Planning a visit to Peschiera del Garda? Peschiera is one of the most beautiful towns in Lake Garda but where would you go and what is there to see if you only have a limited time and want to experience the very best of this quaint lakeside town? In this guide about the top things to do in Peschiera, I cover all the highlights and beautiful places to see including transport information along with tips for timeless experiences. While this gem of a town is easily reached by public transport, the best way to experience Peschiera and Lake Garda is to take a boat trip.

I visited Peschiera in the month of November during almost a week-long vacation in Verona. We were blessed with good weather, sunshine and coolness, pleasant throughout.

I researched extensively prior to my travel to Peschiera but I was still unsure about what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised as there is plenty to love about Peschiera del Garda. A visit here should top every traveller’s list to Lake Garda.

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Peschiera: 16th century 5-arched stone bridge

I have put together this guide for you about the best things to do in Peschiera along with essential information and experienced tips so that you’ll have a good idea about what to expect when you visit, and have a fabulous time exploring this picturesque gem.

Take a look.


Peschiera del Garda exudes an aura of soulful living. The unhurried yet spirited living is noticeable as you explore the lovely historic town which is a UNESCO declared Heritage Site. Filled with peaceful canals crossed by charming bridges, lively squares, and distinctive streets.

As you wander through the winding streets you’ll discover a plethora of cozy shops and eateries, as well as grand historical buildings, churches, and an imposing fortress.

Home to beautiful pebble beaches, Roman ruins, Italy’s favourite amusement park and above all, an amazing landscape. A great destination for families, couples and solo travellers who love history, culture, or just soaking up the gorgeousness of Lake Garda’ s crystal clear waters.

The town makes a good base if you are considering staying here. Peschiera has a wide selection of accommodations for all budgets. There is a train station that connects to Venice and Verona. While there are plenty of buses connecting the lakeside towns, the best way to experience how the people of Garda live is to take a boat. There are plenty of water taxis connecting the lake shore towns also.

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the view from across Piazza Ferdinando di Savoia, Peschiera del Garda


An overview of what’s covered:

  • Why Peschiera del Garda is Worth Visiting;
  • Where is Peschiera del Garda, Italy;
  • The Climate and Best Time to Visit Peschiera del Garda;
  • A Brief History about Peschiera del Garda;
  • Top Things to do in Peschiera;
  • Places to visit Nearby Peschiera;
  • Favourite Lakeside Towns to visit from Peschiera;
  • Off-the-beaten path Villages in Lake Garda;
  • Walks, Hikes and Biking around Peschiera’s countryside;
  • Places to Eat and Drink in Peschiera;
  • How much time is needed to visit Peschiera;
  • Peschiera Trains;
  • finally;
  • What’s New;
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a boat trip from Peschiera offers amazing views such as this


Peschiera is a charming lakeside town and is absolutely 100% worth visiting. The town has one of the prettiest scenes of canals, bridges and a dock of colourful boats which is lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops. The heart of the town is a UNESCO declared Heritage Site which sits alongside its ancient fortress that dates back to the 16th century. This incredible town is home to stunning architecture, historic buildings, and sublime churches. The Church of San Martino and the Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino are gems featuring beautiful frescoes and paintings which must be seen.

Peschiera is a place where you can people watch over an aperitivo, or a gelato, enjoy a stroll along the lake, take a boat tour of the splendorous lake, or go swimming at one of the many beaches. Above all, Peschiera exudes an endearing atmosphere which makes a visit here really special.

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just a sunset by the beach


Peschiera del Garda is situated on the southern shore of Lake Garda in the province of Verona, which sits in the region of Veneto in northern Italy. It is located approximately halfway between the cities of Verona and Brescia, and is easily accessible by car, bus, and train.

The nearest airport is Verona Villafranca Airport, which is about a 20-minute drive away.

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Peschiera enjoys a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and mild winters but typically pleasant throughout the year.

