The Best Time to Visit Bordeaux: Guide to Bordeaux’s Perfect Seasons

Visiting Bordeaux but not sure when is the best time to visit France‘s wine country? I’m glad you are here. Welcome to my guide where you can discover the best time to savour the wine capital.

Known for its prestigious vineyards, architectural splendour, and rich cultural heritage, Bordeaux is a destination that captivates visitors year-round. But when is the best time to experience the true essence of this charming city?

Bordeaux’s Perfect Seasons: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Time to Visit the Wine Country

So, here’s my guide to the secrets of Bordeaux’s seasonal allure, guiding you through a month-by-month journey to help you plan the perfect visit. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast eager to explore centuries-old châteaux, a history buff seeking to wander through cobblestone streets, or a gastronomy lover longing to indulge in delectable French cuisine, Bordeaux offers something for every traveller. Each season paints a unique picture of this remarkable city, presenting its own distinct flavours, colours, and festivities.

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the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps
a vineyard in Saint Emilion

My Visit to Bordeaux

I visited Bordeaux in the enchanting month of May. I was dazzled with the city’s wine culture, historic landmarks, and cultural offerings. Immersing myself in the prestigious vineyards, having observed the flowering stage of the grapes, and savouring the finest Bordeaux wines, I gained an in-depth understanding of the region’s viticulture and winemaking traditions. This firsthand experience, combined with my extensive pre-travel preparations about the best time to travel to Bordeaux, allows me to share helpful insights and expertise with you.

Having tasted the magic of Bordeaux in May, I eagerly anticipate returning in the autumn for the harvest, an opportunity to witness the warm autumn colours, the nip in the air and the exuberance of winemaking process from vine to bottle.

For now, come along with me as I delve into the nuances of each month, from the tranquil ambiance of winter to the vibrant festivities of summer, and uncover the best time to visit Bordeaux.

the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps
St Emilion winery ©

About Bordeaux, France

Nestled gracefully on the banks of the Garonne River, Bordeaux stands as a captivating reflection of the art of fine living.

Renowned worldwide as a premier wine destination, this French gem is a harmonious blend of history, culture, and gastronomy. With its UNESCO-listed city center boasting exquisite 18th-century architecture, charming cobblestone streets, and a vibrant culinary scene, Bordeaux captivates the senses at every turn. But it’s the surrounding vineyards that truly elevate Bordeaux’s allure. Home to some of the world’s most prestigious wineries, the region produces exceptional wines that have solidified its reputation as the wine capital of France.

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the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps
Pont de Pierre at night

When is the Best Time to Visit Bordeaux, France?

Bordeaux’s climate is temperate and enjoys mild winters while summers are hot.

The best time to visit Bordeaux is typically during the spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October) seasons. In these months of the year, you can enjoy mild weather and a more tranquil atmosphere in the city, as it is less crowded with tourists.

Spring offers pleasant temperatures and blooming vineyards, while autumn showcases the vibrant colours of the vine leaves. Additionally, September is an ideal time for wine lovers as it coincides with the grape harvest season, providing a unique opportunity to witness the winemaking process in action.

Bordeaux is renowned for its vineyards and wine production, so visiting during the harvest season allows you to experience the region’s viticultural traditions.

It’s worth noting that summer (July and August) can be quite hot and crowded in Bordeaux, as it is the peak tourist season. However, if you don’t mind the higher temperatures and enjoy the lively atmosphere of festivals and outdoor events, summer can still be a rewarding time to visit.

the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps

The Best Time to Visit Bordeaux, France

Let’s take a look at the optimal weather conditions, the array of cultural events, and the hidden gems that make each month a delightful chapter in the Bordeaux story. From the low season’s intimate charm, where you can relish museums and cellars in peaceful solitude, to the bustling peak season with its lively markets and open-air concerts, Bordeaux is the destination that offers plenty to indulge in throughout the year.

So, whether you’re planning your first visit or returning to this enchanting city, this is a useful guide for you to use. Work through the months to find the best time for you to experience Bordeaux’s magic.

Bordeaux in January

January is the low season in Bordeaux. The weather is cool, with average temperatures ranging from 2°C (36°F) to 10°C (50°F). It is also one of the wettest months, with an average rainfall of around 85mm (3.3 inches).

