26 Very Best Places to stay on Isle of Wight

26 Very Best Places to Stay on the Isle of Wight, England

An escape to the Isle of Wight, just across the south-coast of mainland Britain offer exciting adventures and magical discoveries which brings together nature, wildlife and incredible history. This natural paradise also offer stunning countryside and villages with rivers running through it. To really know this gem of an island is to spend a few days here in one of the best places to stay on Isle of Wight.

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Best places to stay on the Isle of Wight | England

As you may already know, the Isle of Wight is a small island but it is the largest in England. It is so small that you could drive from one end to the other in an hour (no traffic) or drive the entire circumference of the island in three hours, without traffic and not stopping for views. Therefore, most people think a day is more than enough to visit this island but this little gem deserves more than a day.

Give the island a few days…

The best way to experience this fascinating island is to spend a few days here and explore to your heart’s content. Anything between three and five days is a good start and you will be planning your second trip to the island before you depart 🙂

To support you to do just that, here are 26 very best places to stay on Isle of Wight. These have been carefully selected, located at or within proximity of the five major towns on the Isle of Wight – Bembridge, Cowes, Newport, Shanklin and Ventnor. You could stay in any of these towns and drive or take public transportation to any of the attractions dotted around the island. All destinations are easily reached without much time spent on commute.

The very best places to stay on Isle of Wight are selected for timeless memories for you to peruse and reserve. While some properties prefer adults only as their guests, there are a number of properties where you can take your paw friends with you which is superb and no-one is left-out! However, this is by no means an exhaustive list and there are many that may not be included but the ones listed here are selected based on excellent location, incredible views, fabulous stay, very good service and staff as well as for good hearty breakfasts (where breakfast is included in the stay).

Included also are suggestions on things to do and places to eat and drink around the vicinity of the properties.

The 26 very best places to stay on Isle of Wight as recommended by TTS are:

1 | Bembridge East Wight

Bembridge best places to stay on Isle of Wight
Bembridge coastline Isle of Wight

Bembridge, a village at the easternmost point of Isle of Wight has a reputation of being the largest village in England. The village has a population nearing 4,000, a harbour, three beaches and an airport. Bembridge is notable for the RNLI – The Bembridge Lifeboat Station. The three beaches at Bembridge are Lane End, the Ledge and Bembridge Beach and offer different experiences to visitors.

1.1 | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Bembridge

1 | The Spinnaker, Bembridge

Popular for its quality of service and food, The Spinnaker is ideally located within reach of all attractions.

Learn more and reserve your stay at The Spinnaker, Bembridge

2 | 4 The Nab House, Bembridge

Ideal for 2 travellers and rated as exceptional for location, cleanliness, amenities and value for money.

Book your stay at 4 The Nab House, Bembridge

3 | Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park, Bembridge

Ideal for couples, families and groups, Whitecliff Bay is located within minutes of the beach and offer plenty of nighttime entertainment for all ages.

This is one place where you need to book early to secure the best for a reasonable price > Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park, Bembridge

1.2 | What to do at Bembridge

The RNLI station is open to the public and visitors can learn about its history and the boats that have been stationed there. There is a walkway here that also offers a scenic view of the coastline around Bembridge.

Explore parts of the Isle of Wight Coastal path by following the Lane End beach route. This will lead you to Bembridge Harbour and the famous Bembridge Sailing Club. Visit the 500-year old Bembridge Windmill which is the only surviving windmill on the Isle of Wight. Other points of interest are the Bembridge Heritage Centre and the Holy Trinity Church

1.3 | Where to eat and drink at Bembridge

Restaurants and eateries are aplenty in Bembridge and the surrounding areas that caters for any and all tastes. Bembridge is well-known for its seafood – crab and lobsters are a “must try” as these are often caught daily to serve up as fresh as possible. Visit the award winning Crab and Lobster Inn for delicious seafood treat.

2 | Cowes and East Cowes | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight

best places to stay on Isle of Wight

Boasting a rich wealth of history and culture, Cowes sits across the Medina estuary by chain ferry. Cowes and East Cowes are home to one of the oldest, biggest and vibrant sailing regatta in the world, Cowes Week.

