience the pulse of the remarkable cultural city, explore the backstreet cafés and visit the world renowned museums but above all, just chill! Amsterdam is a laid-back city and best discovered when unhurried. When visiting the Dutch capital, it is essential to consider some important practical travel information for Amsterdam.

For example, depending on the purpose of your visit to Amsterdam and wider Netherlands. you may need to meet the entry requirements to the country. This may require you to apply for a Schengen Visa. Additionally, if you are travelling to Amsterdam from within Europe, you may want to take advantage of the cheap fares offered by Europe’s popular budget airlines. Alternatively, you may want to travel to Amsterdam by rail, and experience the scenic journey onboard comfortable coaches. Once you arrive at your destination for your city break, how would you get about? Where would you stay and more importantly, what activities would you do.

With so many things to consider and to plan ahead, I am sure you would append them all on a do-list! To support your travel plans to the city of freedom, this simple guide aims to offer you 10 practical travel information for Amsterdam to consider.

This article and related articles are sprinkled with affiliate links. This means that we may earn a commission from qualified purchases and bookings at no additional cost to you. These links have no influence on the editorial content we produce.

BEST TIPS: Book tours and tickets in advance: Best tours in Amsterdam. Select the I Amsterdam City Card for free entrance to 60 museums, one free canal cruise, discounts and unlimited use of Amsterdam’s public transport. Discover what’s more is included.

10 Practical Travel Information for Travellers to Amsterdam

1 | Visa & Legal entry requirements | Travel information for Amsterdam

Schengen Visa- Netherlands | practical travel information for Amsterdam

The Netherlands is party to the Schengen Agreement. This means that foreign nationals from the EU, EEA or Switzerland as well as some other countries (Luxembourg, Liechtenstein) are exempt from the visa requirement. You could check if you need a Schengen visa here.

However, for the majority of foreign nationals who wish to visit the Netherlands, will require a short stay Schengen visa. A short stay Schengen visa allows the foreign national to visit and stay in the Netherlands and/or any of the countries in the Schengen area for up to three months within a six month period. The visas have a validity of one, three and five years, depending on your visa and travel history. With a tourist short stay Schengen visa for the Netherlands means that you could also travel to other member countries in the Schengen area.

There are general required documents which you need to submit with your application when you apply for a tourist short stay Schengen visa. You could do so at the Dutch local embassy in your country of residence or you could do so online with a few clicks by using the services of iVisa.

iVisa is a leading independent company in the travel documentation industry and they are committed to making your online application for visas, health documentation and other travel requirements a breeze. With the ever-changing global health requirements, obtaining the right travel documents can be a huge hassle or just an annoying waste of time. Getting your travel documents in time is simple, reliable and fast – give them a go by navigating the link below:


With entry to the Netherlands taken care of, you may be considering whether to travel by air, rail or car. Any one of these modes of transport is straight forward, because the Dutch capital is the largest city in the Netherlands and is well connected by air, rail and road. So, here is an overview of some of the practical travel information for Amsterdam which you may wish to consider when deciding on how to get to the city.

2 | Air Travel Information for Amsterdam

practical information for Amsterdam
travel information for Amsterdam

The quickest and easiest way to travel to Amsterdam is by air. Sometimes, air travel to the Dutch capital is cheap as well.There are several budget airlines from UK to Amsterdam direct as well as various destinations from within Europe. Flights can be from as little as €30.00 to £100+ – so ensure you shop early and lock-in the low prices without compromises while travelling in comfort.

2.1 | Budget airlines to Amsterdam

As for the best on budget air travel to Amsterdam, you may want to look up EasyJet, Jet2 and On the Beach. There are great value for money offers and you can book well ahead of time and still enjoy favourable cancellation rights if your travel does not go according to plans.

For long haul flights. you may want to look into Opodo, a one-stop access to over 500 airlines, hotels, car hire and travel insurance – bringing the best in price to you.

Access all that Opodo has to offer via link below:

3 | Train Travel Information for Amsterdam

Eurostar London to Paris supersale |
train travel information for Amsterdam

Amsterdam is easily reached by rail and a perfect base for exploring Netherlands. The city is strategically located on the European rail network which makes it a popular destination for UK travellers to Europe who wish to explore the continent by train.

Exploring Amsterdam by rail is made all the more easier by the excellent direct international rail connections to the city’s main rail hub, Centraal Station.

Centrall Station is located on the northern edge of the city, and is a key hub in the Dutch national rail network. At the very least, there are hourly departures to major cities across Netherlands.

3.1 | Amsterdam’s International Rail Connections

Best public transport from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city
Amsterdam Centraal Station | travel information for Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s excellent international rail connections include regular Thaly’s services to Brussels and Paris. These services to Brussels and Paris are timed to connect seamlessly with Eurostar services from London.