Just, be prepared for occasional rain showers when visiting outdoor attractions.

Things to do: January is an excellent time to visit if you prefer a quieter experience and want to explore indoor attractions. Bordeaux’s museums, such as the Musée d’Aquitaine and the CAPC Contemporary Art Museum, offer fascinating exhibitions to discover. A visit to La Cité du Vin is one not to miss.

Bordeaux quotes | timeless travel steps
the wine shop at La Cité du Vin

Bordeaux in February

February is still considered the low season, but the city starts to awaken from its winter slumber. The weather remains cool, with temperatures ranging from 2°C (36°F) to 12°C (54°F). The average rainfall decreases slightly compared to January, with around 70mm (2.8 inches) expected.

You may want to bring an umbrella or rain jacket for occasional showers.

Things to do: While you may encounter occasional showers, February is a great time to visit wineries and indulge in wine tastings. You can also explore Bordeaux’s historic sites, including the UNESCO-listed city center and the beautiful Place de la Bourse.

Bordeaux in March

March marks the beginning of spring in Bordeaux. The weather becomes milder, with average temperatures ranging from 4°C (39°F) to 15°C (59°F). The average rainfall remains around 70mm (2.8 inches), similar to February.

While rain showers are still possible, they are generally less frequent.

Things to do: It’s a good time to visit the city’s parks and gardens. Head to the Jardin Public and Parc Bordelais, as flowers start to bloom with vibrant colours. Additionally, the Bordeaux International Wine Festival, held in late March, offers an excellent opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines from the region.

the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps
Porte Cailhau Bordeaux

Bordeaux in April

April is a delightful month to visit Bordeaux. The weather is generally pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 7°C (45°F) to 17°C (63°F). The average rainfall decreases to around 60mm (2.4 inches). The days become longer, allowing for more outdoor activities.

While there may still be occasional showers, the chances of rainfall decrease as the month progresses.

Why is April a Good Time to Visit Bordeaux

April is a wonderful time to visit Bordeaux!

The city starts to emerge from the winter chill, and you can enjoy longer daylight hours, making it perfect for exploring the city’s attractions and nearby vineyards.

April marks the arrival of spring in Bordeaux. The city’s parks and gardens come alive with vibrant colours as flowers and trees begin to bloom. The Jardin Public, Parc Bordelais, and other green spaces are transformed into beautiful oases, offering tranquil settings for leisurely walks or picnics amidst the blossoms.

It’s an excellent time to take guided tours of the city, stroll along the Garonne River, and visit renowned vineyards in the nearby Médoc and Saint-Émilion regions.

Bordeaux is renowned for its wine production, and April provides an excellent opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore the vineyards. The vineyards are in the early stages of the growing season, with buds starting to break. You can witness the vineyards’ transformation, learn about the winemaking process, and taste young wines that showcase the potential of the upcoming vintage.

Bordeaux offers a vibrant cultural scene, and April is a great time to take advantage of it. The city hosts various events, exhibitions, and performances during this time. Museums, such as the Musée d’Aquitaine and the CAPC Contemporary Art Museum, offer captivating exhibitions for art and history enthusiasts.

Bordeaux’s culinary scene is a delight to explore, and April offers an opportunity to indulge in the region’s gastronomy. Local restaurants and cafes serve seasonal dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. Pair your meals with exquisite Bordeaux wines for a complete culinary experience.

April is an ideal time to visit as it falls outside the peak tourist season in Bordeaux. As a result, you can enjoy the city’s attractions, restaurants, and wineries with fewer crowds. This allows for a more relaxed and authentic experience as you immerse yourself in the local culture and engage with locals.

Whether you’re interested in wine, culture, nature, or simply enjoying the city’s ambiance, April provides a favourable combination of weather, blooming landscapes, and fewer tourists, making it a great time to visit Bordeaux.

best time to visit St Emilion village ©
St Emilion Village: a day trip from Bordeaux
the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps
The Miroir d’eau: the world’s largest reflecting pool in Bordeaux

Bordeaux in May

May is one of the best months to visit Bordeaux. The weather is typically warm and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 11°C (52°F) to 21°C (70°F). The average rainfall decreases further to around 55mm (2.2 inches).