2.1 | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Cowes

4 | Albert Cottage Hotel, Cowes

Located close to the Red Funnel ferry terminals, Albert Cottage Hotel offer good accommodations with exceptional hotel grounds.

Popular amongst couples and for weddings.

Learn more and book early to lock-in your price at the Albert Cottage Hotel

5 | Anchor Cottage, East Cowes

Located within yards of the ferry terminals and the beach, this superb accommodation is ideal for couples and small families.

Book your stay > Anchor Cottage

6 | Historic Wooden Ship MFV119, East Cowes Marina

Add a little quirkiness and fun to your island adventure and stay in a historic wooden boat. Watch boats sail by and flying swans.

Highly recommended for family stay or group travel.

Learn more and book your stay at the historic wooden ship MFV119

7 | Best Western New Holmwood Hotel, Cowes

One of visitors’ favourite destination, this accommodation is ideally located to Osborne House at just 2.2 miles.

Book your stay > Best Western New Holmwood Hotel

8 | Aisla Cottage, East Cowes

Boasting a garden, terrace and private parking, Aisla Cottage is ideal for visitors wishing to engage in activities such as hiking, windsurfing and fishing.

Learn more about this apartment and book early to avoid disappointment > Aisla Cottage

2.2 | What to do at Cowes Isle of Wight

Cowes Week takes place at the height of summer and it is busiest time of the year. There are live entertainments, and numerous activities to get into. The historic Northwood House hosts the Isle of Wight Proms and the Isle of Wight Literary Festival. For a little Victorian nostalgia, visit Osborne House, St Mildred’s Church and Egypt Point which are open to the public for most of the year.

Recommended read: The Victorian Love Affair

2.3 | Where to eat and drink at Cowes Isle of Wight

For families, adrenalin junkies, hungry sailors and visitors alike, there is an excellent gastronomic delight in Cowes. From pubs, wine bars, cafes and restaurants offering tempting tapas, mouthwatering pizzas, perfect burger stacks to simplest of sandwiches. You will be spoiled for choice.

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3 | Newport | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight

Newport is often referred to as the capital of Isle of Wight and is located in the centre of the island. This principal town forms a civil parish with Carisbrooke and has a population estimated at 26,000. The town is surrounded by two squares of Georgian architecture on one side and Victorian on the other. The Isle of Wight Festival takes place in June each year at Seaclose Park, Newport.

3.1 | Best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Newport

9 | Newport Quay, Newport

On a quiet, wide street in the heart of Newport is this Grade II listed accommodation. Rated as fabulous for cleanliness, food and friendly staff, Newport Quay is particularly popular with couples.

Reserve your stay > Newport Quay

10 | One Tennyson, Newport

Located within 2 miles of Carisbrooke Castle is this holiday home featuring 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms – ideal for family or group vacations.

Learn more and reserve your stay at > One Tennyson, Newport

11 | One Holyrood, Newport

Regarded as fabulous for its location, and its gardens, One Holyrood is located less than a mile of Carisbrooke Castle.

Welcomes pets.

Learn more about this quaint place and reserve your stay > One Holyrood

3.2 | What to do at Newport Isle of Wight

As a principal town of Isle of Wight, Newport offers a number of well-known chain stores for shopping. There are some smaller independent shops as well for unique designs. As well, a popular farmers market every Friday selling a good range of local produce.

There are a great selection of attractions nearby to suit all interests. The Museum of Island History, Quay Arts Centre and the Newport Roman Villa are easily reached from the town centre. In the heart of Newport is Newport Minster – a church with historical links to Queen Victoria. To the west of the town is Carisbrooke Castle, a 12th century fort ideal for a fun day out. For a truly wonderful experience with nature, explore the natural woodland of Robin Hill within a short distance away.

There are plenty of entertainments too – multi-screen cinema, range of shows at the Medina and Apollo throughout the year.

3.3 | Where to eat and drink at Newport

There are great options to eat and drink with world cuisines, seafood, and pizzas on offer. Here are just three from the wide selection available at Newport.

