Uithoorn: A Serene Haven in Amsterdam

Uithoorn — a serene haven where nature, wildlife and history comes together

Located to the south of the Dutch capital is a little town called Uithoorn, home to an extensive nature reserve and a haven for wildlife. With simple and beautiful cafes and shops, the area boasts serene landscapes, ideal for walks and picnics. Uithoorn is best known for its historic fort along with its unusual city flag.

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About Uithoorn

Uithoorn city flag and coat of arms

Uithoorn city flag
Uithoorn city flag: Wikimedia
Uithoorn coat of arms | Amsterdam
Uithoorn Coat of Arms: Wikimedia

Uithoorn’s city flag and its coat of arms, both of which feature a figure emerging from a golden horn. The town’s name literally means ‘from the horn.

The name De Uithoorn originated from the Middle Ages and it referred to the area or location of the lower courts of St John. The village formed around the courthouse.

Defence Line of Amsterdam

Fast-forward to 1880s, a series of fortifications were built encircling Amsterdam as part of the Defence Line of Amsterdam, also known as Stelling van Amsterdam in Dutch.

The Defence Line of Amsterdam is a 135 km (84 miles) of fortifications consisting of 42 forts. These were built between 1880 and 1920, primarily as a defensive waterline, where it can be easily flooded in times of war. With the invention of air and land defences (tank) the fortifications were obsolete from the time it was built. The Defence Line of Amsterdam is now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, (1996) where the public can visit.

Development of Uithoorn

In addition to the Defence Line, a railway was built in 1915. Uithoorn developed very quickly after the Second World War with new neighbourhoods, lakes, ports and shopping centres.

What to expect on a visit to Uithoorn:

Uithoorn is an easy day-trip from Amsterdam and can typically take most of a morning and lunch, perhaps in one of the quaint eateries or a picnic in its beautiful parks. As a guide, here are three highlights of Uithoorn for you to explore:

1 | An abundance of nature and wildlife

Nature reserve. Uithoorn.Amsterdam

Uithoorn is host to 60-hectare nature reserve that surrounds a lake called the Zijdelmeer. The beautiful landscape is made up of grasslands, hay islands and swampy forest. The area offers fantastic spots for walks, and home to a diverse wildlife. There are great spots for picnics as well.

2 | Garden of Bram de Groote

When visiting Uithoorn, look out for the Garden of Bram de Groote. The entry point is along the Boterdijk. This beautiful garden is maintained by a group of volunteers and entry is free. However, note that it is only open to the public during the warmer months of April to September, on the first Sunday of the month.

3 | Fort on the Drecht

Fort on the Drecht, | Uithoorn | Amsterdam
Fort on the Drecht, Uithoorn

Make time to visit Fort on the Drecht, an incredible piece of history. This Fort was built in 1911 as part of a wider defence network built (Defence Line of Amsterdam – mentioned above) around the town from 1880 to 1920. Fort on the Drecht has now been fully restored and is host to a multitude of galleries, studios and exhibitions. It also houses an array of shops and eateries. This marvellous historic place also sometimes, has various cultural activities, glass blowing and wine tasting.

Address: Grevelingen 50, 1423 DN   Uithoorn

How to get to Uithoorn, Netherlands

Uithoorn is conveniently located within a short distance of Amsterdam city. Take bus #170 from Amsterdam Centraal station towards Amstelveen. This bus stops at Uithoorn main bus station, whereupon you disembark and explore the great outdoors and the charming historic fort.

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Practical information when visiting Uithoorn from Amsterdam

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Uithoorn is a hidden gem – a beautiful landscape and picturesque spots where you can experience the serenity of nature, wildlife and a little history of an unspoilt town.

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Have a splendid time exploring Uithoorn while discovering Amsterdam and surrounds.


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