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The Ultimate Isle of Wight travel guide |
The Needles Isle of Wight

Once home to the famous Queen of England, great poets and innovators, the island also stood ready to defend the country’s nation.

People say they fall in love with the Isle of Wight England’s best haven and I understand why. I invite you to explore this little gem and hope you’d think so too.

What to expect from this article on the Ultimate Isle of Wight Travel Guide

This article about the ultimate Isle of Wight travel guide begins with a brief introduction and an overview of England’s best haven. There is also a synopsis of the island’s geography, best time to visit and notable towns followed by a series of tiles on full-length articles covering the best experiences and places that will contribute towards timeless vacation memories.

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A brief introduction to the Isle of Wight, England

The history of England’s best haven dates back millions of years. There are evidence of ancient settlements and structures discovered through archaeology. Some of the ancient structures go back to the Iron Age, much represented by the earthworks at Castle Hill. The oldest monument on the island, the Long Stone at Mottistone Common dates back to Neolithic times.

The Isle of Wight is one of the few places in the world where members of the public can experience finding their own fossilised dinosaur remains. Digging for bones is a favourite among families as it is an activity that will keep your little ones occupied for a few hours. The 68-mile coastal walk with dramatic white cliffs as a backdrop is a journey that offers unique unforgettable experiences.

Victorian style and unspoiled natural beauty

Step back to Victorian opulence, passion and style in Osborne House and take a peek into the royals private world. Visit the islands beautiful villages with thatched cottages which is a photographer’s paradise. The inviting sandy beaches and picturesque white cliffs are experiences to indulge in. A walk in the woodlands or a visit to Shanklin Chine will transport you to a whole new world of unspoiled natural beauty. Don’t forget to explore the medieval fortress and battlements which was home to Princess Beatrice, Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter or the three hundred year old windmill…and then there is the steam train ride for a little nostalgia.

The Isle of Wight England’s best haven is simply bursting with places to explore and activities to do, leaving you with no moments to be bored.

Popular for visitors from the south-coast of England as a day destination, England’s best haven is ideal for a short break or longer visits.

An overview of the Isle of Wight England’s best haven

isle of wight finest hotels in isle of wight | isle of wight England's best haven

The population of Isle of Wight is 140,000, making it the second most populous island in northern Europe. The island has a strong tradition of promoting environmental awareness, healthier lifestyle and measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Tourism is an important contributor to the island’s economy and is much encouraged by Visit Isle of Wight (official tourism board for Isle of Wight) and Visit England (official tourism board for England).

The Geography of Isle of Wight England’s best haven

Isle of Wight is England’s largest island and it cannot be any closer to the mainland!

Map of IOW
Map data Googlemaps | Latitude: 50° 40′ 30.59″ N
Longitude: -1° 16′ 30.60″ W

The island can be accessed in 45 minutes via a short sea crossing from southern England, from Portsmouth, Southampton or Lymington across the Solent.

Isle of Wight UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Isle of Wight is a centre for geological study, promoting numerous projects on the environment and eco-tourism while attracting new investments to foster environmental innovation.

1 | Alum Bay Isle of Wight England’s best haven

The Needles Isle of Wight | best views of the Needles | isle of wight England's best haven
The Needles Alum Bay Isle of Wight

Alum Bay is a bay on the westernmost of Isle of Wight, England and is the centre of geological interest and tourists attraction. Of geological interests are the chalk stacks and the multicoloured sand cliffs, formations of which goes back millions of years. The seabed and waters form part of the Needles Marine Conservation Zone. The shore and heath above are part of the Headon Warren and West High Down Site of Special Scientific Interest.

For tourists, the Bay gives easy access to the Needles rock formations, Needles Lighthouse and the multi-coloured sand cliffs via a boat ride as well as offering stunning views across the Solent. There is an amusement park along with other activities to fill a day’s visit also.

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2 | Woodland in the Isle of Wight

The woodland of Isle of Wight is special to the UK. Home to a growing population of red squirrel, (Scuirus vulgaris), which co-exist with hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius), Bechstein bat (Myotis bechstenii) and barbastelle bat (Barbastella barbastellus). This is an exclusive environment to these species and not influenced by deer or grey squirrel.