4 | Shanklin | Very best places to stay on Isle of Wight

best places to stay on isle of wight
Isle of Wight | Shanklin beach

Shanklin is one of the most popular holiday destinations on Isle of Wight for families, groups, couples and solo travellers. From award winning sandy beaches, the wooded ravine of Shanklin Chine to the enchanting pretty thatched cottages of the Old Village, there is plenty to do here with no moments to be bored!

4.1 | Best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Shanklin

12 | Luccombe Villa Holiday Apartments, Shanklin

An excellent location, the self-catering apartments in Luccombe Villa features secluded gardens and spacious apartments. Just minutes away from sandy beaches of Shanklin and Shanklin Chine.

Welcomes pets.

Learn more and reserve your stay >Luccombe Villa Holiday Apartments

13 | Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel, Shanklin

Located within 4 acres of cliff-top gardens, guests of Luccombe Manor are treated to panoramic views across Shanklin Beach, breakfast in a Victorian dining room and tea in the Grand View Tea Gardens.

Welcomes pets.

Reserve your stay at Luccombe Manor Country House Hotel

14 | Luccombe Hall Hotel, Shanklin

A cliff-top location, amazing sea views and tranquil gardens awaits every visitor at this superb historic building that was originally built in 1870. The Luccombe Hall offer outdoor heated pool, terrace and daily breakfast.

Find out more and book your stay at Luccombe Hall Hotel, Shanklin

More places to stay at Shanklin

15 | Bourne Hall Country Hotel, Shanklin

A beautiful Victorian country house in the midst of 3 acres of mature gardens offers its guests incredible views over Sandown and Shanklin Bay.

Built in 1860s, the property is at an elevated position on the edge of Luccombe Downs.

Stay at Bourne Hall Country Hotel

16 | The Nightingale Mansion, Shanklin

Stay at this unique hotel located on the cliff-top of Shanklin with spectacular views of the English Channel and surrounding white cliffs – highly recommended for gothic lovers!

Welcomes pets.

Reserve a stay at The Nightingale Mansion – Smart Hotel

17 | Westbury Lodge, Shanklin

This Victorian property is situated in the best rated area and offer its adult guests a calm getaway within minutes of scenic views of Shanklin’s cliff-top path.

Welcomes pets.

Book your stay > Westbury Lodge

18 | The Clifton, Shanklin

Located at a stone’s throw from the beach, this accommodation has all the amenities one would expect in a large hotel but with the charm and comfort of a “home away from home”

Learn more and book your stay at The Clifton, Shanklin

19 | The Richmond Bed & Breakfast, Shanklin

Ideally located from Shanklin’s seafront and the woodland gorge, The Richmond offers bed and breakfast adults only accommodation. Although rated as 3-stars, the accommodation is highly rated for its location, cleanliness and superb hosts.

Book The Richmond Bed & Breakfast, Shanklin (Adults only)

More choices are available for family, and group stays – look up Highlands Apartments.

20 | Highlands Apartment 2

21 | Highlands Apartment 3

22 | Highlands Apartment 4

4.2 | What to do at Shanklin Isle of Wight

Watch a show at Shanklin Theatre which offers amateur shows, comedy and concerts to choose from. There are traditional seaside games and amusements at the Esplanade to get into for all the family or walk through Shanklin Chine, home to rare plants, unique gorge and a beautiful waterfall. For quiet evenings, walk along the sandy beach and experience some timeless crimson and red sunsets.

There are also miles and miles of cycle paths and footpaths to explore. The historical Shanklin Walk is highly recommended. The Shanklin Walk is a journey through history on how a small fishing settlement became a popular seaside resort.

4.3 | Where to eat at Shanklin Isle of Wight

From cream tea, traditional fish and chips to freshly caught crab and lobsters plus choose a local ale and live entertainment for an extraordinary experience!

5 | Ventnor Isle of Wight

Ventnor best places to stay on Isle of Wight
Ventnor Isle of Wight

Ventnor is a beautiful seaside resort and was a favourite of Queen Victoria when the Isle of Wight was her palatial home. The town is located on the southeast coast of the island, about 17 km (11 miles) from Newport, beneath St Boniface Down, built on steep slopes leading down to the seafront and beach.