The best time to visit Peschiera del Garda is during the spring and autumn months, when temperatures are mild and the crowds are thinner.

The months of April, May, September, and October are generally considered to be the best time to visit. During these months, the average temperatures range from 15°C (59°F) to 25°C (77°F).

Summer is the peak tourist season in Peschiera del Garda. The months of June, July, and August are the warmest months with temperatures ranging from 25°C (77°F) to 30°C (86°F). These warmer months are ideal for swimming, sunbathing, and outdoor activities.

Winter in Peschiera del Garda is mild, with temperatures ranging from 5°C (41°F) to 10°C (50°F). The town is less crowded during the winter months, with many tourist attractions closed. Outdoor activities may be limited also.

If you are planning a visit, the spring and autumn months are the best time to visit Peschiera del Garda. I would also suggest that November is a great time to visit, when the weather is mild and the crowds are thinner.

However, if you are interested in swimming and outdoor activities, the summer months are ideal but you will have to contend with the large crowd.

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Peschiera del Garda and its surrounding area has a long history that dates back to prehistoric times. Archaeological findings in the area suggest that human settlements have existed there since the Neolithic period, around 5,000 years ago.

From Bronze Age to the 19th Century

During the Bronze Age, the area was inhabited by the Terramare people, and later the Celts settled in the area. The Etruscans also had a significant presence here, and later, it came under the control of the Gauls before becoming part of the Roman Empire.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Peschiera del Garda came under the control of various rulers, including the Lombards, Franks, and della Scala family of Verona. In the 14th century, the town came under the control of the Republic of Venice, who heavily fortified it with a system of walls and ramparts.

During the Venetian period, Peschiera del Garda was an important military outpost and played a significant role in the trade and commerce of the region. The town was a key military stronghold during the Venetian Republic and played an important role in the Wars of Italian Independence in the 19th century. It remained under Venetian control until the fall of the Republic of Venice in the late 18th century.

In the 19th century, the town became part of the Kingdom of Italy and was once again fortified as part of the country’s defense system. During World War I, the town was heavily bombarded by Austrian forces but remained under Italian control.

fortification peschiera del garda |
the fortified wall that surrounds Peschiera

Peschiera Today

Today, Peschiera del Garda is a popular tourist destination. The town’s picturesque location on Lake Garda, and the charming atmosphere attracts visitors from all over the world. People come not only to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake, but also to visit the local wineries, and explore the wealth of the many cultural and historical sites that are sprinkled around the town.

The surrounding countryside is home to many vineyards and orchards, producing some of the finest wines and fruits in the region. Peschiera del Garda is known for its production of the white wine Lugana, which is made from grapes grown in the nearby vineyards.

With the town’s long history of strategic importance due to its location at the southern end of Lake Garda, Peschiera enjoys an enviable position as a major transportation hub. The town provides easy access by rail to other cities in the region, including Verona, Venice, and Milan. It is also located near major highways, making it easy to reach by car, and within reach of an airport for European flights.


Peschiera del Garda is a gem of a town in Lake Garda. Steeped in history, breathtaking natural beauty, and a diverse array of activities, Peschiera makes for an ideal destination for travellers. Here are some of the top things to do in Peschiera del Garda:

The Walled Town of Peschiera

One way to begin exploring Peschiera del Garda is by visiting its lovely historic district. A walled town with narrow streets, charming piazzas, and remarkable landmarks. The entire area within the walls is UNESCO designated and offers a fascinating insight into the town’s storied past.

