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Presently February 2022

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I’m not just February

With winds that blow

All day, and piled-up snow;

I’m Valentine of airy grace…

With golden hearts and hearts of lace

And pretty cards that people send,

Quite as a secret, to a friend.

Though I’m short of days and small,

I’m quite a big month, after all! 

edited: poem by Annette Wynne

I could’t agree more with Annette Wynne! Let me begin by saying that February 2022 is a beautiful month for two of our favourite celebrations.

Chinese NY food image | presently February 2022

It begins with the Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year on 1 February 2022. This lunar year is the Year of the Tiger. Whether we celebrate it or not, it is certainly a time to get together with friends and family to eat dim sum, enjoy the scrumptious duck spring rolls smothered with hoi sin sauce, noodles and lots of wine! Yeap, wine, not green tea 🙂

Wishing all who celebrate, a prosperous Year of the Tiger.

Valentine's Day image | presently February 2022

We also have Valentine’s Day on 14 February 2022. Celebrated with much love, flowers and lots of chocolates! I don’t need any excuse to indulge in chocolates but on this special day, chocolates dusted with smiles, warmth, love and care do taste extra special, if I may say so.

May I wish everyone a day of fun , splendidness and may all your desires be made special on this day.

pin on presently February 2022

In my January e-column, I mentioned that future monthly columns will take a new form/content. Here it is.

Welcome to our Presently February 2022, our monthly e-column

The e-columns of past months’ formed an introduction to each month covering the stories of origin, traditions, lores and much more. If you haven’t read them yet, you can do so here.

Going forward, as of February 2022, we shall build upon this foundation and our e-column shall cover travel news, travel offers and helpful travel tips.

With the world slowly opening-up and as travellers travel safely and with confidence, we at TTS hope to support your travel adventures with helpful information to add value to your decision-making. With this objective in mind, let’s get started with what has been trending lately on Travel.


1 | Travels to England UK

Oxford, England image | Presently February 2022
Oxford, England | presently February 2022

Rules on international travel to England is changing. There will be no Covid-19 test required for vaccinated travellers and rules for the unvaccinated travellers are streamlined.

With effect from 4 a.m. on 11 February 2022, the following applies:

1.1 | Fully vaccinated travellers to England

i | Covid-19 test is no longer required either before you travel or after your arrival in England.

ii | You do not need to quarantine upon arrival in England.

iii | A Passenger Locator Form must be completed before your travels to England.

1.2 | Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers to England

i | Proof of a negative COVID-19 test is required. Such test to be completed in the two days prior to travel to England.

ii | You are required to have booked and paid for a COVID-19 PCR test to be undertaken when you arrive in England. This must be done before you travel to England.

iii | It is essential that a Passenger Locator Form is completed prior to your departure.

* There is no quarantine requirements unless you test negative upon arrival in England.

2 | Travels to EU

header for Presently February 2022

Travel rules are changing across the EU Member States as of 1 February 2022. The EU Council adopted a new approach to its travel restrictions for its Member States to aide safe and free movement within its borders. The Council’s announcement comes as more and more people are getting vaccinated and remain protected with booster vaccines. The new travel restrictions focuses on two aspects. Firstly, the focus is on the individual rather than the region/country of departure and secondly, the validity of the Covid-19 vaccination certificate is 270 days (nine months).

2.1 | Traveller-based restrictions

The new travel restrictions for EU Member States focus on the individual traveller status and not from the region of travel. Previously, the travel restrictions were based on regional level, whether the virus was circulating at a high level, thereby posing greater risks of transmission.

With the present change, a traveller need only show his/her status on the Covid-19 vaccination, test or recovery. The individual traveller status must be evidenced by a valid EU Digital Covid Certificate.

A valid EU Digital Covid Certificate requires that the individual traveller:

i | Has a vaccine certificate. A valid vaccine certificate must be dated at least 14 days prior to travel or no more than 270 days of the date of travel, showing the date of their primary vaccine or their booster vaccine;

ii | A negative PCR test in the last 72 hours before travel or a negative rapid antigen test in the 24 hours before departure;

iii | A Certificate of Recovery. A confirmation that no more than 180 days has passed since first testing positive.

** However, if the virus circulates at a high level, then the restrictions on the region of origin will be considered.

2.2 | Duration of Validity of Vaccination Certificate is reduced

Previously, each Member State of the EU had set their own limits on the validity of a vaccination certificate. This is changed now, effective 1 February 2022.

The Validity of a Vaccination Certificate is now reduced to 270 days (nine months) and it is a uniform requirement throughout the EU Member States. Every member state has now agreed to a 9-month period where an individual was last fully vaccinated. After this period of time, the individual traveller must stay protected with booster vaccines so he/she can continue to travel freely and safely within the Union.