Ventnor is famous for its health resorts because of its unique micro-climate.

5.1 | Best places to stay on Isle of Wight at Ventnor

23 | The Royal Ventnor

This hotel is highly rated for its location and comfort. The Royal Ventnor features picturesque clifftop views, clifftop walks and subtropical gardens. Serves the best English tea – approved by Queen Victoria herself back in the day.

Pets welcome.

*This hotel is high on demand – book early to reserve a stay at The Royal Hotel Ventnor, Ventnor,

24 | Koala Cottage Ventnor

Located in stunning Godshill Ventnor, the property is offered for adults only either for short or long stay. Highly rated for its location and quality of service.

*Adults only

Reserve your stay at Koala Cottage, Ventnor

25 | Orchard Leigh Grange

Located less than a mile from Ventnor, Orchard Leigh is suitable for large adult family or groups of adults.

Learn more and reserve your stay at Orchard Leigh Grange, Ventnor

26 | The Hambrough is rated very highly for their service, staff, food and comfy beds. It is regarded that the area where the hotel is located which is on the cliff of the south coast of the island gets more sunshine than the rest of the British Isles. This boutique accommodation sits high above Ventnor Fishing Harbour. Peruse more of what it offers and reserve your stay at The Hambrough.

5.2 | What to do at Ventnor Isle of Wight

Ventnor’s sand and shingle beach is the main attraction and is great for sunbathing and family swimming. Hire a beach hut along with some deckchairs for a fun day at the beach. For stunning views across the sea, head to the viewing platform at Ventnor Harbour.

A short distance from the western side of town is the beautiful Victorian Ventnor Park (Park of the Year Award at the South and South East England in Bloom awards 2014). A stroll through the Victorian Ventnor Park leads you to a 22 acre sub-tropical paradise – the famous Ventnor Botanic Gardens at the Undercliff. Not too far from here is Steephill Cove.

5.3 | Where to eat and drink at Ventnor

There are a number of pubs, cafes and restaurants offering a great many varieties in food that cater for all ages and tastes. There is plenty to choose from especially fish and seafood options which are locally sourced – these are delicious and as fresh as it can be.

While the following are highly recommended, nothing beats a meal at the Royal Hotel Ventnor which you simply must try.

These are the 26 places to stay which we hope will add value to your adventure on the beautiful Isle of Wight – do return to share your stories with us and our readers. If there are particular properties that need adding to this list, please let us know and we will add these as “Reader Recommendations.”

If you find this article and suggestions useful, consider using the links to book your stay. TTS earns a commission on qualifying stay at no cost to you, and as always your support is much appreciated.

Have an awesome time exploring the Isle of Wight, England.


The Isle of Wight at a Glance

Coordinates: Latitude: 50° 40′ 30.59″ N Longitude: -1° 16′ 30.60″ W

Isle of Wight
The Isle of Wight flag
Isle of Wight
The Isle of Wight Coat of Arms

Basic facts:

Island: Largest island in England

Island’s city: Newport

Population: 141,538 | Second most populous island in England behind Portsea Island.

Landmass: The Isle is roughly 380.728 kilometer/147 square miles

County: Governed by one unitary authority.

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) | British Summer Time (BST)

High season: July – August

Religion: Christianity

Language: English


Currency: Pounds Sterling (£)

Credit and Debit cards accepted.


Elevation: Maximum elevation: 242 m | Average elevation: 15 m | Minimum elevation: -1 m

Highest point: St Boniface Down – 241 metres (791 ft)


1 | Isle of Wight Biosphere Reserve, United Kingdom

2 | Isle of Wight – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Why Visit:

Famous for: Ghosts, Dinosaur bones, Victorian villages, Cycling routes, Walking & Hiking + Healing & Wellbeing retreats

Number of Visitors surpass residents >

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26 Very Best Places to Stay on Isle of Wight first published at timelesstravelsteps.com

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4 key ways to explore the Isle of Wight

4 key ways to explore the Isle of Wight

Written by: Georgina | We may earn a commission from affiliate links | Update February 16, 2022

Stunning shorelines, white cliffs and rich woodlands come together in Isle of Wight, England’s largest island. Once a fashionable summer retreat for the royals, rich and the famous, these days the island is a popular destination for boat races, music festivals, impressive dinosaur fossil quarries and scenic coastal walks.

