26 Very Best Places to stay on Isle of Wight

Updated: July 17, 2022. Spend a few days in one of the best places to stay on Isle of Wight and discover the magical adventures that this gem of an island has in-store for you..

The Unmissable Needles Rocks and Lighthouse Isle of Wight

The glisten white cones stretches out to sea, peering above the bluest of rhythmic waves has attracted millions of visitors over the years. The Needles Rocks and Lighthouse in Isle of Wight is a mesmerising aesthetic natural wonder that will captivate your heart and soul from the very first moments you catch a glimpse of it on England’s largest island. Without a doubt, you will want to experience the best views of the iconic landmark upon your visit.

The Needles Rocks and Lighthouse sits eloquently on the westernmost side of the Isle of Wight just to the southwest of Alum Bay – an attraction that cannot be missed.