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There is so much about Italy that I love that I don’t really know where to begin. One thing though, it is never short of a little la Dolce Vita! There is the never ending postcard perfect coastal towns, expansive beaches, and the freshest seafood one could taste. The cities, as enchanting as once they might have been in Roman times still tickles the music in one’s soul. The distant views of snow-capped mountains, the aqua-marine waters of the lakes and breathtaking countryside are all places that must be experienced.

To get the best out of your visit to this beautiful country, try not to rush around ticking off boxes. Instead, immerse yourself in the Italian spirit of food, fun and laughter. Grab a chair alongside one of the piazzas and soak-in the atmosphere while people-watch over an espresso. Ponder, taste and enjoy. Besides people, cities and food, there are also some amazingly beautiful places to stay in Italy. On this page, you will find these unique places listed by cities. Navigate each to learn more and have an awesome time in Italy.

Top 7 Beautiful Places to Stay in Verona


In the charming medieval city of Verona, there are so many places to stay either in the heart of the city or in the countryside. If you choose the countryside, Verona is easily connected by train and bus. If you choose the heart of the historic city (highly recommended if its a short stay), the city is easily walkable and there is no need for public transportation. The top seven beautiful places to stay in Verona are all within the city and a few minutes of the attractions. Each accommodation is unique and offer special experiences.

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13 Beautiful Places to Stay in Milan


There really isn’t one word to describe the city of Milan – it is relatively a young city, rich in culture and its Romanesque and Gothic architecture is mind-blowing to say the least. The easiness in the Italian culture will make you feel much welcomed. In addition, the city is loved by both the young and old who appreciate the art, the nightlife, the latest fashion and the piazzas! There are great many things to do in this fabulous city and finding beautiful places to stay may sometimes be arduous. Therefore, this article is designed to simplify your search for beautiful places to stay when in Milan. If you are a first timer and your visit is brief, you will find staying in Centro Storico to be ideal.

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Places to Stay in Venice

Places to Stay in Sirmione

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Places to Stay in Italy by Cities

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