Walk the Venetian Walls that surround the historic centre

The historic wall in Peschiera del Garda is also known as the Venetian Walls. It was built in the 16th century, between 1553 and 1556, under the direction of the military architect Giulio Savorgnan. The walls were part of a larger defensive system known as the “Quadrilatero,” which also included the cities of Mantua, Legnago, and Verona. These were intended to protect the Republic of Venice from the expanding powers of the time. The walls of Peschiera del Garda are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Venetian walls surround the town and offer a beautiful vantage point for views of the lake and surrounding countryside. It offers splendid photo opportunities of the rolling vineyards in the distance, the town’s rooftops and the blue crystal clear waters of Lake Garda.

things to do in Peschiera del Garda |

Explore San Marco Fortress

San Marco Fortress is one of the major components of Peschiera’s defensive historic walls that surround it. Built in the mid-19th century, between 1850 and 1856, during the period when Peschiera was part of the Austrian Empire. The fortress was designed by the Austrian engineer Franz von Scholl and was intended to defend the eastern part of the town, which faces the lake.

Today, the fortress offers its visitors a unique historical and cultural experience. If you like to delve deeper into the history of this town, here are some things you could do at the fortress:

  • Take a tour of the fortress and learn about its history and strategic importance in the past.
  • The fortress houses a museum that displays a collection of weapons, uniforms, and other artifacts from different eras of Italian military history.
  • Enjoy the panoramic view. The fortress offers stunning views of Lake Garda and the surrounding landscape.You can also climb to the top of the tower to get a better view.
  • If you like, you could attend one of the cultural events that the fortress hosts throughout the year. The fortress hosts various cultural events, including music concerts, theater performances, and art exhibitions.
  • Take a respite in the park. The fortress is surrounded by a large park, where visitors can take a stroll, have a picnic, or just relax and enjoy the scenery.
San Marco fortress" things to do in Peschiera del Garda |
San Marco fortress, Peschiera

TIP: Take this inexpensive boat ride for 30 minutes that goes around the Venetian fortress. In this boat ride, you’ll get a firsthand look at where Lake Garda flows into the Mincio River, a closer look at the ingenuity of the engineering of the fortress and watch the colours reflect off the waters. This short trip really is worth taking.

Visit the Medieval Ponte Visconteo

The most famous bridge in Peschiera del Garda is the Ponte Visconteo which stands as a beautiful example of medieval architecture. Located in the town center, the bridge dates back to the 14th century and is an iconic symbol of the town’s history. Ponte Visconteo played an important role in connecting Milan to Verona and Venice during the medieval era.

The Ponte Visconteo features a central tower and a series of arches. It is surrounded by picturesque buildings and offers stunning views of the nearby canal and Lake Garda.

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Ponte Visconteo Peschiera

Stop-by at the Parish Church of San Martino

The Church of San Martino is one of the oldest churches in Peschiera del Garda. Built in the 12th century, the church has undergone several renovations over the centuries. Today it features a mix of Romanesque and Gothic styles.

The bell tower of the church is particularly impressive, standing at over 42 meters tall and was built in the Romanesque style. The tower has several levels and is topped by a spire.

San Martino showcases a simple and elegant facade, with a pointed arch entrance. The facade is decorated with a series of sculptures and reliefs, including a statue of Saint Martin.

Inside the church, you are met with a single nave and the walls are decorated with frescoes and works of art from different periods. The nave is supported by columns with Romanesque capitals, and the ceiling features wooden beams. The main altar is made of marble and features a painting of Saint Martin sharing his cloak with a beggar. The church also has a crypt that dates back to the 12th century.

Church of San Martino Peschiera ©
Church of San Martino Peschiera

Admire the Ponte dei Voltoni (Voltoni Bridge)

The Voltoni Bridge is one of the most characteristic images of Peschiera del Garda. An iconic five-arched bridge built in 1556 spans the Mincio River which runs through the town and flows out to Lake Garda. The bridge played a key role in the defense of the town and was an important link in the chain of fortifications that protected the town from invasion.

Today, the Voltoni Bridge is an important landmark in Peschiera del Garda and a popular attraction for tourists. It’s a beautiful stone arch bridge with a distinctive humpback shape. Surrounded by picturesque scenery and historic buildings.

