Unique Train Travel Experiences | UK by Train

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Unique Train Travel Experiences | UK by Train

Recommended Unique Train Travel Experiences in UK

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When in the UK, take the opportunity to explore the best of Britain by train. Train travel in UK is seamless, connecting major cities and the smaller towns as well. It is quick, easy to navigate and is relatively cheap when compared to travelling by air. Avoid all the hassles that comes with the airport — baggage restrictions, security control and the crowd!. So, include unique train travel experiences in UK on your bucket list.

Why Train Travel? | Unique train travel experiences

Although, nothing compares to the view from above when looking out of the airplane window, below on the twinkling city lights, or being above the clouds and seeing the golden streaks of sunlight when passing through the GMT’s, train travel has its unique sights too. Travel by train and you get to see more of the country, the countryside, the landscape and the changing colours of the foliage. You can step back in time as you travel through charming streets, beautiful rivers and waterfalls, It gives you a feel of the country’s culture.

You can explore UK by train either independently or by assisted/escorted/guided tours. Sometimes, the best experiences are had by being part of an organised tour. As much as I enjoy independent travel and exploring off the beaten path, I also almost always include an organised tour at my travel destinations. There is something special about being part of a group led by knowledgeable guides who have “inside details” which only the locals know.

With this in mind, I have carefully selected some guided tours offered by our Trusted Partners, Get Your Guide. I personally use Get Your Guide for my guided tours and strongly recommend them to my family and friends also. Here are some of the best train travel tours which you should not miss.

Please check government guidance when travelling on public transport, relevant to the region you’re in: ENGLAND | SCOTLAND | WALES

Unique Train Travel Experiences

1 | By guided/organised/assisted tours

When you travel by train, it is all about the journey…

…and a trip aboard the Jacobite Steam Train was one that I had long imagined. Travelling back in time as the train chug chug away with picture perfect scenery of mountainside and lush green trees covered landscape. A grand masterpiece of art from one moment to the next. Along with the wet steam, speck of grit emanating from the black engine and the evocative smell of the train just makes the journey aboard the West Highland Jacobite Steam Train from Mallaig to Fort William a timeless experience which I will forever cherish.” – Georgina

The Jacobite Steam Train Journey in the Highlands

The West Highland and the Jacobite Steam Train is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most scenic train journeys. The train ride take travellers on a nostalgic journey through misty lochs and sweeping glens with mountains in the backdrop. The route passes Ben Nevis, Scotland’s highest mountain and Glenfinnan Viaduct.

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GYG: Step back in time as you travel from London to Windsor in style aboard the Mayflower – a traditional British steam train restored from a bygone era. Relax in the town of Windsor and enjoy its quaint charming streets and beautiful river.

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