There are hourly Intercity (IC) services connecting Amsterdam to Antwerp, and Brussels with a stop at Rotterdam along the way. There are seven Intercity departures to Cologne and Frankfurt daily. There are IC trains to Berlin and Hanover as well that departs Amsterdam every two hours. A direct daytime train to Basel, Switzerland is also available.

Night trains out of Amsterdam are limited at the moment, however you could travel, departing Amsterdam early evening on a fast train to Düsseldorf. The train to Düsseldorf connects conveniently into direct overnight services to Munich, Innsbruck, Linz and Vienna.

Travel information for Amsterdam

3.2 | Travelling from London to Amsterdam by train | Train times, train price and best time to book

Fast trains from London to Amsterdam takes about 3 hours 45 minutes. There are direct and indirect trains on weekdays and weekends. The earliest trains to Amsterdam from London is generally scheduled for 7:00 in the morning and the last trains are usually around 5:30 p.m.

Train prices from London to Amsterdam varies depending on the class of travel and whether you are travelling peak or off-peak. Generally, train prices can be between €35.00 to €200.00.

To secure best prices for your travel is to book well in advance. Bookings for train journeys from London to Amsterdam generally open at least 6 months in advance. In some instances, you can book 9 months ahead of time as some tickets can be released early.

3.3 | Where to buy train tickets to Amsterdam

Buy your train tickets to Amsterdam from any starting point in Europe, such as Brussels, Paris, London, Berlin or any other city to suit your itinerary. When you have selected your city of travel, then look no further than Eurail and Trainline. Both are global providers of train passes/tickets for all rail journeys.

Eurail partners with European rail networks to bring you the best in train travels by offering an all-in-one train ticket with flexibility for most European train networks. With Eurail passes, you can experience borderless. Select the best to suit your itinerary by clicking the link below. Book well in advance to secure best value tickets.

If a train travel pass is not what you are looking for, then go to Trainline for best offers on point-to-point travel on UK and European rail fares.

4 | Upon arrival in Amsterdam

Amsterdam train
travel information for Amsterdam

Depending upon your mode of travel, either by air or by train, you will then need to get to your accommodation either in the city centre or on the outskirts of Amsterdam. Here is an overview of how to get to Amsterdam city centre from Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Centraal Station. Please also read detail articles on transportation (links provided below) in Amsterdam so you are informed and buy the best transport tickets to suit your itinerary.

4.1 | From Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city centre

If you are travelling by air, you would arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)., the main hub for Netherlands. There are several ways to reach Amsterdam city centre from Schiphol Airport. You could select from either private transfer or via public transport.

Amsterdam boasts a comprehensive train network and you could reach Amsterdam Centraal in 15 minutes or if you take the bus/shuttle, you will reach Amsterdam city in 35-40 minutes.

Read both the detail guide listed below to be fully informed of your choices and the best ways to get to your destination in Amsterdam city by buying the correct ticket.

Travel information for Amsterdam

4.2 | Arriving at and travelling from Amsterdam Centraal Station

Travelling by train means that you shall be arriving at Amsterdam Centraal Station and from here it is easy to hop onto a taxi or tram to get to your accommodation.


With legal entry and transportation sorted, you are surely considering on a place to stay. Below is a quick overview of places to stay with detailed guide to navigate to.

5 | Where to Stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Amstel Hotel
travel information for Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a multitude of places to stay at for unique experiences. From canal boathouses to high-end spa at the edge of a forest, Amsterdam is a city that boasts beautiful places to stay for timeless memories. Take a look at this carefully selected hotels and book a stay ahead of time to lock-in the low price.

However, should you need more choices, take a look at the incredible selection to suit all budgets offered by Booking.

Beyond a place to stay in Amsterdam, you would want to explore the city and here are some suggestions for you.

6 | Things to do in Amsterdam

Travel information for Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

There are a great many things to do in Amsterdam, both the popular touristy activities and off-the-beaten-path. From canal cruises, world-class art galleries to visiting the market, eating the original Gouda stroopwafels and indulging in the Amsterdam’s street-food scene — you have plenty to do from the moment you arrive!