While there might still be a few showers, they are generally infrequent. It’s a wonderful time to participate in outdoor events and explore the city.

Things to do: The Bordeaux Wine Festival, usually held in late May, attracts wine enthusiasts from around the world. You can sample a wide variety of wines, enjoy gourmet food, and participate in various activities along the riverfront.

the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps
grape buds viewed in May at a vineyard in Saint Emilion

Bordeaux in June

June marks the beginning of summer in Bordeaux. The weather is warm, with average temperatures ranging from 14°C (57°F) to 24°C (75°F). The average rainfall remains similar to May, around 55mm (2.2 inches).

Showers are less frequent, and the city experiences more sunny days. It’s an ideal time to explore the city’s landmarks and enjoy outdoor activities.

Things to do: The days are longer, providing ample time to explore the city’s landmarks, including the impressive Bordeaux Cathedral and the Porte Cailhau. You can also enjoy boat tours along the Garonne River or venture out to the nearby Atlantic coast for beach relaxation.

Bordeaux in July

July is peak tourist season in Bordeaux, and the city is buzzing with activity. The weather is warm, with temperatures ranging from 16°C (61°F) to 26°C (79°F). The average rainfall is relatively low, with around 45mm (1.8 inches) expected.

Rain showers are rare, and visitors can expect mostly dry and sunny weather.

It’s a great time to explore the nearby beaches, such as Arcachon and Cap Ferret, where you can relax, swim, and savor fresh seafood. Additionally, the city hosts open-air concerts, theatrical performances, and other cultural events throughout the month.

best seasons to visit Bordeaux | timeless travel steps
a vibrant square in Bordeaux’s historic centre

Bordeaux in August

August is another popular month to visit Bordeaux. The weather remains warm, with temperatures ranging from 16°C (61°F) to 27°C (81°F). The average rainfall remains low at around 40mm (1.6 inches).

While occasional rain showers can occur, they are usually brief.

It can get crowded in August. and it’s advisable to book accommodations and attractions in advance.

The city continues to offer a vibrant atmosphere, with various summer events and festivals taking place.

What to do in August in Bordeaux?

Exploring Bordeaux’s wine country during this time is particularly rewarding, as the vineyards are lush and the grapes are maturing. You can witness the buzz of activity in the vineyards as winemakers prepare for the upcoming harvest season.

August makes for a great opportunity to join vineyard tours and tastings to savour the flavours of the maturing grapes and gain insights into the winemaking process.

The picturesque countryside surrounding Bordeaux is adorned with vibrant green vineyards, creating a stunning backdrop for leisurely walks or bike rides through the scenic landscapes. Indulge in outdoor picnics amidst the vineyards, pairing delicious local produce with a glass of Bordeaux’s finest wine.

Considerations if Travelling to Bordeaux in August

Just be sure to plan ahead and make reservations, as this popular time of year attracts wine enthusiasts from around the world eager to immerse themselves in the heart of Bordeaux’s wine culture.

It’s advisable to book accommodations and attractions in advance due to the high tourist influx.

17 Bordeaux quotes | Timeless Travel Steps
Old Town Bordeaux

Bordeaux in September

September marks the beginning of autumn in Bordeaux, and it’s a fantastic time to visit the region. The weather is pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 11°C (52°F) to 23°C (73°F). The average rainfall starts to increase slightly to around 60mm (2.4 inches).

While it’s still a great time to visit, be prepared for occasional showers.

September is the beginning of the harvest season, adding to the charm of visiting vineyards. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the winemaking process firsthand.

Things to do: Participate in grape picking events, explore vineyards, and indulge in wine tastings to experience the vibrancy of the season. Don’t miss the Bordeaux Open Air Festival, a music and arts festival that takes place in various locations throughout the city.

Bordeaux in October

October continues the autumn charm in Bordeaux, with mild temperatures ranging from 9°C (48°F) to 18°C (64°F). The vineyards are in full swing, and you can witness the stunning transformation of vine leaves into vibrant autumn colours. The average rainfall continues to increase to around 80mm (3.1 inches). Rain showers become more frequent.