You can walk or bike across the bridge to enjoy the views of the river and the town, or take a boat tour of the river to see the bridge from below. The lake-shore path leads to the Spiaggia del Sasso beach.

ponte del Voltoni Peschiera ©
ponte dei voltoni

Have Gelato and People Watch

One of the best things to do in Peschiera del Garda is to enjoy some delicious gelato and people watch at one of the picturesque spots in Peschiera. There are many gelaterias in Peschiera del Garda, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. The town has several picturesque spots where you can sit and relax, such as the Piazza Ferdinando di Savoia, the Lungolago Mazzini, or the Porta Brescia.

Peschiera del Garda square ©
Piazza Ferdinando di Savoia, Peschiera del Garda

Georgina: We found Piazza Ferdinando di Savoia to be a really nice place to relax, have gelato and watch the comings and goings of the day. The picturesque views of the bobbing boats in the canals along with the iconic five-arched Voltoni Bridge were so calming. Having gelato and people watch was one of the best things we did in Peschiera.

Relax at the Beaches

There are several beaches in Peschiera del Garda, ranging from small and secluded coves to larger, more popular beaches with amenities.

Depending on how much time you have at Peschiera, the following are worth a visit:

Lido ai Pioppi is a large, sandy beach with sun loungers, parasols, and facilities such as showers and changing rooms. It is located on the eastern side of Peschiera and can be reached on foot, by bicycle or car.

Spiaggia del Porto is a small, secluded beach located on the western side of Peschiera. It is a pebble beach with crystal clear waters. You can walk to this beach or cycle here.

Spiaggia del Sasso is a small, rocky beach located near the old town of Peschiera del Garda. It is a quiet and secluded spot and can be reached on foot via the Voltoni Bridge.

Spiaggia del Molo is a small, sandy beach located near the harbor of Peschiera del Garda. It is a popular spot for swimming and sunbathing and can be reached on foot, by bike or car.

Take a Boat Trip and Enjoy a Unique Perspective of Lake Garda

Hop on a boat trip from Peschiera for a timeless experience of Lake Garda. This region of Italy is famous all around the world. The picturesque, hidden landscapes along with quaint Italian lakeside villages makes for stunning photography.

With jaw-dropping sights, boat trips from Peschiera del Garda offer a unique perspective of Lake Garda and its surrounding areas and it is an activity not to miss.

If you just want to move from one town to another along the shores of Lake Garda, the public boat service is your best option. On the official site here, you can find the timetable and ticket prices for the towns.

boat trip Peschiera |
boat trip on Lake Garda

For a more rewarding experience, take a Garda Lake tour that takes you around the lake and includes stops in different towns and villages. In this way your visit is better managed in relation to time and you get to learn about the towns you visit from a guide. I have rounded-up some of the popular options and how to take them:

A 4-hour Lake Garda Cruise departing Peschiera: This boat trip covers the southern part of Lake Garda and includes a light lunch. You will see Isola del Garda, Jamaica Beach and the Grottoes of Catullus along with a swim in the crystal clear waters of Lake Garda.

A great introduction to Lake Garda is this half-day cruise that passes by Sirmione, Grotte di Catullo, Villa Canossa, Lazisee, Bardolino and more along with commentary. This trip also offers a stop to swim, and a light lunch.

If you need more flexibility, this sunset boat trip offers an incredible experience. The cruise set off from Portese in late afternoon, on a comfortable trip. You will see the Baia del Vento, head to Isola del Garda, view the Martinengo Terzi palace and the prestigious Liberty Villas which are only visible from the lake.

It is also possible to experience Lake Garda in one day if you are pressed for time. This particular one day tour with a guide covers the best of Lake Garda’s most beautiful resort areas, such as Limone, Salò and Sirmione along with a scenic cruise along the lake on a boat trip. This boat trip is one of the best things to do in Peschiera.

public boat Lake Garda


When I researched for my trip to Lake Garda, I came across most blogs including the following destinations as part of Peschiera. Well, I discovered that there are not really situated within Peschiera itself but in the neighbouring towns involving a short trip. I have included tips on how you can reach these places by car, train or bus (if available) to give you a better idea of what to expect on your visit.

The Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino in Castelnuovo del Garda

The Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino is a beautiful church located near Peschiera del Garda, in the town of Castelnuovo del Garda. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is a popular pilgrimage site for Catholics in the area.

The history of the sanctuary dates back to the 16th century, when a small chapel was built on the site. According to local legend, a farmer discovered a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary in a nearby ash tree (frassino in Italian), and the chapel was built to honor the miraculous discovery.

Over the centuries, the chapel was expanded and renovated several times, and the present structure dates back to the 19th century. The church features a neoclassical style and has a beautiful interior with marble altars, frescoes, and stained glass windows. The centerpiece of the sanctuary is the wooden statue of the Madonna del Frassino, which is believed to have healing powers.

Today, the Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino is a popular destination for visitors and pilgrims who come to pray and admire the beautiful architecture and art. The church is open to the public and welcomes visitors of all faiths.

things to do in Peschiera del Garda | Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino | ©
Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino
things to do in Peschiera del Garda | Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino | ©
Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino

Info: Castelnuovo del Garda is located just 2.2 km from Peschiera del Garda. It takes about 30 minutes to walk. If you prefer not to walk, you could take the train. The train ride takes 4 minutes and costs 1 Euro.

Have fun at Gardaland, Castelnuovo

Gardaland is a top theme park in Italy and is located in Castelnuovo del Garda, just a short drive from Peschiera del Garda.

Gardaland is busy and crowded while offering a wide variety of attractions to suit all ages and interests. There are over 30 rides and roller coasters, as well as themed areas like Fantasy Kingdom and Adventure Land. Thrill-seekers will absolutely love their popular Raptor roller coaster, the Blue Tornado inverted coaster, and the Fuga da Atlantide water coaster.

You’ll also find a variety of shows and performances throughout the day. These include musicals, acrobatic performances, and stunt shows featuring popular characters like Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol.

With so many activities to see and do, you’ll want to avoid queuing up for tickets and book your e-ticket. In this way, you may have more time to experience more activities or enjoy a meal.

Gardaland Italy

When it comes to shopping and dining, Gardaland has plenty of options including a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and snack bars. There are also shops selling souvenirs, clothing, and other merchandise, so you can take back a piece of northern Italy with you.

Gardaland is located in a beautiful area of Italy, with stunning views of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains. The park itself is also beautifully landscaped, with gardens and water features throughout. You are sure to have fun day out, at Gardaland and it is definitely worth a visit.

As a top theme, Gardaland is popular all year round and needless to say, it is also busy. If you really want to visit Gardaland, it is best to book your open date tickets which you can activate on your day of visit

There are several options to experience Gardaland, Italy:

Info: There is a free shuttle bus from Peschiera del Garda train station to Gardaland departing every 30 minutes. The first departure is at 9:30 AM and the last departure from Gardaland at 6:30 PM

Visit the Sigurtà Garden Park

If you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor attraction to visit in Peschiera del Garda, the Sigurtà Garden Park is a must-see destination. This stunning garden is located in the nearby town of Valeggio sul Mincio, just a short drive from Peschiera del Garda. The park covers an area of over 60 hectares and is considered as one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy.

The Sigurtà Garden Park features an enchanting water lily pond, an English garden, a maze, a butterfly house, and a medieval tower. The park also has several walking paths, bike rentals, and picnic areas, making it a perfect destination for a family outing or a romantic stroll.

Depending on the time of year you visit, the park offers a variety of seasonal attractions. In the spring, you can enjoy the tulips and cherry blossoms in bloom, while in the summer, you can cool off in the mist garden. In the fall, the park is transformed into a colorful display of autumn foliage, and in the winter, the Christmas lights and decorations make for a festive atmosphere.