The Isle of Wight is a small island but it offers plenty of activities to do for all visitors of all ages. One can explore the island independently on foot, by bike, by car, or by public transport. Alternatively one can join a group and explore the island with the help of a guide who will drive you to the various key destinations while you relax, taking in the magnificent views in between the journeys. While there are many ways to experience this beautiful island, here are 4 key ways to explore the Isle of Wight for you to consider:

key ways to explore Isle of Wight

1 | Explore the Isle of Wight independently on foot

ways to explore isle of wight
Ways to explore the Isle of Wight: coastal walk

Exploring the island on foot is not easy. You can either start your day from the time of arrival at East Cowes or you may want to undertake one of the coastal walks which covers beautiful villages, stunning coastlines and key landmarks.

1.1 | A day’s itinerary

For a day visit and to explore on foot, as a brief guide, you could begin your discovery of the island from the ferry terminal at East Cowes and make your first stop at Osborne House, followed by a visit to St Mildred’s Church. Break for lunch at Folly Inn, a pub perched on the banks of River Medina, popular for its fish + chips!.

After lunch, continue on along the River to Newport Quay. then following signs to St James Square. In the centre of the square is Newport Minster, the church that was rebuilt by Queen Victoria to house the remains of Princess Elizabeth, Charles I daughter. Around the outside and the back of the church is a Victorian tea room where you could stop for refreshments. Depending on your return ferry to the mainland, you may want to start heading back to East Cowes.

1.2 | More than a day

If you have more than a day in the island or if you drive, you could pick any one of the six coastal routes recommended by Visit Isle of Wight to explore by foot.

Exploring independently? Get the best online tool to guide you on your adventure. Use the OS Maps app to download sections of map for use offline.

Essential to have: Suitable and waterproof footwear. Water. Depending on time of year, a jacket.

2 | Explore the Isle of Wight independently by bike

Ways to explore Isle of Wight |  coastline
Isle of Wight coastline

The Isle of Wight is renowned as one of the top cycling destinations in the world. Rewarded with one of the best scenery in UK, the island offers two hundred miles of cycle tracks, byways and bridleways to be explored.

The complete round the island route covers 65 miles and this can be adapted to suit individual abilities. Depending on the number of days you have on the island, you can select to split and shortened the route over the number of days.

2.1 | A one-day visit to the island

Once in Cowes, look out for signs of cycle route round the island. The first leg of your route is to Northwood Park, home to Northwood House. Northwood House held many high society events attended by Queen Victoria. Surrounded by a large and beautiful garden, Northwood House is retained in its original style and offers great views over Cowes and Solent.

From Northwood House, follow round the island cycle route towards Cowes seafront. This route has the Solent to your right. Heading towards Gurnard and you will reach Egypt Point, midway which was one of Queen Victoria’s favourite places to watch for sunset. Continue on to Gurnard and stop for lunch. There are several options for food and for light refreshments here.

Depart Gurnard, cycle back to East Cowes and follow the round the island cycle route towards Whippingham, where you could visit St Mildred’s Church. St Mildred’s was a royal favourite and attended by the royal family for Sunday worship. The church was re-designed by Prince Albert to accommodate the royal presence. Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice was married here.

From St Mildred’s, you could make your way to River Medina for some refreshments before heading back to the ferry point at East Cowes.

2.2 | Family-friendly routes

Isle of Wight is a perfect destination for family holidays and there are lots of places for children to develop their skills. For some inspiration, you could try any one or all of the following three routes suggested by Visit Isle of Wight:

Need more tips on planning your cycling route? Get one of the following guide books on cycling around the Isle of Wight.

3 | Explore the Isle of Wight by car or public transport

The Needles Landmark Isle of Wight
Ways to explore the Isle of Wight | The Needles Alum Bay

Isle of Wight has great roads! Clear signposting and easy to navigate. The road goes around the island offering beautiful scenic journeys.