Bordeaux in autumn
vineyards in autumn

Is Bordeaux Worth Visiting in October?

Yes, Bordeaux is absolutely worth visiting in October! October is a great time to explore this enchanting city as it brings the stunning hues of autumn to Bordeaux. The enchanting autumn colours that blanket Bordeaux’s vineyards make it a captivating time to visit.

The vineyards and surrounding landscapes are adorned with vibrant shades of red, orange, and gold. This creates a picturesque backdrop for your visit, making it a truly magical time to explore the vineyards and countryside.

As the grape harvest reaches its peak, the vineyards come alive with activity, and the air is filled with the sweet aroma of ripening grapes.

October is an integral part of the harvest season in Bordeaux. It’s an exciting time to witness the grape-picking process, experience the energy in the vineyards, and learn about the winemaking traditions firsthand, especially the intricate art of blending and aging. Many wineries offer special activities and events during this time, such as grape stomping and harvest festivals, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the spirit of the harvest.

Bordeaux is renowned for its exceptional wines, and October provides ample opportunities for wine tastings and cellar visits. Wineries are typically open to the public, offering the chance to sample a wide range of wines and gain insights into the art of winemaking. You can savour the flavours of Bordeaux’s renowned reds and whites while learning about the region’s rich viticultural heritage. The charming village of Saint-Émilion, with its medieval architecture and picturesque vineyards, is a must-visit during this time.

October in Bordeaux boasts mild temperatures and is generally pleasant and comfortable for outdoor activities. It’s an ideal time to explore the city’s charming streets, visit historic sites, and take leisurely walks along the Garonne River.

In October, you can immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant cultural scene. Attend concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions that showcase the region’s artistic talents. The city’s museums, such as the Musée des Beaux-Arts and the Musée du Vin et du Négoce, provide fascinating insights into Bordeaux’s art, history, and wine heritage.

Bordeaux’s culinary scene is renowned for its exceptional food and wine pairing. In October, you can savour the flavours of seasonal dishes featuring local produce, including earthy mushrooms, hearty game meats, and autumnal vegetables. Pair these mouth-watering dishes with Bordeaux’s renowned wines for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

The city also hosts the Bordeaux S.O Good Festival, celebrating local gastronomy and featuring cooking workshops, tastings, and food-related events.

With its scenic landscapes, captivating wine culture, mild weather, and cultural offerings, Bordeaux in October offers a delightful combination for visitors. This vibrant city is sure to leave you with cherished memories.

Despite the occasional rain showers, the captivating autumn ambiance and the vibrant wine scene make October an enticing time to explore Bordeaux’s wine country.

grape harvest

Bordeaux in November

November brings cooler temperatures to Bordeaux, ranging from 5°C (41°F) to 14°C (57°F). The average rainfall in November in Bordeaux is around 90mm (3.5 inches). As autumn progresses, the city experiences slightly increased precipitation compared to the previous months.

It’s advisable to have a light raincoat or umbrella handy during your explorations.

The city enters its low season, offering a quieter atmosphere for exploration. It’s an excellent time to visit museums and art galleries, which showcase Bordeaux’s rich history and culture. Warm up with a visit to cosy cafés and bistros, savouring Bordeaux’s renowned culinary delights.

Bordeaux in December

December is a festive month in Bordeaux, as the city sparkles with holiday decorations and Christmas markets. While temperatures range from 3°C (37°F) to 11°C (52°F), the holiday spirit warms the city.

December sees a similar average rainfall to November in Bordeaux, with approximately 95mm (3.7 inches) of rainfall. While it’s not the rainiest month of the year, occasional showers can be expected.

Be prepared with appropriate rain gear as you explore the city’s festive decorations and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Explore the Marché de Noël, where you can find unique gifts, regional specialties, and delightful crafts. Attend concerts and performances at the Bordeaux National Opera or the Grand Théâtre to experience the cultural richness of the season. Take part in the Bordeaux Tasting, a major wine event that allows you to sample an array of Bordeaux’s finest wines.