One of the best things about the Sigurtà Garden Park is that it is committed to sustainability, using natural and environmentally friendly practices in its gardening and maintenance. The park is a certified “Green Flag” attraction, meaning it meets high standards for environmental sustainability and education.

The Sigurtà Garden Park is a stunning attraction where you can immerse in the beauty of nature and explore a variety of unique gardens and attractions. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in Peschiera del Garda or the surrounding area.

The Sigurtà Garden Park is located in the nearby town of Valeggio sul Mincio, about 10 km from Peschiera del Garda.

If you drive, it takes 16 minutes via the SP28 and SP19 from Peschiera del Garda.

By Bus: Apam Esercizio SpA operates a bus from Valeggio sul Mincio – San Rocco to Peschiera del Garda. Journey time is 20 minutes and costs 2 Euros.

You could also take the train for 1 Euro and the journey time is 14 minutes.


In sum, here are the top things to do and places to visit nearby Peschiera del Garda which makes for an easy itinerary:

  • The Walled Town of Peschiera;
  • Walk the Venetian Walls that surround the historic centre;
  • Explore San Marco Fortress;
  • Visit the medieval Ponte Visconteo;
  • Stop by at the parish Church of San Martino;
  • Admire the Ponte dei Voltroni;
  • Have a gelato and people watch;
  • Relax at the beaches;
  • Take a boat trip and enjoy a unique perspective of Lake Garda;
  • Visit The Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino in Castelnuovo del Garda;
  • Have fun at Gardaland, Castelnuovo;
  • Visit the Sigurtà Garden Park
walks in Peschiera


There are many charming lakeside towns near Peschiera del Garda that are worth visiting. As a quick guide, here are some of the best ones:

Sirmione: Located on a narrow peninsula at the southern end of Lake Garda, Sirmione is known for its picturesque castle, ancient Roman ruins, and beautiful beaches. It’s just a short drive or ferry ride from Peschiera del Garda.

TIP: If you are short on time, take this 25-minute mini cruise that takes you around the Sirmione peninsula. You can see the highlights as the route pass luxury villas, the Aquaria Thermal SPA, and Roman ruins at the Grotte di Catullo.

Recommended read: Complete Guide to Sirmione Old Town including Where to Stay.

Desenzano del Garda: This lively town is the largest on the southern shore of Lake Garda. It is known for its bustling port, historic center, and lively nightlife. Desenzano is located just a few kilometers from Peschiera del Garda and can be easily reached by train or car.

Bardolino: Known for its wine production, Bardolino is a charming town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. It’s a great place to explore the local vineyards, taste some wine, and enjoy the beautiful lake views.

Bardolino vineyard Lake Garda

Lazise: This medieval town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda is known for its charming old town, picturesque harbor, and beautiful beaches. It’s just a short drive or ferry ride from Peschiera del Garda.

A great way to experience this beautiful town is to immerse yourself in the rich history of the area and learn about the local wine-making traditions.

On the other hand you may want to learn all about the wine making process from start to finish. In this case a visit to Bergamini Vini winery is a favourite among visitors to this region. A visit to Bergamini includes a lovely tasting of delicious Garda wines, cheeses, and cold cuts,

If you love the outdoors, you will like this guided wine tasting bike tour in a small group. With this tour, you discover the rolling hills and the countryside that frames Lake Garda while visiting the vineyards for wine tasting and snacks.

However you choose to discover Lazise, you are sure to be enchanted with the culture, food and the scenic beauty of the region.

Gardone Riviera: This elegant town on the western shore of Lake Garda is known for its beautiful gardens, historic villas, and lakeside promenade. It’s a bit further from Peschiera del Garda than some of the other towns mentioned above, but it’s worth the trip.

