Presently May 2022 News

We move from spring into summer, with spring flowers blooming, birds chirping and delightful warm days in the northern hemisphere. With adorable bluebells and daffodils along with Hawthorn and Lily of the Valleys adorn the grounds. Beautiful mountains and colourful meadows make it perfect for biking through those scented lush fields.

Presently November 2021 | Traditions, Cheerful Feasts & Holidays

Leaves fall to the ground, of crimson sunsets, parting birds, passionate wind and songs in the pines. Nights come early, the firsts of white snow, log fires … its time to pull out your cozy jumpers, take a deep breath of crisp air, and settle into the very best month of autumn – a month to Remember, of traditions, cheerful feasts and holidays.

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Presently October 2021| Fun folklores and traditions

With autumn dressing herself in bold and vibrant homely hues, of scarlet maple and golden leaves, the season creates a sense of inner calm. Along with special birthstone and birthflower, presently October takes a look at traditions and at some important events