Dune of Pilat | Timeless Travel Steps
Dune of Pilat: an easy day trip from Bordeaux

The Best Time to Visit the Wineries in Bordeaux

The best time to visit Bordeaux wineries are during:

Harvest Season

If you want to witness the winemaking process in action and experience the lively atmosphere of the vineyards, the harvest season, also known as the “vendange,” is an ideal time to visit. This typically occurs from late September to early October. You can see the grapes being picked and even participate in grape harvesting events.

Keep in mind though, that it can be a busy time. Ensure you make reservations in advance.

Spring and Summer

From April to August, the weather in Bordeaux becomes warmer, and the vineyards are lush and vibrant. This period offers a pleasant ambiance for exploring wineries and vineyards, learning about the wine production process, and enjoying wine tastings.

During these months, the vineyards are in various stages of growth providing a beautiful backdrop for your visit.

the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps
Chateau la Marzelle, St Emilion

Barrel Tasting in Winter and Early Spring

Some wineries offer barrel tastings, where you can sample wines that are still aging in oak barrels. These tastings give you a unique insight into the wine’s development and allow you to appreciate the nuances that come from the aging process. Barrel tastings often take place during the winter and early spring months.

Wine Festivals and Events

Bordeaux hosts several wine festivals and events throughout the year. These occasions offer an excellent opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines, interact with winemakers, and explore different wineries all in one place. The Bordeaux Wine Festival, Bordeaux Fête le Vin, and En Primeur Week are some of the notable events to consider when planning your visit.

It’s important to note that many wineries in Bordeaux require advance reservations for tours and tastings, especially during the busy seasons. Therefore, it’s advisable to contact wineries directly or work with a specialized wine tour operator to ensure availability and plan your visits accordingly.

the best time to visit Bordeaux | Timeless Travel Steps

Festivals in Bordeaux

In addition to its rich wine heritage, Bordeaux hosts several vibrant festivals throughout the year, adding to the city’s cultural charm. Here are some notable festivals to consider when planning your visit:

Bordeaux Wine Festival

Held annually in June, this renowned festival celebrates Bordeaux’s exceptional wines. It features wine tastings, workshops, parades, concerts, and fireworks, offering a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s wine culture.

Bordeaux Fête le Fleuve

Taking place in June, this festival celebrates the Garonne River with a variety of nautical activities, boat parades, concerts, and exhibitions. It’s a lively event that highlights Bordeaux’s connection to its waterfront.

Bordeaux International Fireworks Competition

Held in July and August, this competition brings together pyrotechnic displays from various countries, lighting up the night sky over the Garonne River. It’s a dazzling spectacle that draws visitors from far and wide.

Bordeaux Jazz Festival

Taking place in November, this festival showcases a diverse lineup of jazz performances in iconic venues across the city. Jazz enthusiasts will appreciate the vibrant atmosphere and world-class musicians.

Bordeaux Métropole Marathon

Held in April, this marathon event brings together runners from around the world to experience the city’s scenic routes. Even if you’re not participating, it’s an exciting time to witness the energy and cheer on the participants.

These festivals offer a unique way to experience Bordeaux’s culture, music, and joie de vivre. Be sure to check the specific dates and program details of each festival as they may vary from year to year. Go here to the official tourism site for dates.

In sum…

Bordeaux is a captivating destination that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Each season offers its own unique charm and experiences. For wine enthusiasts, the harvest season in September and October provides an extraordinary opportunity to witness the winemaking process and taste the fruits of the vineyards. The vibrant colours of autumn in the vineyards add to the enchantment.

If you prefer milder weather and want to explore the city’s cultural offerings, May is an excellent choice. The city comes alive with events, festivals, and longer daylight hours, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Summer, from June to August, is the peak tourist season in Bordeaux. It offers warm weather, lively street scenes, and outdoor events. It’s perfect for exploring the city’s landmarks and indulging in wine tours and tastings.

For those seeking a quieter experience and discounted prices, the low season from November to February can be ideal. While some attractions may have reduced hours, you can still enjoy the city’s museums, art galleries, and gastronomy without the crowds.

No matter the time of year, Bordeaux’s beauty, rich heritage, and world-class wines are bound to leave a lasting impression. Plan your visit based on your preferences, and immerse yourself in the magic of this remarkable wine capital.

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Have a wonderful time in Bordeaux, no matter the season you travel. xx

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