Lazise Lake Garda


Would you like to explore some off-the-beaten-path towns and villages from Peschiera del Garda? Here are some lesser-known destinations worth considering:

Borghetto sul Mincio: This charming medieval village is located just 14 kilometers from Peschiera del Garda and can be reached by car and train. Borghetto is known for its picturesque water mills, stone bridges, and narrow streets. It’s a great place to explore on foot.

Valeggio sul Mincio: This historic town is located just south of Borghetto sul Mincio hosts the Parco Giardino Sigurtà, a beautiful gardens to explore, which I’ve mentioned earlier. This charming old town is famous for its local cuisine, particularly the tortellini served with melted butter and sage.

Castellaro Lagusello: A tiny village located on a small lake near Lake Garda, is famously known for its beautiful castle, narrow streets, and picturesque waterfront. A great place to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Italian countryside.

Mantua: While not a small town, Mantua is a charming and historic city located just over an hour’s drive from Peschiera del Garda. Known for its beautiful architecture, stunning art collections, and charming old town, Mantua earned its accolade as the Italian Capital of Culture. Mantua is worth the trip if you’re interested in exploring a larger town with plenty of history and culture.

Solferino: Known for its historic battlefield, Solferino was where a major battle was fought during the Italian War of Independence. It is also home to the Museo della Battaglia, which offers a fascinating look at the history of the conflict. In addition to its historical significance, Solferino is also home to beautiful parks and gardens, as well as a thriving wine industry.

Peschiera del Garda harbour


Peschiera del Garda is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts to indulge in some country walks, hiking or biking. The area boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in northern Italy and offer plenty of options to explore in and around the town.

One popular hiking trail is the Monte Baldo trail, generally considered a challenging route. The trail offers breathtaking views of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains. The trailhead is located just a short drive from Peschiera del Garda, The circular route is 119 km and takes about 30 hours 46 minutes to complete.

For those who prefer biking, there are several cycling routes that start in Peschiera del Garda and wind their way through the surrounding countryside. The Mincio River bike trail is particularly popular, as it follows the river for over 40 km and offers stunning views of the countryside.

For walks around Peschiera itself, you can take a stroll along the Venetian walls that surround the town, or explore the quaint streets and alleys of the historic center. The Sigurtà Garden Park is also a great place to go for a walk, as it features a network of trails that wind through the park’s beautiful gardens and woodlands.

beach lake garda


When it comes to food, Peschiera del Garda does not disappoint. The town is home to many excellent restaurants, serving a variety of Italian specialties. Visitors can indulge in fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and delicious local wines.

Peschiera has a wide variety of places to eat and drink. Here are some of the best for you to go to:

La Locanda da Maria offers traditional Italian cuisine with a modern twist. The menu features a range of dishes made with fresh ingredients, including homemade pasta, fish, and meat. Featuring a really fresh and modern look to both the restaurant and the menu, La Locanda is quite different to many of the traditional Italian restaurants in the local area. The food was fantastic and the bread selection was impressive. La Locanda is on the more expensive side of restaurants in Peschiera. I’d recommend a visit here if you’re looking for a nice meal on a special evening. The restaurant is easy to find, located in the heart of the historic town. Situated at: Via Roma 2, 37019, Peschiera del Garda, Italy.

Al Porto Peschiera is a charming restaurant located on the harbor of Peschiera. Serving up fresh fish and traditional Italian cuisine, along with a variety of cocktails. They have a cozy outdoor seating area with a view of the boats. A perfect place to while away some time and people watch. Find Al Porto at: Riviera Giosue Carducci 5, 37019, Peschiera del Garda, Italy.

Pasticceria Peccati Di Gola, Peschiera is a hidden gem that will truly lift you up if you are craving something sweet. This beautiful classic Italian cafe serves a range of homemade patisserie treats, moreish coffee, delightful little cakes and excellent gelato. I’d recommend the heavenly delicious lemon custard filled croissant with their cappuccino. The cafe is relaxed, clean and cool. A great place to go to to start your day. Find it at: Via Marzan 4, 37019, Peschiera del Garda, Italy.