There are about eight areas of woodland on the island and covers just a little over 4% of England’s best haven land surface. The following three are highly recommended if you wish to get close to nature, unwind, relax and enjoy a stroll with family and friends.

2.1 | Briddlesford Woods

2.2 | Borthwood Copse

2.3 | Firestone Copse

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Notable towns on the Isle of Wight

1 | Newport

2 | Ryde

3 | Sandown

Sandown is famously ideal for families with children as it is a traditional seaside resort and a rich area for dinosaur fossil hunts. A little south of Sandown, is another traditional seaside town, Shanklin. Shanklin is famous for its sub-tropical gardens, Shanklin Chine and long sandy beaches.

4 | Ventnor

The charming town of Ventnor is on the southeast coast of this gem of an island. Famous for its ‘mediterranean’ like climate, this hillside town was a Victorian health resort and is home to vintage shops, Ventnor Botanic Garden along with some very best places to stay and dine.

5 | West Wight & Yarmouth

6 | Cowes & Bembridge

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Best time to visit Isle of Wight England’s Best Haven

The island is at its best and busiest in summer. Summer is also when it is most expensive. Music festivals and boat races are summer events that attract the most crowds. If you wish to give summer in Isle of Wight a miss, then a visit in spring or fall would be ideal. You can still enjoy all the experiences and good weather minus the crowds. Most venues are closed in winter.

How many days is ideal for a vacation at Isle of Wight

Although the island is the largest in England, it is quite a small one. Some may suggest that a day trip would suffice, but I’d say otherwise. My family and I spent five days on this beautiful island, waking up to the sounds of the waves against the cliffs and seagulls that created the melodies of the shore. The Isle of Wight was a destination we much loved especially the calmness and the tranquility that surrounded our place of stay which was a complete change to our everyday routine.We felt then and still do that our time on this beautiful island was not nearly enough.

For one to truly experience England’s best haven, a minimum of three-day stay is highly recommended.

What to do on the Isle of Wight England’s best haven

There are so many adventures on the island to explore. From birdwatching, horseback riding to scenic coastal walks and sailing. The island offers beautiful sandy beaches, white cliffs and secluded coves for rock-pooling. As well, there are impressive dinosaur fossil quarries to keep your little ones entertained for a few hours. The island has a lush countryside and is a hiker’s paradise. More popular these days are the music festivals held annually and the Round the Island Yacht Race at Cowes. All of these experiences come together making Isle of Wight a perfect destination for solo travellers, families, couples and slow-travellers.

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Practical tips to consider

Most attractions are wheelchair and stroller accessible but remote attractions may not be. Please check individual sites before booking entry tickets.

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the ultimate Isle of Wight travel guide England's best haven

Here are all the activities on the Isle of Wight England’s best haven which you may like. Peruse, plan ahead and book your adventure without further ado.


My sincere wish is that this, The Ultimate Travel Guide to Isle of Wight has given you a better idea of what to expect when you visit, things to do in and around the island as well as how how to plan your time. I hope this guide has answered some, if not all of your questions about the Isle of Wight, England.

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Isle of Wight at a Glance

Coordinates: Latitude: 50° 40′ 30.59″ N Longitude: -1° 16′ 30.60″ W

Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight

Island: Largest island in England

Island’s city: Newport

Population: 141,538 | Second most populous island in England behind Portsea Island.

County: Governed by one unitary authority.

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) | British Summer Time (BST)


Currency: Pounds Sterling (£)

Credit and Debit cards accepted.


Landmass: The Isle is roughly 380.728 kilometer/147 square miles

Elevation: Maximum elevation: 242 m | Average elevation: 15 m | Minimum elevation: -1 m


1 | Isle of Wight Biosphere Reserve, United Kingdom

2 | Isle of Wight – Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

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Famous for: Ghosts, Dinosaur bones, Victorian villages + Healing & Wellbeing retreats

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