3 | Travels to Asia

asia.thailand.presently February 2022

Asia is a favourite holiday destination for Europeans and Americans and it is slowly opening up to leisure travellers. These are the countries that have recently updated their travel requirements and are welcoming international leisure travellers.

3.1 | Thailand

As from 1 February 2022, Thailand is welcoming visitors from all countries around the world provided the traveller is fully vaccinated and they test negative for Covid on the first and fifth day of their visit. Showing proof of prior payment for those two nights in a government approved hotel is essential so is a coronovirus-specific travel insurance policy for US$50,000.

Read more about Thailand’s latest guidelines for visitors as it reopens for tourism.

3.2 | Vietnam

Taking into account the Covid-19 situation, Vietnam has been welcoming leisure visitors on an approved package tour program since January 1, 2022. It requires that the individual traveller has been fully vaccinated in more than 14 days prior to travel but not more than a year. Further conditions also include a negative PCR test in the 72 hours before the flight along with a coronovirus-specific travel insurance covering liability up to US$50,000.

Read about travel guidelines to Vietnam if you are planning a visit to this exotic country.

3.3 | Philippines

Individuals can visit the Philippines for tourism purposes without a quarantine requirement as from 10 February 2022 provided you are fully vaccinated. You are also required to show a negative PCR test done in the 48 hours before your flight.

Check more on safe travel to the Philippines and what to do if you suffer from symptoms while on holiday in the Philippines.


travel offers image | presently February 2022

Our Travel Partners are some of the best in the industry and as always, they bring the very best offers to our clients. With a low deposit to secure a fabulous holiday along with easy cancellation facility should circumstances change at the last minute, you as a traveller has the best of both worlds. From a beach vacation, city breaks to exploring the mountains, we have you covered. You may find the following offers tempting and hard to pass by:

1 | Jet2 Holidays

As the 2nd largest UK tour operator, Jet2 Holidays offer great value package holidays from UK bases, to over 500 resorts and 70 sun destinations. All holidays comes with ATOL protection, so you know you have peace of mind when booking a vacation with Jet2 Holidays.

In this February 2022, their offers come with a low deposit of just £60 per person. With accommodations ranging from 2 to 5 stars, you have a great choice to select one that suits your budget.

Your all-in-one package holidays includes return flights, a massive 22kg baggage allowance per person and return transfers.

Learn more about the benefits of booking a holiday with Jet2 Holidays and enjoy your getaway. Have peace of mind travelling during these uncertain times while enjoying the benefits of an all-in-one package holidays.

2 | Sandals

Offer: Stay longer and Save

Book by: 16 February 2022

Sandals are an all-inclusive holiday company and they offer luxury holidays for couples across their 15 resorts in the Caribbean.Book a timeless vacation with Sandals by clicking the banner link below.


1 | Favourite Spring Destinations

London, Paris , Milan, Copenhagen, Edinburgh , and Barcelona are our top spring destinations in Europe. I would like to add Amsterdam and Seville as well. If you are planning on exploring any of these cities, please do read our comprehensive guides before you leave. Packed with great ideas on places to stay, where to eat and things to do for memories that will stay with you for a long time.

1.1 | London

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2.2 | Milan, Italy

Our top articles on Milan:

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2.3 | Seville, Spain

The Royal Alcazar

Barrio Santa Cruz | Where to Stay, Eat and Best things to do

The majestic Seville Cathedral

>> navigate to all articles on Best of Amsterdam

2 | iVisa

In this February 2022 e-column, we would like to introduce you to iVisa, one of our trusted partners who are visa specialists. They provide customers with a simple, fast and reliable way to get their travel documents and eliminate the stress of bureaucracy and confusing government forms.

finally …

I hope you have enjoyed reading the new form of Presently series and that it is a valuable resource for you to consider when planning your travels. I am more optimistic now than I was six months ago. With more people vaccinated and the uptake on the booster, that perhaps, we are presently experiencing the near-end of the pandemic in UK and wider Europe.

You can read all of our articles published so far by navigating to the blog page.

I shall leave you to ponder on one of my favourite poems on the month of February.

February Gems

“To wandering children in the ages old,
I’ve often heard that mystic tales were told
Of fairy lands, where oft on trees and bowers
There fell from heaven pure crystal gems in showers.
Well, I believe, and so I think must you

That myths are shadows sometimes of the true;
For going forth upon a winter morn
A wondrous glory did the day adorn,
On every tree along the city street,
What matchless splendour did my vision greet.
Pendant from silver-coated branch and stem,
In argent beauty hung a brilliant gem;
Sparkling in candescent glory bright,
Shone myriad diamonds in the morning light.
Nature from its exhaustless wealth and store,
Through every street and by-way o’er and o’er,
Prodigal alike to all the rich and poor
Had scattered rivals to the Khoinoor.”

written by: Allen R.Darrow

Take care & safe travels. Till next time xoxo