You could also try Pasticceria Pavòn, a recently opened cafe which serves up homemade pastries, cakes and coffee. Find it at: Via del Risorgimanto 5, 37019, Peschiera del Garda, Italy.


To explore Peschiera’s historic sites, enjoy the local cuisine, and soaking up the atmosphere, you may want to spend at least one day or an overnight stay. This is enough time to see and experience the highlights, enjoy the nightlife in Peschiera and go on a boat trip of Lake Garda.

It is possible even if you only have a limited time, for example, half a day and want to experience the very best of this quaint lakeside small town. In half a day, you can visit attractions such as the Peschiera del Garda Fortress, the Church of San Martino, the Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino and the Old Town with its charming streets and piazzas. You can also take the one-hour boat tour of Lake Garda,

On the other hand, Peschiera is a great base for exploring the Veneto region, and if you decide to do so, plan to spend two to three or four to five days in Peschiera del Garda. During this time, you can visit all the attractions in Peschiera del Garda, take a boat tour of Lake Garda, enjoy a wine tasting at a local winery, and sample the delicious cuisine at one of the town’s many restaurants. This will give you enough time to explore the nearby towns of Sirmione, Bardolino, and Lazise, as well as to explore a couple of the hidden charms in Lake Garda. You might also be able to fit in a day trip to Verona, Venice, or Milan.

So, the amount of time needed to visit Peschiera del Garda depends on your interests and travel plans, but if you intend to use it as a base, I’d say two to three days is a good starting point for exploring Peschiera and its surroundings.


Peschiera del Garda has a train station located in the town center at Piazzale Stazione, on the eastern bank of Mincio River. An important transportation hub in the region, Peschiera is served by regional and high-speed trains.

Regional Trains from Peschiera del Garda

The regional trains operated by Trenitalia provide connections to other towns and cities in the region of Veneto and beyond. The Trenitalia route connects Peschiera del Garda to major cities like Verona, Brescia, Venice, and Milan.

Ideally located, the Peschiera del Garda station is on the Milan-Venice line and is also part of the Verona-Brescia-Desenzano-Garda railway, which runs along the eastern shore of Lake Garda.

Regional trains to and from Peschiera del Garda operate frequently throughout the day, with several departures and arrivals every hour.

The journey time from Peschiera del Garda to Verona is approximately 20-30 minutes, while the journey time to Brescia is approximately 40-50 minutes. There are also direct trains from Peschiera del Garda to other popular destinations such as Venice, Milan, and Florence .

  • From Peaschiera to Milan: 1hr 23mins;
  • From Peschiera to Venice: 2 hrs 16 mins;
  • From Peschiera to Florence: 3 hrs 33 mins.

High Speed Trains from Peschiera

Additionally, there are high-speed trains, such as the Frecciarossa and Frecciargento, that stop at Peschiera del Garda on their way between major Italian cities. These trains offer faster travel times and more comfort, but usually require advance booking and have higher ticket prices than regional trains.

Peschiera Train Station

From the train station, you can easily reach the town’s historic center, lakefront, and other attractions on foot. Additionally, the station is located close to several hotels and restaurants, making it a convenient base for exploring the area.


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Peschiera del Garda is a charming old town known for its stunning scenery that is rich in history and culture. Peschiera offers a wealth of activities ranging from water sports, outdoor activities to relaxing on the beaches or simply having fun at Italy’s most famous theme park, Gardaland. No matter how you wish to spend your time in Peschiera del Garda, there is something for everyone in this beautiful Italian lake side town.

I sincerely hope that this guide has given you a good idea of what to expect when you visit Peschiera del Garda. With this guide, my sincere wish is for you to be able to plan an itinerary over a few days so that you get to experience the best of this region in Lake Garda.

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