The use of public transportation in the island is a convenient way to explore. The buses are regular and cover key locations of the island for a quick tour. The journey also takes you through some of the most stunning scenery of the coastlines.

Exploring the Isle of Wight by car couldn’t be easier. You have the luxury to pull-up when you like to capture the best views or just take your time over a clifftop picnic and watch the world roll by.

Whether you are exploring by car or by public transport, the most popular destination in Isle of Wight is the Needles Rocks at the Needles Landmark Attraction in Alum Bay. The Needles rocks is a spectacular image not to be missed. You can take the chairlift or a boat ride for a close look at the rocks and the lighthouse. Besides The Needles, Osborne House along with Ventnor Botanic Garden are equally popular for a visit.

If you are looking for more activities to do, head over to Shanklin Chine or Carisbrooke Castle for a day full of exciting adventures.

4 | Explore the Isle of Wight with an organised tour

ways to explore Isle of Wight | Osborne House
Ways to explore Isle of Wight | Osborne House

Exploring Isle of Wight with guided tours sometimes offer real island experiences – from entertaining, informative and educational tours to best loved, secret sights and sounds the island has to offer. Guided tours come with well-planned itineraries and booking the best accommodations on the island, affording you more time to enjoy your trip. Here are some suggestions for you to consider:

4.1 | Day trip from London

Travel by luxury coach from London and cross over to Isle of Wight by ferry. This tour is offered by our trusted partner, Get Your Guide.

The tour will take you Godshill for the magnificent thatched cottages that seems out of a picture book, to the village of Shanklin (not to be mistaken with Shanklin Chine) and two sandy beaches. You will also have plenty of time to explore on your own. Learn more and book this trip by clicking on the graphic.

4.2 | Multi-day trip to Isle of Wight

This multi-day trip to Isle of Wight is for three days and covers some locations on the south coast of England. This is a small group tour offered by our trusted partner, Get Your Guide.

This tour takes you to key historical landmarks on the island including The Needles, Osborne House, Yarborough Monument and Cliffs of St Catherine’s Down. Includes 2 nights accommodation

Good to know when considering exploring Isle of Wight either independently or on a guided tour

1 | Save time and money

You can save time and money at many of the Isle of Wight’s attractions with pre-booked admission tickets.

You need to book a preferred time slot for both Osborne House and Carisbrooke Castle, so purchasing a ticket before day of visit is highly encouraged.

2 | Enjoy unlimited access

For an annual membership, enjoy unlimited access to over 400 properties in England by becoming a member of English Heritage. Both Osborne House and Carisbrooke Castle are managed by English Heritage which means you can visit as many times in a year and you can take along your kids as well.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of English Heritage > sign-up today

3 | Special deal for Overseas Visitors

Overseas visitors who want a simple way to explore the historical landmarks in England can purchase an attraction pass by English Heritage. For one small price, an oversea visitor has access to over 100 properties including Osborne House, Carisbrooke Castle along with Stonehenge and Dover Castle in the mainland which are also visitors’ favourite.

The Overseas Visitor Attraction Pass by English Heritage is valid for 9 – 16 days from first validation and is offered by our trusted partner, Get Your Guide. Alternatively, purchase the Pass from English Heritage. Read the complete guide and why this is an excellent value for overseas travellers > English Heritage Overseas Visitor Pass

4 | Best time to explore the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a good destination to explore at anytime of the year because of its microclimate conditions. However, the island is at its best in the summer but it is also the busiest and most expensive. To enjoy the island minus the crowd, go in spring or fall. Most attractions are closed in winter.

On a final note…

The Isle of Wight is a splendid island to getaway to whether you choose to explore independently by foot, bike, car, and public transportation or as part of a group tour. The island offer plenty of activities to do along with one of the best scenic views in the UK. The weather is generally better than the rest of UK and getting around is not as awkward as in can be in some islands.

Affiliate links are sprinkled on all articles. This means that I earn a commission at no cost to you at all from a qualified booking or purchase sale if you choose to use them. As always, I appreciate your continued support.

Georgina xx

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4 key ways to explore the Isle of Wight first published at timelesstravelsteps.com. Last update February 16, 2022

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