For an easy short visit on the slow-side, take a look at what you could do in a weekend or 48 hours. You may also want to do some of the extraordinary things suggested in the Unmissable 28 best things to do in Amsterdam. A longer stay will be a great way to explore the surrounds and you are covered here as well > Read:

Amsterdam Bos Netherlands
Amsterdam Uithoorn
Ouderkerk aan de Amstel - Amsterdam

Consider purchasing the public and regional transport ticket when exploring the outskirts of Amsterdam. On the other hand, these beautiful villages are best explored by a two-wheeler which you can easily rent when in Amsterdam > Learn all about how to Rent a bike in Amsterdam Green City

Finally, you can’t visit the City of Canals without experiencing a canal cruise! There are canal cruises throughout the day in all kinds of boats – open-top, glass-top, semi-open-top or you could hire your own boat and go for a spin! Some cruises come with food and drink, with buffet-style meals where you can eat all the pancakes you wish! However, the best awaits those who embark on an evening cruise along these historic canals – a private boat for a romantic evening or to capture simple moments of the fresh colours of those rays against the timeless architecture along the waters.

7 | How to explore/discover Amsterdam

practical travel information for Amsterdam
travel information for Amsterdam

Another piece of practical travel information for Amsterdam to consider is how to explore the city and discover its hidden gems for timeless memories. You could opt for a little adventure and explore the city by yourself , join a guided small group tour or do both for the ultimate experience.

7.1 | Exploring Amsterdam independently

Exploring the Dutch capital by yourself is doable as the cultural city is compact and easily walkable. Tourism is highly welcome and offers multitude of information on how to get around and best tickets to purchase.

Visit the official tourist information office – the I Amsterdam Visitor Centre in the heart of town for information, trails and maps to support your independent visit. You could also prepare for your trip by purchasing the great value for money all encompassing city card that gives you free access to museums and attractions (more on this sightseer card below on #8).

I Amsterdam Visitor Centre,

Stationsplein 10, 1012 AB Amsterdam, Netherlands

Travel information for Amsterdam

Amsterdam Centrum should be the starting point for any one seeking to explore on your own as this is where the main attractions are located. Popular attractions are conveniently signposted and you can get to the trilogy of culture (Rijkmuseum, Van Gogh and Stedelijk), palace and the old town within a few minutes walk. Take the tram or the bus to get to the Jewish Quarter if you need to.

Pro tip: Highly recommended that you purchase the Iamsterdam city card, an all encompassing best value sightseer pass – the card gives you free access to local transportation as well. More on this below.

travel information for Amsterdam

Discover the city like a local and explore the Green City by bike. Amsterdam has cycle lanes on both sides and easily navigable. It is a city where the number of bikes outnumber its residents and you will feel very much at home if you opt for this mode of discovery. However, just look-out for some other crazy cyclists!

Travel information for Amsterdam

7.2 | Exploring Amsterdam by joining a tour group

Exploring Amsterdam by joining a small group guided tour is highly encouraged. With a guided tour, you get an overview of the city and you learn so much more from an experienced local guide than any tour guide books may offer. After obtaining an overview, you could always return to a spot of interest to explore deeper, at your own pace. You will feel confident to get around the city as you become familiar with the surroundings. An invaluable tour group to undertake is the food walking tour in Amsterdam.

The food walking tour in Amsterdam is of great value where you explore while you eat! This tour is an opportunity for you to stroll through the heart of the city, get a feel of its culture, have a taste of the different kind of Dutch food, learn about the city’s history, and end the tour at a pub over a platter of cheese! All of these in an extraordinary two hours with a local tour guide. Afterwards, return to places that captured your interests to explore further 🙂

Learn more and book the best food walking tour in Amsterdam

Travel information for Amsterdam

8 | Best Value
Sightseer Pass

Make the most of your time in Amsterdam with Iamsterdam city card. The Iamsterdam city card is an all encompassing sightseer pass where you can enjoy free entrance to many of the city’s top museums and attractions. One free canal cruise is included and up to  25% discount offers at a host of restaurants and cafés. The card includes unlimited free transportation in the city for the duration of the pass.

Save time and money on a card for use over 1, 2, 3 or 4 days to suit your itinerary.

Learn more about Iamsterdam card and its benefits before buying one for your trip >>

Travel information for Amsterdam

9 | A road-trip around Netherlands?

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Travel information for Amsterdam

10 | Travel Insurance

As has so often been said – Never leave home without travel insurance! We don’t expect unfortunate events when we travel but it is always good to be one-step ahead. Buy your travel insurance and ensure you have the correct cover for your journey.

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While travelling to Amsterdam takes you to new surroundings it is important to allocate some time to consider the practical travel information for Amsterdam so you are fully informed and do not experience any last-minute hurdles.

The 10 practical travel information for Amsterdam is curated to give you most of what is needed but it is by no means an exhaustive list. If anything has gone amiss, do let us know via contact form. As well, if this list on travel information for Amsterdam has been useful to you in planning your trip, use the links embedded in this article and related articles to book your flight, train, place to stay, activities to do and buy the value for money Iamsterdam City Card to access attractions. Your support is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Have a great time in Amsterdam 🙂

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10 Important Practical travel information for Amsterdam first published at Updated: May 16, 2022

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